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    As the football season draws nearer we rely on everyone, especially members, to keep this place ticking over. Sometimes there can be a bit of a lull each summer but there's been plenty of action across the site so firstly thank you for that. For July, there were plenty of votes for this member as his input is never understated & always appreciated; his player knowledge is probably second to none. Never argumentative and always willing to engage in conversation and just comes across as a genuinely good bloke! It appears the summer months are when this member thrives as his last appearances in the top 3 for Member of the Month were June & July last year, where he came 2nd on both occasions. He's gone one step further this time with a clear win to become July 2019's Member of the Month. This month's winner is.... @El Profesor We managed to get a quick glimpse of his reaction as he was given the award: P.S Notable mention for his love for La Casa De Papal/Money Heist. Great programme! In 2nd and 3rd place were @RandoEFC and @Dr. Gonzo respectively. Keep it up everyone, football season begins again soon!
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    We are underway ladies & gents! Some surprising results but still very early days... DIVISION 1: A week to remember for @londonerlilie! 18 points to kick off the season with 3 perfect scores to go along with it. @Pyfish had a good week too and was the only one to correctly predict Fluminense 2-1 Internacional. Decent starts for @Spike & @CaaC (John) as well. DIVISION 2: @Harry went one better than the leader of Division 1 by scoring 19 points from the first game weekend. Again 3 perfect scores which is commendable. Already a 6-point gap opening up ahead of @Tommy & @JOSHBRFC. Notable mention for @SirBalon & @Rucksackfranzose who were only 1 goal off from correctly predicting Celtic's 7-0 victory!
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    Hi all, We'd like to welcome the latest member to the staffing team, @Harry. You all know or are aware of Harry whether it be in the football or mafia wars section. With so much activity happening at all times and mainly European Admins and Mods, the need to branch out was clear and obvious. Harry is an all round good egg and I hope you'll join us in saying "congrats dude, you'll be awesome!" The Staff
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    People say 'guns don't kill people, people kill people' "He was crazy so he would have killed people anyway" Putting semi automatic assault rifles in these peoples hands can't be compared to a loony with a pair of scissors or a pipe bomb.
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    Given we have Werewolf wars, I am going to hold off of Mafia Wars until later in the year. As a sneak preview that will comtinue where we left of and it will be the final part of the Cliff Trilogy (Cliffogy?).
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    Just to add few points to @Asuragood post. Bare with me, it will be a long post. We annexed Kashmir to India in 1947, but unlike Hyderabad, whose annexure was overseen by our first Home Minister, Sardar Patel, Kashmir's was handled by our first Prime Minister, Nehru. Amongst his several other blunders (like voluntarily giving up a seat at UN's security council to China, etc) he allowed the special provision of 370 to be alloted to the state in 1950. 35A was an addition to that later. Basically these two additions gave Kashmir special privileges like separate constitution, separate flag, outsiders(non Kashmiri Indians) not being allowed to buy land, no reservations to local tribals, dalits, etc. They also came with terrible anti-women laws like if a woman married an outsider, then she would lose her rights over her property. Now it was always stated that this law was meant to be temporary, but successive governments shirked their responsibility to remove it. Mind you, there were other regions with similar laws that were later erased. This government has shown the guts and gone ahead. What does that mean? In simple terms the state (formerly, as now it has been divided and I will get to that) of Jammu and Kashmir will be governed by the same laws as the rest of the country. How that turns out, no one knows for now. While Jammu and Ladakh have cheered the decision, there could be problems in Kashmir - or specifically four districts in Kashmir which are known to be sensitive. Now, beyond laws. State of Jammu and Kashmir is technically made of three parts: Kashmir (predominantly filled with Muslims), Jammu (fair degree of Hindus) and Ladakh (predominantly filled with Buddhists). It's important to highlight this, because despite of these three separate regions, Jammu and Kashmir was always ruled by three Muslim families of Kashmir. Ladakh, which is culturally so different, had always demanded a separation. They have got their wish now, as after today's events we now have two union territories (you can call them regions) called 1)Jammu and Kashmir and 2) Ladakh. The three main Muslim families are Abdullahs, Muftis (both who ruled politically) and Geelanis (who championed the separatist movement). For several decades these families have got richer by corruption while ruling the state. While they sent their kids to rich colleges abroad and gathered immense wealth, they have used and instigated the locals to create and retain chaos. Hopefully, that will now decline, if not stop. To answer the other questions. There will never be a free/independent Kashmir. For a plebiscite to happen UN's rules are laid in detail. First Pakistan needs to withdraw its forces from Pak-occupied Kashmir and then India has to reduce its forces on our side of Kashmir. I can't see that happening. Also Kashmiri pandits who have been driven out from their homes in the nineties, need to have a say in it cause Kashmir belongs to them just as much. However, an independent Kashmir will be overrun by either India, Pakistan or worse China, because strategically it's a critical location. Yes, politicians from both sides are primarily responsible for high tensions, cause it serves them well in elections. But I have to also highlight Pakistan's army and their spy agency ISI's role in creating, training and sponsoring cross-border terrorists. As for the bad blood. It existed before 1971. Religious problems between Hindus and Muslims have existed before independence, but partition after the independence really made it worse. Several lives were lost on both sides of the border. Pakistan's terrorism factory further doesn't help matters. I hope the new changes opens up this region to more opportunities. I am not worried about Ladakh or Jammu. The only worry is Kashmir. How the local population, which has been taught to distrust the country, and Pakistan's army react to this will matter as well. If you want to know more, I would urge you to read Rahul Pandita's book Our Moon has Blood Clots.
