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    Hello, is it me you're looking for?
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    Afternoon folks, We've got 18 entries which I'm happy with so we're going to make a start. The full format will be explained in another thread that will be stickied to the top of this section. Week One @Dr. Gonzo 166-161 @nudge @Pyfish 77-117 @JoshBRFC @RandoEFC 128-33 @CaaC (John) @Mel81x 141-100 @Cazza @McAzeem 150-120 @DeadLinesman @Tommy 103-117 @Spike @Lucas BYE @Stan 138-106 @Rucksackfranzose @The Artful Dodger BYE @Viva la FCB 48-87 @SchalkeUK @Toinho VS @Mpache QUIZ - https://www.sporcle.com/games/g/world You have one week to complete the quiz and send a screenshot of your score to me. Once both screenshots are received from both you and your opponent I will announce the score in this thread. If everyone has completed the quiz before the week ends then we will just move on to the next round. Any questions please ask Good luck
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    Sheep - Season 8 - Overall Scores Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 PD Totals Lucas 52 60 43 53 10 208 CaacJohn 61 57 38 48 10 204 Deadlinesman 68 39 42 54 12 203 Robbie 63 43 43 49 6 198 Nudge 64 42 33 52 19 191 Dr. Gonzo 54 51 40 43 3 188 Bluewolf 36 52 38 58 20 184 Pyfish 50 54 37 37 0 178 Stan 52 40 39 47 8 178 Cazza 42 38 42 39 -3 161 JoshBRFC 60 44 37 0 -37 141 After that round we see @Lucas start to pull away from the pack a bit with a great round PD of +10. @CaaC (John) and @DeadLinesman aren't very far behind with 204 and 203 respectively. The PD king or this round is @Bluewolf who raked in a PD of +20 and was followed very closely by @nudge on a PD of +19. @Cazza gets a mention for lowest PD of the round with a -3 and @Pyfish gets the Mr. Consistent award by not having an PD difference between this round and the last. Are we going to see a new champion? Is Lucas going to retain his title this season? Or is there something devious waiting in Round 5 to upset the balance? Final round questions coming up at End-Of-Day. Thank you everyone for playing.
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    Mont Tremblant was fun - went dogsledding and finally got to see frozen lakes again, something that is hard to spot nowadays in southern Ontario. Global warming is a thing
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    Hahaha sorry - actually forgot I posted this. I did no such thing
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    Christmas visit to our daughters for some nosh and see the grandsons.
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    Love me some Lynx Africa at Christmas!
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    Sasha came home on Sunday. She's an absolute dream. She is an 8 year old Husky. Such a softy
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    Quick reminder to say that the cup competition will start after the completion of this round, Week 16. Further details and info on groups etc will be confirmed once this round is complete. Have a great Christmas everyone @Mel81x @Viva la FCB @DeadLinesman @McAzeem @Pyfish @Rucksackfranzose @nudge @6666 @Tommy @SchalkeUK @Toinho @Bluewolf @Eco @N U F C @nawoo @CaaC (John) @Tepmz @Deco @fearfull
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    It was a close race to win this matchday only 3 points separated the matchday winner from shared 8th place. Matchday 14 1) Viva la FCB 9 points 2) Bluewolf 8 points 2) Michael 8 points 2) SchalkeUK 8 points 5) 6666 7 points 5) Rucksackfranzose 7 points 5) Stan 7 points 8) nudge 6 points 8) Tommy 6 points 10) CaaC(John) 3 points Not much happened in the table 6666 neared down Tommy's lead but only by 1 point. Table after 14 matchdays 1) @Tommy 110 points 2) @6666 98 points 3) @Viva la FCB 96 points 4) @Bluewolf 94 points 5) @nudge 93 points 6) @Stan 89 points 7) @Michael 86 points 7) @SchalkeUK 86 points 9) Rucksackfranzose 76 points 10) @nawoo 71 points 11) @CaaC (John) 53 points 12) @Eco 46 points
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    Glad it turned out “okay” @Carnivore Chris. Look after yourself. I think I burnt out a couple of months ago with work and life. It reached the point of being very negative and snapping at my bosses and resulted in me breaking down in front of one of them. It all became too much. I took way more on than I should have been and I also bottled stuff up and didn’t seek support from others which resulted in an out of the blue moment or two. I also later developed a lot of physical symptoms that I’m still getting over but all testing I’ve had have come back fine. Stress and anxiety can have serious implications and we all need to take time to reset or switch off. I use this forum as an outlet I guess, sometimes going off and being angry at little things which I am not usually like in person. It’s quite a realisation that maybe all hasn’t been too well in the past. I have so many good things ahead of me and now I’ve moved into my very own home with my partner, I’m hoping this further helps me. Didn’t intend to post the above, but it’s important to just get things off the chest every now and then.
