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    Cheers. We almost met too... I was just too busy with work to go to Phnom Penh and you headed to a different direction towards Siem Reap afterwards Hopefully some other day in the future! A lot of sound people on here to be honest and quite a few people I'd actually like to meet for a beer or five. The whole Bundesliga bunch (too many too name...you know who you are), then @Bluewolf and @CaaC (John) with both of whom I seem to share a lot of common interests, @Cannabis for a few drams of whisky and F1 mostly, @Dr. Gonzo @Stan @Eco @RandoEFC @Mel81x @Batard @El Profesor @Berserker as I've been enjoying interacting with them online for years and they all seem cool and good people to spend some time and have some fun with. Surely I'm missing some here.
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    I’d have a beer with a fair few off here. Not sure if it’s mutual but I think these people would be interesting: @Dr. Gonzo @DeadLinesman @StefBWFC@Harvsky @Batard@RandoEFC@nudge Probably missing a few. Storts of course, Stan but he stood me up, Cannabis, Spike, Harry... to be honest I’d probably meet anyone here for a beer. 🤪
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    Choosing one member is almost impossible. Loved to share some beers with @Stan, @Tommy, @Harvsky, @Dalmore, @Dr. Gonzo, @Cicero, @Cannabis, @Lucas, @SirBalon, @Rab, @The Rebel CRS @Dickie @The Palace Fan, @Batard, @DeadLinesman Share some scotch and whisky with @nudge and @Panflute And I'm sure I'm missing people.
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    Several times it's been spoken about but location has always been a sticking point. Hard to pin it down to just one member to be honest. There's many I can envisage meeting and sharing a few drinks with & having a good time - @Tommy @Lucas @Eco @Dr. Gonzo @nudge @Cannabis @StefBWFC @SirBalon (I'd make sure I'm ready for a whole day of ramblings ) @Batard, @DeadLinesman to name a few. Pretty much everyone apart from 2-3 members I can see myself getting along with and meeting.
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    FINAL TABLE 1. @Harry - 268 points (38) 2. @Stan - 259 points (46) 3. @nudge - 252 points (44) 4. @Eco - 241 points (38) 5. @Bluebird Hewitt - 236 points (51) 6. @Dr. Gonzo - 235 points (31) 7. @Toinho - 226 points (45) 8. @Mel81x - 219 points (31) 9. @CaaC - John - 162 points (16) 10. @Berserker - 91 points (40) 11. SirBalon - 38 points (N/A) 12. Cannabis - 31 points (N/A) CONGRATULATIONS to @Harry for being the champion of Sheep season 1!
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    Almost done. This is a great round. Answers in about 15 @nudge @Stan @Eco @Berserker @Stick With Azeem @Dan @Toinho @CaaC (John) @Pyfish @Dr. Gonzo @Cannabis @Eco @Bluebird Hewitt @Mel81x @Harry @Rucksackfranzose
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    Swifty. Genuinely intrigued to know the man behind the keyboard.
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    @Amehh @Cannabis @Cicero @carefreeluke @Danny @Dr. Gonzo @Harry @JOSHBRFC @Julio Geordio @LFCMike @Lucas @Stan @Viva la FCB @6666 and me and the wife Peaky Blinders
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    There are three main groups of kids for me, although in reality they land somewhere on a spectrum here. At one end of the spectrum you've got kids whose parents really make sure they raise them well who will generally grow up with good values and morals even if they weren't to get any of that as part of their education. On the other end of the spectrum you have a small group of kids who sadly grow up in a household where they are constantly exposed to bigoted views, from parents, older siblings, grandparents, other carers. In likelihood, you aren't going to convert these kids by spending an hour a week trying to teach them to respect the differences of other people. Between them, you've got kids from families where their parents, to various extents, are either uncomfortable discussing equality and lifestyle/belief differences with their kids, don't know how to broach the subject, aren't really bothered about it or simply don't realise the importance of it. These are the ones you can mould into respectful citizens by having these conversations with them from an early age, when they are impressionable, and I don't mean that in a way where you're manipulating them or taking advantage of them being impressionable which is the usual context in which that word is used. Those middle kids who could go either way are the ones you need to try and catch because if you leave them to float then one day they'll either start basing their opinions on the news which can't be trusted, or worse come across bigoted views on social media, which unfortunately are pretty widespread. You can't change all of society by covering this stuff in schools but you can catch a decent proportion of kids that could go either way by attempting to teach them morals and acceptance as a part of their education.
