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    I'm 37 years old and I've been watching football for what must be 30 years. I probably started watching more seriously in my young teens. It's a long time to follow/support something without your opinions changing as you grow up. I've noticed myself becoming increasingly irritated when watching a match, and frustrated (it's worse than frustrated but I'm trying to be polite) with players and all the rubbish that comes with them. So I'm now asking myself, 'why do I keep watching?'. And who is the game we call football now aimed at? I'm a Celtic fan but live in England and was lucky enough to have SKY Sports when football first took off there. It was a huge commercial investment and it was probably the start of what we see as football today. But it was great wasn't it. The excitement of Monday night football. Tough football, played well with a smattering of foreign stars adding some panashe. The blend was class, the games were exciting. And now what do we have? We have players and managers who have a win at all costs mentality which means they can justify what they do (or try to do) to a club owner. Is there ever a game that you watch where there's not an incident that makes you mad. Players diving or conning the ref and then watching on to see what's happening while grinning? Big defenders giving it out and the diving when barely touched. Where's the sportsmanship? Dees it not matter? The press on diving has really dropped off. It's almost seen as acceptable. I've been watching PSG over the last few years since their takeover. To me PSG are simply a FIFA team for kids. Youngsters potentially follow players more than they do a team because of the things I mentioned earlier, money, shoes, their celeb friends, Twitter blah blah blah). They're a team full of what ex pros what call 'personalities' with great experience. But they're not very likable are they, Neymar, Di Maria, Cavani, Dani Alves. They're all South Americans and maybe this is where the difference is (I'd like to hear a genuine opinion from a South American on this) but what is your want in a player? What skills and character appeals to you? I'm Scottish so skills come second, but I just want some honesty. If you're honest and you have skills, then that's your hero. Ronaldo (the original), Zidane, Shearer, Raul. Without it, who cares. In the past people would have said, they're poor so they've grown up scrapping for it so the winning is all that matters because they'll support their family if they make it as a footballer. Is that still true? They are a bunch of players who are trying to re-invent the game to suit their own personal gains. And they seem to have the power to do it because so many decisions go in their favour. And you don't hear too many pundits go against them either. Why? Because they want to stay in the game and get paid for as long as possible. Genuine opinions come second to getting paid. I understand that sport changes and commercially I'm sure that football is better now than it ever has been. The players get paid more, the managers get paid well (but can have little influence over players). Large companies make a mint from rights and milking players for everything they've got. What seems to be the case now, maybe with higher class competitions is that winning means everything, and to me that doesn't make it a sport. You started watching football because it was fun and fair. Playing hard but fair and only occasionally crossing those boundaries. Now we have people suggesting that we must 'protect our prized assets'. Why? Football is a collective and if you suggest that players of a higher reputation (based on wage, likes, Instagram/Twitter followers, style) and all that consumer nonsense have more power or influence over others, then it's not a sport . I'd honestly love to hear from people who do still enjoy football and why? Conversely, are you the same as me, you hate it but can't stop watching? A 30 year addiction!
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    Yeah. That's it. Nothing to do with your players being shit and creating fuck all
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    I mean, have a spell lad. We have a Bremen topic for all your minor Bremen discussions and I'm sure you can put a photo of Max Kruse's face on a sex doll and beat it up if that would make you feel better.
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    Brilliant post. I wouldn't say I hate football as I still enjoy a good match but I definitely grew indifferent and became disillusioned with it all over the years. The sport has turned into pure business and has become way too commercialised in the last few decades; and while I still follow my team closely I must admit that I don't care all that much anymore either. It just doesn't seem to be connected to community anymore and doesn't feel genuine.
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    I do feel a lot like this at times and feel like ultimately all I'm really doing is just deluding myself in the hope that one day it all goes bang and becomes more of a sport again rather than what it is now - business. Clubs must think fans are absolutely mental a lot of the time and in a lot of cases they're probably right. It sounds ridiculous but there are times where I wonder if this European Super League would actually be quite good. What I mean by this is not the league itself. The league would fall flat on its arse within a few years when a league full of clubs supported predominantly by people who support them because they win all the time realise that this is no longer possible - how are Chelsea fans for example going to take coming 15th? What I mean is that by creating this league, it may be what filters out so much that is wrong with the sport of today. You would lose your executives and parasites who are in the game just for a quick buck, you would lose your touristy, sterile atmospheres, you would lose this idea that winning the league is impossible (bad example given who I support but we were a one-off). It would be far better for the match-going fan who doesn't lose their Saturday afternoons to watch their side panned by one of the 'elite' on a Monday night and be told that you're meant to be grateful to watch this. Put all of those things in this league for the elite and watch them all come crawling back within a few years with their tails between their legs, and watch football become more of a sport again rather than an industry where quite literally every aspect of it has become about business.
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    Just a couple more before bed... This is the first time in United's History that they have lost by more than 1 goal in European Competition at Old Trafford... Also... And lastly... Well.. time for bed...
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    Are you? You've never voiced a desire to learn of our tinpot little club in the past, and the opinions presented by our enthusiastic newcomer are.... somewhat unpopular. Here's some Bremen knowledge for you tho homie Max Kruse is good Austria is a lovely place to have a pre season There's a paving stone in the town centre you are encouraged to spit on Claudio Pizarro is a very very old man We once finished 14th with Sokratis, Kevin De Bruyne, Nils Peterson, Eljiro Elia, Marko Arnautovic and Zlatko Junuzovic all in our team.
