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    I think it's safe to say this member is becoming more accomplished as the days and months pass. An established asset to the place and good all-round contribution to the forum - football posts & involvement in off-topic discussions whether in the Pub section or News & Politics alike. This is emphasised by the fact that not only is this his first time winning the award, but also the first time he's even been in the top 3, which just goes to show how much of an impression he's made recently. Perhaps before now he has been criminally under-rated! Anyway, here's the moment we managed to capture his reaction when we broke the news to him... Congratulations to you @Harry! A superb month. Keep it up 2nd and 3rd place went to @Dr. Gonzo and @Devil-Dick Willie Well done, all! Keep it up!
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    https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/government-economy/lithuanian-in-talks-to-plead-guilty-in-us10m-cybertheft-of-google-and-facebook Sorry dear, you're busted. @nudge
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    The Tories have already took away the carrot for 90% of the population. There's only the stick - as shown by the increasing numbers of homeless. The rich are left overincentivised because they're under no pressure to innovate and reinvest, because they're free to hoard their wealth and circumvent tax. Because the job market is so saturated with job seekers that you can offer any wage you like under any conditions. And it's so easy to get returns by investing in London that the idea of getting involved in enterprise in the regions is comparatively pointless. The free market only works when both sides have choice and information. When one side is completely unskilled, and has been told that they need to accept the first job offered to them or be completely cut-off from any income, and they're already short on 3 months' rent, that's not a free market. That's called monopsony - a buyer's market, and the unemployed are left selling themselves not because theres any carrot on offer, but because the stick is right behind them ready to make them homeless in a moment. Please just say you're comfortable and don't give a shit about the rest. I can respect that. It just comes off as disingenuous when you try and talk about this stuff like you've got a wider reason for your beliefs.
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    Some of you may remember I went to Bristol the other week. The reason being I've met a girl (through a dating app!) and it's going fucking amazingly
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    So you know him, I take it?... Nah don't think so. Really can't be arsed to have this "discussion" again, it's been going for years now. It's no secret Schumi was ruthless and always pushing the limits on track and was capable of dirty tricks in order to win at any price necessary; I don't think even his biggest fans ever denied that. 94 in Adelaide with Damon Hill and 97 in Jerez with Villeneuve as well as the qualifying incident in Monaco 06 are good examples of that. I won't dispute the 97 and 06 ones at all because they were indeed very blatant attempts to gain advantage unfairly, but both backfired completely and he didn't benefit from them one bit. Now let's take a look at the 1994 season. I love it how that video MUFC posted uses some certain facts to nicely confirm its claims yet conveniently leaves some other ones that do not fit into the narrative out. First of all, everyone who follows the sport for that long knows that all teams have always done their best to find a way around regulations and get an advantage, whether fairly or not; the general attitude was always along the lines of "it's not cheating if you don't get caught" and that's why we always had so many parts and systems deemed illegal and banned at some point. Now in that particular season such cheating was extremely rampant, and I don't doubt for one second that Benetton was one of the teams who did it but it's a bit weird that only they are being brought into the center of these allegations despite the fact that they were the only ones who actually got shafted with penalties and fines throughout the season while the others were not. What's even weirder is the fact that it's Schumacher who's being blamed for his team running allegedly illegal cars as if he was some sort of a mastermind behind that. Anyway, let's take a more detailed look at the specifics of these claims. Those fuel valves allegations - as it was found out later in that season, fuel filter tampering was done by all but 4 of the teams on the grid that year and Benetton's was only investigated because of Verstappen's car going into flames in the garage. Benetton was cleared off any cheating here. Launch/traction control - apparently was hidden somewhere in the software of the car but has never been proved to have actually been used (doesn't mean they didn't either). Meanwhile, Ferrari were caught running traction control at the Pacific GP and one of their drivers openly admitted it but they were let off the hook completely. McLaren were caught using an illegal fully automated gear shifting in Häkkinen's car but escaped without any punishment as well. Schumacher crashing into Hill in Adelaide was borderline for me but in fact Hill benefited heavily from Schumacher race bans earlier in the season - 3 of which were later deemed invalid as per the FIA's own rules - and that's the only reason he was anywhere near Schumi in Championship points in the first place. But nevermind, even if you take that one WDC from him because of the Hill incident and the allegations that Benetton had an illegal car, it's still 6 on his account that he won fair and square as the best driver all while helping build a proper team from a mess that was Ferrari and which then went on to dominate for almost a decade despite not winning a single one since the 70s. No controversies or British media narratives who always painted him as a ruthless German villain can take it away from him.
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    What's so bad about... Taxicab Drivers Sports & Social Club?
