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    Clearing this up so that everyone can understand what happened. Brian isn't ban evading because Brian was never banned. Brian messaged me regarding deleting his account because he needed some time away from the forum. I asked Brian if he was ready for his account to be deleted and he said yes, so I deleted it. Brian came back a few hours later with another account saying he wasn't ready for this account to be banned because he hadn't messaged everyone he had wanted to message yet. Given the fact that Brian was always going to come back to the forum once he had sorted whatever it is he was wanting to sort out, we placed a suspension on the new account so it would be ready for Brian whenever he decided to come back. Brian signed up to the forum again now he's ready to return and the account with the suspension on it got deleted and Brian will continue on this new account.
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    I dream of not having to work.
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    Hello fellow members of TF365. Welcome to Film Club. There are only two rules... 1. You do not talk about Film Club 2. You DO NOT talk about Film Club. In all seriousness, we will pick a film and discuss it as a group. It doesn't matter if you've seen it before or never seen it. It's a chance to watch a film and chat about it in detail. @Harry suggested we could watch the films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe which I like the idea of (especially in chronological order) but we can spread those out and have some other films in between to suit everyone's tastes. I like the idea of watching films I'd not usually watch too. Suggest some films and we can go from there and decide what we are going to watch. Not sure if it would work out best as one thread for all of the films or a separate section within Film/TV with a thread for each film - it's all open to discussion!
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    Let's tag some people then... @Tommy @DeadLinesman @IgnisExcubitor @Mel81x @Rick @Dr. Gonzo @Stan @Faithcore @Devil-Dick Willie @Bluewolf @Viva la FCB
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    I currently work on a building site which must have around 120 people working on there, and others who have come and gone. I started on there last Feb, worked on there until August, left, then went back with a different company on the same building site in October and I've been there since. I now know loads of people on there and already knew a good 25 atleast due to them being local. Due to this there is a lot of social interaction and a great laugh on a daily basis. I've also made some good friends over the years through work from different cities and parts of the country and this wouldn't have been possible had I worked from home, so I wouldn't find this as being a "dream", but more a nightmare personally. In fact, I could see me developing mental health problems if I was to work from home. It would make me seriously depressed I believe. Saying that, it does all depend on the type of job you're doing from home also. Coming home from work is where you truly appreciate home for what it is I believe. You can come home, kick back, relax and chill out and enjoy it.
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    Teso dos Bichos indefinitely banned for threatening to kill another member.
