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    That's Rey, not Princess Leia I'm not normally a big fan of theme parks but I'd love a visit to the Galaxy's Edge...
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    I'me not going to argue with a Star Wars nutter, Star Trek is my baby.
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    This is literally THE biggest wish the Star Wars Fans had over the last decade, and it became true Amazing! He was hands down the best thing about the prequels.
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    Morinho on VAR: "Only thieves complain about introduction of security cameras".
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    Chelsea have been playing well. Think they could finally get going here but Norwich got a goal in them. Chelsea win with both scoring I think.
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    Garner, Chong, Traore & Ramazani all really impressed, but wasn't one player who didn't look good! Very promising for United, Traore in particular having never heard of him before looks a player
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    Thought they were poor second half until they changed, this guy isn’t premier league standard I reckon he’d struggle in the top half of the championship
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    Let's be fair. Everton had great chances tonight. Calvert-Lewin, should score. Not clinical enough. Iwobi, hit post. Just unlucky. Walcott, should score. Absolute abomination of a player. Everton score and it's a different game. You have to take your chances or you get punished. Chances fell to the wrong men. Villa done them on the counter twice and were clinical. Simple really. They deserved it for digging deep. The game passed Everton by. Doesn't need Einstein to identify the weakness. Hopefully for them Kean starts next game. He looks a handful where as Calvert-Lewin looks like someone you could hold hands with for 90mins.
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    10 clean sheets in the last 13 games and only City have more clean sheets than us in 2019 by one, but yeah you're probably right. This was just one of those nights I'm afraid. Everything was set up for Villa to win with it being a home game, televised evening match with the place rocking. There was a proper 'cup final' vibe with Heaton and his defence high-fiving every cross they dealt with, not to be patronising at all, because any newly-promoted side is the same searching for that first win. Some absolutely rotten performances on our side. Gomes worst game in an Everton shirt by far, giving the ball away everywhere, Sigurdsson not effective at all and the deeper two in midfield too far away from him. Richarlison isn't sharp after a limited pre season and shouldn't be starting but then again when Walcott is the alternative I'd play Richarlison with a broken angle. Calvert-Lewin not taking his chance either. He had a purple patch last season and he still has potential but Kean looks ready to start and needs to do so in the next game. Could easily have been very different there with Iwobi hitting the post and Walcott being a fucking massive cunt and missing an open goal. Villa weren't good value for a second goal but they did deserve to win. Attackers need to find form soon. If Kean and Iwobi are going to be first choice they need to start the next game and start building relationships with their team mates as soon as possible because the players who ended last season in the starting lineup aren't exactly locking down those positions. Tonight wasn't good enough but overall I've not seen anything to massively affect my feelings towards this season. Fancy Villa to do the same to a couple of better sides than us here this season, they almost did it to Spurs and today showed they clearly learnt their lessons from how that game finished.
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    A new Formula 1 team is looking to join the grid in time for the 2021 season https://www.racefans.net/2019/08/23/new-f1-team-panthera-seeking-to-join-grid-in-2021/ Panthera Team Asia Short summary: - They want to follow the Haas model - Benjamin Durand (former director of SMP Racing and BR Engineering) is the founder of the team - Tim Milne (Renault, Honda, Super Aguri, Toyota, Caterham and Manor) is Head of aerodynamics - Engine deal has already been signed - No official announcement yet; FIA is expected to open the tender after the new regulations are confirmed
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    I think you will find the people behind these young players, Sancho Odi Nelson ect will push them towards the club offering the player AND themselves the most money & incentives. Player friendships will have little baring. I would say that would make your club the number one destination for money over best move for player. Lukaku is plain truth of that fact, who just this past week told a bollocks story that he had a choice of Your club and mine. He had the one choice because we wouldnt pay the 14M, or whatever the amount his now former agent wanted. Former agent, one can only speculate why he soon became his former agent. The day he signed for you my club told the world we wouldnt pay the agent fee. United have proven they were and still are in panic mode and happily paid the ransom. I would have thought it unlikely City would cough up the money for Sancho after the way he and his people "welched" on an agreed deal with city (Pep said it was agreed) before moving to Germany. If Sancho continues on his current form then I guess there is a chance the main two transfer buying clubs could take it out of the English clubs hands. Personally, if Odi signs this so called 5 year deal with us, we should sell him. I am quietly confident Marina is on the ball with this.
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    Yup. I was very surprised when I saw the 2021 model. I thought it would look futuristic and nothing like F1, but it does look very oldschool. All the changes sound good, and I hope they work out as planned.
