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    There was a time in the middle of high school where for a couple of years I had basically no real friends, I was obese, and had close to no social life. Looking back it's quite scary to think how isolated I was. My interests like reading and playing video games were naturally quite solitary anyway. On top of that I didn't enjoy being around people much, and new social experiences made me that nervous that I didn't start to realise the problem until it was almost too late. Thankfully I came out my shell and made a good group of friends, with puberty I got tall and thinned-out, and had a great social life for the rest of high school. I also had a tough time when I broke up with my first long-term gf about 7 months ago, and then had two relatives diagnosed as terminally ill in the weeks after. I'm still kinda dealing with it, but it has gotten better.
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    Whichever way you look at it, it's beyond stupid to call yourself an environmentalist/climate activist and target public transportation which is a part of the solution to the problem you're allegedly trying to solve. Not to mention that it alienates working class and lower middle class people and turns them against you instead of raising awareness. All that aside, I'd love to hear the group's ideas of how their goal of net zero emission by 2025 should be reached. Because to be honest it sounds very unreasonable. I tried looking on their website but can't find anything specific there either. In fact it seems they even admit that they don't have a clue about any potential solutions as they say that "XR does not take a position on solutions to the ecological crisis - our third demand is for a Citizens Assembly to come up with a way to deal with the crisis focussing on climate and ecological justice based on being presented with facts from a variety of experts" and "We do not put forwards specific solutions – it is down to the Citizens Assembly to come up with solutions, having first heard from various experts." Also this is hilarious: https://metro.co.uk/2019/10/08/mchypocrites-order-mcdonalds-mission-save-planet-10881519/ Nothing like a McDonald's after a hard day of protesting climate change eh...
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    Cannabis requested his account be deleted for reasons I won't be making public.
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    As promised that's a £10 ner whacked in for whatever (running costs/prizes etc)
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    I find the irrational fear and scaremongering has been a very very sad trend in the last decade or two. Shit happens but the World is not such a dangerous place as people make it out to be.
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    February this year. My 3 year old son had a flu bug and got really sick and ended up in intensive care with encephalitis which is a brain related condition. He was terribly sick and couldn't walk, talk or swallow. Machines were doing everything. In the first few days in hospital it was unclear what level of recovery he'd make and it was my fault it had taken so long for us to bring him into the hospital in the first place... If I hadn't had such a "he'll be fine" attitude we could have got there two days earlier and they may have been able to lessen the swelling in the brain earlier and reduce the damage.... At that point, the thought that my most perfect little guy, the centre of my universe, might never walk or talk again and it was all my fault... By far my lowest moment. It put many previous low moments of my life of totally different nature's in complete perspective. Thankfully he's made a complete and full recovery and you'd never know, but it took 3 weeks in hospital and 3 months of outpatient physiotherapy to rebuild his coordination and strength....
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    Shame, but its his decisión and we should respect it really.
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    Weekly Reminder! @Bluewolf @Mel81x @6666 @Viva la FCB @binder @Spike @Eco @nudge @Harry @SirBalon @Rucksackfranzose @Raja1991 @Tommy @Batard @Michael
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    Thought we were poor overall today despite how much ball we had. Toothless in attack and I think ultimately Origi isn't good enough to be first reserve for the whole front 3, but it's not all on him. Can't figure out why we were crossing from deep so much with Firmino and Mane, who (I'm not looking it up) can't average more than 6ft between them against essentially 3 CBs. Mane's good in the air for his height, but he has to get free to win a header, and that wasn't happening at all today. On the VAR stuff: I don't think it's a foul on Orig - he's felt the contact and gone down, which will never be a foul for me. That said, it is a foul Manchester United were getting every time. Atkinson should've given it, but I can definitely see why VAR didn't. Then, I suspect Mane's hand (although accidental) did help him control the ball, so again I'm honestly fine with it. Atkinson was an absolute disgrace today, but I'm not sure what you want VAR to do. I'm still yet to witness a goal not being celebrated, by the way. Really feels like the anti-VAR lot have decided on this criticism in advance and are now just refusing to let it go
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    Comparatively low scores of 8 points sufficed Eco and RandoEFC to win a matchday, in which both of them and two other players predicted one perfect score each. Like last matchday it was Bayern dropping points, that was the only unpredicted result. Matchday 8 1) Eco 8 points 1) RandoEFC 8 points 3) nudge 7 points 3) SchalkeUK 7 points 5) Michael 6 points 6) 6666 5 points 6) Stan 5 points 8) Bluewolf 4 points 8) Tommy 4 points 8) Viva la FCB 4 points 11) Rucksackfranzose 3 points Two participants took advantage of cb_96's prediction absence this week and overtook him/her. Thus we have a new table leader. Table after 8 matchdays 1) @nudge 63 points 2) @Stan 62 points 3) @cb_96 61 points 4) @Michael 58 points 5) @Viva la FCB 57 points 6) @RandoEFC 55 points 7) Rucksackfranzose 51 points 8) @Tzeentch 49 points 9) @Eco 48 points 10) @Tommy 47 points 11) @Bluewolf 45 points 12) @6666 44 points 13) @londonerlilie 41 points 14) @SchalkeUK 36 points 15) @binder 8 points
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    Couldn't care less about the players, all this moaning about kicking off twice in 2 days, fuck off Christmas has always been like that. Only disgraceful thing is the way they treat the fans, all games should be 3pm boxing day.
