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    Mondays with my girls.
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    "When the missus says she's having the fillet steak and you see it's £28.99..."
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    So how was the week that was? I found it almost as depressing as coronavirus and a can of pepper spray to the face of a woman in crutches combined. Paderborn picked up 1 point from their 2 games, conceding 6 to Dortmund but showing spirit against RB. However, Paderborn are done and dusted realistically, 8pts adrift with 4 games to go."It's like getting the worlds saddest handjob from your sister" Martin Tyler. REDACTED. This information has been classified by the CIA. Return to your homes rioters. Union dropped the easiest 3pts in the league, collecting a draw against Schalke and a hammering from Gladbach, however they remain out of striking distance from Doodledwarf. "Its like getting smacked on your ass by your sister" Martin Tyler MAINZ WON!!!!!!! Oh lordy lord. No wonder theres rioting across the streets of America. This keeps them above Doofenschmirtz evil INC for another week. Augusburg were held to a draw by Koln. "It's like getting held by the pee pee by your sister" Martin Tyler This means the table looks like DIS!!!! 18th Paderborn 20pts 17th (REDACTED) 25pts 16th Fortunefinding Dusseldwarf 28pts 15th Mainz 31pts 14th Union Berlin 32pts 13th Augsburg 32pts Experiment Schalke. 14th 31pts This week, on report of the week Dortmund vs Dusseldorf in a Tsubasa vs Tommy gloryhunter ITOLDYOUSOIN2012 extravaganza. Union vs Koln in what might be the worst game in history Mainz vs Augsburg. Spoke too soon. Schalke free fall vs Neverkusen As for Paderborn..... back the fuck up scum.
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    A subaverage matchday with six participants predicting one perfect score each and three matches ending with results that led to zero points. Matchday 30 1) CaaC(John) 9 points 2) Bluewolf 8 points 2) Tommy 8 points 4) Michael 7 points 5) RandoEFC 5 points 5) Viva la FCB 5 points 7) nudge 4 points 7) SchalkeUK 4 points 7) Stan 4 points 10) 6666 3 points 11) binder 2 points 11) Rucksackfranzose 2 points Michael doubled his lead to four points. Table after 30 matchdays 1) @Michael 209 points 2) @RandoEFC 205 points 3) @nudge 199 points 4) @Stan 198 points 5) @Bluewolf 194 points 5) @Tommy 194 points 7) @Viva la FCB 187 points 8) Rucksackfranzose 168 points 9) @6666 166 points 9) @SchalkeUK 166 points 11) @Eco 120 points 12) @CaaC (John) 110 points 13) @binder 101 points 14) @cb_96 82 points 14) @londonerlilie 82 points 14) @Meditative 82 points 14) @Tzeentch 82 points
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    Week 31 Results Celta Vigo 0-1 Villarreal Mattersburg 1-4 Austria Vienna Besiktas 1-2 Antalyaspor Panathinaikos 0-0 PAOK Napoli 1-1 Inter Braga 0-1 Boavista Daegu 6-0 Seoul Athletic Bilbao 1-1 Atletico Madrid RB Salzburg 3-1 LASK Real Sociedad 1-1 Osasuna Division 1 Round-Up A few people missing meant some players could make ground on others. @nudge did exactly that and went one better, leap-frogging @Mel81x in to 3rd spot. @Viva la FCB, despite scoring 8, was able to go level with @Harry. @RandoEFC and @Pyfish did well to score 15 and 14 respectively. @Bluewolf's lead is cut down a little with @6666 out-scoring him. Division 2 Round-Up Can everyone say hello to the new kid in class please? @Inti Brian kicks off with 10 and overtakes his best mate in the process. Thanks in part to me deciding to start him on the same points in the interests of fairness... @Tommy out-scored us all in Div 2!
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    Beards off gave my hair a bit of a trim, the wife is happy as she said I looked a right scruff, cost her a few pints though
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    Wet one on the golf course on Sunday
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    Nice. Can't decide who has the better boobs though.
