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    Unfortunately he got attacked by a Unicorn tonight and did not make it. Hospital ruled it as a covid death though. TYPICAL.
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    This isnt 100% accurate. I have a theory that only 17 people live in India and that the majority of the country is actually inhabited by unicorns and minotaurs. I'm just as credible as any official source because you can't prove that they're 100% correct.
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    With the be Agree. Media was probably even worse in the past. What we have though is the benefit of the hindsight and the work of historians, who work to fill the gaps and find the lies. I mean, in the 1890s New York media barons such as Pulitzer and Hearst published a barrage of lies in their newspapers regarding Cuba in order to push US involvement in the Spanish-Cuban war and increase the sale of newspapers.
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    Unless you are in the Crimean war leading the charge of the Light Brigade I can't think of any fucking reason to draw swords on each other in the middle of the day...
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    Matchday winner Michael with three perfect scores, while Bluewolf acquired only 3 points less, with 1 perfect score only, which is a remarkable achievement. Matchday 32 1) Michael 14 points 2) Bluewolf 11 points 2) Viva la FCB 11 points 4) Stan 9 points 4) Tommy 9 points 6) CaaC(John) 8 points 6) Rucksackfranzose 8 points 8) 6666 6 points 9) SchalkeUK 2 points We gained two new members in the 200er club, while Tommy lost a bit of his lead. Table after 32 matchdays 1) @Tommy 228 points 2) @Viva la FCB 221 points 3) @Bluewolf 217 points 4) @Michael 206 points 4) @Stan 206 points 6) Rucksackfranzose 187 points 7) @6666 174 points 8) nudge 173 points 9) @SchalkeUK 166 points 10) @CaaC (John) 147 points 11) @nawoo 142 points 12) @Eco 117 points
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    I think we've now firmly arrived in territory.
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    Literally a 5 second Google search for fact-checking. "A survey by dpa at several Israeli hospitals revealed that the video was recorded at the Shamir Medical Center in Be'er Ya'akov. "This is part of a promotional video being filmed at Shamir Medical Center these days," a hospital spokesperson confirmed to dpa. “What you see in the video is our new emergency parking lot,” he explains. "This is a demonstration of how the parking garage can be converted into a hospital ward." The people featured in the video are not actual patients. "The doctors are really doctors and some other hospital staff. The 'patients' are boys and girls of 18 years, who also work in the hospital," said the spokesman. The final promotional video is not online yet. The recordings have only just been completed. The images are not proof that the corona pandemic was staged or intended to terrify people. This is only about turning promotional material for a new innovation of the hospital in Be'er Ya'akov." The promotional video has been since released.
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    Got in from work tonight and this had been delivered. That I forgot about. I ordered whilst pissed on my 30th at my second home (private snooker room). As to why I ordered it and how it came up in conversation when I thought it would be funny is a whole other story. What a cunt I truly am. Will someone just ban me now
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    Don't get me wrong, no issue with United protesting to get their shitty owners out but why the fuck are Norwich fans getting involved?
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    Best bit about City winning is that literally nobody cares.
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    I can confirm this was true till about a week ago. We're 21 now. Stan and I just became uncles.
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    You have absolutely no credibility whatsoever. Who do you think you are
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    It's good to be skeptical and question things, but low-quality videos and screenshots with misleading information from somewhere in the internet are hardly helpful. There's certainly a discussion to be had about the ways that the pandemic has been handled; from the first response to the use of statistics, potentially disproportional safety measures, vaccine side effects and whatnot, but it's only useful when it is based on actual facts that can be verified and confirmed, and not on emotionally-charged, unverifiable claims and internet memes.
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    Grown ups who put their faces on movie characters.
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    I'm a legacy fan, kind of lost interest in football now tbh ..i preferred it when we was rubbish!
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    Yeah, that's just completely unfair. Regardless what someone identifies as, there's the biological reality of male or female sex and all the physical properties that come with it.
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    found the role Unique can play
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    The dog version is good too!
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    @MUFC would say anyone without feet. For me, without being picky, it's various things - someone who doesn't look after themselves or take pride in what they do, someone who smokes, someone without family values/good morals etc, someone dishonest/disloyal/disrespectful etc...
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    Surely if you're Istanbul you don't even want it? They deferred it last year and I can't imagine they'd reject the chance to do again this year. Even if they have fans in the stadium, it won't be full capacity and you won't have the mass of people travelling without tickets just to be in the city and go to the bars, restaurants, etc.. If vaccine rollouts continue successfully in Europe it'll be immeasurably better for them to have it next year. I just don't understand the logic behind not moving it