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Matchday 2 (Group B) - Wednesday 27th September, 2017

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5 minutes ago, Panflute said:

The first time since the 2010 CL final I'll be rooting for Bayern. With their current form, the odds are against them though.

I do hope PSG will get a penalty, just to see if another fight breaks out between their primadonna forwards. :clown:

I am so looking forward to seeing that happen

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4 minutes ago, True Bender said:

Whoever will be Bayern's keeper tonight, I think he'll make at least one big mistake.

Starke? I think they'll have no problems with iron man in net :D

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Just now, True Bender said:

I'm not sure how serious your post was, but let me just add, that the pressure on the Bayern players is surreal tonight.

I won't be able to watch because I have to cover a Peru third tier game, but this is definitely a big match. I'll take your word on Bayern given them seem to be declining while PSG is rising above.

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Pretty much a must-not-lose for Celtic. A win would be massive on the path to 3rd, but I'd be happy with just avoiding a loss after a couple of mediocre performances recently.

A draw in Belgium still gives us a slight upper-hand.

Should hopefully be back in to see the second half.

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2 minutes ago, Stan said:

Mbappe is fucking amazing. Love him. Alaba might as well have not bothered keeping up with him. Bit of skill to get past him and set up Neymar who makes it 3-0. 

Great talent and very intelligent, down to earth kid. He reminds me of a young Ronaldo Fenômeno. Amazing talent. 

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3 minutes ago, Viva la FCB said:

Next your going to tell me theres a certain Peruvian CB that would be better then 80% of our CB's.


Don't really feel like picking out an argument but when your clubs stopped getting smashed in a European round of 16 maybe I'll talk there.

I'll say it again, all due respect. I just find it really overrated. Entertaining and fun league but in terms of standard its not better than the PL, Serie A, La Liga and Ligue 1.

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