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    These are all TF365's finest's - alter ego's. @Tommy @CaaC (John) @Teso dos Bichos @SirBalon @Stan @Bluewolf @Bluebird Hewitt @The Rebel CRS @Devil-Dick Willie @The Palace Fan
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    Met Matic the other week before the United v Glory game. We were in the same lift together so took the chance to be a “fan”. To be fair, lovely polite lad.
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    Exactly what I wanted to say, but I let the smart people do my writing for me
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    I will try to explain my best of my knowledge and anyone with more knowledge can correct me if im wrong somewhere as this is a sensitive issue. When the british left India, all the princely states were brought under one country named India and three states, namely Hyderabad (where I am from), Kashmir and Junagadh didnt accede to either India or Pakistan. Later the nawab of Junagadh wanted to join Pakistan but geographically that was not possible so they remained with India. However Hyderabad and Kashmir wanted to be independent and not be a part of India. Both these regions are ruled by muslim kings at that time. Hyderabad was forced to accede but kashmir was not totally integrated into India. Later the Hindu king of kashmir wanted India's help since there was a threat from pakistan. India accepted to help the kashmir king only if he accepted to accede into the country of India to which they agreed. Kashmir given some special rights and benefits to be more independent of the country's laws and constitution, this special benefits are given via article 370 and 35A which means that the local state law/govt has to accept with any Indian govt's decisions for the law to be implemented. This means the state has more power than the Indian constitution. In the late 80s and 90s, JKLF, an organisation that wanted kashmir to be independent of India drove away hundreds of thousands of kashmiri pandits (hindus) out of the valley and in the process killed many of them. Most of them still cant return back to their home land as they are scared of their lives. Now that the govt is abolishing 370 and 35A and trying to integrate the region completely into India, the country will have more authority over the region and hope peace will prevail more. In a way this land is disputed due to different religious beliefs as the majority of the people (muslims) wanted to join Pak and the Hindu king wanted to accede to India back in 1947. Later on the hindus (kashmiri pandits) were driven out of the kashmir valley making it completely muslim dominant. There are many hindu temples and pilgrimage places in this region and for anyone from India to visit those places there needs to be a lot of security due to the tensions. EDIT: Just Hyd was ruled by muslim nawab, but not kashmir. I had to strike that sentence off. Its a mistake
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    ***Note for participants*** 27 people stated interest. 24 people predicted for first week (currently in progress). The divisional split will be determined by who predicted first. As 27 people entered, Division 1 will have 14 members and Division 2 will have 13 members. As above, promotion and relegation spots will be decided after the final games in December. January-May will be the 2nd part of the season, per se. So, as per first predictions in Gameweek 1, Division 1 consists of: @Pyfish @Dan @Teso dos Bichos @Mel81x @CaaC (John) @Bluewolf @SchalkeUK @6666 @binder @Spike @RandoEFC @Eco @Viva la FCB @londonerlilie Division 2: Me @nudge @Rucksackfranzose @Raja1991 @Tommy @SirBalon @JOSHBRFC @Harry @...Dan @Machado @MUFC @Drew @Batard If any new participants join, they will go in to Division 2. After the final gameweek in December, top two in Division 2 will replace bottom two in Division 1. In the event of a tie, most perfect scores will determine who finishes higher. Any questions, PM me
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    TF365's finest's - alter ego's... continued @Happy Blue @DeadLinesman (especially above the neck... and above the eyes) @Cicero @Toinho @Danny @LFCMadLad @Batard
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    Congrats @El Profesor. Great poster and your knowledge and expertise in the game only comes second to @Teso dos Bichos
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    They'd have some of your blood and then get sacked from work a week later for failing a drugs test...
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    “Sead almost died, but it was a sacrifice I was willing to make” - Ozil
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    Judging by their records this is the most incapable cabinet that has ever been put together, by a fairly large margin. Patel - got sacked for conducting secret personal diplomacy. In normal times she would never get another brief in her life for that alone. Thought we should starve Ireland into accepting our Brexit demands. Also probably wants to bring back hanging. Complete psychopath. Gove - vapid ideologue who wrecked education in his strive to "make every child above-average" and insisted that his own opinion of WW1 be taught over academic opinion. Made a passable Justice sec purely out being too clueless to even touch anything. Williamson - sacked for leaking classified information relating to national security. Should also never be near a cabinet role again. Also thought being Defence Sec meant continually threatening to start wars with Russia and China. Truss - she's just relentlessly thick. If she was black she'd be considered worse than Abbot. Also failed to use her position as Justice Sec to deny that judges were "Enemies of the People" or defend our judicial process. Raab - didn't realise Dover-Calais was a big deal until about halfway through his tenure as Brexit minister. Javed - serial tax-evader. Also a free-market fundamentalist so the absolute last Chancellor we need if we're meant to be bracing ourselves for No Deal. Unless the plan is to ignore economic sense and turn Britain into a zero-regulation tax-haven off the shore of the EU. Leadsom - just read the opinions of her former Treasury colleagues. The only minister who seems to be an actually appropriate choice is Buckland for Justice. Otherwise this cabinet is "We're Tired of Experts" made reality. It's been picked for ideological purity and/or willingness to change their opinions on the spot like Hancock and Rudd.
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    Don’t know if this constitutes as a Meme. @True Blue
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    He's still not getting it
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    I love Youtube for live music. Can always trust NPR Music and KEXP for some good shows from acts I hadn't previously heard of.
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    Great - gives me more time to send these in.
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    Milner and Robbo discussing and rating biscuits is highly entertaining content. Whoever came up with this idea deserves a medal.
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    I don't grow any, luckily
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    @SirBalon in this thread
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    Ye, but not because he's a nonce. More because he's absolutely shite.