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    The 'Other alf' of 45 years together
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    First month of the year already complete and we are proud to announce our first member of the month for 2019. January has seen a high level of contribution all over the boards - not just football related but many valuable contributions for the benefit and enjoyment for members in off-topic sections, too. We believe that this member has excelled in this respect and we are thankful for his input and posts across TF365. Historically regarded as one of the funniest members on TF365, his posts can provide much amusement for us all at times, and mixing this in with the more serious posts when necessary, we are very happy to announce that the January 2019 Member of the Month is.... @Berserker! It's his first time on the podium since this site's inception back in March 2017, where he finished 3rd, so congratulations sir! Despite a busy schedule (eating Mars bars?), we managed to catch a quick moment for when he received the news: Not far behind Berserker in the votes were @Bluewolf in 2nd and @Mel81x in 3rd.
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    Me and Violet, around 2 months ago. Me attempting a fake smile to try and get her to smile but she was having none of it.
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    Fiddy Pence once wrote a 1000 word all-caps essay on why he was coming to Scotland to kill me. Good times.
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    That's right, that's why your missus gives me game time, she prefers someone who can make things happen rather than a dull cunt like you.
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    Love my photography. Not trained or anything like that but this is my favourite shot. I'm working on a collection of these 'mirror reflection' images.
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    It almost feels out of place given the posts this precedes but I proposed to my partner tonight. After she asked whether I was being serious or not, she said yes. With my divorce to my ex being finalised and a daughter with my current partner, it kinda felt the right time.
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    After what has been a very traumatic week or so for me in my personal life, I'd like to just come back on today and give you number 3. It's times like these that you need people around you and this person is an absolute gent. In 3rd place on the hierarchy this year it is.... Batard - https://talkfootball365.com/profile/17-batard/ I give you an absolute certainty for the list. Despite the occasional run-in with members of the Storts Academy, the respect Batard carries across the forum is unprecedented. With 4000 posts and 17 days won, Batard's contribution on paper is evident for all to see. However, posting isn't played on paper, and we have to dig further into his contribution to really recognise what a wonderful year he has had. As an all rounder there are few better. Knowledgeable about football, with excellent insight into both the English and French games, but also one of the best off topic posters the forum has to offer. Despite being a member of the authorities, Batard maintains an excellent sense of humour. For me, he's the funniest poster on the forum, and that endears him to me. The thing with Batard is that he is completely genuine. I feel like we have been able to experience the highs and lows together on this forum, as he's given regular updates on his life, and I was delighted to see news of his impending (Second) marriage. We've spoken a lot in the past about using the forum as an outlet and a mechanism for discussing topics that we may not be comfortable discussing with people closer to us, and I have really appreciated the time and effort Batard has made in this regard. No topic would be complete either without mentioning the incredible job he does running mafia wars, which is without doubt, my favourite forum experience. The time and effort he puts into this place is highly commendable, yet he he does it in such an unassuming manner. I probably have not done justice what a brilliant year Batard has had and why he is thoroughly deserving of his place on the hierarchy, but the panel couldn't sing his praises enough. When I went to Batard to let him know about his nomination he said: "Well. What can I say. Obviously no sexual favors were exchanged for this honour. Although if someone could advise where I left my strap on and KitKat supply I would be eternally grateful." Soon it's number 2! 15 - @RandoEFC 14 - @Marc 13 - @carefreeluke 12 - @Harvsky 11 - @Happy Blue 10 - @Toinho 9 - @Faithcore 8 - @Dr. Gonzo 7 - @Dan 6 - @True Blue 5 - @Berserker 4 - @LFCMadLad 3 - @Batard 2 - 1-
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    I posted it in another thread a while ago but I'll post it again here My two best night photos.
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    Saddle up! Westerns are the major defining genre of the film industry, a nostalgic eulogy to the early days of the expansive, untamed American frontier, the borderline between civilization and the wilderness. They are one of the oldest, most enduring and flexible and one of the most distinctive genres in their mythic origins of time when freedom, values and morals held a greater position in society than they do now; and have always provided a rich mine for universally appealing stories of gunslinging frontier adventurers, desperadoes, and lawmen. From classic westerns to revisionist and Spaghetti westerns of the 60s to modern remakes, anything goes and that's what this thread for. I know we have quite a few people on here who share my love for the genre. So, what are your favourites?... @Viva la FCB @CaaC - John @Bluewolf @ASF @Rab @Mel81x @IgnisExcubitor @Cannabis
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    @Batard There's still some work to do for you. Thought this might help you:
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    I was supposed to meet fucking Brian of all fucking people as he was in Sydney for a bit, but he cancelled the day before claiming sickness. Scared cunt.
