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    He didn't get a starting formation guarantee at Mönchengladbach so he joins Bayern. Makes perfect sense Heard he is a gifted footballer, but not so gifted personality wise. Maybe Bayern needed a Ribery replacement in the asshole department.
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    A thousand times this; "getting a degree" has pretty much turned into obsession. Universities operating mainly as businesses and offering tons of completely useless degrees, dumbing down their instruction and lowering their standards to accommodate everyone is another thing that bugs me. Not everyone should go to college, there are plenty of great and important jobs that require technical or mechanical skills that can only be taught at a trade school or an apprenticeship.
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    To be honest though, you can't keep relying on one man however good they are, especially when you have such a talented team. It's all about Valverde's approach as far as I'm concerned, then he gets fortunate when Messi, or sometimes Suarez, turns it on and wins the game for him. I've never known such a dull Barcelona team and I doubt things will change from last year while Valverde is still at the club. The only difference last year is that the results were often positive ones, until the Liverpool away game, but many of these results weren't achieved in a convincing manner and there were a lot of underperforming players who you felt were being held back due to the system, or lack of system. You could see fragilities in the side and I also remember a few members such as @El Profesor and @carefreeluke touching on this. They were correct in the end and I had a feeling they would be as well. This is actually a quality squad and depth wise, I can't think of a stronger Barcelona one(there have obviously been better starting 11s) so with a better manager, this team could continue succeeding, although Valverde just isn't the man to do it I'm afraid. He's a sound fella, never gets involved in nonsense and is a true professional but he doesn't have the tactical intelligence or man management skills to coach such a club. Bartomeu is barking up the wrong tree also. Bringing in more attacking players such as Neymar doesn't solve the problems as they lie mainly with the coach I'm afraid. I like Valverde, but he's not the man for the job at all. It sounds a bit harsh when you consider how he won La Liga last season and a double the season before, but I can only see him getting worse before better and the manner in which he sets out his team goes completely against what Barcelona are truly about. The type of players at the club don't suit the type of system he employs at all. When you look at this squad and compare it to City or Liverpool, it's not an inferior squad and is atleast as good as those squads(with the added bonus of Messi), but as it stands, I would see both sides ripping this Barcelona team apart and what it comes down to isn't personnel but the difference in managers/coaches. Valverde is nowhere near the level of your Peps and Klopps.
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    Makes sense; they already have Coman to replace Robben in the diving department so this is probably just the next step to ensure the tradition lives on.
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    Now that Mia's legs have got a bit longer she has worked out how to shuffle herself across the room in her little relaxing chair, she leans right forward on the edge of it and scoots along until she reaches what she wants to get... funny stuff to watch
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    The audacity to call others memberbating with his nonstop Klopp/Liverpool/3 decades/Firmino and Barca/Messi/La Masia posts.
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    Please don’t remind me of the post-Suarez Brendan Rodgers days
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    I reckon he'll be a great pundit for two years and then completely meltdown in his third, SKY will then sack him.
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    What an amazing initiative by Union Berlin for the relatives of deceased Union fans. They are making big posters from their pictures and will bring them into the stadium (around 450 in total!) for their first ever 1. Bundesliga match so that they could at least symbolically be a part of it.
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    Saw this today. Just in time for Spa...
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    The real question is, why does Gasly look like Pavlenka?
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    Indeed, it is a sad situation, both in terms of respectable academic institutions taking anyone that's not nailed down, and the poor people who get sucked into it. We had college results day over here last week and my old uni posted photos of their clearing offices - just a sea of staff attached to phones and computers. It honestly remids me of the old stories of soldier recruitment - doesn't matter at all about skills, ability or desire is, so long as the recruiters get the numbers in!
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    You might have a point but personally, I think we have a good balance when it comes to the age of the players in the squad. We've been stuck in a transitional period for years with many management, staff and massive structural changes within the club; the process is still ongoing with some stability and continuity finally starting to settle in. We finally have a good and ambitious head coach, a capable sporting director, some key players who are just entering their best years like Pavlenka, Augustinsson, Klaassen plus young talented players like the Eggestein brothers, Rashica, Sargent, Veljkovic, Friedl who all are also first team regulars; at least a few of those will most likely leave the club in the next year or two for a solid fee. On top of that, we have a bunch of upcoming youngsters from our youth ranks that have been loaned out to the clubs in lower divisions or abroad in order to gain more experience; some seem to be quite promising. As for the Ü-30 players you mentioned: Pizarro, Moisander, Gebre Selassie, Bartels and Bargfrede have all been solid, reliable players for years despite the tough times and all played an important role helping the club avoid relegation in the last decade and their experience is still priceless. That's worth more for me than any potential transfer fee they could have commanded at some point of their careers, but now we're naturally looking for replacements for the near future as they won't be able to help us much longer so the squad will naturally become rejuvenated. Sahin, Langkamp, Harnik were all signed as backups or emergency signings due to injury crisis at some point and didn't even cost us 5 million Euro in total so there's no loss there either. Toprak has similarly been signed mostly because of our current injury crisis in defense but is also a bargain for the player of his caliber anyway. With all due respect to Mainz and Augsburg, regardless of their policies and philosophies, it's not as if they're doing much better than us in terms of performances though? I like the idea of developing young players too, but not just for the sake of selling them for profit in a year or two while being stuck in the mid- or lower table for eternity. We have ambitions of slowly working our way back up to the top 7 and playing in European competitions again; I think you can't rely solely on young players for that and need some experience at the core of the team as well.
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    Absolute smash and grab - pathetic performance. City just not clinical enough and we’ve punished them for that. Wouldn’t happen later in the season
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    I think that's the aim but at the moment it's very top 6 centric. Currently there are articles on Utd's former goalkeeper coach Eric Steele around the SAF era, an article on Iwobi to Everton, a foreign Liverpool fan finally getting to see them play, John Stones, Eddie Nketiah to Leeds and how the process unfolded (Arsenal have a fairly unusual way of deciding loans), Lucas Moura, Tyrone Mings rise at Villa, the Ozil/Kolasinic issue, Emilliano Sala. Some articles outside of the big clubs but mostly dedicated towards them. They're meant to have a journalist for each club so I imagine their eventual game is to provide a "go to place" for detailed reports for each club
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    Really don't understand why Salzburg let him leave for such a low price unless he had a clause written in his contract... Another key player they lost this summer. Not that I mind that; hope that will make the league harder to win for them.
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    Children of Men - 8/10 Finally got around to watching this for the first time. Great cast/collection of actors and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Takes a few to set up the back story and the bleakness and then shifts into gear fast with some edge of the seat suspense. Unique idea and well done by the end of it, highly recommend checking this one out if you havent yet.
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    Well fair to say is that Klopp is also a manager far longer than Lampard is, but yes the teams are incomparable.