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    Don’t think City dominating the game should have anything to do with this though. I also don’t think this a VAR issue. I’m no fan of it but in this instance it did its job perfectly. It spotted the deviation off the arm into the path of the striker who scored - meaning it rightly disallowed the goal. Where the dispute should and could come is with the rule change but let’s not forget this is something Pep wanted last season. Frustrating for them to fall foul of it - but overall VAR was applied correctly and successfully on this occasion. Welcome to the forums. If you want to know who to trust and who not to there is a solid hierarchy list in general chat to follow
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    Just don't win United, just don't fucking win! Sheffield United 1-1 lcfc
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    Man Utd 3-1 Crystal Palace Just win United. Just fucking win.
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    Has he started parking in the managers car park space yet?
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    But you just did??? Bit short for you I have to say...
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    I don't care that much about sponsors; they just get exposure in exchange for money and are a decent source of income. It's quite a bit stupid to see a Chinese betting service being advertised on the sleeves of a German football club but that's capitalism and globalisation for you I guess; regardless of how weird it is it doesn't affect local supporters that much I'd say. As long as sponsors stay away from getting involved in running the club, I think the majority of fans accepts them as a necessity in modern professional sports; it's a bit shite but there's no alternative for most clubs these days anyway. Now owners, investors and corporations are a different thing for me; simply because a private entity running a club and putting their money in it is always going to see it as a business instead of what our understanding of a fan-owned club with social responsibilities is. Especially if that entity is a foreign investor or a global corporation with no ties to the region/city altogether. As for stuff like purchasing shirts or other merchandise, I don't see it as a problem itself - after all, normally it is one of the ways for the fans to support their club financially. However, that only applies if it stays affordable for the majority of the fans from all social backgrounds and I doubt it's the case now with a single shirt costing somewhere around 80-100€. I don't care much myself as I've never been into buying merchandise anyway but I always feel for families with young kids who crave for stuff like that and the parents have to spend that amount of money for a shirt each season for each kid. Sure, nobody forces you to buy it, but prices like that aren't particularly fan- and especially family-friendly... Same applies to ticket prices, as well as food and beer at the stands, TV subscriptions. Each factor on each own might seem like nothing, but combined all together it definitely makes it look like milking the fans for more and more money each season. Supporters and local communities aren't completely powerless - they can always stop buying stuff, stop attending matches, stop spending money on TV subscriptions. The problem is that needs a lot of organisation to make it work on a large-scale and people aren't exactly great at that - that's why keeping the 50+1 rule is so important in my opinion. Things like boycotting Monday matches worked though; so it shows that the fans still have a voice and power to influence things if there's enough unity in voicing their dissatisfaction; both in form of protests and discussions during the annual member meeting. I'm afraid it only applies to minor things like that as the whole sport (as seen globally) has gone way too far in terms of commercialisation in the last two decades or so to simply stop it and "go back to the roots". I do hope that the bubble will burst one day though; can't see a business model with exponentially growing expenditures being sustainable in a long run.
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    Hate everything about it. Stuff like banning pyrotechnics is understandable at least as you always tend to get some idiots throwing it on the pitch or into the crowd. Everything else is ridiculous. In essence hate it all being just about the money and viewing the fan solely as a customer. Rising cost of everything including tickets, beer and snacks in the stadium, fan merchandise. The absolutely ridiculous transfer fees and agent payments. Forced entertainment and cringy media circus. Matches being broadcast on three different pay channels requiring three subscriptions. Football becoming a sterile entertainment biz and alienating itself from local match-going fans.
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    Easy to make that assumption because they are spending big and bringing in players left, right and centre but it's a very lazy comparison IMO. Villa do not play anything like Fulham, they won't leave themselves so open to attack IMO. Fulham played exactly how they did in the Championship and were exposed by the step up in quality after promotion. They couldn't adapt. Villa do not play as good football as Fulham did going forward in the Championship, but they are more rigid. The players know their roles and stick to them. I also think Villa have more chemistry between their players than Fulham. Whilst talented, I never felt Fulham were a 'team', more individuals brought together in the hope they would gel. With Villa, they want to fight for one another from what I saw under Dean Smith. My only question is I think Villa's quality is questionable. Some unknown quantities together with players who are back ups for average PL sides. But maybe this will bring the hest out of them now being first choice somewhere else. I think they'll be ok personally. People will talk about Grealish but McGinn is the main man for me. He will be a big hit in the PL i think.
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    I think hundreds of years of repression might be why some are quote offended by it 🤔no offence Brian but that is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard
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    The Obi-Wan Kenobi series with Ewan McGregor returning have been officially confirmed! Scripts are done; filming starts next year. So looking forward to this! @Tommy