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    This is why I don't even vote as 99%(if not 100) of the politicians in this country are all a bunch of stuck up little toff gimps, with backwards dinosaur views who have never lived in the real world before. English politicians are all the same type of people. There is no variety there. Fuck them all I say. Drug and Alcohol testers were actually on our site today, although they only test 2 people from each sub-contractor firm and I wasn't one of them of course. But it's ridiculous really. If they were taking swab tests to see if anyone is under the influence then that is completely understandable, but piss tests? John Smith could go on holiday to Canada tomorrow, smoke some completely legal cannabis, come back to the uk and then lose his job 2 weeks later due to failing a drugs test, considering how it stays in your system for a good month. John then potentially has his life ruined for doing something out of work which certainly doesn't make him unfit to work or dangerous.
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    I'm sure Swifty's Mom says the same about her son.
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    It's not like that wasn't said numerous times though by people in the remain camp. If I'm honest, I don't have much sympathy for people who voted against their own interests because they didn't want to put in the time to learn exactly what they were voting for - just because a bunch of Brexiteers were making outlandish promises to them (many of which weren't very consistent). For years the EU has been used as a scapegoat, and people feeling the EU was why they felt left behind while other areas of the country remained prosperous (or became more prosperous) are soon to realise that it's actually Westminster to blame for the neglect of the parts of the country that aren't London& the South East.
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    You, which shows that being odd or strange doesn't necesarrily make them a bad member. I find you bloody odd, but far from annoying, or a poison.
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    A pic is all I can do.
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    Fair play to him for leaving. Why would he not want to go back to his own country? He's been wrongly underappreciated in his first season in England. He finished 3rd behind 2 record breaking teams. Won a European cup and got to the final of another. CL football is secured next season... all whilst trying to implement a brand new style of football and getting shite off moronic Chelsea 'fans'.
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    I disagree. I'd rather matches were decided based on fair goals above all else. Football has lost enough credibility thanks to diving and play acting, to reject VAR because we'd rather have more drama over a fair result would only take us further in that direction. It has it's down sides but people will get used to it.
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    Did Martin Tyler really ask Neville if Alexander-Arnold is good enough for intl football "So Gary, two solid performances in consecutive CL finals are one thing, but is he ready for this Nations League 3rd place play-off?"
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    Does anyone remember Wednesday4life? Fuck me he was hilarious, had some great slanging matches with that tit.
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    Anyone remember the Nigerian who reckoned he cursed me with black magic?
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    Yeah exactly, I can't stand this fanboy shit personally. Keep that shite on facebook or Instagram or twitter with the rest of the whoppers.
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    If this was the other way round would people be saying it's killing racing? No... it would be justice because Lewis didn't win. Lewis did force him into a mistake. And like so many times last year, Seb made a mistake.
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    Is he still “naturally” a midfielder? Most of his professional games have been at right back, when he has played in midfield I don’t think he’s been that great. He’s developing into one of the best right backs in the country though and playing really well at right back. Given how important that position is in modern football, why not let him develop into the player he’s been developing into. Plenty of other defenders started off as non-defenders in their youth and then developed into class defenders. I think that’s happening with Trent too
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    True that over the years when I would buy our children one of those small piano toys I would play around with the keys and ding out tunes like Happy Birthday, Merry Xmas etc lol.