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    Good documentary, shame it states incorrectly this would be the first Berlin derby since Tennis Borussia and Hertha BSC both played in the Buli in 74/75 and 76/77, also there were the Buli matches between Hertha BSC and BW at the end of the 80's. Saying these weren't Berlin derbies because the East wasn't represented is like saying Tottenham versus Arsenal wasn't a London derby because both teams come from the north of this city.
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    This is a very true and valid point. You guys should stick with Ole for 4 years too, if not longer!
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    I love many, draughts, monopoly, risk, battleships, etc, but outside of draughts, and risk which i play online never had much chance to play others as none of my friends thorough the years had an interest in them and i'm an only child whose cousins did not favour them neither, so no luck. It's sad, really.
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    I love board games, card games, deck building games etc etc. There is too many to mention!
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    Probably my grandparents dying. One has died in 2005, 2010 and 2015. Internally, I dread next year... Was quite close to all of them as well for different reasons. Still close to the one that remains alive but in past couple of years she's become even more frail at 92, as expected mind. Mentally she's still sound but obviously physically it eventually takes its toll. This is one of my biggest fears for my parents and probably the same for anyone my age (or similar, late 20s/early 30s). It scares me that they may get a disease or illness that debilitates them. Especially my dad, I think. Going to the football is one of the best things we do together. Hate to talk about what it may be like in future not making that trip up to Leicester and watching the game with him.
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    Finding out my mother had cancer. The myriads of questions that start popping up in your head about managing finances, making sure you're around because she won't be able to get housework done (i live in a different state) and then the biggest one of them all which is wondering with every scan whether its getting worse or better. Thankfully its gotten a lot better but the news was hard to take when I found out. I think it was especially harder since they're retired and none of us live at home so its a bigger worry not having someone around that you know can take care of them.
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    Its particularly amusing hearing Johnson go on about getting Brexit out of the way so that they can focus on schools and police and health as if the Conservative party aren't the reason these sectors need sorting out and as if they haven't been in power for the last ten years to do so, and as if he himself isn't one of the primary reasons for selling a fake Brexit in the referendum that has led to three years of absolute chaos in parliament.
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    Before the referendum nobody cared about the EU besides a small cabal of Tory MPs, financiers and major media-owners. The referendum artificially inflated it into an issue, and so the fault lies with Cameron and the Tory party. And it has worked perfectly to their advantage because we have spent 3 years arguing about Brexit and not about anything of any substance about fixing the country.
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    Just hand-grenade @Grizzly21. Lose all his points. It's the only way.
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    Well, I taught our son & daughter how to play chess when they were young so I thought I would try and teach wee Kaiden, not bad so far but I had to explain to him its not a battle game with all the chess pieces fighting each other...he is slowly learning after I told him his Knight does not have to hit the Bishop and send him flying off the board.
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    This was an interesting read.... didn't realize that Pizzaro was 41.. god that makes me feel old.. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7568377/Still-going-41-Werder-Bremens-Claudio-Pizarro-records-sight-retirement.html Second most goals scored by a foreign scorer in German football history Sixth all-time top scorer in Bundesliga (197 goals) Oldest player to score in Bundesliga history Oldest player to score a hat-trick in Bundesliga history Top scorer in Werder Bremen history (152 goals) More than 200 goals and 18 trophies... not a bad haul for an old boy..