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    Funny how it works. The above post was written on March 9th (9/3), today is September 3rd (3/9) and things have changed more than I could have ever imagined. Soon after this post was written with 100% certainty on my end, COVID hit Atlanta hard and we as a city had the Shelter in Place order. Wife and I decided to live in the same house and see this out so that neither of us had to worry about outside containment during all the craziness that was the beginning of this pandemic. I'm not sure the exact time line, but maybe a week (or two?) after this, my wife and worked on setting up the house for our daughter, which included buying a pool, buying a playground, setting up a tent, and even buying an inflatable bounce castle to keep her entertained while we were here. Slowly, while we were working on these mutual goals, we began talking more and more about the more 'serious' topics, and somehow our communication was much more open, honest, less judged then in the past, which allowed us to broach some serious topics we might have hidden otherwise. We continued to sleep in different rooms, but slowly our communication improved. Then, my father got diagnosed with COVID, and my world certainly shifted. My Dad isn't in the best of health, and so I was certainly worried as I somewhat idolize my father. My wife, Leighton, helped me by just listening as I spoke to her about my concerns and fears with my father, and all she did was listen and be there for me. It's worth mentioning that my wife lost her mother to alcoholism and drugs the year before we met, and while they weren't close, she does have experience with losing a parent. One night, I was feeling really down about being locked in my house while my Dad was sick, and in her attempt to change the mood, my wife arranged a nice steak dinner outside after our child had gone to bed. She set up a temporary table we had stored in the garage, put some some classical favorites of mine in the background, and even lit up some candles so that we weren't in complete darkness. It was wonderful and without making this into a film you might see on some NSFW websites, we ended up having sex, which was the first time we had in months, and first time doing it with any sign of passion in possibly years. That night I slept in my bed again, and haven't left. We have continued to talk about all things, and worked together our underlying issues, and created a safe space for each of us to be open with our dreams, crazy ideas (I have a few), and things we want to accomplish, all with the understanding that the other person will listen and be supportive. Game Changer. So now, here we are and it's been maybe 3 or so months since this all took place. It's weird to read about my old stories, because it seems like so many moons ago. Have we had arguments? Absolutely! However, even those are different than they were before, they feel like they are done with better intentions than previous arguments, and we've had significantly better results. Wife has started a graduate program, understood and accepted our religious differences, and has been very supported with my goal of finding a new job and the idea of potentially moving over to Europe for a few years and getting our daughter (and us) a new experience. My wife has been having some medical issues going on, nothing life threatening, but certainly concerning, and I like to think I've been here supporting her 100% and that she knows, and is grateful for this new life we have together. NPR (National Public Radio) here in Atlanta, is wanting couples who relationships ended (or improved) during COVID, to just sit down and record themselves talking about where they were, where they are, and how this pandemic assisted in that process, and my Father swears that my wife and I should do this, and we very well may. I think it'd be a great experience for us to relive and remind ourselves how lucky we are for right now, because only months ago our worlds looked a look bleaker. My father completely recovered, and everyone in my family has been nothing but healthy since. With all the craziness of 2020, it seems like I could argue that my life is better now than ever.
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    He was pessimistic when we were 25 points clear last season!
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    Scout, Coach, Club Owner, Vlogger, Finger banger, Resurrector, and now Podcaster. What can't you do Brian?
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    Here we go again! All being good, my partner and I are expecting another daughter or maybe our first son together, in April 2021. After a year of close run things, miscarriages and medical concerns we finally conceived again. I say we, the postman has been looking a little awkward recently.
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    A month which saw the domestic club seasons culminate much later in the year than expected - Bayern completing their successful CL campaign and Sevilla winning the Europa League, again... Ironically though it was a non-European poster that shone for us (alongside some regulars!). I'd like to think he's respected around the forums because he's such a knowledgeable poster about football in general, but especially when it comes to South American football and players from that part of the world. July was a good month for this member - 2nd in July 2018 and 1st in July 2019. Repeating the latter feat for August this time round though is... @El Profesor! He sent us a quick video of his reaction when he was given the news: Well done to @Michael who came 2nd again and @Cicero!
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    Sudan has become a secular country.
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    FINAL RANKINGS: 10 points @Viva la FCB, 8 points: @Tommy, @Bluewolf, 7 points: Stan, @Dr. Gonzo, @CaaC (John), 6 points: @Mel81x, @Lucas, 5 points: @6666, @Devil-Dick Willie, @Berserker, 4 points: @DeadLinesman, @Rucksackfranzose, @Redcanuck, 3 points: @tlr, @Michael, @Faithcore, @Spike, @Pyfish, @Azeem, @IgnisExcubitor, @Eco, 2 points: @nudge, @Bluebird Hewitt, 1 point: @Storts, @Relling, @Deco, @londonerlilie, @Batard, @Toinho
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    A while ago here, the local authorities created a facebook group encouraging people to snitch on those who don't wear masks in public in order to find and fine them. People responded by posting photos of politicians not wearing masks, which led to the group being shut down within 48 hours
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    Chelsea haven't been punished at all. Embarrassing really. City and Chelsea constantly get away with murder. I think I'd be physically sick if I'd ever been born into supporting either.
