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Saido Berahino

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Saido Berahino has been told by Stoke manager Paul Lambert that he is not fit enough to play for the club.

Berahino's last goal, in a 3-2 win for West Brom against Crystal Palace, was two years - and 43 appearances - ago.

Mark Hughes, sacked as Stoke manager in January, maintained Berahino was not in a condition to regularly play despite a £12m move, and new boss Lambert shares a similar opinion.

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I wonder if he's just mentally given up at Stoke. He's got a terrible attitude as it is but perhaps he just needs a fresh start at a different club :/ 

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I never thought he looked all that special in the first place, just a decent player with some potential to go further in his career, but never looked like he was going to be a very very special player - but his career panning out is sort of what he deserves after acting like he was some sort of superstar after being promoted out of an academy and showing some promise.

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26 minutes ago, Dickie said:

He's trash, he's always been trash, I said it as soon as I heard we had interest, I said it when we signed him, I say it every time he plays. He's literal trash.

He's what mate?

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