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    BREAKING NEWS - TRANSFER UPDATE We understand it's out of the transfer window but after negotiating a fee (which will remain undisclosed), we would like to welcome our latest signing to the Staff team. @Dr. Gonzo You will all be glad to know you now have one less member to beat in the Member of the Month competitions. Staff voted and saw Dr. (not his real first name, wtf) as a prime candidate to join our Moderating team. He brings with him a wealth of experience in TF365 forum matters and we look forward to him working with us and putting in some stellar performance on the pitch. Welcome, sir!
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    I want to write something, it may not be eloquent, it may not mean anything to anybody but me, or to Spurs fans, but I feel like I owe it to Pochettino as stupid as that may sound. We are all on this forum because we love football - and for the vast majority because we love our clubs. The reasons as to why are varied, as is almost certainly the strength to which we love them, but for all of us there will be reasons and moments that resonate as to why - and Pochettino's tenure has given me so many reasons to love my football club. A lot of the below is probably going to sound trivial to many - it may be sneered at - it may be dismissed as minor or small time - but honestly at this moment I don't think any of that matters. Regardless of our failure to win a trophy under his leadership, something he and I regret no doubt in equal measure, and for reasons in my belief that are far beyond his control, what he has given us over this time is exactly what he said he would on the day he joined. He said he'd do everything in his power to make us proud of this football club again - and I can tell you Mauricio that is exactly what you did. I think, without starting the usual internet arguments, that going home and away following your club means that you get a stronger connection to the club and what is going on. I certainly felt that with Pochettino - he was universally loved across the fanbase. He gave us reason to hope and to dream - and to believe in what he was doing and the players that were absolutely besotted with him for several years. I don't really know where to begin with this - it's just a collection of rambling thoughts currently - and I have no doubts that I am going to forget certain things over the last five years that have really made today such a painful one, but we cannot forget the special moments we've had with him. Lets not pretend things have been going well in 2019. Most defeats in a calendar year for us since Juande Ramos and 2009. Abysmal away form. No clear plan or way to get out of the slump. Playing players that did not want to be there or fight for him. Things were not right. But that's not to say that he didn't deserve the opportunity to rebuild as he did once before. Tear things down and start again. He deserved that opportunity. It still needs to happen - just now it's going to be somebody different. The same problems exist, just we don't know what we are getting ourselves into. The joke is, he is paying the price for the chairman standing still - for the lack of progression and signings. We had the perfect opportunity to kick on and keep improving but he refused to put the money in. The blame lies solely at this feet. I think what must be added right now - is how unbelievably well Pochettino has actually done - turning this club into a regular Champions League participant, a finalist, and put us back on the map domestically and in Europe. He's a victim of his own success. He's consistently helped us punch above our weight. With a wage bill and transfer budget so far below the other top 5 clubs in this league. We played two years away from home - and I don't think I can explain how difficult that must have been. It was toxic at Wembley, people were voting with their feet, and to get the players up for it and enable us to get into the top 4 again last year was some achievement. He took us up a few levels. He changed the mentality at the club. He made us a feared opponent, aggressive and well organised, defensively sound whilst exciting going forward. He built us a foundation that we pushed and turned into the most glorious football of my lifetime. That final season at White Hart Lane was breathtaking. Just a shame we couldn't mark it with silverware. I think Dele said it best on Twitter tonight - ”I can’t thank this man enough. He’s taught me so much and I’m so grateful for everything he’s done for me. Good luck and hope to see you again my friend.” - every single one of those players owes him so much for the improvement they've made as footballers over the last few years. He's given them opportunities to prove themselves at the top level. This from Melissa Reddy also "Mauricio Pochettino made exceeding expectations the norm at Tottenham under several restrictions at a time when their rivals have never been so well resourced or relentless. He changed how we viewed Spurs. A transformation greater than trophies by a certified elite manager" - some people will sneer at that - but it's a perfectly accurately representation of how far we've come But things have definitely got worse. He had young players willing to learn and listen to his ideas. Willing to press and give their all for the club. Whether it's simply a fitness and age thing, or just a lack of application, our pressing game has gone. We’ve regressed since finishing second to Chelsea. We’ve got fewer points, conceded more goals and scored fewer as each season passed. The players may have got complacent and believed their own hype - and Pochettino struggled to re-energise them. That's why standing still and not adding to the squad matters so much. But I don't want to write about that - I just want to go down memory lane - to remember why these past five years have been special. He came in - and the squad was a mess - the team was full