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    What a month. A very busy one at that. It's been just over 4 years since TFF was resurrected in to its current form of TF365. Four years of conversation, controversy, jokes, meltdowns, debates, polls, arguments... And that was just about VAR. Anyway, as a result of managing all of that across the forum, the staff - as the elite folk we are - have decided to choose ourselves as the collective 'Member of the Month'. We feel like we deserve it because we have to keep all of you in check 24/7 and some of you take a lot more work than others. Well done to myself, @nudge, @Tommy, @Rab, @SkyBruce Championship, @Dr. Gonzo, @Harry, @The Palace Fan, @Batard & @DeadLinesman. This was us in the end-of-year staff party: Just kidding. April Fool's and all that jazz. @Devil-Dick Willie won by quite some margin for March . Well done mate. Keep up the good work. Only the 2nd time coming first (this award, not your private life...)! Thanks for the celebration video. We can tell you've gone all out for that one... In 2nd was @Devil - again, keep up the good work! It's not easy joining a forum of several established members and you've fitted in nicely In 3rd was @Whiskey - I think there's a glitch in the matrix on this one so this placing will be reviewed.
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    Cazza banned for spamming/constant derailing of topics.
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    @Mpache He demanded that his account be banned/removed from the forum. After a swift discussion amongst staff members a unanimous decision has been made to accept his request. He has also demanded that staff members do not follow him on other social media platforms. We will endeavour to ensure his demands are respected. Also tagging @Tommy for fun.
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    Waste it and then get relegated in two seasons.
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    It's me, ya boy.
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    Week 29 Results Russia 2-1 Slovenia Netherlands 2-0 Latvia Serbia 2-2 Portugal Wales 1-0 Mexico Adelaide Utd 1-0 Sydney FC Albania 0-2 England Northern Ireland 1-2 USA Bulgaria 0-2 Italy Romania 0-1 Germany Switzerland 1-0 Lithuania Round-Up One of our highest-scoring weeks and that is in part thanks to @Bluewolf! A standard score of 23 aided by 5 perfect scores meant he was in receipt of the 7-point bonus, so his score was bumped up to 30! A phenomenal effort so well done ! That score meant he went above myself & @Tommy. @Tommy scored a very high 21 points which lifted him above @Viva la FCB. @Mel81x also did very well scoring 20 points and 4 perfect scores. @nudge and @6666 did well too with scores of 19 and 18 respectively. Despite the very high scores, the less said about @McAzeem's score the better
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    And that’s just @Tommy. What about Cazza?
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    99.9% sure it was a troll/fake account based on the info we found. Claimed to be in Luton although the Virgin Media node (not something you can fake) that their connection was coming from wasn't in Luton and the other side of London. Always connecting to the forum on America/South African IP addresses. Profile picture looked like it might have been him/her but was taken from the internet. Derailing threads with needless shite.
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    @Tommy when he sees this weeks contributers table:
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    Cheers guys, honestly I was on the other day and I noticed I was top non staff contributor for the month and though "damn, I wonder if it's my month, I never win this shit" Being online all day because of uni helps, usually I would just browse here for 10 minutes in the morning and 20 at night, while you're all waking up or going to bed. It's cool to be around at later hours when you're all active (like now) Happy Easter everyone!
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    Why does everyone think he won Citeh the league? It was Joey Barton.
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    "When you try foreign beer for the first time."
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    Garlic-rosemary-lime shrimp with homemade cocktail sauce and garlic bread for today...
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    Results - Gameweek One Casualties (3) It was a long wait for some to return to Last Man Standing action between the extended Eredivisie round and the international break, and @Pyfish took the accolade of being the first casualty of this round on Sunday as Vitoria Guimaraes fell to a 2-1 home defeat to Tondela. The majority of entrants had to wait until Monday to learn their fate this weekend, and it was heartbreak in the final game for @Rucksackfranzose and @Machado as undefeated Sporting conceded a 90th minute equaliser at Moreirense, Walterson denying them victory for just the 5th time all season. Unlucky chaps. Cross your fingers for a prompt conclusion to the Portuguese event and you may squeeze one more opportunity to score some points in before the end of the season. Survivors (16) With several newcomers having their first go at Last Man Standing this weekend, 16 survivors is a season-high number for a single gameweek. There was no shortage of squeaky bums though, starting with @...Dan and @CaaC (John), who had to wait until stoppage time for Porto to find a decisive goal in their 2-1 win over Santa Clara on Saturday. It was a similar story for @Viva la FCB, @DeadLinesman, @nudge, @McAzeem and @Pugwash with Braga leaving it late to convert a winning goal at Farense. The most-backed side this week were Benfica, and in comparison to the others, they cruised through with a first-half penalty providing the only goal in their clash with Maritimo, paving the way into Gameweek Two for @Mel81x, @RandoEFC, @Tommy, @Lucas, @Michael, @Bluewolf, @Storts, @Stan and @Devil. Congratulations folks, that's one point on the board, please move on to make your picks for Gameweek Two. Preview - Gameweek Two Below are the table and fixtures for next weekend, with the first game on Friday. Remember not to pick the same team as you did last week! My pick for Gameweek Two is Sporting.
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    Got the perfect sticker for my guitar case today
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    Whatever you do make sure you don't move in with any of these fuckers....
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    Reminds me a thread i opened and got like 2 replies for days but went on to be about 4 pages bcz Mbapche got into an argument
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    Anyone would think the bloke was in full time employment like the rest of the universe. How many of us here work, are pretty much complicit with the shite that goes on at senior management level, but just get on with it because you’re employed and earning a salary? Yes, fucking everyone. Jesus. I’m not massively into him as long term manager, but there’s a complete lack of reality from some posters on here. Last year, we scraped third because Leicester bottled it and everyone else was shite. This year, we’re in second because everyone else is shite. If he happens to do decent next year, you’ve got the excuse ready lads. Bores me to fucking tears reading it. He’s being compared to Steve Bruce ffs. Steve. Fucking. Bruce. I’m out. I said a while back you can’t have a decent conversation with people that are so blinded by some weird hatred/bias/negativity that they can’t even post a response that has some balanced judgment in it. The bloke could run into burning orphanage, save 30 kids and it would be the flames fault for not killing them quickly enough.
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    I have another job interview with another brewery. Wish me luck doodz
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    You can tell the US is closer to recovery as mass shootings start to show up again
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    Not a big fan of @Tommy in any shape or form, although would pet or cuddle one.
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    5 perfect scores from 5 players this matchday. Four times Bremen 1-2 Wolfsburg and the (fanfare) prediction of the week Hoffenheim 1-2 Mainz by nawoo. Two matches ( Köln - Dortmund, and Hertha BSC vs Leverkusen) ended with results that led to no points at all scored. Matchday 26 1) Michael 8 points 1) nawoo 8 points 1) Viva la FCB 8 points 4) Rucksackfranzose 7 points 4) Tommy 7 points 6) SchalkeUK 6 points 6) Stan 6 points 8) Bluewolf 5 points 8) CaaC(John) 5 points 8) nudge 5 points 11) 6666 4 points Tommy extended his lead. Table after 26 matchdays 1) @Tommy 189 points 2) @Bluewolf 182 points 3) @Viva la FCB 170 points 4) @Stan 168 points 5) @nudge 166 points 6) @Michael 162 points 7) Rucksackfranzose 154 points 8) @6666 151 points 9) @SchalkeUK 140 points 10) @CaaC (John) 113 points 11) @nawoo 110 points 12) @Eco 85 points