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    Me and the monster from a couple of weeks ago.
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    @Stan @CaaC (John) @nudge @Lucas @Bluewolf @DeadLinesman @Pyfish @Deco @Robbie @Dr. Gonzo @JOSHBRFC Round 1 is underway. As a refresher for newcomers I am reposting the rules here. Should be a fairly easy round with some slight tough questions thrown in the mix as well. The Rules or How does this work? For people who haven't played before the game is very simple, there will be 10 questions asked per round and they may have multiple answers. The goal is to try and answer like the rest of the players. An example is, What is a common accompaniment with eggs for breakfast? And if you and 5 other people answer "beans" then you get 6 points. If your answer doesn't match anyone else's then you get one point. The idea is to gain as many points and get to the top of the list to be the Sheepiest of the lot. If there is ambiguity in the question, as is sometimes the case, I will put specific instructions next to the question as I know some of these can be close in wording and I try my best to group them together. Sheep - Season 8 - The Tube - Round 1 - Tele Tele Television Name a famous Japanese TV maker that is NOT Sony. Name one of the primary colors used in television displays. LEDs use how much of their energy to generate light? 80%, 50% or 70% Which company invented the first Flat-Panel Display which later went into flat-panel Televisions? In 1983, Walt Disney Productions put together a short film for television. It was called The Simple Things. Name one of the two cartoon characters in it. in 1964, the Beatles got their first American appearance on Television on the Ed Sullivan show. Name a song they played that night. Name a famous SONY TV model that is not BRAVIA (any year will do). Name a button you generally find on a TV remote but you rarely find on the TV itself. What was the first horror movie to be made in color and not black and white? Which of these do you think is the most popular TV resolution worldwide? HD | 4K | Above 4K Notes/Rules For 1st timers, the rules of the game are simple. You want your answers to these questions to match with one other player or more than one other players. E.g. If your answer is "Wookie" and five other people answer the same then you get 6 points for that question. If you do not match with anyone else you're only going to get 1 point. The winner is the person who has the most points after 5 rounds. Please DM me all your answers and don't post them in here. Please feel free to ask questions for clarification purposes and I'll try and answer them as best as I can. Please do not try and discuss answers to questions until the round is over. I will accept spelling mistakes and words that follow a certain theme. If the answers have to be unique I will call them out specifically with the questions There is no such thing as a WRONG ANSWER. Keep in mind that you can type anything you want and if someone else provides the same answer we can all have a laugh while you'll walk away with 2 or more points. You all have till Wednesday(Nov 25th) to get your answers to me. If they all come in sooner I'll have the results out faster as well and we can move to the next round. Good luck.
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    Nah, my missus has me beat. Leaving the tiniest smidge of milk at the bottom of the carton in the fridge is unforgivable in my eyes.
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    Get in! A draw that almost feels like a win... Bayern clearly better in the second half, but we played clever, defended well, managed to take a point and even had a few good chances to score on a counter. Didn't expect a performance like that, gives hope for the rest of the season.
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    My cat Milo whom I adopted 5 years ago. he is quite a character.
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    Hi everyone. Glad to see (nearly) everyone's here still, and a fair few new faces too! I've gone by a few names around here, but I'm sure you'll be most familiar with my name back of TFF, or maybe my first account over her at TF365: CFCLoyal or @Cure. It's annoying when you lose touch. It's even more annoying when you forget your log-in details and lose access to your old e-mail address. I was here at the start and quite active at that, but I fell off this train when I started at University. I'm still here - just - and considering doing a PhD. Fun times. I've found I've adopted Everton as a team in recent times, and was going to visit Goodison Park for the first time before COVID kicked off. I have my reasons; I'd say 90% of the friends I've made since turning 18 have been huge Kopites and they get on my nerves with their gloating. It's worked against me: a girl I was dating took me to meet her parents and her dad kicked me out because I cheered when Atletico knocked them out of the Champions League. Yeah, I know. I've yet to get properly into the swing of things but it'll be fun to follow a club whose cause appeals to me. Let's hope Leicester smash them this weekend. Look forward to being active and hope to build some strong rapport with you all!