of mercenaries. It started incredibly, Eric Dier last minute winner at West Ham - but then we struggled. It was clear that Kaboul, Adebayor etc. had to go. It was time to bring through the young players that wanted to play for the club. That it meant something to. So the revolution begun. Harry Kane off the bench at Aston Villa with a late deflected free kick winner. That kick started it all. To Ryan Mason, Andros Townsend, Kane. Players that helped turn us around, that bought into Pochettino's methods and the sense of pride he wanted to establish. The 'battle of the bridge' - albeit drawing on a night that saw Leicester crowned us champions - but it was a night that established a new Tottenham team. One that had a backbone, that wouldn't be walked all over. The passion on display that night fighting for the shirt. You don't forget that. He retired St Totteringham's day. He took us back to being the best team in North London. After the disaster of the 5-1 defeat at Newcastle he came back and played the most remarkable season of football I've seen us play. I think it's three seasons in a row now we've finished above them, and considering that hadn't happened since I was 3 - it's something that cannot be understated. The win at the Bridge on Easter Sunday. Finally - for the first time since 1989. We didn't fear going to these grounds anymore. The Finale at the Lane - the win against Manchester United and the send off to the finest stadium in the Land. Magical. Thrashing European Champions Real Madrid at Wembley. The emotions of City away, VAR, knocking out the PL Champions. Followed up the emotions of Ajax - nothing will top that. The passion from a manager I've heard was in pieces at his sacking today - he got it. He understood what it was to be Tottenham. He understand what it is to really connect with a football club. To throw yourself into the job and feel what the supporters feel. Those images of him celebrating on the pitch epitomised his management of the club. No doubt he's been hurting with how 2019 has gone. The climax in Madrid - what could have been the perfect end to the fairytale I've felt we've been on under Poch. But it wasn't to be. But those memories from that run can never be taken away from us. The celebrations etched into our minds. As it's 1:20 I'll leave it there - it probably means nothing to anyone else, but I just wanted to put down in writing how I am feeling now. Ridiculous that football gets you so emotional, but I'm sad, angry, but thankful this tenure has happened. Thankful that we've had this warm, engaging, positive manager in charge of this great football club. Fit to follow in the footsteps of Bill Nicholson. Thankful that he was the man to lead us into a new era with the new stadium. A different standing for the club - and different level. And whilst to me it has ended prematurely, through a board that hasn't backed him, and seemingly a loss of willpower and strength to turn things around - it's been an incredible five years and if the next appointment is indeed confirmed as Mourinho, he has massive shoes to fill. He's going to struggle to connect with a fanbase as our special Argentine did. Thank you Mauricio, for everything, for giving me my best moments supporting this club. Best of luck for the future. I really wish him all the success in the world. He's magic, you know.
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    I've been on paternity leave for the last 3 weeks... A lot of modern workplaces now are encouraging men to do this and my work offer up to 14 weeks paid leave inside the first year of the birth. So for the last 3 weeks I've woken up to this beautiful little face beaming up at me, and am planning my days around making sure she's getting cool experiences and challenges and mingling with other babies. It's been great tbh. I thought I might've been totally rubbish at being the lead parent but I think I've fared pretty well so far.
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    Could be worse. Could be 10th and playing in Europa after spending a billion quid.
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    I was thinking more of a Slim Shady follow up to Stan... "Dear @Stan, I PM'd you but you still ain't callin'..."
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    Fucking hell that thread is a train wreck from start to finish. @antarctica, Brian - I like you mate, I do hope you return to the forum sometime soon... but really man, you can’t expect mods to take action against @Teso dos Bichos just because the 2 of you can’t get along. The ignore function does work - you just need to be able to control that voice in your head that’s telling you “I’ve got to see what he said.” Work on replacing that thought with “there is a reason he’s on ignore.” Also you can’t prove he’s the one who revealed the post that got you sacked mate. Live and learn, you posted something you probably shouldn’t have posted & the people who sacked you most likely looked on that forum to verify if it was you. A company has a reputation to uphold, especially a smaller start up that’s trying to make a name for itself. They can’t be tied to anything controversial. Also don’t post racist shite, I’d never have once assumed you had a racist bone in your body knowing you from our interactions on here... so that’s a bit sad to have learned. But I’m sure you were just trying to be an edgy kid and you’ve learned. And it’s good you’ve learned, keep learning. So when you’re ready, if that ever comes, keep learning because there’s no reason for you not to use this forum the way I use this forum. And I know it’s a lot of people on here use the forum. This is our happy place where we can talk about football or any other little thing on our minds and have a laugh with our online friends. Our online football friends. And don’t take shite so seriously. @Teso dos Bichos and I have argued in the past, and yet I would still very much like to get high as fuck with the madlad.
