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    @ ... Dan  Class member and underrated, great contributor overall and clearly knows his stuff. @ 6666 Very passionate about his football posts and he's a good mafia player. @AMG Has vastly improved from his TFF form and is a decent member now. @ASF Not as active as he used to be. Missed, specially when one is playing mafia wars and is a part of the mafia, this is who you want to have in the town. @Asura Another i think is vastly improved from his TFF self, at least from what i've seen. @Azeem Good addition to the forum, i find his posting style very similar to Dickie's. @ BartraPique1932Used to be a good member in the old forum, unfortunately most of his brain cells must have been damaged in the transition. @Batard J'aime Batard, même s'il me baise toujours quand je suis a citadin dans des guerres mafieuses in me donnant des informations incorrectes sur montes rôle. @Blue The forum would not be the same without him (not sure if that's a compliment) @ Bluebird Hewitt We all miss RedDragon Hewitt, a legend indeed. @Bluewolf Very good all-around and also a great gardner mind you! @BounceAroundTheGround Decent poster. @bozziovai We need him back, he was funny. @CaaC - John Great addition, will become best friends with @Bluewolfin no time @Cannabis A good poster Martin is, though the one who fuels my dick is none other than his girl. @Chaaay AFC I like him, very good poster although sadly we do not run into each other as much anymore. @Chadwell Good poster. @carefreeluke Great lad and poster, not what you imagine a typical Chelsea fan to be. @Cicero Bastard, always goes for me in mafia games, if not then he's mafia like last game. Also told you Morata was shit! @Cure I miss the situations he created with his sole presence. @Dalmore My greek pal, Scocco lover. @Dan  If you were to have a fat friend then you would want that to be Dan. @DannyA comedian, literally. Also an adventurer, and I'm glad as he seems to be doing much better than in the past few years. @DeadLinesman Phill is quite an iconic character and quite funny when he wants to be. Feel he was a bouncer in a past life by how welcoming he's with newcomers. You could say his fuse is shorter than his hair perhaps. @ Devil-Dick Willie Another iconic character this looney aussie bastard. Forum would not be as good / funny without him. @Dickie  I miss Richie, he's probably living la vida loca @Djalminha Was a decent member, do not see him around anymore. @DNA Not bad. @Dr. Gonzo Great contributor this fucker. @Eco Needs to come back! @ Professor  Love Ricardinho, adds something unique. @Fairy In Boots He replaced VOR very well i must say .. @Faithcore A hidden gem as far as banter goes. @Fusion Jorge you need to get your ass back here you cunt! @Gunnersauraus  Nice addition to the forum, surprised me when he came here. @Happy Blue Cows will fly before he makes a serious post. @Harry Good guy, loves his mafia. @Harvsky He's to the forum what Scholes was to United. @ HK85 Complete melt. @Hugh Jass Was a good poster. @IgnisExcubitor Good guy, like's his astrology and videogames. @Inverted Another excellent addition, has become part of the core in no time, speaks volumes of this contributions. @ Jose My hijito supports the worst teams possible, he follows Brian around like he's a bitch in heat. @JOSHBRFC  He tried to partake in the recent Mummy movie, took it a bit too far I think. @Kowabunga Likes politics a lot. @Large Another that needs to come back, very good poster. @LFCMadLad Very good poster who has a more than decent overall knowledge and is also quite funny, not bad. @LFCMike Been around for ever, clearly a good poster like most of the red lads. @Lucas Long time i do not see him, knows a lot about lower leagues. @Machado ASF2 likes his banter and his mafia, noticed he has changed quite a bit from a few years back like others. @Marc Contributes nicely to the forum's banter most of the times, but he can go overboard. Also it appears to be very well versed on lower leagues and premier footy, but can be biased towards other leagues. @Mazzari Was a fixed spot on mafia games when he was around, shame he's not active anymore. @ Mel81x Mel is a great guy and another gamer, definitely who i'd call if i had a problem with my PC or connection. @nudge  Multi-facetic, excellent all around and i find we have very similar opinions on a lot of subjects. SE Asia would also be my place in the world if it was not because I do not like SE Asian women. @Panflute Jesse contributed a lot to the forum, suppose he's versed in to his magazine entrepreneurship? @Panna King Leader of the finger in the ass movement @Pep Talk Happy's good twin @RD Was a good poster @Rab Your average grumpy Scotsman @Rafa Beneathus This overweight windowlicking mong needs to come back, you can easily notice he's not around as much anymore and not only because of his figure @RandoEFC Did a great job this year with all the quizzes, solid contributor all-around @Relling Like most of Ze Germans on here he's a good poster. @Rick Enjoy reading about his love stories on the Dating Thread from time to time and he's also quite a funny member when he feels like it @Rucksackfranzose Another good German poster, and he also plays mafia regularly! @Salford Kel Not the rampant force he was before, she used to make good posts about football @SchalkeUK Very knowledgable, shame he only posts on the Bundesliga section @ScoRoss Another hidden gem, a great contributor all around and clearly know his footy @shut up Not a bad poster but tends