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    Can we stop throwing threads off topic with calls for other people to be banned etc? It's the staff's job to figure out whether punishment should be given to certain individuals, not anyone elses. If you have concerns, speak to a member of staff. It's really that easy.
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    We're reaching levels of German that shouldn't even be possible
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    Mickey Mouse league my ass. Except Leipzig and Hoffenheim who found loopholes, we still value traditions. Every club worked hard for where they are, and for their money, and didn't just get a random Thai, Chinese, Russian, American or whatever sugar daddy, with no connection to the club, who was just looking for some toy to play with. If I was a fan of a Club that got taken over by some random billionaire foreigner with no ties to the club, I'd probably start supporting some 5 A-Side team.
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    Thank you for a very good post G Man I am a couple of years your senior and have watched (too) much footie since I was a teen. I guess I sometimes still enjoy a good piece of football, or an underdog working together to create the upset etc.. That being said, I feel that this is because of the joy of the game is hard to kill, no matter how hard the suits try. (e.g. RB Leipzig, champions league money based on ancient history,...). Sometimes I consider just reading more books instead. It would feel strange though. Maybe watching local amateur football could bring back the old joy of it. As for the players, it seems to me that most of them are decent blokes. Usually a bit younger than you or I, and that shows, which is to be expected. I know I would not have looked good in interviews as a 20 year old (if I tried to say something else than "think of the next game" or the like).
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    First night in Istanbul and I've already been on the end of an atrempted scam. Was looking for my apartment near Taksim Square, and it's all unsigned alleyways so it wad pretty confusing. I stopped outside a hotel to look at my phone and two guys start talking to me (target the guy with a suitcase). They ask where I'm from, tell me they're from Israel and here on holiday too. I say I'm looking for my apartment and the guy says we can help because we're locals (didn't actually realise at the time but lol). He asks to look at the maps on my phone, insists he'll give it back...I stupidly hand it over because I'm too polite to insinuate that someone's trying to steal from me ...he does give it back. He says after you find your apartment come for a drink with us...I say I'm meeting my girlfriend. Now, I looked it up and apparently a well known scam is they invite you to a bar with them and you end up with a massive bill (thousands of pounds)...I avoided that obviously, but I'm quite worried because he looked at the address of my apartment, and called someone while looking at it. It's now 5am in Turkey and I haven't managed to sleep because I've been worried about it Apparently these scammers scam you in a very friendly way though, if you say no to the drinks they move on...so I'm hoping if he did tell his friends about my apartment it's just to target tourists in the future rather than to break in when I'm out. Needless to say I'm taking everything of value out with me tomorrow
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    Yep. You never really recovered from losing this key player
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    No way, that's Whoopie Goldberg
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    It's the back end of the 2019 season. So football for the decade is in its twilight. I'd like to see everyone construct a first team (and bench if they wish) of the players who performed the best for their club this decade 2010-2019. I think it's an interesting exercise and a fun bit of nostalgia. Club: Werder Bremen Coach of the decade. You were all fucking shit but we haven't sacked Kohfeldt yet so bam! Default. ----------------------------------------------Wiese---------------------------------------------- Gebre Selassie----------Sokratis------------Prodl----------------------------Garcia --------------------Junuzovic--------Delaney-------Hunt-------------------------------- De Bruyne--------------------------------Pizarro--------------------------------Gnabry Subs GK Pavlenka CB Mertesacker LB Augustinson CM Klaassen ST Di Santo ST Kruse RW Arnautovic
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    Far from the warmth of Istanbul with Dan, or the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam with Chris, we're back from our weekend in the Peaks. No sign of any dodgy con artists on a scam or the strong smell of weed or red lights, just pure quiet and countryside. We are all on completely different breaks right now Very lucky with the weather. Cottage was just beaut. Can't beat chucking logs in the fire and smashing through the wine and gin as dark sets in. We were literally 5mins from a village called Bakewell, named after the tarts. What a jewell that place is if anyone likes that kind of thing.
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    Wouldn't see Kante doing anything like that #completemidfielder
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    Thank you @Stan I'll downgrade you to donator status soon.
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    I'm almost done with the southern stand of the stadium. So far it looks like this.
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    There has been an update to the rules as of 11/2/19 - 16:44. New rule. Disputing Moderation and Memberating Do not attempt to dispute (or interfere with) moderation anywhere other than through personal messenger to a staff member. Any concerns or problems you have with moderation should be taken there. Moderating other members (aka 'memberating') is also forbidden.
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    Why do you have this weird vendetta? Seriously. Bringing posts like this up constantly. Some of that community has been together 15-20 years, I, and Paul, keep it going because there are people on there that are genuine friends, enjoyed each other’s company over a decade or two and just want a place to post and have a laugh with each other. In previous incarnations it was as busy as this place, when it was UKFF/FSF it was thriving but over the years certain people have moved on with their lives and a conscious decision was made not to go all out to try and attract any old member but to actually just enjoy the smaller community we have where everyone gets along. I don’t really understand why you feel the need for constant snipes etc. when the two forums should coincide peacefully and our designed for completely different purposes. I let a lot slide but really feel like you should give it a rest and just concentrate on this place, where I also contribute to, despite having costs for keeping the other community going. Little bit more respect wouldn’t go amiss
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    To be honest I don't think losing 6-0 away against one of the all time greatest PL teams who are in a heated title race is as bad as Guardiola losing 4-0 against Koeman's Everton. Its a bad performance made to look disastrous by some amazing finishes and some horrendous individual mistakes.
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    I reckon it's a great time to bring this thread back to life. Surely even the bitterest of the critics can now admit that this has worked out well already?... Just give the man a new contract
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