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    Results Atalanta 1-3 Juventus Bristol 0-0 Nottm Forest Walsall 0-0 Stevenage Lyon 2-1 Nice Utrecht 0-3 Alkmaar Real Madrid 3-1 Real Sociedad Roma 3-0 Brescia Verona 1-0 Fiorentina Eibar 0-2 Alaves St Etienne 0-0 Montpellier Division 1 Round-Up The two front-runners, @Bluewolf & @Mel81x, both score the same amount of points (19) and in doing so, increase the gap from the chasers below. @Dan and @RandoEFC swap places while @CaaC (John) & @Viva la FCB both leapfrog @binder. 5 scores of 15 as well in what was a fairly even round of scores. Division 2 Round-Up It looks certain that @nudge will be promoted to Division 1 at the end of next month. A score of 18 increases her lead by 5. The same score from myself establishes 3rd place but still a long way to go to break in to the top 2. A good score of 17 from @Michael puts him up a couple of spots in to 6th place.
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    Just watched it! First things first - I loved it. The production value is extremely good. It's visually stunning, the soundtrack is amazing, the storyline is promising and the most important thing - it truly feels like Star Wars due to it being so true to the original trilogy in terms of pacing, world building, old-school effects, goofy humour, witty dry dialogue and the overall feel. Also so many nods to the original movies in the details; love it. Funnily enough, I have a feeling that because of of all that the show is going to appeal more to the somewhat older Star Wars fans who grew up watching the original trilogy whereas the younger generations might struggle a bit with it. Old spaghetti westerns are definitely a huge influence as well stylistically; it's gritty, fun and engaging. The ending of the first episode...I won't do any spoilers but the reveal is going to have MASSIVE implications for the show and for the whole Star Wars universe. A short summary of my first impressions: it's a visually stunning space western in a Star Wars universe with cool characters, engaging story, good action and amazing musical score. It somehow manages to capture the essence of both the prequels and the original trilogy, all while keeping it completely new and fresh. This is Star Wars I fell in love with! Highly recommended. @Tommy @Cicero @Batard @Rick @Mel81x @Bluewolf @IgnisExcubitor @DeadLinesman @Dr. Gonzo
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    A mix of EFL, FA Cup and Premier League action this weekend. Unfortunately, no major giant killings and only two games resulted in a loss. Here's who has moved clubs and who remains to fight another day with their club... Results Storts 09/11 Blackpool 4 - 1 Morecambe Win Deadlinesman 09/11 Cheltenham 1 - 1 Swindon Draw Smiley Culture, Dan, Mel81x & Tommy 09/11 Colchester 0 - 2 Coventry Win Londonerlilie & HawayTheLads 09/11 Forest Green 4 - 0 Billericay Win Stick with Azeem 09/11 Leeds 2 - 1 Blackburn Loss Cicero, Bluewolf, Teso dos Bichos, Fairy in Boots & Caac (John) 09/11 Leicester 2 - 0 Arsenal Win Rucksackfranzose 09/11 MK Dons 0 - 1 Port Vale Win Pyfish & LFCMadLad 09/11 Preston 3 - 1 Huddersfield Loss RandoEFC & Dr. Gonzo 09/11 Tottenham 1 - 1 Sheffield United Draw Batard 10/11 Chippenham 0 - 3 Northampton Win Eco 10/11 Hayes & Yeading 0 - 2 Oxford Win Stan, Toinho & nudge 10/11 Liverpool 3 - 1 Man City Win Stick @Storts stays with Blackpool @DeadLinesman stays with Swindon @Smiley Culture, @Dan, @Mel81x & @Tommy stay with Coventry @HawayTheLads & @londonerlilie stay with Forest Green @Cicero, @Bluewolf, @Teso dos Bichos, @Fairy In Boots & @CaaC (John) stay with Leicester @Rucksackfranzose stays with Port Vale @RandoEFC & @Dr. Gonzo stay with Sheffield United @Batard stays with Northampton @Eco stays with Oxford @Stan, @Toinho & @nudge stay with Liverpool Moving @Stick With Azeem moves from Blackburn to Leeds @Pyfish & @LFCMadLad move from Huddersfield to Preston Table Teams P W D L GF GA GD Pts Win Ratio 1 Stan 3 14 9 3 2 39 19 20 30 64.29% 2 Cicero 6 15 7 3 5 18 15 3 24 46.67% 3 Storts 4 12 7 2 3 23 14 9 23 58.33% 4 Teso dos Bichos 7 16 6 4 6 23 18 5 22 37.50% 5 nudge 5 14 6 4 4 22 23 -1 22 42.86% 6 Batard 7 15 6 3 6 23 21 2 21 40.00% 7 Deadlinesman 4 13 5 5 3 20 13 7 20 38.46% 8 CaaC (John) 4 10 6 1 3 26 10 16 19 60.00% 9 Londonerlilie 3 11 5 4 2 20 12 8 19 45.45% 10 Fairy in Boots 7 15 5 4 6 21 17 4 19 33.33% 11 RandoEFC 3 11 5 4 2 14 10 4 19 45.45% 12 Eco 6 14 5 4 5 16 15 1 19 35.71% 13 LFCMadLad 3 11 4 5 2 15 14 1 17 36.36% 14 Toinho 8 14 5 2 7 16 19 -3 17 35.71% 15 Dr. Gonzo 5 11 4 3 4 12 11 1 15 36.36% 16 Rucksackfranzose 7 13 4 3 6 15 15 0 15 30.77% 17 Pyfish 8 12 5 0 7 17 18 -1 15 41.67% 18 Bluewolf 10 16 4 3 9 14 20 -6 15 25.00% 19 Tommy 6 10 4 2 5 17 18 -1 14 40.00% 20 Mel81x 6 10 4 2 5 18 20 -2 14 40.00% 21 Dan 5 10 3 3 4 12 14 -2 12 30.00% 22 Stick with Azeem 5 11 2 5 4 13 13 0 11 18.18% 23 HawayTheLads 1 3 3 0 0 8 1 7 9 100.00% 24 Smiley Culture 6 9 2 2 5 10 14 -4 8 22.22% As ever, fixtures will be posted soon. A few in action in the EFL Trophy tomorrow.
