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    If you rob 2 trophies from us Mansour might buy Liverpool and turn Anfield in a Tesco's, you better let us have one
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    Results - Gameweek One Casualties (7) Yep, so looks like this is going to be a short competition as half of our 14 competitors have already been shown the door, or the French windows we'll have to call it. The carnage began on Friday night, with @Batard's Lyon suffering a 2-1 defeat to Nantes, eliminating him from his native Last Man Standing contest. Onto Saturday, and draws were the order of the day, @Eco and @Azeem sat on opposite sides of Monaco's clash with Reims, where a 0-0 draw sent both men to an early grave. Later, Strasbourg shafted @CaaC - John by conceding an 86th minute equaliser in their dramatic 3-3 draw with Guingamp. Sunday, and another 0-0 draw claims another man's life, @Rick unsuccessfully backing Rennes to defeat Nice. Finally, in unthinkable fashion, backing Paris Saint-Germain in the first week came back to bite @Rucksackfranzose and @Mel81x, the runaway league leaders had the opportunity to clinch another title at 2nd placed Lille, but the home side kept the title race alive in France, mathematically, by wiping the floor with their illustrious opponents and running out 5-1 winners. Bad luck guys, no points to add to your season's tally from this fifth and final round. Survivors (7) Most of our seven survivors have Olympique Marseille to thank for their progress to Gameweek Two. OM survived a late scare in their 2-1 win over Nimes to carry @RandoEFC, @Bluewolf, @...Dan, @Viva la FCB and @Lucas forwards. Also victorious on Saturday were @StefBWFC's comedy pick Angers, who beat Caen 1-0 in their own back yard. @Stan had to wait until Sunday to confirm his progress to the next gameweek, and enjoyed the most comfortable passage of all as Saint-Etienne thumped Bordeaux 3-0. Congratulations on surviving a week, that's one point on the board for our seven survivors. Please read on and make your picks for Gameweek Two. Preview - Gameweek Two Don't pick the same team twice blah blah blah, fixtures and odds below. Wednesday's game between Nantes and PSG is being ignored for the purposes of the competition, so this week's fixtures start on Friday evening. Dijon (2.62) vs Rennes (2.70) Lyon (1.25) vs Angers (12.00) Guingamp (4.33) vs Marseille (1.83) Nice (1.75) vs Caen (5.00) Nimes (2.50) vs Bordeaux (3.00) Strasbourg (2.40) vs Montpellier (3.20) Nantes (1.90) vs Amiens (4.33) Toulouse (3.10) vs Lille (2.37) Reims (2.45) vs Saint-Etienne (3.10) PSG (1.45) vs Monaco (6.50) Shouldn't be too tricky a week here, with five different odds-on winners to choose from. My pick for Gameweek Two is Lyon. Good luck!
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    I can't imagine how raging 80% of this forum is watching that Salah goal go in.
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    You say this as if the UK hasn't always been multicultural. Welsh, Scottish, Irish, English, there was cultural issues for time immemoriam... Normans, Anglo-Saxons, Pictish, Caledonian, Cornish, Bretons, Celts, Romans, and so forth. Cultural clashes have existed long before different colours made it easy to identify. I garuantee you that if all the people non-indigenous to the Isles vanished one day, it wouldn't be long before all the nasty hatred reserved for 'Pakis' was redirected at something else, Catholics, Protestants, northerners, Irish, Scots, etc. Racism is just a funnel that people use to funnel the blame, hatred, and evil into; it's very easily redirected into something else. People like to believe that time and progress is linear, you say 'this day and age' as if we are meant to be more enlightened as a species than 500 years ago. Well we aren't, we just manifest our evil differently.
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    Not a problem, its not much and im happy to help a little
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    Absolute wankers. Like the arseholes who starting taking momentos and leaving their names etched on ruins when Derwent Water dried up last summer revealing the submerged village. Why can't people leave things alone?
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    There is one problem you seem to have missed in all this 'banter'. I fly from Leeds to Dusseldorf - Stay with friends in Essen or Herne and go to watch 04 in a comfortable (sort of) seat with a great view and a cool glass of Veltins - and then fly home and all in all I have enough left for a night out - that same cost would get me a cheap view in Old Trafford or Anfield with no transport and not enough for a coke! The ordinary guy just can't afford to be at every game whereas for locals in Germany it is very affordable - and the ticket for the game normally includes free transport to the ground and home. That may not be evident to you guys far away, but my young 12 year old friend who watched the City/Spurs game with his dad on my TV (BT subs which they don't have ) is a Cityzen and plays every Sunday but seen his idols maybe once a season - just can't afford it! A similar young guy in Herne goes for 17euros to every 04 game and young Logan here finds it unbelieveable! They will be back next Wednesday for the return game after I return home from a weekend with my Nephew in Nurnberg which will be cheaper than watching Championship Leeds take on Sheffield about 7 miles away! Sooner or later the UK will learn that they are charging fans out of the game whilst getting into a BL match is sometimes impossible - and that at most grounds every week. I may be old, but travelling to games and the time with like-minde4d idiots keeps me going. Only being able to afford to watch your club on TV is the saddest thing for any real footy fan!
