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Man United make £100million bid for Alex Hunter

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Man United have made a sensational £100million bid for Alex Hunter



The club’s executive vice-chairman, Ed Woodward, authorised the offer after seeing the young star’s name all over social media.

Club spokesman, Lee Satchell, said: “It was just like the other deals. Ed burst out of his office shouting ‘Get me Hunter!’ eveyone's raving about this kid just like he did with Pogba, Zlatan and Mkhitaryan. He even called Mino Raiola to arrange a meeting but said he didn't represent Mr Hunter he's with EA Sports

“I tried to explain the situation. I even showed him the FIFA demo but he just made more funds available for the transfer. I think his eyes have gone.”

Reports suggest that when the head scout informed Woodward that a deal wasn’t possible, he erupted in a fit of rage.

“He was throwing stuff about, swearing and yelling,” Satchell said. “He even punched Fred the Red in his giant head.

“Then I had a brilliant idea. I got the club shop to print Hunter on the back of a shirt and then got Marcus Rashford to put it on. They’re pretty much the same person, despite what EA Sports say.

“Anyway, Woodward bought it hook, line and sinker. We’ll just give the £100m back the bank in a few days and say we sold a few more Zlatan shirts in China.

“Everybody wins.”




Bad times for united, bad times!! that Woodwards a crack pot!  ..everyone knows he's on loan for the season at Newcastle so cant be bought :whistling:

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15 hours ago, Cannabis said:

I wouldn't mind but Alex Hunter is wank, the most overrated virtual player of all time.

Can't believe you got neg repped by Happy Blue for this xD

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