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    I never give up with this side, even after conceding with about 10 minutes left I still felt we'd get a chance to win it. It would be nice if we could have a few more routine wins though having said that, we've had a tough run of fixtures, let's not forget that.
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    Wait. This is a football forum. You can continue to argue even if you're wrong
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    I hold it a different standard. Mourinho was sacked TWICE by Chelsea, why should he hold loyalty to a club that fired him?
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    Absolutely devastated quite honestly - that and furious. Don't care what the form has been like, don't care about some of the problems this season - this man has been the best Spurs manager of my lifetime. He's given us moments and experiences I didn't think we'd ever get - I'm gutted we didn't win anything, but he deserved so much more. He's overachieved constantly - he's given Levy consistent CL money - and deserved every chance to turns things round again, just like he did the first time. I'm sure I'll say more when I'm less angry but there's only one party coming out of this well - and it isn't us. Team Poch.
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    Today we launched a report: https://labour.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Lifelong-Learning-Report-2019.pdf which I’ve been working on for 9 months since its launch and a few years prior to that to get it to that stage. Very proud of its recommendations and the party adopting it as policy, which if elected, could be a radical step to improving people’s lives and making a huge difference to the social, health and wellbeing of so many adult learners that have been lost from the system over the last decade. Not to mention help to close the massive skills gap in this country that keeps on growing. Sure some of you may have seen it in the media today if you’re following election coverage but just wanted to share in case anybody wanted to have a read.
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    Division 1 Round-Up Top scores of 21 by @Bluewolf and @RandoEFC influence their positions for different reasons. The leader is now in front by a big 15 points whereas the latter jumps up 2 spots. @Viva la FCB failure to predict sees him drop 3 places. @Mel81x's good score of 17 means a place in 2nd spot and overtakes @Pyfish. Division 2 Round-Up Sadly only 5 of us predicted but they were all decent scores. @Michael had the best of the lot with a strong 19 points. @nudge still in the lead by 9 points. There was due to be a split after the final fixtures in December but may need to re-evaluate and re-think if the lack of predicting continues...!
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    Good example of loyalty...
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    Weekly Wednesday Reminder @Bluewolf @Mel81x @RandoEFC @binder @Spike @londonerlilie @nudge @Harry @Rucksackfranzose @SirBalon @Raja1991 @Michael @Batard
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    Man Utd and Real Madrid now in a race to sack their managers.
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    Sounds like something you might find in a sex dungeon set up...
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    Division 1 Round-Up High score of 18 from @6666 means he's now in 3rd place. Partly thanks to @Pyfish not predicting either. @RandoEFC moves up to 4th too. @Eco swaps places with @Spike towards the bottom of the table, too - a prediction of the week of Western United 0-1 Newcastle as well. @Bluewolf remains in the lead by a healthy 13 points. @Mel81x scored well with 17 points though. Division 2 Round-Up Just the one change where I swap places with @Rucksackfranzose. Top scores from the top 2 though - 20 points apiece means @nudge & @Harry remain well out in the lead.