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    I think you have to concede that Rooney did realise his potential. He was world class as a teenager and during most of his 20's. He won the bloody Champions League for crying out loud, scored loads of goals in the Premier League and he was a key player for the England national team for over a decade. It's true that due to injuries he became pretty average for a fair few years during the latter part of his career and maybe that's what is blinding your judgement of him as a player. But there is little doubt that he reached most people's expectations of him, for a large part of his career.
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    Imagine relying on your memory and actual experience of watching a player probably close to 100 times LIVE to actually judge said player I’m out.
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    I know I haven't been a member of the forum for long nor have I really engaged too much. But yesterday was a very happy day for me as I received my final grades for my degree. I've got a place on a Masters degree with a scholarship too, plus I got a solid first in my dissertation. Absolutely buzzing!
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    Tough situation Solano but I tried to turn a good friendship into a relationship a long time ago... didn’t work... he ended up bald and married with lots of kids.
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    @Happy Blue always happy to exchange lists with you mate . @Pyfish @CaaC (John) @Stan - good morning @Toinho i want you @Dr. Gonzo hope you don’t win the league @hairyharry who is this guy
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    (not my photo but a friend on FB).
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    I was quite proud of this one this morning, mainly for the sky. It has made the photo.
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    @Bluewolf @6666 @Mel81x @nudge @Dan @Harry @Viva la FCB @Pyfish @RandoEFC @SchalkeUK @CaaC (John) @Spike @Eco @binder @Rucksackfranzose @Michael @Tommy @Batard Good afternoon all! With football slowly coming back week by week, the World Prediction League will resume on SATURDAY 13th JUNE 2020. There appears to be enough games on Saturdays/Sundays so this format will continue. The same leagues (see below) that were used before the stoppage will continue to be used. Any questions, fire away! Leagues to be used: Italian Serie A Spanish La Liga MLS Scottish Premier League French Ligue 1 English Championship English FA Cup A-League Dutch Eredivisie Portuguese Primeira Liga Brazilian Serie A Swiss Ligue 1 Turkish Super Lig 1 Austrian Bundesliga Russian Premier League Greek Super League International fixtures (International breaks only)
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    Derek Chauvin's charge has been upgraded from 3rd to 2nd degree murder, other three officers charged as well.
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    Mark Viduka For such a big lad, he had unbelievable feet, touch, skill, which along with his sheer physicality and aerial ability, made him an absolute handful. The amount of deft touches or finesse chips over an on rushing keeper was daft, but he had that in his locker. Not only that (and this is a little detail that often gets overlooked), he was as strong in either foot. Left or right peg was equal to eachother. I've seen him torment some of the most 'streetwise' defenders and make them look like chumps. Martin Keown for example, he was a thug of a defender but a bloody good one and I've seen Viduka man handle him like a rag doll. A prime Mark Viduka could play in the Premier League now for any of the 'Big 6' IMO, such were his all round qualities.
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    Next round if it started today for CB's... @SirBalon 69 Koopmeiners up against Alvarez @Michael Popov against Cesar Montes @Berserker Senesi against Caceres @ScoRoss Ajer against Diaz @Machado @Lucas Dias against Ben White @ASF Nehuen Perez against Gianfranco Chavez @nudge Wober against Stephen Who is your bet to win it all? I think the favourites at the moment are Senesi, Cuesta and Chavez. The former 2 are going to win their group by a landslide. The latter has home advantage with all my followers being Peruvian. I also think Koopmeiners and Ajer have good chances. Dark horse would be Godfrey Stephen since the Belorussians have found my profile and are voting lots for him.
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    7 times German champions, 5 German Cup wins, UEFA Cup winners. Yeah, a real tinpot team...
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    Well most fans of Schalke see winning the DFB-Pokal as a better achievement than being in the CL semifinals, so yes. Hope you see the irony of a fan of York9 calling Schalke tinpot.
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    If you respond to 'Black Lives Matter' by saying 'all lives matter' you've totally missed the point. By saying Black Lives Matter, you're not saying that other races/lives matter less. It's the point that black people want to be equal to everyone else. They feel that they're not. And rightly so in my opinion. Saying black lives matter does not equate to disagreeing with 'all lives matter'. It's very basic and a bit of a cop-out to dumb it down to say there's oppression across all races/skin colours so you shouldn't be saying black lives matter. It's not being ignored.