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    If we're denied promotion now without actually bottling it ourselves, the dog won't be getting fed, the missus will be turfed out and I'll binge on drink and drugs faster than a Japanese racing snake. Should be declared bankrupt and homeless by the end of the year, just in time for Christmas, where I jump off the tallest building in town as the bells ring for 2021 and die in my thirties. Football, don't be a cunt. Please.
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    So, it's about time for an update boys and girls. The wife and I have officially decided on divorce. I proposed what I planned for the financials (I make significantly more than her so I'll have to pay alimony), and then she came back with another proposal which I accepted. We had a serious talk last night, and we both agreed that we didn't want to fuck over the other, but wanted to find a solution that made everyone feel okay, and that's what I think we did. Tonight we told our daughter that 'Daddy will be living elsewhere', but that we are still a family and that both Mom and Dad both love her just as much as ever. I'll tell you now, that was one of the hardest things to do in my life. She's only 2.5 years old so all she wanted to do was watch 'Elisa' (Frozen), but still, it's incredibly painful to tell your daughter that you are leaving. I'll give my soon-to-be ex-wife props, she has done well since we decided that divorce is the next step, she is definitely getting in the family time while it's there, and keeping her emotions in check when we are in front of the daughter. I'll be living here for probably another 2 weeks, as we prepare the house to sell, and then I'm going to move in with my Dad while the house sells. Once it sells, the wife and I will split the profits, and she'll move into either a town home or an apartment I imagine, whereas I'll likely stay with my Dad for 2-3 months as I get my head wrapped around the fact that I'm 34 and divorced. A lot of mixed emotions from me honestly. I hate that I'm leaving my previous daughter, but I know deep down that this is best for the future. My Dad said that I should spend some of the profits from the house to travel for a week, so I might be heading to Europe depending on how this virus goes, I would that I would get a cheap flight, but who knows. 8 years with someone is a long time, and part of me feels like it's a miracle we made it this far, while another part of me hates that I'm just another 'failed marriage'. I have been with this woman for almost a decade, we have escaped death, raised a daughter, and have had both great and terrible times...to say that this was bittersweet would justify what exactly I'm feeling during this moment. Regardless, this is just the end of a section of my self novel, and now it's time to focus on the ending of it while also preparing for the next chapter.
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    Because the whole country is anti-Liverpool Tories, fucking bellends proper cunts who know nothing about football, i feel sorry for their birds
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    *VAR CHECK* @LFCMadLad - VAR is a joke. I'm done with football (for the 2353593256th time) @Inti Brian - Peru is great. This would never happen in South America. We have already dealt with everything. Peru 1-0 Coronavirus. TAD - Fuck off Coronavirus. Why do you hate Liverpool? Why this season to stop them winning the league? You ugly cunt. I feel sorry for your missus. Stan - if there's no football any more, what matchday threads do I do instead? @Bluewolf/ @nudge - let's watch TV together @God is Haaland - this ref is shit. football is corrupt. @Lucas - Leeds always find a way to fuck things up. @Eco - if all else fails, there's always Russian football @Batard - Mafia Wars, anyone? @Pyfish - Grimsby, anyone? @Devil-Dick Willie - (about people who have died from Coronavirus), Their ashes, anyone? Teso - Man Utd 3-1 Coronavirus. Just fucking win! @Dan - FFS I was one goal and one booking away. I hate betting. I never win. I'm so unlucky. *wins £2500 on next bet* @MUFC - Oh, Coronavirus. @DeadLinesman - Fuck off Ole/Jesse/Pogba (pick one) @CaaC (John) - I don't smoke any more. *insert gif* @Rab - bans another Calcio Pauly account @Tommy - *googles Vettel* time to get the lube out. @True Blue - Coronavirus, I will cut you @RandoEFC - Last Man Standing will be no more. Coronavirus wins.
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    Met my nephew today!
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    I pay to keep this forum alive so I don't have to meet any of you!
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    I'm more worried that people are still calling professional medical advice and factual statements "scare-mongering" this far into the outbreak.
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    Fixed it for you friend.
