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    I am so incredibly jealous right now. I just can’t imagine what a feeling this must be. The meteoric rise under Klopp. The football you play. The achievements of the last year. Obviously you’re a massive football club and this should be expected of you. But to go 30 years without a league title. To win a CL and then the league back to back. To absolute tear apart the competition and win it so convincingly. What an incredible feeling this must be. The sort of moments and the shared unity you have across the city, across the fanbase - those euphoric feelings and occasions that really emphasise to yourself why you love football and why you love your club. Just enjoy it lads. It was heartbreaking to see you lift the CL last year. In some ways it’s heartbreaking to see what Klopp has done to your side considering where we both were a few years ago and what could have been for us. But this is fully deserved. One of the best PL teams of all time. The only one that is really doing the league justice right now. Even if this isn’t the way anybody wants to win it - that feeling I’ve seen all over her, social media and the tv shows that it doesn’t matter how you win it, it’s just so important that you have. Well done to you all on here. We may disagree at times but you’re all top lads and deserve the success.
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    Really got around last night
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    Done. @DeadLinesman says congrats
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    Took Dortmund from upper mid-table to consecutive titles including a double, then a CL final. Took Liverpool from upper mid-table to European and English champions. If you ask me Klopp is comfortably the best manager of the last decade.
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    Totally.... Here is a photo of last nights Liverpool celebrations outside Anfield.. Only about 100 people turned up apparently and were well spaced out abiding by the 2 metre rule but from the angle they have taken the photo makes it seem like there are a lot more...
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    A couple from yesterday's walk
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    Liverpool join the elite, well done ...winning it 3 years running was a bit of a stretch tbf ..congrats to all the Liverpool fans on here, the 1st one is the best so enjoy it!
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    Seeing as there has been no congratulations yet from anyone connected with Manchester clubs, I'd just like to say a big congratulations on behalf of them because I know they'll be absolutely buzzing for you.
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    Love Klopp, Love the place where I come from, ignore everything I said previously
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    I am sure Liverpool fans might have preferred to have won it under different circumstances but thoroughly deserved, head and shoulders above any one else this season... Congratulations... @Dr. Gonzo @Mel81x @Rick @LFCMadLad @LFCMike enjoy!!!
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    For those of us not involved in Mafia
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    Personally, none directly recently. I'd say it was more prevalent around university and the years leading up to it. A lot of it on a football pitch (Sunday League) and in school matches or nights out. Usual taunts of 'you're a paki', 'go back to where you came from', 'go back to your own country' etc, presumption of being Muslim (which is wrong in itself) and racial comments about them, or curry-related jibes - all of which I'm sure if you questioned the person saying it, they'd say it was only 'banter' or 'I was only joking, he can take it'. The biggest yet worst cop-out there is, when they say that. They mean it unless they get caught up on it. Much like those celebs who are only sorry they get caught... The worrying thing was that if you complained to the ref they'd straight away say they didn't hear it or just ignore you. My parents suffered more before I was born (racism was so much more prevalent and in your face then by their account, especially in school; nowadays social media gives rise to keyboard warriors and a voice to those who would say fuck all in person). As for people my age being less racist. It's hard to tell. On social media I see so many people (usually those accompanied by Union Jack/England flags in their usernames) or severely bad spelling, and you look in to their profiles a bit and they're parents or family people, much older or much younger (I'm 29). The current climate since referendum has brought a lot of scum out of the woodwork though when you see their rants or statuses on Facebook or comments on Twitter. They're hastily de-friended/unfollowed - even if you do try to reason with them. Thankfully they are in the minority.
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    This time @Lucas's is cut down slightly by @LFCMike by 3 points. @Bluewolf progressed up the table with a high-score of 18 points. Myself and @RandoEFC also move up 3 spots with scores of 16. Only 14 points separating 3rd til 10th. The less said about @IgnisExcubitor score the better
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    You still must be pissed, you posted that twice
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    I'm genuinely gutted for you all that you can't have it the normal way. In front of the fans, at Anfield, full to the brim, all the tributes going on etc. Trophy parade through the streets with everyone going berserk. Its all part and parcel of winning it. Feels proper savage to have been robbed of those moments.
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    I don't think it's quite sunk in yet. I am lucky enough to have seen us win the league in 1990 and the 80's, but I know many haven't. I love this fucking club. YNWA
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    Klopp reacts to Liverpool being crowned Premier League champions. It's clearly an emotional time for the great manager.
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    As a lifelong long Liverpool supporter, I have to thank Super Frankie Lampard for solving football and finally winning us a title. YWNA scouse at heart, london bred, english lion
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