to be a bit biased @SirBalon This guy writes like there was no tomorrow, and that's what makes him a solid contributor all around. Keen on taking him on a chopper ride @Smiley Culture Good poster although he mainly stays in the prem and lower league sections except when he's trying to make Brian fake another death @Spike Funny guy and a good poster, i like that he drinks mate (beverage) @Stan A pillar of the bantz on here and essential to the forum the curry-dripping cunt @StefBWFC Very good poster, shame that Bolton are probably never going to play in the prem in his lifetime again. @Storts Nick is a great guy and well versed in everything, pity how we fucked up in mafia @Takyon Yet another good member who is sadly not active anymore @The Artful Dodger Very knowledgable and bias-free, which is not something to be taken for granted @The Liquidator Sometimes he can be a good poster but many times he tries to troll and fails at it @The Rebel CRS My nigga, i love Chris, shame we don't chat as much as we used to @The Palace Fan Aaron is for sure one of my favourite posters on here, very sound, more than well-versed and also a funny guy, would love to have a few beers with him and i'm sure we will eventually @tlr Not as active as on the other forum, was a very good poster specially on the lower leagues. @Toinho A natural comedian the gaijin, would love to have a few pints with him @True Blue This loveable Serbian slag looks to have settled in and things are looking better for him, which i'm glad for @Tommy Tommyboy needs to spend less time watching F1 and more time practising to be a useful townie! @UNORTHODOX Good poster like most of the reds @Viva la FCB Good member all around and a regular in the mafia games
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    @...Dan - it's great to see him becoming more active as the years gone on. More of the same next year mate. @6666 - very good poster. His tendency to refuse to criticise his own club makes me laugh but the general quality of posting always seems to be very good. @AMG - A much better poster than what he was a couple of years ago. @ASFF - it's a shame he's not as active as he once was. @Asura - Happy to see Asura regularly post again as the years gone on. @Azeem - Good character. Funny fucker. Fits in very well. @BartraPique1932 - I like him. Just needs to not be as cold when winding up others again. @Batard - great guy. Needs to get back in to Wrestling. Berserker - a forum legend. I'll never forget the time he laid in to Toony in a mafia wars chat about how inconsistent his game was. @Blue - he's fine when he's focused on something he likes. Just needs to block Jose and Marc. @Bluebird Hewitt - Must have known him for well over ten years now. It's a shame he doesn't have the free time he once had. I don't know how anybody could say a bad word about him. @Bluewolf- very good poster which is shown by how often he's voted top three by staff. @BounceAroundTheGround - Hopefully as time goes on he will be more active elsewhere as he's a very good poster. @bozziovai - Haven't seen Bozz around as much as he was in the summer. Which is a shame as he fit in well. @Burning Gold - I hope he begins to post more again. I had s lot of fun with him the one Tim I got past round 2 in mafia wars last year. @CaaC - John - A good addition. We need to work on his copying and pasting skills though so the font isn't size 1000. @Cannabis - Him and Stan just need to fuck each other and get it over with. @Chaaay AFC - I've noticed him a lot more as the years gone on. It's more difficult to break out when a lot of others support the same time but he's done a good job of it. @Chadwell - Seems like a good addition to the German section. Hopefully he becomes more active next year. @carefreeluke- one of a number of very good Chelsea posters that make this place click. @Cicero- very good member. Possibly the front runner for MOTY. His rep speaks volumes really. @Cure- such a shame he's not around more. @Dalmore - fair play to him because supporting a team in a league that's not represented well must be shit and his input is appreciated. @Dan - in terms of consistent quality posting he's up there with everybody on this forum. I'm sure he's already recognised I think that just by how much rep I give him over the course of the year. @Danny - he provides a good (and much needed) balance to this forum. @DeadLinesman - made the greatest call in tf365 history by putting me forward for staff and I'll always be grateful. @Devil-Dick Willie - funny fucker who thankfully stops me from talking to a brick wall in the wrestling thread. @Dickie - some of his YouTube stuff is class. @Djalminha - I see him online quite a bit. Hopefully he will begin to post more soon. @DNA - Hopefully he will post more again as time goes on. @Dr. Gonzo - in terms of posting quality he's been an absolutely relentless animal this year. @Eco - God how this place benefited with his energy when he was around. @El Profesor - The stand out poster during the World Cup and really helped make the forum be a very enjoyable place to read and engage with. @Fairy In Boots- definitely a character. Some of his comments in the Championship section are pretty funny. @Faithcore - the only person who can get away with talking in third person. @Fusion - I miss the guy but in sure he will one day return. @Gunnersauraus - I like his enthusiasm around the place. @Happy Blue - first round of next mafia wars he's dead. @Harry - good poster. Definitely quality over quantity. Seems like a really nice guy too. @Harvsky - honestly if you guys saw what he said about some of you in the staff room. Even I feel awkward. @HK85 - I've never understood why somebody would log in to a forum to just rep anything negative but each to their own. @Hugh Jass - He'll be back. @IgnisExcubitor - I haven't noticed Ignis as much as previous years which is a shame as I've always enjoyed their posts. @Inverted - Very good member. Always posts to a high standard which makes him a real asset to this place. @José - I think we owe him one for how much content gets created in The Champions League section as about 60%+ of it is people responding to him. @JOSHBRFC - glad to see him and the Rovers contingent getting more involved as the years progressed. @Kowabunga - been impressed with the standard of posting when i have seen him in the La Liga section. @Large - Hopefully he returns at some point. Legend. @LFCMadLad - the quality of posting has got better as the years gone on. @LFCMike - funny bloke. Has Cannabis wrapped round his finger. @Lucas - very happy to see him win member of the year as over seven years it was deserved. @Machado - good member whose contributions in various places is appreciated. @Marc - when talking about football he is one of the best members out there. When he's making out this place to be worse than Auschwitz not so much. @Mazzari - one of the members I miss the most actually. His contributions were underrated. @Mel81x - one of the nicest and most humble posters we have ever had. @nudge - already worth her wait in gold to the staff team. @Panflute - would like to see him post more again. @Panna King - another one whose quality of posting has got better as the years progressed. @Paulh_85 - hewitt needs to get him back as he was literally an upgrade of him. @Paulo Dybala - seemed like a good poster but I never understood the various accounts. @Pep Talk - he could be a real asset to this place. Fingers crossed he posts more next year. @Perseus - I've been very impressed with all the posts and is another that will hopefully stick round. It's just a shame they support Brighton. @R-D - I miss his contributions in the FM section. @Rab - shithead. @Rafa Beneathus - funny bloke. I'm sure he will come back. @RandoEFC - The total package in terms of enthusiasm, professionalism, posting quality etc. @Relling - I like what I've seen in the German section. @Rick - I always get the impression he's one of those people that could get glassed one weekend, be really pissed off about it all the week, and then the following Friday resolve it with a pint as an apology. I think I respect him for it. @roversgirl - Really happy to see her posting again as she was one of the reasons I kept coming back in the first place. @Rucksackfranzose - I'm happy to see him getting nominated by people for MOTY as his contributions shouldn't go unnoticed. @Salford Kel - had absolutely no issues with any of her posts this year and long may it continue. @SchalkeUK - legend. @ScoRoss - I thought we were going to lose him as the year went on the to the lack of SPL posts but I'm glad we haven't because he's a very good asset. @shut up - always been a good poster. Hopefully they'll be more active over the next twelve months. @SirBalon- His passionate posts will always make him one of thebmost likeable people here. He runs the La Liga ship smoothly too. @Smiley Culture- Has really come to life during the international periods. His persona is great at times too. @Spike - very good member. I enjoy his responses to people trying to get under his skin more than I should really. @Stan - I still think he's absolutely mad for typing out all the fixtures. This place would really struggle without him. @StefBWFC - Happy to see Stef posting regularly again throughout the course of the year. Funny, intelligent members is what the EFL section thrives on. @Storts - The fact he runs another forum yet still donates and regularly contributes here with high quality posts really says a lot about him as a person. @Takyon - Hopefully we will see a return in 2019 due to previous impact. @The Artful Dodger - Another one whose character helps this place tick over and the general qualofybof his posts are of a high standard. I hope he doesn't feel undervalued. @The Käiser - from what I've seen in the German section has been good. @The Liquidator - I like him and i think his contributions have often been undervalued. I don't understand why he only posts in one thread from now on though. @The Rebel CRS- A very good poster. Always has been. Always will be. I imagine the plastic will start posting more in the EFL section when Blackburn Make a playoff push. @tlr - I was very happy to see the return earlier this year. Hopefully they'll stick around more next year. @Toinho - Funny bloke. The Blue is Lube comment will be around for years. @True Blue  - One of the many very good Chelsea fans that will keep this place ticking over for years to come. @Tommy - Like everybody else, I preferred Tsubusa. @UNORTHODOX - Another Liverpool fan who I hope to see become as active as they once were given how the side is improving. @Viva la FCB - Another member who I'm happy to see get MOTY shouts because there overall contribution is very good. @YNWA - I'm happy to see them get involved in patches over the course of the last year, and I hope to see more of them next year.
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    Will he continue with the red bold on his name or will he fall to the grasps of Batard's moderating? Is Nudge replacing him like Buzz Lightyear to Woody in Toy Story 1?