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    Nobody should be awarded anything and nobody should be denied anything. Common sense solution, to me, is to delay this as long as they need to - delay the Euros, and then come up with an alternative solution to get it all completed once it can be played again. Hopefully in this time, you can get the season and Euros completed in 2020. The idea then for me is for the 2020/21 season to become the 2021 season, starting in January or February (using January as your transfer window perhaps?). Then the 2021/22 season then becomes the 2022 season - and the Qatar World Cup naturally follows on from this meaning you don't need to restructure 2022/23 anyway. Once Qatar has happened, you can think of whether it's better to go back to the old format or whether it's better to just stick with this new one = meaning another break of significance. I don't want to have to pander to Qatar and it would be a huge stroke of luck for them, but sobeit, given that's what's happening you may be able to find a solution to suit both situations. I appreciate that contracts are likely to be an issue of some form - but find me a better solution. To prioritise next season, which has 0% completed, over this one which has 75% of it completed is nothing short of insanity and I can't believe people would entertain anything else. To me if you scrap this season the entire sport just isn't serious in the slightest anymore. I know it's funny due to the whole Liverpool & Leeds thing, but in seriousness how could anyone take it seriously ever again?
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    Dogs can't get corona China
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    As a fellow regular wfh-er I can confirm.
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    Quite an emotional moment here right now in Spain. Everyone just came to their balconies at 10pm with a minute of clapping to pay tribute to the health system and all the people working to help fight this disease. Quite a striking moment.
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    Dutch researchers find first antibody which neutralises SARS-CoV-2. https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.03.11.987958v1
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    Can’t wait for that to happen here. Finding a babysitter will be fucking brilliant.
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    @Toinho obviously @DeadLinesman because he’s good people and I think he and I would get on great irl while also saying horrible things to each other, true friendship @nudge & @Tommy because those 2 are very very very good at drinking and drinking is good for the soul @Mel81x tbh I wish Mel lived next door so we could just jam all the time @Carnivore Chris because I like drugs and he’d probably do them with me @Harry because his New Years resolution was to DRINK MORE tbh I want to drink with most of you, so if I’ve left you off and you like to get drunk... sorry, I should have included you
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    @Inti Brian Topic made specially for you mate
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    Some selfish bastard has probably already killed all the sheep and has them frozen for the next year mate.
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    I like the sound of cutting you
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    This is how it all started in Planet of the Apes. Humans contacted a virus, died out and the apes took over. Won't be long before a select few of us are all chucked into a battle arena Hunger Games style to the amusement of the animal kingdom in a survival of the fittest event, played to an empty stadium of course. And Sky Sports will still charge premium rate for it. Pricks.
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    I'd like to point out that some people are seemingly confusing a vaccine with a cure. The former is supposed to prevent healthy people from getting infected by providing acquired immunity whereas the latter is supposed to treat the already infected; it's not the same thing. We don't have either at the moment although there are numerous companies around the globe working on both. In terms of a "cure", remdesivir seems to be the most promising antiviral drug to treat this at the moment; trials are currently underway in the US and China. As for the topic in question - of course life goes on and panic or fear are pointless. People have to go to work and provide for their families, buy groceries, have other appointments; it's unavoidable. Stressing too much over things that are out of your control anyway is not good for anyone either. However, so many people not being willing to even slightly adjust their habits and lifestyles for a while baffles me a bit. It's not just about you - there's also such thing as social responsibility. The main point of the containment measures (bans on public events, quarantines, social distancing etc.) is to contain the spread as much as possible in order to protect the most vulnerable groups of society first and foremost; in this particular case the elderly and people with underlying health conditions. I do worry for my parents if the virus keeps spreading. I'm also annoyed because it screwed most of my plans already so I hope it does fuck off as soon as possible.
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    That’s what I usually say to the Mrs.