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    Week 16 Results Rangers 1-0 Hibernian Blackburn 1-1 Sheff Weds Coventry 0-0 Stoke Trabzonspor 0-2 Galatasaray Watford 1-0 Norwich Fortaleza 0-0 Flamengo Fluminense 1-2 Sao Paulo Utrecht 2-2 AZ Alkmaar Istanbul Basaksehir 2-2 Kasimpasa Belenenses 1-2 Sporting Lisbon Round-Up An important week for the WPL as Week 16 finishes, with the below standings dictating the group tables for the WPL Cup. @Toinho out-scored everyone with a high of 18! @McAzeem next best with 16 points and both jumped up the table by a good few spots. @nudge took advantage of @Bluewolf & @Mel81x not predicting so went up to 7th. @Rucksackfranzose went ahead of @nawoo in to 13th spot.
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    2021 JANUARY TRANSFER WINDOW INFORMATION: It's time to think ahead - the transfer window will be open in a matter of days. Will you jump straight in at the chance to move? Will you wait it out until the final hours? Will you stay put and accept fate? - The transfer window will open at 00:01 on 1st January 2021 and will close at 23:59 on 31st January 2021. - You can apply for a transfer via PM to Pyfish at any time during the window - A maximum of ONE transfer per person for the duration of the window - Transfers, on approval, will be posted in the Gloryhunter thread TRANSFER COSTS If you played last season, the options are a little different this time around: FREE TRANSFER to another team (via randomiser) 0 points TRANSFER to an OCUPIED team (your choice) 2 points BID for a move to an UNOCCUPIED team 3 points (min) More details on each type of transfer can be found below... FREE TRANSFER: If you opt for a FREE TRANSFER, you will be given a team via the randomiser from one of the following leagues: PREMIER LEAGUE - ENGLAND BUNDESLIGA - GERMANY SERIE A - ITALY CHAMPIONSHIP - ENGLAND 2. BUNDESLIGA - GERMANY SERIE B - ITALY LEAGUE ONE - ENGLAND SPL - SCOTLAND LIGUE 1 - FRANCE LEAGUE TWO - ENGLAND LA LIGA - SPAIN LIGUE 2 - FRANCE NATIONAL LEAGUE - ENGLAND LA LIGA 2 - SPAIN EREDIVISIE - NETHERLANDS For example, you could be currently at Liverpool but find yourself at winless FC Emmen in the Eredivisie via the luck of the randomiser TRANSFER to an OCCUPIED Team: You can choose to move, at the cost of 2 points, to any other team that is currently occupied by another player. For example, if Deadlinesman was at Manchester United, you could move there for 2 points to join him. BID for a move to an UNOCCUPIED Team: *NEW FOR 2021* - You can make a bid for a move to ANY team in the world that isn't currently occupied by another player. The only other conditions are that there is a minimum bid of 3 points and maximum bid of 10 points. Naturally, a more 'successful' team will require a higher bid, whereas any supposed 'lesser' team would only cost you the minimum 3 points. You can bid as many times as you like throughout the window but once a bid has been accepted, you cannot move again. For example, you could wish to move to the currently unoccupied La Liga leaders Atletico Madrid and you would PM me with a bid of 6 points and I would either accept or reject. @nudge, @CaaC (John), @Drew, @Tommy, @londonerlilie, @DeadLinesman, @Lucas, @Deco, @Bluewolf, @Eco, @Mel81x, @Stan, @RandoEFC, @Batard, @McAzeem, @Rucksackfranzose, @Dr. Gonzo, @Toinho, @Robbie
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    Sorry for the delay people. I was going to let you know how my 'injection' went, but I gave been put on a lower list - mainly due to a blood test that shows a high level of antibodies and that somewhere between March and now I have had the virus, lived with and beaten it - not sure how, never had any indication that it was there and my 'bubble' of 3 of us are all tested positive with antibodies so we are somewhat safe for the moment. The nurse told me that there are more old people like me and that if it is easy for you to get a blood test then do it as there are quite a few of us feeling happier today! Don't ask why or how or anything - I just feel that my years in the RAF when they pumped all sorts into me in the Far East - including a visit to Christmas Island in 1957 seems to have strengthened my immune system somewhat. Watch this space (if you want)
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    Django Unchained Captain America: The Winter Soldier Skyfall The Wolf of Wall Street Rogue One Dunkirk Shutter Island Kingsman: The Secret Service Guardians of the Galaxy 1 Stromberg – Der Film (obviously) Tatort: Im Schmerz geboren Star Trek Into Darkness The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug From the top of my head.
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    XG doesn't take certain intangible factors into account though. Example. Timo Werner is in 1-1 with a goalkeeper. He hits it straight at the keeper. XG will say this was an expected goal. However, we know it's not, as it was Werner. Shit metric.
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    Probably Ridley's original Alien (1979). Fresh concept, I was very young and impressionable and it was very good considering the budget they were working on. Still gives me chills. Might even throw Carpenter's The Thing (1982) in there because apart from the animatronics the very fact that you have no idea what the ending could have been is great director/writing work.