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    D-F (II) @Dalmore Great poster in the Serie A section although not too active now I believe. Once went absolutely ballistic at me for making a joke about him touching a kid's crotch even though the picture clearly depicted such an act. Hopefully he comes back as he love for Internazionale (along with Eco) was great to see. @Dan The king of Football Manager diaries on TFF and a top bloke to have around the new forum. Would happily buy a Dan Turner 2019 nude calendar and stick it in my kitchen, regardless of what the Mrs says. Someone who's love and knowledge of Leicester City is always a welcome read and someone who I have so much respect for as he's not just a fan of the club, he travels around the world following them which is something to be applauded. @Danny We're two different people which sometimes sees us not see eye to eye in certain threads, convinced that he's behind the #MeToo movement though. Someone who I would happily have a beer with though. I logged back onto Facebook for the first time in a month and the first post was a video of him doing stand-up which I couldn't watch as I was in work, looking forward to watching that and counting the one-ball jokes. @DarthBlaug (this is FCNick?) Who? Literally don't know who Darthblaug is unless someones changed names recently? I signed up for TFF a few days before FCNick so I remember his meltdowns on there quite clearly. A proper wetwipe on there but seems to be a level headed poster since we created TF365. Doesn't post much which is a shame but hopefully that changes in the new year as Barcelona romp to a treble! @DeadLinesman IKEA two-timing bald bollock. Looking forward to setting his house on fire later this evening. @Devil-Dick Willie Wish he'd post more. His humour is right up my street and whilst the joke has been recycled over and over I don't think we will ever see a thread as good as his ashes snorting announcement. Can't help but piss myself whenever I think of it, what an absolute weapon @Dickie My bro <3. Got a semi when I watched his YouTube channel for the first time, if I'm ever in America we're going looking for hookers and snorting coke. K? @Djalminha Familiar with the name but unsure their posts. Sounds like a Brazilian hooker though so probably posts at 04:00 when I'm in bed. @DNA Sheffield United lad? Makes some good posts in the Football League section but isn't active enough for me to bump into him regularly. Had him on Xbox for a while and was a sound bloke, hopefully a return to active posting in 2019 is on the cards. @Dr. Gonzo Top bloke, one of the best we have here despite supporting the Redshite. Love his giant signatures of metalcore bands too, always a delight. Someone that would be a class night out too, another person to call when I go on my TF365 tour of America. @Eco Legend for being on the staff panel since early days, sadly can't post as much now as he's moved jobs and has a little one to look after. Have him on Facebook and Instagram but he's gone quiet on there too. Used to love chatting to him about running and Atlanta FC (who sadly he doesn't go to see anymore!). Hope he comes back in 2019 as the MLS section misses him greatly. @El Profesor Good poster whenever I've seen him but I don't read the sections he's prominent in. @Fairy In Boots Underrated poster. Seems to get jumped on in each political thread just because of who he is regardless of what he's saying. Loved his hatred for Steve Bruce and was a tiny bit gutted when he was sacked as I knew the moaning would stop, hopefully Villa start to lose a few in the new year so that we can have moaning bollocks back! Top man is FIB, long may his miserable reign continue. @Faithcore An absolute genius at work. If I grow up to be like him then I'll be happy. @Fusion I miss Fusion </3. The second half of the Apostolos Vellios fanclub and someone who needs to come home.
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    In the first part of my opinions, were looking at A-C. This is a TF365 form guide to the best runners and riders of the year, with maybe an insight into how they’ll do next year...... @...Dan - Always confuse Dan with other Dan. Think Dan supports Arsenal? Or Inter Milan? Sort it out Dan, you’re confusing me and I don’t need it. Was 9th in the 2017 running so we know he’s got the ability to handle the fences and the track – we can expect the handicapper to rate him higher than 148 in 2019 though after his decent performance twelve months ago. @6666 - Ah, FourSix. I think we never used to get on years ago for some reason, but we’ve both mellowed. Very witty, live reading his posts when they’re not Arsenal related. Won the Paddy Power Chase at Leopardstown (by 7 lengths from LFCMike) in December and shaped well when third to Cannabis in the Gold Cup at Cheltenham, suited by a thorough test of stamina. @AMG - Is this lad from India? Recent comeback could see this boy back on form. Won the Pat Taaffe Handicap Chase at Punchestown and Bobbyjo Chase at Fairyhouse (by half a length from Thunder And Roses) in 2016/17. Made little impact in 2018 but back to best when making appearances. @ASF - Moaned at me not posting on TFF, then abandons me on here! Does have age on his side though but after a few tough seasons it remains to be seen just how much last year’s win has taken out of the horse. @Asura - Very good poster. Went close in the 2018 Grand National after running a head second to Tiger Roll. Will be an 11 year-old in 2019 but we’ve seen three horses that age win the race since 2012 so might still have a bit of time to play with. @Azeem - Worst Mafiosa ever. Fifth in the 2017 Irish Grand National would give him a chance but is a horse that seems to run best on soft ground. Because he’s a soft lad. Batrapique - Decent knowledge of sports in general, but seems to be on the wind up too much. Won the National Hunt Chase at Cheltenham in 2016/17 and returned to form at the Festival when landing the Cross Country Chase by two lengths from Urgent de Gregaine. @Batard - What a guy. One of the reasons we’re still here today as a forum if I’m honest. Intelligent, funny and a massive cunt. What’s not to like? Ran a blinder when fourth to Teso in 2018 Grand National and looks a major player for the 2019 renewal as a result. @Berserker - Crazy bastard with a big heart. A lot will depend on if he can kick-on again during the early part of the 2019 season but he’s a lightly-raced chaser that should have more to come. @Blue - Oh Brian, we’ve come so far. It’s a love hate relationship. I love to hate you. He’s a lightly-raced chaser that should have more to give but would be running in the race for the first time. @Bluebird Hewitt - Massive welsh twat that needs to post more. He was also a fine fourth in the RSA Chase at the Cheltenham Festival behind the classy Presenting Percy, plus has form at the meeting after running fifth in the Stayers’ Hurdle here in 2017. @Bluewolf - My forum nemesis. Probs because we’re both old and grumpy. He landed the Irish Grand National in 2018 at Fairyhouse so is certainly a National type that has good form in these gruelling staying races. It would, however, be his first run in the Aintree National and also his first run at the track. He seems to run best on soft ground. @Burning Gold - Decent Liverpool fan when I’ve read his posts. He was rated 159 in 2018 and carried 11st 8lbs in weight so we’ll have to see how the handicapper rates him this year. @CaaC - John - What a debut from the Flying Scotsman. He was just over 11 lengths off the winner in 2018 but with another year on his back and proven experience of the fences would certainly be a strong contender. @Cannabis - Don’t come across him much to be honest. Come across his Mrs on a nightly basis though. A leading contender that is proven over these tricky fences but will have to defy the history books to be announced a winner. @Chaaay AFC - One of our few Arsenal contingent that doesn’t get overexcited. He was a fine third in the Cheltenham Gold Cup in 2017 too so adds a bit of class to the race, while he was also fourth in the 2018 renewal of the Grand National. @carefreeluke - Chelsea’s finest. Top lad. A regular in the Grand National in recent years. Was fourth in the 2017 running but got no further than the first fence in 2018 after being brought down. @Cicero - Genuine contender for forum supremacy. Is also a winner of the Becher Chase over these fences so the track is not an issue and is another handled by the Twiston-Davies yard, who have won this race twice in the past. Still only 10 years-old so would have time on his side. @Cure - I’ve got the disease. Who is the Cure? Only had a handful of runs for the powerful Willie Mullins camp but has done well since joining them. Won on debut for the yard at Gowran Park back in March 2018. More to follow.......