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    Weekend Results It was an interesting weekend once again: Atletico were held to a draw which means a win for Dortmund allows nudge to gain some ground Real Sociedad won which means that Mel faces off against Mirandes again in the Copa del Rey Atalanta scored 7 goals for the third time this season which is good news for me of course Batard's first experience of the Greek Super League got off to a winning start with a 2-0 win for Olympiacos Utrecht weren't very popular with those who chose them in the Last Man Standing nor for Rucksackfranzose who adds another loss to his record Aldershot and Sheffield United were not in action over the weekend so no result for them, and Swindon's match away at Mansfield was called off due to a waterlogged pitch so no match for Toinho Mel81x 28/02 Real Sociedad 1 - 0 Valladolid Win nudge 29/02 Dortmund 1 - 0 Freiburg Win Toinho 29/02 Mansfield P - P Swindon Waterlogged Pitch Storts 29/02 QPR 2 - 2 Birmingham Draw LFCMadLad v Dr. Gonzo 29/02 West Brom 0 - 1 Wigan Both at Wigan Stan, Cicero, Bluewolf, Teso dos Bichos, Fairy in Boots, CaaC (John) & Deadlinesman 01/03 Espanyol 1 - 1 Atletico Madrid Draw Smiley Culture, Dan, Tommy & RandoEFC 01/03 Everton 1 - 1 Manchester United Draw Pyfish 01/03 Lecce 2 - 7 Atalanta Win Batard 01/03 Olympiacos 2 - 0 Panetolikos Win Rucksackfranzose 01/03 Waalwijk 2 - 1 Utrecht Loss Draws So with a few teams drawing, that means that @Storts (QPR or Birmingham), @Stan, @Cicero, @Bluewolf, @Teso dos Bichos, @Fairy In Boots, @CaaC (John), @DeadLinesman (Espanyol or Atletico Madrid), @Smiley Culture, @Dan, @Tommy and @RandoEFC (Everton or Manchester United) can now decide which team they go to. Let me know in this thread whether you want to stick with your current team or move to the opposition before either team plays next otherwise I will assume you are staying. Stick @Mel81x stays with Real Sociedad @nudge stays with Borussia Dortmund @Dr. Gonzo stays with Wigan @Pyfish stays with Atalanta @Batard stays with Olympiacos Moving @LFCMadLad moves from West Brom to Wigan @Rucksackfranzose moves from Utrecht to Waalwijk Table Teams P W D L GF GA GD Pts Win Ratio 1 Stan 7 38 24 7 7 82 44 38 79 63.16% 2 nudge 11 40 23 8 9 81 56 25 77 57.50% 3 Cicero 10 37 22 6 9 57 33 24 72 59.46% 4 Deadlinesman 7 37 21 9 7 59 32 27 70 56.76% 5 Teso dos Bichos 11 38 21 7 10 62 36 26 70 55.26% 6 CaaC (John) 7 32 21 4 7 65 28 37 67 65.63% 7 Fairy in Boots 11 37 20 7 10 60 35 25 67 54.05% 8 Bluewolf 14 38 19 6 13 53 38 15 63 50.00% 9 Toinho 13 36 19 5 12 57 48 9 62 52.78% 10 Batard 13 38 17 9 12 58 51 7 60 44.74% 11 RandoEFC 8 33 16 10 7 56 29 27 58 48.48% 12 Dr. Gonzo 14 34 15 6 13 49 33 16 51 44.12% 13 Mel81x 10 33 13 12 8 51 45 6 51 39.39% 14 Storts 11 32 14 8 10 48 43 5 50 43.75% 15 Pyfish 13 33 14 5 14 54 47 7 47 42.42% 16 Eco 11 30 13 7 10 44 33 11 46 43.33% 17 LFCMadLad 11 33 12 10 11 40 39 1 46 36.36% 18 Tommy 12 33 11 11 11 43 36 7 44 33.33% 19 Londonerlilie 10 29 12 8 9 42 37 5 44 41.38% 20 Azeem 8 29 11 10 8 42 33 9 43 37.93% 21 Rucksackfranzose 11 30 12 7 11 48 39 9 43 40.00% 22 Dan 11 32 10 12 10 38 32 6 42 31.25% 23 Smiley Culture 11 31 9 11 11 36 32 4 38 29.03% 24 HawayTheLads 8 21 10 4 7 30 26 4 34 47.62% Fixtures Here are the next fixtures for everyone. Those who drew are in red for the teams they are currently with but I will update if anyone swaps teams. Azeem 03/03 Reading v Sheffield United FA Cup Toinho 03/03 Swindon v Scunthorpe League Two Storts 04/03 Leicester v Birmingham FA Cup Mel81x 04/03 Mirandes v Real Sociedad Copa del Rey Batard 04/03 PAOK v Olympiacos Super League Smiley Culture, Dan, Tommy & RandoEFC 05/03 Derby v Manchester United FA Cup Eco, HawayTheLads & londonerlilie 07/03 Aldershot v Dagenham & Redbridge National League Pyfish 07/03 Atalanta v Lazio Serie A Stan, Cicero, Bluewolf, Teso dos Bichos, Fairy in Boots, CaaC (John) & Deadlinesman 07/03 Atletico Madrid v Sevilla La Liga nudge 07/03 Monchengladbach v Dortmund Bundesliga Dr. Gonzo & LFCMadLad 07/03 Wigan v Luton Championship Rucksackfranzose 08/03 Heracles v Waalwijk Eredivisie