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    Once again sorry for the delay in getting this updated. I had a second wave of the flu that threatened to kill me off early last week @DeadLinesman lost in the EFL Trophy last week and joins Bristol Rovers who face non-league Bromley in the FA Cup next. Wins for the others with @Batard facing off against his former club Grimsby next and @HawayTheLads & @londonerlilie facing their own non-league threat in the form of Darlington Deadlinesman 13/11 Bristol Rovers 1 - 0 Swindon Loss Storts 16/11 Blackpool 2 - 0 Wimbledon Win Smiley Culture, Dan, Mel81x & Tommy 16/11 Coventry 2 - 1 Rochdale Win Batard 16/11 Northampton 4 - 1 Crewe Win Rucksackfranzose 16/11 Port Vale 2 - 1 Carlisle Win Londonerlilie & HawayTheLads 16/11 Walsall 2 - 1 Cambridge Win Moving @DeadLinesman moves from Swindon to Bristol Rovers Stick @Storts stays at Blackpool @Mel81x, @Tommy, @Smiley Culture & @Dan stay with Coventry @Batard stays with Northampton @Rucksackfranzose stays with Port Vale @HawayTheLads and @londonerlilie stay with Walsall Table The main changes in the table come at the bottom of the table. Just look how low I'm slipping now - I'm only one place above @Bluewolf! Teams P W D L GF GA GD Pts Win Ratio 1 Stan 3 14 9 3 2 39 19 20 30 64.29% 2 Storts 4 13 8 2 3 25 14 11 26 61.54% 3 Batard 7 16 7 3 6 27 22 5 24 43.75% 4 Cicero 6 15 7 3 5 18 15 3 24 46.67% 5 Teso dos Bichos 7 16 6 4 6 23 18 5 22 37.50% 6 Eco 6 15 6 4 5 20 16 4 22 40.00% 7 Londonerlilie 4 13 6 4 3 22 19 3 22 46.15% 8 nudge 5 14 6 4 4 22 23 -1 22 42.86% 9 Deadlinesman 5 14 5 5 4 20 14 6 20 35.71% 10 CaaC (John) 4 10 6 1 3 26 10 16 19 60.00% 11 Fairy in Boots 7 15 5 4 6 21 17 4 19 33.33% 12 RandoEFC 3 11 5 4 2 14 10 4 19 45.45% 13 Rucksackfranzose 7 14 5 3 6 17 16 1 18 35.71% 14 LFCMadLad 3 11 4 5 2 15 14 1 17 36.36% 15 Tommy 6 11 5 2 5 19 19 0 17 45.45% 16 Mel81x 6 11 5 2 5 20 21 -1 17 45.45% 17 Toinho 8 14 5 2 7 16 19 -3 17 35.71% 18 Dr. Gonzo 5 11 4 3 4 12 11 1 15 36.36% 19 Dan 5 11 4 3 4 14 15 -1 15 36.36% 20 Pyfish 8 12 5 0 7 17 18 -1 15 41.67% 21 Bluewolf 10 16 4 3 9 14 20 -6 15 25.00% 22 HawayTheLads 2 5 4 0 1 10 8 2 12 80.00% 23 Stick with Azeem 5 11 2 5 4 13 13 0 11 18.18% 24 Smiley Culture 6 10 3 2 5 12 15 -3 11 30.00% Next Fixtures Deadlinesman 19/11 Bromley v Bristol Rovers FA Cup HawayTheLads & londonerlilie 20/11 Darlington v Walsall FA Cup Cicero, Bluewolf, Teso dos Bichos, Fairy in Boots & Caac (John) 23/11 Brighton v Leicester Premier League Stan, Toinho & nudge 23/11 Crystal Palace v Liverpool Premier League Pyfish & LFCMadLad 23/11 Derby v Preston Championship Storts 23/11 Ipswich v Blackpool League One Stick with Azeem 23/11 Luton v Leeds Championship Batard 23/11 Northampton v Grimsby League Two Rucksackfranzose 23/11 Scunthorpe v Port Vale League Two Eco 23/11 Southend v Oxford League One Smiley Culture, Dan, Mel81x & Tommy 23/11 Sunderland v Coventry League One RandoEFC & Dr. Gonzo 24/11 Sheffield United v Manchester United Premier League
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    Jesus Christ it's just a football message board who cares