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[VOTE] Team of the 21st Century - RB - Semi Finals

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Who makes it into the final?  

18 members have voted

  1. 1. Willy Sagnol or Daniel Alves?

  2. 2. Gianluca Zambrotta or Cafu?

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Had to go full Brazilian here. Sagnol may be unlucky that Alves has been around for the majority of my time being aware of football outside the Premier League.

Zambrotta vs Cafu is so difficult, but I went for Cafu. I think it's because of how much of a renowned individual player he is. The individual stock of those great Italian defenders arguably has the shine taken off it a tiny little bit because of the fact they were part of such a strong unit defensively, whereas the likes of Cafu and Alves have that bit extra flair which makes them stand out as top class in their own right, if that makes sense. I'm probably being unfair on Zambrotta but I have to justify a choice somehow.

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