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    Literally every striker does something like that every single game across the country This made me laugh:
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    Thinking that Nudge was a bloke does make this a tad odd now.... Anything you want to tell... any closets for sale??
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    They're both in Africa, like Egypt
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    Thanks to all for the nomination and the feedback. Its an honour to be recognised. TBH I thought I may have been in with a shout of winning this in Feb when I was off work for 3 weeks staying in the children’s hospital with my sick son, and posting a disproportionate amount in just about every thread. Anyways... thankfully we’re through all that now, he’s 100% healthy again and we’re all back into the swing of normal life. TF365 is great at all times, but through that period in particular, sitting, and sleeping beside a hospital bed for days on end, it was great to have the TF365 network there to chat, talk football, politics, and general shite. Its a fucking great site! Well done to all who are involved with it!
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    Two moon shots I took yesterday...
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    Beauty is in the eyes of the beer holder mate...
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    For any A league fans @Blue @Stan Corey Gameiro was my science partner in highschool and his brother and I worked at McDonalds together. Decent lad, had charisma and unlike every other nomark cunt that thought they were the bollocks I never did him dirty in PE. I would slide tackle the shit out of everyone else though Any NRL fans @DeadLinesman@Spike@Smiley Culture@Danny Jack Bird was a year below me in School and I punched him up one time He basically king hit my mate so I jumped in and fed him. Got suspended and all.
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    Weird. I do that, and I look nothing like Brad Pitt
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    When I was 16 or 17 I had a nice side gig where I'd buy porn DVDs and other stuff in Germany cheap and sell it to the newly opened sex shops in Lithuania
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    That was a great race. This track has aged really well after years of being seen as one of the many dull "Tilkedromes". That section downhill from turn 4 makes for such great wheel-to-wheel action and they should look to be building similar sections into any future tracks. New year, same Ferrari. How they end up 3rd and 5th from that position is incredible, and they always manage to find a way to do it. Charles will win a race soon because that car is competitive, but at least he has his first podium. Vettel has had a poor start to the year and I can see him being the second Ferrari in the championship standings this year. If he manages to outscore his team-mate it'll be down to his superior experience and I'd expect 2020 to be a different story. Mercedes just being Mercedes and picking up the pieces. Disappointing pace from Bottas at a track that is usually strong for him but back-to-back 1-2s for the team. Some great racing from Hamilton, not least passing Vettel on the outside. Verstappen with a lonely race. Gasly has been really disappointing in these first two races. He gets a bit of benefit of the doubt because of car problems in qualifying but if Ricciardo was still in that car he'd have been scything through from midfield to finish in the top six so Gasly has to improve. Renault - just what the fuck? Terrible in qualifying, rubbish strategy with Ricciardo's car, but worth a try I suppose? Then a double breakdown like that for not even the same problem on both cars is a nightmare. Their race pace was strong, and Hulkenberg drove a really good race to be fair to him. McLaren - their pace at this track which is quite representative of the whole calendar is really encouraging. Norris with an impressive 6th place and Sainz would have been right there as well, I thought he was unlucky with that collision with Verstappen. Sauber look to have a decent car again this year. Kimi will probably score points consistently while Giovinazzi will probably be replaced at the end of the year because I don't see what he brings to the table. Haas just disappeared from this race. Grosjean was obviously involved in an incident but Magnussen's loss of pace was mystifying. Bad day for them. Racing Point are just a whole lot of who cares today. I think Perez got a point in the end. Hope to see an improvement from them. Albon scores some points, not bad from him. Kvyat got involved in a collision that may not have been his fault then got done for speeding in the pit-lane, an absolute schoolboy error and I'm yet to be convinced that his return to F1 is anything other than a waste of a seat which could be filled by Ocon or someone else who hasn't already had a fair crack of the whip. Williams appeared to be lapping a bit closer to the rest of the field than they were in Australia, then I stopped paying attention to their times after about 20 laps. Won't be able to watch the next race live but I'm looking forward to the next races. Interesting to see how the inter-team battles at Ferrari and Mercedes develop. It's probably inevitable that Hamilton outclasses Bottas over the course of the year but Vettel already has his hands full with Leclerc.