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    I very nearly had one this morning, arghhhhh it's pissed me off all day and I'm glad it's friday so it was an early finish at 13:00. What do people actually get out of speaking to people like twats? I was grafting away today when the supervisor comes over and starts shouting his head off at me due to someone pushing a pipe through the wall near where I was doing the insulating. It had absolutely nothing to do with me and I didn't even know anything about it. Honestly, if he speaks to me like that again then I will smash his fucking face in as I've only been there 2 weeks and that's twice now, the fucking clown. Bellends like him need to learn how to speak to people and it's a wonder why so many people jack from his jobs. What an utter fucking weasel. Give someone the tiniest amount of power and they think they can speak to people how they want. It's not happening on my watch though and I will chin him if he speaks to me like that one more time, especially when they are false accusations. The problem with me is that I can snap, I have terrible anger issues if pushed and when I do snap, I cannot control what I do. He shouldn't push me as he will end up in hospital, I will end up in prison and for what? A stupid job? I'm going have a word with him on monday morning and let him know that. Rant over. I feel a bit better now after a decent rant and a nice spliff
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    Phnom Penh at night... ...and during the day.
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    Another one of mine from last year near my house!
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    Today we make our way into the Champions League positions. In 4th place on the hierarchy this year it is.... LFCMadLad - https://talkfootball365.com/profile/20-lfcmadlad/ Sneaking into the Champions League places after a strong end to the season is LFCMadLad. With nearly 5000 posts, over 1000 reputation points and 8 days won, Mad Lad has a strong record both in posting volume and reputation. This was an interesting choice, but I believe the forum would not be the same without him. He's far from the most polished poster, and at times he chats absolute bollocks, however, the panel really respects his opinions whether or not we agree with them. He's an enigma, get's carried away with the positivity at times, yet at the same time remains one of the most level-headed posters on the forum. I believe he fully understands the strengths and weaknesses of his club, and where others have been carried away, he has not been anywhere near as reactionary. MadLad is a wonderful contributor all over the Premier League forum. He's always willing to talk football with you, Liverpool or otherwise. He's willing to dish it out and take it back, and I believe he's very much respected for that. King of the one liners, he is not a man to waste words unnecessarily, and takes the less is more approach on a lot of occasions. He's made his way this high on the list because he is a lynch-pin of football discussion on this forum. Quality and quantity, with humour and a bit of needle, the ideal combination for any poster that wants to make the list. I must congratulate him for another year's posting and wish him all the best in his European campaign. Hearing the news he said: "It means so much this mate! Absolutely marvellous " Friday we get to number 3! 15 - @RandoEFC 14 - @Marc 13 - @carefreeluke 12 - @Harvsky 11 - @Happy Blue 10 - @Toinho 9 - @Faithcore 8 - @Dr. Gonzo 7 - @Dan 6 - @True Blue 5 - @Berserker 4 - @LFCMadLad 3 - 2 - 1-
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    From the 1 or 2 Bollywood movies I've seen, I know that he'll have to do some weird dance with her afterwards where the whole town joins. Maybe he's not into that.
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    Hey @Marc Just a quick question! How come you're so up in arms over Berserker's usage of the word retarded although you liked this post where another user used the word retarded? Did you mean to hit the report button instead and miss completely?
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    Hope everybody enjoyed their weekend - I certainly did. But I don't want to keep you waiting any longer whilst we reach the business end of proceedings. In 5th place on the hierarchy this year it is.... Berserker - https://talkfootball365.com/profile/55-berserker/ Please welcome my 5th favourite Argentinian to the elite! With 2300 posts, 767 reputation points and 4 days won, Berserker's contribution cannot be understated. Best known for his love of Higuain, his crazy past and his strong belief that the Falklands are British - Berserker has once again had a fabulous year of posting and remains one of the selection panels favourite posters. Mixing his unique style of posting, with passionate football chat and even more passionate off topic endeavours, Berserker offers the complete package. With some colourful choices of words we put down to English being a second language, and a hot blooded South American demeanour, Berserker offers the forum something that we cannot find elsewhere, and without him it is a poorer place. As a fellow Nick, Berserker has managed to reinvent himself from his early beginnings on the forum, where he was derided in some quarters, to become a leader amongst the common man. Respected amongst his peers, but more importantly the hierarchy selection panel, Berserker manages to evade the authorities with aplomb. Not only does he bring humour to the forum, that can be lacking at times, - I believe we can all attest to the fact you know exactly what you are going to get, and for that we welcome you to your place on this year's elite. On hearing the news he said: "I'm delighted to have received such an honourable recognition, feels like being chosen as the bearer of the Excalibur. Cheers!" Nearly there - tomorrow number 4! 15 - @RandoEFC 14 - @Marc 13 - @carefreeluke 12 - @Harvsky 11 - @Happy Blue 10 - @Toinho 9 - @Faithcore 8 - @Dr. Gonzo 7 - @Dan 6 - @True Blue 5 - @Berserker 4 - 3 - 2 - 1-
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    Fiddy Pence's intro thread about how he'd just got out of prison.
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    Anyone remember that guy who thought @Rafa Beneathus was actually Gazza cos he had the player as his avatar?! Scouse_mouse or something like that
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    Tag me next time you little crayon muncher.