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    Table updated! @DeadLinesman & @Redcanuck up a spot each. @Rucksackfranzose jumps up to 9th while @Toinho moves up from bottom place.
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    @Tommy, @Viva la FCB, @Michael, @nudge, @Bluewolf, @Eco Your weekly reminder.
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    Garry Neville could barely talk for Kane’s bollocks in his gob. Was ridiculous.
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    Solksjaer just doesn’t fancy him. Bought as a vanity product by the Glazers to appease the fans that we’d actually signed someone.
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    Used my multi captain chips on Ivan Toney and Bryan Mbuemo. Final score? Wycombe 0, Brentford 0.
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    Apologies will get this updated properly later today.
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    It was baltic to be fair. Her nipples could have cut glass apparently
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    Count me in, I have missed this, calling regular newbies in @Cazza & @Deco, give it a shot if you want, a good game and you both would enjoy it.
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    Christ @Dr. Gonzo, you said Animal Crossing was meant to be a nice relaxing game. No one was telling me you were using it for political propaganda. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-11-19-nintendo-bans-brands-from-using-animal-crossing-new-horizons-for-politics
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    Melbourne was the source of Australia's only significant Covid outbreak which peaked at 800 cases a day in July but then we locked down very hard (schools shut etc). Today we clocked up our 20th day in a row with zero new cases from 10k daily tests, and the only positive cases around the country came from airport quarantine centre's. Likely this weekend we will fully reopen everything such as being able to have full stadiums again and restaurants back to their original capacity. We're finally in good spirits again. I think Covid is a lot easier to keep under control in summer.
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    Sorry meant game night
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    There's also the fact we finished about 12th in distance covered last season. We press like mad for short periods, but it's opportunistic and the majority of our game is based on control and keeping our opponents at arm's length. Really lazy analysis to say we win because we run a lot
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    Game 29 in the early hours of the morning saw a 17th minute opener for Argentina. We had three winners all bang on! 3 points each for @Redcanuck, @Rucksackfranzose & @DeadLinesman!! Nicely done gents!
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    So this is a story all about how my life got flip turned upside down (For the better). My mental health was ruined a few years back. Drinking, gambling etc etc just being fake and robotic. Putting work before my personal life and those i love. One year i'd looked back and i'd gambled 53k and won 54k. That's just not healthy, i was doing it for the sake of it as a way to escape. The only drug i've ever taken is cocaine and i had taken that quite a bit, almost every time i had a beer and started dabbling in the wrong crowds. All of this was a result of me never grieving for my Dad and just building the dark cloud in my head for years and years. The thing that changed me and made me start the long road to finding the happiness and peace with myself that i have now was the little bundle of joy i have. From the second she was born, she will never ever know just how much she changed me. The first step was counselling, which helped.. she was amazing (and great eye candy!). Then coming clean about my demons to everyone i love, and admitting i was depressed. I ruined the relationship with the mother of my child and we needed to be apart.Coming clean to her about everything i'd done in the 6 years we spent together was too much in the end, she tried to help but she tried to smother me in recovery. It didn't work, i needed to do it myself. So we parted ways in June 2019 when my daughter was 1. I happily left her everything and walked into my flat with just the bag of clothes i had in my car. Month by month i built myself up buying nice things and just appreciating the smaller things in life more. From very early on in that process me and the mother of my child have got on great and as i type this now i don't know what the future will hold between me and her. I look at that person i was 2/3 years ago and genuinely it's a blur it really is. I have tough days now but they're real and i speak about them. And i enjoy a drink again and a cheeky bet etc. I cook more, i run more, i walk more.. just like a normal boring person - which is what i am! A happy boring cunt I understand lockdown has been tough for people, but it's been the challenge i needed and as sad as it sounds i've enjoyed being alone and then also spending more time with my daughter than i usually would with being off work at times. After my experience i've helped a few friends in similar situations, speaking and showing that "weakness" really is so underrated. Whether it's the start of getting in a better place or to prevent you from getting there. I like to think we all enjoy this community some of us have had for a decade or more, and i would happily chat to anyone who has any struggles in life or ever feel like they need someone to speak to.