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    I don't think it's a good comparison considering that strip clubs are establishments for purely adult entertainment and even then, they'd just check your id at the door to make sure you're not underage instead of keeping a database with every client's personal data and passport copies where you need to opt in for access and have no idea how it might be misused. The idea of having to get access cards from a newsagent without it being linked to your personal data might work, but keeping a database of who is watching porn is a big no-no for me and a huge privacy infringement. As for the role of parents - I realise that it's not easy to keep the children away from it, but at least to a certain age it's definitely a parents' responsibility primarily, in my opinion. An 8 year old shouldn't have an unrestricted unsupervised access to internet anyway nor should they be glued to their screens for hours and hours every day (hell I don't think there's any reason for a kid of that age to have their own smartphone/tablet in the first place) and parental blocks and filters exist for a reason. In principle I don't see it much different from parents blocking certain cable or sat channels with a passcode in the past. Sure, the scale of it is much bigger with internet now than it used to be with just TV and it's harder to keep it all in check but for me the focus of responsibility definitely lies on parents at least when it comes to very young children. Teenagers is a different thing altogether and I agree that it's a bit problematic how accessible it is but this suggested block won't work either as horny teenagers will always find a way to see tits regardless of any censorship; even just a simple free VPN connection will circumvent the block easily.
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    Seems I'm old. Since I mentioned my date of birth in an online application, I deceive personalized commercials advertising hearing aids.
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    All of the people on this march and signing this petition that originally voted Leave I have no sympathy for. Can't be arsed with people cry arsing about how they didn't know all the facts and now they do they've changed their mind. Perhaps do your research next time you're going to vote on something as big as this? I maintain that the campaigners on both sides were completely irresponsible in allowing their point scoring crusades to get in the way of presenting actual facts in favour of their side of the referendum, but voting either way without reading the information (and the information was out there if you looked past the front pages and news channels on television who invariably have their own agenda regardless of what anyone says) is completely stupid and makes me despise our electorate even more. I'd love to think that people who now realise that they should have read up on stuff before deciding which way to vote will at least have learned a life lesson about their responsibilities as members of a democratic society but you know they'll do the same thing in the next election or important vote.
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    England: Peter Crouch Scotland: Where? Wales: Ramsay Republic of Ireland: Robbie Keane Northern Ireland: Where? France: Rabiot Italy: Balotelli Spain: Iniesta Germany: Klose Holland: Robben or Huntelaar Portugal: Ronaldo Belgium: Hazard Croatia: Srna Bosnia & Herzewhatever: Dzeko Austria: Junuzovic Poland: Klose again Czech Republic: Jan Koller Denmark: The lord st nick Sweden: Zlatan Norway: John Arne Riise Finland: Where? Iceland: Where? Slovakia: Hamsik Slovenia: Where? Hungary: Dzsudzsak Serbia: That dude who played left back for man city who kicked the ball hard Greece: Soratis Papastathopolous Bulgaria: Where Turkey: Ozil Russia: Arshavin Ukraine: Where Brazil: Where Argentina: Tevez Colombia: Shakira Chile: Delicious on my cheese fries Peru: Pizarro Uruguay: No you are Mexico: Hernandez USA: USA! USA! Australia: Schwarzer Japan: Nani the fuck? South Korea: Where China: I know where, but who the fuck knows a single chinese player? Algeria: Where Morocco: Where Tunisia: Who? Ivory Coast: Drogba Egypt: Some Giza Nigeria: Are you taking the piss? Senegal: Fuck off.
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    England: Alan Shearer(Absolute machine. Unstoppable.) Scotland: Colin Hendry(Massively underrated central defender who was solid as a rock and as humble as they come) Republic of Ireland: Damien Duff(Absolute joy to watch in his hayday) France: Thierry Henry(from his Arsenal days) Italy: Roberto Baggio(His greatness status isn't as high as it should be. An all-time great.) Spain: Carles Puyol(The game no longer has defenders like him. The last of his kind.) Germany: Oliver Kahn(The best keeper I've ever seen.) Holland: Johan Cruijff(don't give a fuck if he's from before my time, absolute legend of the sport in every sense.) Portugal: Deco(doesn't get enough credit, he was excellent and @ASF will agree with this. It's a shame he wasn't in his prime during Portugal's euro win.) Denmark: Michael Laudrup(he could have gone down as being much greater than he was if not for his inconsistencies, but incredibly talented either way.) Turkey: Tugay(how every big club in Europe weren't in for him is one of life's mysteries, but all the better as it was a pleasure to watch him at Rovers.) Brazil: Rivaldo(The most "explosive" player I've ever witnessed. A true Brazilian superstar who had a lengthy career) Argentina: Lionel Messi(The greatest to have played the game. A player who can't be described by words.) Colombia: Rene Higuita(No keeper has ever been as crazy and unpredictable as him.) USA: Brad Friedel(One of the most reliable keepers to have played in the Premier League.) I don't have favourite players from the rest. I rate plenty of course(some very highly), but don't necessarily see them as being "favourite" players.
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