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    @Blue - he is dramatic and gets an unreasonable amount of stick from others but he is very passionate about the sport and he has a deep care for his home country and fellow latin americans. Good poster and despite his drama, a good person. @SirBalon - very learned and sometimes overly whimsical but he feels like my spanish tio I never had. @Azeem - funny guy with lot of insight into sports in his slice of the world. He makes me want Pakistan to beat India.
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    The next number will be announced tomorrow. @Tommy @nudge @Cannabis @Stan @Viva la FCB @Rucksackfranzose @Batard @SirBalon @Storts @The Palace Fan @SchalkeUK @Toinho In case I missed someone - please spread the message.
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    Its 5 AM here and I haven't got a second of sleep tonight. I may as well do this now as I'm on my 3D break for a few minutes. Since you lot seem to think I'm the guru on this, I may as well continue my tradition. I'm not going to tag anyone due to a glitch on Chrome that makes me have to refresh on every user, and I'm going to be brutally honest on every one. All due respect to the ones I don't necessarily agree with, so don't take it to heart. It's just my opinion. ...Dan: I don't run into him a whole lot, but when I do its for him to criticize me. Don't know why, maybe my TFF past has something to do with it. I appreciate his Ligue 1 knowledge though especially given how much I respect the league for being nowhere near as bad as some make it out. Keep up the great work. 6666: Don't run into him at all, seems your average biased Arsenal fan. Not that it's a bad thing mind, it's normal for a fan to defend their players. I can't say anymore as I don't know enough. That simple AMG: I don't run into him a lot. Seems to be a trend with the A's. On the contrary here though, I have seen a lot of his posts compared to the above 2 and they just seem pointless to me. Nothing that really warrants abuse though, at least not in my mind. Not one of the better members but far from the worst. ASF: He doesn't come on a whole lot, but whenever he does he is brilliant. Great to have members from outside English speaking countries, like myself giving this forum lots of diversity. An important asset especially to whenever the international break arrives. Asura: Not one of the forum's main brains but a really sound bloke and that doesn't mean he isn't knowledgable. We're kind of mixed with each others football views but not in a bad way, in fact just to spark more debate which is what this forum needs. I used to run into him a lot more though. Azeem: The international football guru. Follows the entire qualifiers and is a lover of the World Cup. Not really innovative with his knowledge like Sirbalon is but nevertheless one of my favourite members on here. Great lad, knows his stuff and keeps us up to date with parts of the qualifiers some of us others don't really follow. Babycakes - Female Liverpool fan I think? That's all I know about this one. Batrapique1993: Not a bad member, and he does well to contribute to the German forum. I have no opinion here other than a really strange sense of humour. He's just another one to me. Batard: Used to be the head honcho of the staff, doing really well to keep the place cleaned up. It's definitely not gone worse since he's had less time due to his children, but he was certainly the best at it if you ask me. And that's not even speaking of his general posting, which is also brilliant. I'm not sure if he's French born living in England or vice versa. I'd have to ask someday. Regardless, he follows France and Ligue 1 which is already different and that's enough for me. Berserker: Used to really disagree with each other, things have changed in the past 2 years though and I'm delighted he's another fellow South American I can chat to. His banter is amongst the best in the forum and while he doesn't always post about South American football, he's always here to have a chat which makes up for it. Blue - Fucking prick Blyebird Hewitt - Seems a fine poster to me, he's loved on this forum but unfortunately I don't really go into the Cardiff related topics too much so I can't comment on this one. Bluewolf: Another one I don't run into a whole lot. I can see why people like him a lot though. Bouncearoundtheground - Don't know him Bozzioval: Seems to be a mixed one on this forum, his spelling is definitely the worst on these message boards but he's nowhere near as bad as some make out. Sure his humour is odd but he does have respectable football opinions. I like him. Bundesliga93 - Don't know him Burning gold - Seen him around in recent times but he's a lot less active then he used to be. Another one I didn't particularly get along with until recent times. Caac-John - An excellent addition to the board and I hope he doesn't leave in the same way Hugh Jass did. Provides proof with his arguments, posts news items for us to comment on and overall I'm a fan. Cannabis - Always seems to be mixed with him. Don't get me wrong, he's one of the forums best. He can never decide if he likes or dislikes me! haha. When he's not picking on me, I like him and even then it doesn't change my view that he's a great poster. ChaaayAFC - Really dislikes me and I don't know why. I don't run into him a lot though so I have no opinion. Chadwell - Don't know