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    Results A good weekend for most of us. There were only 2 losses with 3 players not in action too. @Smiley Culture makes a return to Sheffield United along with @Dan and @Tommy - could this be the start of Smiley's climb up the table? @Rucksackfranzose leaves Germany as fast as he arrived as he is now with Utrecht in the Eredivisie after losing his friendly. Liverpool continue to win which is good news for those who are currently with them! @Stan continues to lead at the top as Southampton beat his beloved Leicester. Meanwhile over in France, @nudge drew 3-3 with PSG so stays with Monaco but gets another stab at PSG on Wednesday as they play each other again?! Smiley Culture, Dan & Tommy 10/01 Sheffield United 1 - 0 West Ham Loss Rucksackfranzose 10/01 Utrecht 4 - 3 Bayer Leverkusen Loss Storts 11/01 Barnsley 2 - 1 Huddersfield Win Toinho 11/01 Carlisle 0 - 3 Plymouth Win Stan 11/01 Leicester 1 - 2 Southampton Win Pyfish & LFCMadLad 11/01 Middlesbrough 2 - 2 Derby Draw Mel81x 11/01 Murcia 2 - 3 Mirandes Win Azeem 11/01 Reading 1 - 1 Nottingham Forest Draw Batard 11/01 Rochdale 2 - 0 Bolton Win Cicero, Bluewolf, Teso dos Bichos, Fairy in Boots, Caac (John) & Deadlinesman 11/01 Tottenham 0 - 1 Liverpool Win RandoEFC & Dr. Gonzo 12/01 Aston Villa 1 - 6 Manchester City Win nudge 12/01 PSG 3 - 3 Monaco Draw Stick @Storts stays with Barnsley @Toinho stays with Plymouth @Stan stays with Southampton @Pyfish and @LFCMadLad stay with Derby @Mel81x stays with Mirandes @Azeem stays with Reading @Batard stays with Rochdale @Cicero, @Bluewolf, @Teso dos Bichos, @Fairy In Boots, @CaaC (John) and @DeadLinesman stay with Liverpool @RandoEFC and @Dr. Gonzo stay with Manchester City @nudge stays with Monaco Moving @Smiley Culture, @Dan and @Tommy move from West Ham to Sheffield United @Rucksackfranzose moves from Bayer Leverkusen to Utrecht * @HawayTheLads, @londonerlilie and @Eco were not in action this weekend so stay with their current club* Table And this is how the table looks now... Teams P W D L GF GA GD Pts Win Ratio 1 Stan 5 28 19 5 4 65 34 31 62 67.86% 2 Cicero 9 27 15 4 8 39 27 12 49 55.56% 3 Toinho 10 28 15 4 9 44 34 10 49 53.57% 4 Deadlinesman 7 27 14 7 6 41 26 15 47 51.85% 5 Teso dos Bichos 10 28 14 5 9 44 30 14 47 50.00% 6 nudge 9 27 13 7 7 47 42 5 46 48.15% 7 CaaC (John) 6 22 14 2 6 47 22 25 44 63.64% 8 Fairy in Boots 10 27 13 5 9 42 29 13 44 48.15% 9 Batard 10 27 12 6 9 44 35 9 42 44.44% 10 Bluewolf 13 28 12 4 12 35 32 3 40 42.86% 11 RandoEFC 7 23 11 6 6 37 24 13 39 47.83% 12 Storts 9 23 11 4 8 38 33 5 37 47.83% 13 Eco 10 25 10 6 9 36 28 8 36 40.00% 14 Dr. Gonzo 9 23 10 5 8 35 25 10 35 43.48% 15 Londonerlilie 9 24 9 7 8 34 32 2 34 37.50% 16 Azeem 6 23 8 9 6 36 27 9 33 34.78% 17 Mel81x 9 23 8 8 7 30 32 -2 32 34.78% 18 LFCMadLad 8 23 7 8 8 26 30 -4 29 30.43% 19 Rucksackfranzose 10 22 8 4 10 30 29 1 28 36.36% 20 Tommy 10 23 7 7 9 26 31 -5 28 30.43% 21 Pyfish 12 24 8 3 13 28 34 -6 27 33.33% 22 Dan 9 22 6 8 8 21 27 -6 26 27.27% 23 HawayTheLads 7 16 7 3 6 22 21 1 24 43.75% 24 Smiley Culture 10 21 5 7 9 19 27 -8 22 23.81% Next Fixtures Here is who everyone is playing next: Azeem 14/01 Blackpool v Reading FA Cup Batard 14/01 Newcastle v Rochdale FA Cup Mel81x 15/01 Cadiz v Mirandes La Liga 2 nudge 15/01 Monaco v PSG Ligue 1 Rucksackfranzose 17/01 Zwolle v Utrecht Eredivisie Smiley Culture, Dan & Tommy 18/01 Arsenal v Sheffield United Premier League Storts 18/01 Bristol City v Barnsley Championship Pyfish & LFCMadLad 18/01 Derby v Hull City Championship RandoEFC & Dr. Gonzo 18/01 Manchester City v Crystal Palace Premier League Toinho 18/01 Plymouth v Mansfield League Two Eco, HawayTheLads & londonerlilie 18/01 Solihull Moors v Boreham Wood National League Stan 18/01 Southampton v Wolves Premier League Cicero, Bluewolf, Teso dos Bichos, Fairy in Boots, Caac (John) & Deadlinesman 19/01 Liverpool v Manchester United Premier League Transfer window is still open if you don't fancy your next game haha!