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    Week One Fixtures: The first fixtures start next weekend so here are the fixtures for everyone who has signed up. Most of the games are Saturday 12th. There are a few people who won't have games until later on in the month unfortunately but I'm sure the number of matches will be made up across the course of the season. Who Date Home Team Score Away Team Competition @Rucksackfranzose 11/09 Braunschweig v Hertha Berlin DFB Pokal @Eco 12/09 Barnsley v Luton Championship @CaaC (John) 12/09 Barrow v Stevenage League Two @Deco 12/09 Celle v Augsburg DFB Pokal @Toinho 12/09 Crystal Palace v Southampton Premier League Pyfish 12/09 Derby v Reading Championship @Stan 12/09 Eibar v Celta Vigo La Liga @Mel81x 12/09 Portsmouth v Shrewsbury League One @Batard v @Bluewolf 12/09 West Ham v Newcastle Premier League @londonerlilie 13/09 Nimes v Rennes Ligue 1 @Tommy 13/09 Tenerife v Malaga La Liga 2 @Azeem 19/09 Verona v Roma Serie A @RandoEFC 27/09 Barcelona v Villareal La Liga @Lucas 27/09 Verona v Udinese Serie A @nudge - Fixtures not released Best of luck everyone. If anybody else wants in, let me know and I'll draw you a random team.
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    Or just some simple fundraising by @UK Grun Weiss
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    Police went to stop a party and ended up staying, joining in and dancing. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @Berserker, @Mpache
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    My old fella nowadays at 71 years old looks like a dead shrimp.
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    Pranking people with a fake Crocodile/Alligator head.... 10/10 for the last bloke with steel balls jumping in to try and save his friend because he thought he was going to get gobbled up... We all need friends like that... https://9gag.com/gag/a3wyGP8
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    We'll be going again this year, starting with the English Premier League. If anyone needs reminding of the rules of the Last Man Standing league or is new to the whole thing, you can find a full list of rules in the thread below: If you're not really that arsed about the details, basically pick a different team each week, if they win, you stay in, if they don't win, you're out of that round of the competition. We cycle through the leagues starting with the Premier League, then moving onto the Bundesliga, Serie A etc. I will tag everyone that took part last year, in order of last season's final standings. All newcomers are also welcome, the more the merrier. If you're in for this season's first round, please pick your winner from the Gameweek One fixtures below. @Lucas @Eco @nudge @Tommy @Bluewolf @Michael @RandoEFC @Storts @DeadLinesman @Stan @Rucksackfranzose @Dan @CaaC (John) @Azeem @...Dan @Pyfish @SchalkeUK @JOSHBRFC @Mel81x @Viva la FCB @Batard Preview - Gameweek One The Premier League gets underway next weekend, below is the first set of fixtures. Please make sure you have picked before your chosen team's game kicks off! Soccerway is kind enough to include some odds (though I'm not convinced about those Sunday odds), there are only 8 games to pick from as the first two are postponed, don't ask me why. If they get rearranged to a later gameweek and we're still at it, that will give you 12 games to choose from at that point in time. It's not an easy week to start us off, my pick for Gameweek One is Liverpool. Good luck!
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    Do you do live tickers for a living, by any chance?
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    So provocative on purpose in order to shed light on a serious issue? Can't comment without having seen it, but even if that's what their intentions were, I am still appalled. They essentially sexualise child actresses and have them twerk on camera and whatnot for alleged "awareness". Child exploitation is still child exploitation, just because it's serving a purpose doesn't make it any less fucked up.
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    What are you on about? There's hundreds of threads on here updated every day and the last month or so I've barely posted in any of them except a smattering of Everton stuff so if you really really don't like reading what it's like to be an Everton fan for some reason then staying away from those threads is probably your best bet like.
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    Glad I'm not the only one who thinks Season 2 was crap. I managed to go through 3 or 4 episodes, fell asleep in the process and then never watched it again. First season was good, despite all its flaws. As for Max, he is surely a polarising character; there are plenty of people who can't stand him (hi, @DeadLinesman) and that's alright... Netflix made him into a villain for no reason as it fitted their narrative though, and that's a bit too reality-show-fake-drama for my liking.
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    I'm not advocating violence on the football pitch to begin with, merely reflecting on that there have been some truly epic and bizarre dust off's followed by even more epic and bizarres tales from the subsequent fallout. My offering is from 15 years ago. Dyer vs Bowyer followed by Souness' reaction.
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