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    @Bluewolf, @Viva la FCB, @nudge, @6666, @RandoEFC, @SchalkeUK, @Eco
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    What a classic. They played that in the stadium yesterday
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    It's almost creepy how you seem to lurk until HSV are mentioned, and then BOOM, there you are.
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    There's hardly anything to spoil.
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    Matchday 29 1) 6666 14 points 2) nudge 12 points 3) Rucksackfranzose 11 points 4) Viva la FCB 10 points 5) Schalke UK 8 points 6) Bluewolf 7 points 6) RandoEFC 7 points 6) Stan 7 points 6) Tommy 7 points 10) Eco 5 points @nudge and @6666, who levelled season's high score of 14 points, both predicted two perfect scores. Augsburg winning at Frankfurt was a result nobody of us had foreseen. @Bluewolf still 12 points ahead of second place, which is shared by three players. Table after 29 matchdays 1) Bluewolf 214 points 2) nudge 202 points 2) Stan 202 points 2) Viva la FCB 202 points 5) 6666 199 points 6) Rucksackfranzose 184 points 7) Tommy 175 points 8) SchalkeUK 170 points 9) RandoEFC 169 points 10) Eco 165 points 11) binder 154 points 11) Faithcore 154 points 11) tzeentch 154 points
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    Ouch. Well, I had to witness a bad injury as well. Lars Stindl injured himself in a challenge against Hannover, and my immediate thought was that he fractured his shin. Let's see if I'm right. Oh by the way, with Leverkusen beating Stuttgart, Fortuna Düsseldorf officially can't get relegated anymore. What an amazing second half of the season. I was prepared for being dead last around this time.
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    What happened to Pavlenka? Bremen vs. Freiburg ist just a weird fixture. The two most likable team from a neutral perspective.
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    Seeing some of the people that have come out of Eton I think that's one of the last places on the planet I'd send my children to school even if I won the lottery 37 times in a row. Hard work in a normal school will get you a good education, academically and vitally, socially as well. Learning about the world and the people around you is more important for a child's education than GCSE results or whatever pompous and elitist alternative they may or may not provide at Eton, and that's coming from a secondary school teacher. I'd much rather have a dumb kid with values than a snob for a child with all of the pathways open to them to become the fattest cat in all the land. The thought of having offspring turn out like Rees-Mogg actually makes me sick, as I'm sure everyone can see by me making the same point four times in different ways about not wanting to send my kids to Eton.
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    The Europa League is actually better than the Champions League from this stage onwards. You might not get Messi and Ronaldo on show but at least you don't have to get let down by the same borefests between the same risk averse 'giants' every season. Just good matches between evenly matched sides who don't play each other every other season.
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    Or company get togethers and corporate events. Get fucked with your group activities, "team building" games, pointless unfunny speeches from the management and other similar nonsense. If you want your employees to bond for one evening then free food and drinks is more than enough. And even then, honestly, nobody wants to spend (or rather waste) their free time with people they spend at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week in the office.
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    Yeah I’d say you’re lucky that you won’t experience the frustration of a title race, let alone one with this excruciatingly irritating City side, but it’s not that lucky because you’ve got to watch Everton week in week out.
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    I'd argue that it's Frankfurt. They have the best home atmosphere by far, and their supporters showed a strong showing in the Europe League this season too.
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    Jacob Rees-Mogg is everything I dislike about society rolled up into one scrawny little shit of a human
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    Practice begins tonight on ESPN here, starting at 9:55PM. Practice 2 and 3 are on Friday (1:55AM and 10:55 PM) Qualifying is Saturday (1:55AM) Sunday is Race day. (Coverage starts at 12:30AM, race begins at 2:05AM) This will be my first race, and I hope to watch it live, but those times are going to be tough
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    I don't know why it's so difficult to separate views on Jews from views on the Israeli government... the subject of Israel existing as a country is also a separate discussion from how the Israeli government act. Not separating these things leads to what we have now which is people using claims of anti-semitism to silence criticism of the Israeli government.