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    If you like Star Wars you'll get the reference. It's the fact that Storm Troopers can never hit anything and are always missing.
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    I'm doing mine right now. Since I was a kid I wanted to become an admin on a football forum. The pay is great too for doing what you love.
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    They have inherited this way back from the early Islamic history. Oman is home to Ibadi school of thought of Islam. They emerged from the days of the Muslim civil war which ultimately led to the Sunni-Shia split. This group believed that both of them have failed in diffusing this conflict peacefully and their politically weak decisions led to all this bloodshed. They didn't take part in any dispute and to this day Oman has never been part of any conflict in the region.
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    I think we include anything and everything. Marvel just happens to be another part of cinema now. I love the horror genre, others hate it. No shite like Human Centipede though.
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    QPR aren’t about so you can’t buy them off.
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    We usually order Pizza Hut, because it's not the worst, and it's close and easy. Well, their crust has flavorings on them, and while my kid loves pizza, she has been recently coming up to me saying, "Daddy, all done. Another piece please', and she'd be standing there with a whole pizza of pizza in her hand. Lo and behold, the little lady was just licking the flavorings off of the crust and putting the pizza back. She's a monster.
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    I've explored the Kinks quite a bit and I'll give you one thing - they never seemed to revert to nonsense lyrics. Ray Davies is as good of a songwriter as any. At the onset The Beatles were highly motivated to be commercial and to make as much money as possible. Songs about girls in love were plentiful as they knew the young teen girls loved them. Once they got over that phase they had much better lyrics, diversity and they left bands like The Kinks and The Beach Boys behind. When it comes to versatility it's hard to argue against the Beatles. Also, The Kinks had no good singers (might be unpopular).
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    Today I learned that cheetahs are apparently so shy (to such a degree that they get too anxious to procreate and are becoming extinct as a result) that zoos give them emotional support dogs to help them learn to socialise and relax... And then I saw these pics: Now I need a dog AND a cheetah.
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    Real cinema please. That excludes anything Marvel
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    SNES. A lot of technological innovations at the time + a huge library of amazing games that survived the test of time and are mostly still very enjoyable today.
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    I agree with this. The Force Awakens was just a remake. No original storylines. They were all ripped straight from the original trilogy. The Last Jedi ruined Luke Skywalkers character I haven't seen the last one, but reading the plotlines, I don't think I'll like it. Just seems to me like they will recycle more things from the original trilogy. Say what you want about the prequels, sure the dialogue was bad and the romantic stuff was god awful but at least it had a direction. It was original and everything made sense. It linked to the original trilogy extremely well. These new movies just feel like fan service and they couldn't be more obvious with it. The whole thing was just to try and appease fans. They tried a little bit too hard. I hope these movies are removed from canon because I certainly won't count them.
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    Oasis’s popularity makes sense only when put in the background of the mediocrity that was mid 90's British music. Britpop as a cultural movement sucked for various reasons but mostly because the music was bad.
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    Yeah the oil is faster acting and more potent in general. My mum uses it (a sort of a tincture) and for her it works well; mainly in terms of managing chronic pain and muscle spasms as well as some neurological symptoms and anxiety.
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    If they played for another club, they quite simply aren't a one-club player. Haha, the mental gymnastics in this thread are ridiculous.
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    Honestly can't make out if he talks so camp because he's gay or just because he's German.
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    This is a small project I've been working on where I go through a band's discography and review every album with a short blurb. It's mainly for myself, but those who are interested can see what a big Megadeth fanboy I've become. Iron Maiden is next on the list. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uIE0x1SQYvPPoKyjZQsy19yBn39Fe3Ej8lbgBfUFsZI/edit?usp=sharing