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    A man went out disguised as a dog in Spain to avoid the quarantine.
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    You wank off Trump like nothing else but you’re very quick to jump on Johnson’s back? Forever making no sense.
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    Daily increase in new cases falls again though; that's the most important stat in terms of containing the virus as it starts to look like a trend now. The number of deaths is sad but it's not a good indicator on how the virus is spreading day by day.
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    If there's anything good to come out of this whole pandemics crap then it's hopefully more appreciation and respect for people who do essential jobs that keep society running. All the little cogs that ensure the system doesn't collapse.
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    Wtf. How the heck does anyone even come up with the idea that 5G could have anything even remotely to do with people contracting the virus and dying from it? For fucks sake.
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    Doesn't work for everyone Johnny boy...
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    Stay safe @Bluewolf @DeadLinesman and @SchalkeUK This virus is the most dangerous thing to dinosaurs since the last asteroid so I need y'all to pull through!
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    So one of the many things that I'm grateful for, one is that there are 6 guys that we were in 2nd grade together, and remain best friends to this day. 3 of us are in Atlanta (where we were born), 1 lives in DC, 1 lives in Montana, 1 lives in Nebraska, and another lives in Florida. So, we have decided that once a month, we are going to make a Skype video meeting to just drink beer and talk online during this Covid outbreak. Our first one begins in 33 minutes and I'm actually pretty excited for this.
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    So... I managed to get the questions for the first round ready earlier than I expected. Therefore, here it comes. Let's keep it simple, just 2 Rules: please try to submit your answers via PM until the specified deadline no cheating as there's no fun in that! Therefore, please abstain from using google to find the answers (unless specified otherwise) - if you don't know, just try your luck and guess! Some questions are harder; some much easier; some are just plain guesswork! @Faithcore @Rucksackfranzose @Tommy @SchalkeUK @Viva la FCB Anyone is welcome to join! Round 1 Deadline: Sunday, March 29th, 00:00 CET Which club holds the record of most relegations from the 1. Bundesliga? (1 pt) Name the stadium (or a club that plays there) that has urinals with the pitch view. (1 pt) Name five clubs that have played their home matches in the Olympiastadion Berlin (not including "neutral" status like the venue for the DFB Pokal final). (5 pts) How many liters of beer can the DFB-Pokal hold? (1 pt) How long is the beer pipeline in the Veltins-Arena? (1 pt) Name the player who had a nickname alluding to a well-known cleaning products brand. (1 pt) Name the club that managed to win the 1.Bundesliga title directly after being promoted? (1 pt) Name the club with most 3. Liga titles. (1 pt) Name the first ever German national team player to be sent off on his debut. (1 pt) Name the two clubs involved in the match where a Verbandsliga club eliminated a 1. Bundesliga club in the DFB Pokal for the first time ever (2 pts) Good luck!
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    Our next choice comes from @Tommy Valkyrie (2008) Dir: Bryan Singer "After being wounded in World War II, a disillusioned Nazi colonel hatches a daring plan to create a shadow government and assassinate Adolf Hitler" The trailer for those who haven't seen it is below. And... great news is that it looks like it is on Netflix! https://www.netflix.com/gb/title/70101344 Discuss!
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    Imagine preferring Trump to anyone.
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    Love that... I am just a little cog... There are so many people out there right now doing their best to keep going and plenty like the Health workers Hospitals and services that are getting it in the neck day after day with hardly any rest between shifts and credit to our lot and hundreds more around the world that are knocking themselves out trying to keep things running without complaint... When things turn proper shit you really do see people for what they are you know... Thankfully that's mostly decent people just trying to do their bit for the cause...
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    I was gonna have a Shag with a girl I know then they locked the country down ☹️
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    Turtle rat punch pizza?
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    Yeah, i thought maybe there was someone named like that.
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    Yep, the villain of history but the hero of the Romance, baby thrower, treacherous backstabber, idealist of virtue, and (mal)benevolent ruler, all.
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    I also applaued @CaaC (John) for misspelling both Dennis Lillee and Shane Warne.
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    @Stan, Faithcore is German it's much more likely he knows a sports man doing Fingerhackeln than Cricket.
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