him. Carefreeluke - Chelsea is one of the European teams I don't particularly follow a whole lot and that is his bread and butter, sometimes posting in the La Liga forum too but never in an ideal moment. Like Bluewolf, I can see why people like him but I don't know enough to comment. Cicero: Keeps serious debate going and needs to be around forever. Tries to keep it serious and you can tell when he's cracking a joke or a wind up. Very easy to read and follows football outside of just Chelsea which is great. His several MOTM awards speak for themselves really. Cure: Did someone just get lazy and include Cure? He hasn't been active consistently since the start of this forum. Anyways, I'm not a fan. Next. Dalmore: Another one who has fallen off the radar, but again is brilliant. Dan - We don't chat as much as we used to which is a shame. He's hot headed but not towards others and is extremely friendly. Can get along with just about anyone. Also a very impatient FM player, but hey aren't most of us that? Danny: I'm not a fan personally. I certainly don't dislike him though, him trying to push on the English mentality can put me off but he's middle of the road for me. Darthblaug - Don't know him. Deadlinesman - Next in line of transformed relationships comes Phil. I love his sense of humour and I'm (now) glad he has found more time to be on the forum as he is sound. Just don't push his buttons though! Devil Dick Willie - Not the only Australian with that cringe-culture mentality! His hatred towards Australian sports is hilarious. Good member, and one of the funniest on here. Dickie - A sound bloke who is nowhere near as active as he used to be. I enjoy his videos and I hope he comes on a bit more. Djalminha - I think he's a Spaniard? If so I'd welcome him back with open arms. He was never very active to begin with though, not even on TFF if I recall. DNA - Don't know him. Dr Gonzo - Americans must love his accent. In my opinion, the best Liverpool fan we have. Easy to get along with and knows his shit. Sound bloke and one of the forums gems. Eco - Excellent bloke on form, but seems a bit bipolar. One day he's slating me and a few hours later we're getting along. Hopefully he can be a bit more consistent on his return but he's certainly the best American we have. El Professor - My favourite member on the forum. I shouldn't complain about his inactivity as he's consistent in the UCL and International games, that's good enough for me. Even back on TFF he was my favourite. Easy to get along with, good sense of humour and another South American I can chat with. Not to mention, he's the absolute mother brain of the forum. I'd say he's the most knowledgable member on here. Fairy In Boots - Don't know him other than every post being bad political one liners. Faithcore - Same as Bluewolf. I can see why people like him but not one I run into a lot. FCNick - If I'm correct he's the Trinidad Barca fan no? If so I do like him but we haven't heard of him in a while. Fusion - Really disliked him on the old board for picking on me. It's a shame he has to rely on picking on others as his sense of humour but he executes it very well. I will give him that, he's hilarious. Gunnersaurus - Great bloke, but very bad at reading others. He's misinterpreted more of my posts than anyone else on here. Not much else to say, other than I appreciate his efforts on here. Happy Blue - This is how a proper WUM is made. Great banter with others and he's laughing with us, not at us. If we're going to have WUMS, let them be like him. Harry - Top bloke, don't think anyone dislikes him and vice versa. Harvsky - Along with Devil Dick Willie, our funniest member with a fantastic sense of humour. Hk85 - I miss him and his Teso slating. Think he got tired though. Hughjass - Again, seems necessary to have him here because he's long gone. I miss him though, could have become a real asset on the forum with how promising his first month was. Ignis - Don't know him. Inverted - Don't think I've seen a single post of his that wasn't truthful in some way. Very underrated and even though we don't chat a whole lot, I don't find myself disagreeing with him a whole lot. Jose: I've said enough about him. Not my type of WUM. I prefer those who laugh with me and not at me. Joshbrfc - Don't know him. Kowabunga - Another Spaniard I think. Aside from having a fucking shit accent, he's the type of member this forum needs to establish us as "the best". Adds a ton of diversity and he knows his stuff. Large - Don't know him. Lfcmadlad - Sound guy but I don't ever run into him as he never ventures outside the PL forum. Lfcmike - Same as above. Lucas - We disagree on a lot of things, but I do think I have been harsh to him before, wrongly. He is a great member who knows his shit, but we seem to think very differently. Machado - Same as ASF. Marc - The thing is he's actually a very good poster, but he chooses to WUM and wank over Teso constantly. It's tiring. If he would stop picking on others then he would be a good asset on here. Mazzarri - Don't know him. Mel81x - Same as LFCMadlad and LFCmike. Nudge - Just behind El Professor is Nudge. She is extremely friendly and is very knowledgable. While her bread and butter are things outside of football, even there she excels and that is the testament to one of the mother brains of the forum. Have a ton of fun to chat about travel particularly. Olieandblue - Not active but another one I really liked. Panflute - Don't know him. Panna King - Half WUM but it is so blatant that he's on par with HappyBlue, and he does offer a ton of good knowledge about Dutch football which is what this forum needs as I've mentioned. Paulh_85 - Don't know him. Paulo Dybala - Not very active but from the brief posts I've seen he does offer something. Pep Talk - I used to think similarly to AMG of him, but as time went on I really grew to appreciate him and think he's a valuable addition to the forum. Shame he's not active anymore but I can understand it due to family issues as he has stated. Peresus - Don't know him. R-D - Don't know him. Rab - The heart of the forum. Without him the IT bit of the forum goes to shit. Rafa Benethus - Not active a whole lot anymore but I don't mind him. Rando - Brilliant Evertonian who ranks up there with Gonzo. Actually I don't see many difference aside from being on the other side of Merseyside. Both have similar posting styles and offer a lot to this forum. Redcanuk - Don't know him. Relling - Don't know him. Rick - Used to really dislike him but I think we've both grown into each other during the World Cup. Robosys - Don't know him. Roversgirl - Don't know her. Rucksackfanzone - Very European centric. Not much else to say. Next. Salford Kel - Lots of talk about her on here but not run into her a whole lot to actually comment. SchalkeUK - Don't know him. ScoRoss - Football Italia on Twitter. Shut up - no u Sir Balon - I don't think he's biased to be honest and he's not arrogant like he used to. We get along very well and his long posts usually contain a pepper by the name of "knowledge". His age certainly helps although I know that's not something he's proud of! Like Kowabunga, he has a fucking shit accent but sometimes those are the best people and it definitely applies in Antonio's case. Smiley Culture - Negative and has a clear vendetta for me. Outside of that though he does know his stuff and is a welcome addition here. Spike - Seems a lot less active as of late, but we often have great banter and he certainly knows his shit. His debates with Balon are some of the best on here. Stan - I've criticized him before, I've slated him as a moderator but truth is he's good at both posting and as a staff member. More often than not friendly, although has his limits like anyone else and reasonable. His job as a moderator isn't made any easier when he's being given shit, and has to make a pressured decision so that would be my own fault. StefBWFC - Don't know him. Storts - A hidden gem. The reason I say this is because his knowledge streches far beyond just the Premier League but he doesn't like posting about them. You can always chat with me to keep debate going Takyon - Don't know him. Tarzanontoast - Great fun whenever he's around as he follows the Peruvian lower leagues like me The Artful Dodger - Similar to Inverted but I've disagreed with him a bit more then the former. The Kaiser - Don't know him. The liquidator - Don't know him. The Palace Fan - For me, the best staff member. Active, keeps activity going with new threads and has a good range of football knowledge. He's not the head honcho when it comes to moderating, but the staff all have their own roles. The rebel CRS - Another friendly one. Very reasonable and knows his stuff, particularly in la Liga. Tlr - Don't know him. Toinho - Great for a pint I would guess. Quite funny at times and an excellent in The Pub area of the forum. Also great to have an Aussie who actually follows the A-League, unlike a certain other... TrstnFCB - Don't know him. Trueblue - Don't run into him a lot. Tommy - Don't run into him a lot but he seems to be the head honcho of the Film and Bundesliga section. Unorthodox - Don't know him. Viva La FCB - Another one I've grown into. Used to really dislike each other but I think we both started appreciating our efforts as time went on. YNWA - Don't know him.
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    Calling people out, getting embarrassed and then begging to be left alone. Good job. As usual you never come with anything that has any relevance and you always end on "I smelt Dele Alli's fart once when he dived passed me in a stadium, I'm amazing, I'm a winner". And I just said Tottenham are a good side and your response is "yeah well, Tottenham are a good side"... you really are an idiot. Just to take a page out of your book though I'll mention that Tottenham are just a Middlesex club that only became a part of North London in 1965 and the main reason Tottenham are relevant in football is their rivalry with Arsenal. Also Ledley King was never that good, only seen as a legend because you want to show that you do have a legend who's black. Your "success" under Pochettino has landed you with less trophies than the underwhelming seasons under Wenger. Eriksen will leave soon. Kane might stay as his mouth breathing is seen as sexy at Tottenham. This is the best you've been in 30+ years but no one gives a shit. Sol Campbell is still the best player to ever play for Tottenham. I guess all those irrelevant facts mean I win. ( <-- That's a trophy)
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    Why are you upset you knobhead? You're forever upset for some reason. Miserable, dumb cunt of a man. No surprise seeing as you're a Hull City fan.
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    You are defo a pedo who has never been to a game. Hope that doesn't offend anyone.
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    Here is the table after Round 2 (Bundesliga) Position - Name - Points 1 - @The Palace Fan - 12 points 2 - @José - 11 points 3 - @Panna King - 9 points =4 - @RandoEFC - 8 points =4 - @Viva la FCB - 8 points =4 - @Lucas - 8 points =4 - @nudge - 8 points 5 - @Batard - 7 points 6 - @...Dan - 6 points 7 - @Bluewolf - 5 points =8 - @Eco - 4 points =8 - @Stan - 4 points =8 - @Cicero - 4 points =8 - @Dan - 4 points =8 - @Cannabis - 4 points =8 - @DNA - 4 points =8 - @Tommy - 4 points =8 - @binder - 4 points =8 - @Harry - 4 points =8 - @Storts - 4 points 9 - @SchalkeUK - 3 points =10 - @Spike - 2 points =10 - @BounceAroundTheGround - 2 points =10 - @StefBWFC - 2 points =11 - @Bluebird Hewitt - 1 point =11 - @JOSHBRFC - 1 point =11 - @Azeem - 1 point =11 - @robosys - 1 point =12 - @Dr. Gonzo - 0 points =12 - @Rucksackfranzose - 0 points =12 - @Rick - 0 points =12 - @Mel81x - 0 points =12 - @DeadLinesman - 0 points =12 - @shut up - 0 points =12 - @bozziovai - 0 points =12 - @LFCMike - 0 points =12 - @YNWA - 0 points On we go to Round 3.
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    Results - Tie Breaker The epic duel between @The Palace Fan and @José is concluded, and this iteration of the Last Man Standing competition finally has its champion. The Runner-Up They say Red Bull gives you wings, but it's RB Leipzig who went down in flames in their visit to Freiburg, @José's pick getting beaten handily 3-0. After a valiant campaign, TF365's resident Mexican will have to settle for second place on this occasion but takes home 2 bonus points in addition to the 5 he scored by surviving for the first five weeks of the competition. Congratulations and commiserations, @José! The Last Man There is only one GIF appropriate for this moment. @The Palace Fan got his 90 minute sweating session out of the way early this time around, backing Werder Bremen to beat Dusseldorf on Friday night. Although his chosen first goalscorer of the weekend Eggestein was not amongst the scorers in Werder's 3-1 success, Leipzig's loss on Saturday meant that the goalscorer tie breaker never came into play, and The Eagles finally have something to shout about this season as one of their own wins a TF365 Last Man Standing competition. Congratulations to @The Palace Fan, who takes home the full 3 bonus points to go with the 5 points scored for picking that many consecutive winners. Keep an eye out for an updated table to see what this means for the overall standings. Points scored this round by All Competitors 8 points - @The Palace Fan [survived 5 weeks, plus 3 bonus for being Last Man Standing] 7 points - @José [survived 5 weeks, plus 2 bonus points for being 2nd] 4 points - @nudge, @Lucas, @Viva la FCB [survived 3 weeks, plus 1 bonus point for being joint 3rd] 2 points - @StefBWFC, @...Dan [survived 2 weeks] 1 point - @RandoEFC, @Panna King, @Azeem, @SchalkeUK, @robosys, @Bluewolf [survived 1 week] 0 points - @Rucksackfranzose, @Batard, @DeadLinesman, @Cannabis, @Dan, @binder, @Tommy [eliminated in the first week] Table updates coming shortly, along with the launch of Round 3.
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    Friendship of the Year - @José and @Blue.
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    "What is going to happen Dave??" "Something Wonderful!" Due to popular demand and I quote " Do it, Do it, Do It " @nudge welcome to the Sci Fi Thread... not to be mistaken with the more serious topics of Space as found elsewhere on the forum... - "Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today - but the core of science fiction, its essence, the concept around which it revolves, has become crucial to our salvation if we are to be saved at all." Isaac Asimov Anything related to Science Fiction should be here... Film, TV, Magazines, Comics, Art, Clips, Photos, Interviews old or new... I was raised on a whole load of Sci-Fi when I was younger and such greats as UFO, Space 1999, Star Trek, Lost In Space to name but a few.. the list is endless so anything you want just get it in here... So If it's just me out there... this thread will seem like an awful waste of space
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    He suffered a very serious knee injury, which led to him lose the World Cup. He never plays the entire 90 minutes those days.
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    Matchday 14 1) Bluewolf 12 points 1) Stan 12 points 3) 6666 11 points 4) nudge 9 points 4) Tommy 9 points 4) Tzeentch 9 points 7) Viva la FCB 7 points 8) RandoEFC 5 points 9) Rucksackfranzose 4 points In an high scoring matchday @Bluewolf, who was the only player to predict three perfect results, and table leader @Stan were matchday winners. That means the gap at the top stays exactly the same. The only unpredicted outcome was Freiburg's win over Red Shite. Table after 14 matchdays 1) Stan 103 points 2) Bluewolf 97 points 3) nudge 94 points 4) Tzeentch 90 points 5) 6666 89 points 6) Rucksackfranzose 82 points 7) Viva la FCB 80 points 8) RandoEFC 79 points 9) Tommy 69 points 10) Eco 11 points 11) binder 7 points 11) Faithcore 7 points
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    @A Payday Loan @Afanasiyor @abosseNow @Balance @bengames9 @Benjamin Hotspur @Caley Shaun @calvingm2 @DareplUrine @effiero11 @FanEnquiry @Gansiortex @HanJeabs @iloseclean @James Jackson @karings11 @LavetaDem @MagnumIR @NeronasV @Online Lenders @Pashkevichtop @Quick Loan @randiia3 @Sarah Humphries @taxyzupwhikh @Umit Yirmi @Vikalep @Warrenzen @xntgsz @yuuoxq @zoran All top notch memebers
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    @Blue I've got two things to say in response to yours about me. Hot-headed. That is fair enough. This is why. IMPATIENT FM PLAYER? FUCKING COMING FROM YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!