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Jamie Vardy - The Complete Centre Forward?

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Jamie Vardy has evolved into a complete centre-forward at Leicester and could be a key figure for England at the World Cup, according to Danny Higginbotham.

Vardy has scored seven goals in his last nine appearances for Claude Puel's side and is expected to feature in England's upcoming friendlies against Netherlands and Portugal.

"He's a player who, in my opinion, keeps getting better and better," former defender Higginbotham told Sky Sports. "Claude Puel has just said that he is the complete centre-forward and I do tend to agree with that.

"They have a lot more possession under Puel than they did under previous managers and that's because other teams are showing them a lot more respect now.

"So what we're seeing now is a lot of teams sitting back and saying, 'We're not going to leave you any space in behind'.

"Where previously there was space in behind, there's nothing, so what's happening now is that Vardy is tending to drop deep.

"What he does then is he asks questions of the centre-backs because, more often than not, one of the centre-backs is going to go with him."

By pulling a centre-back out of position, Higginbotham says, Vardy is able to create space for him and his team-mates to run into.

"Because one of the centre-backs is stepping up, it means the rest of the defence is going to step up as well.

"All of a sudden, the space that wasn't there before is becoming more apparent again. The space is there for Jamie Vardy to get into and he does that really well.

"What really stands out about him now is that he's so happy to drop deep, to get the ball and turn and play it wide to either [Demarai] Gray or [Riyad] Mahrez, and his next movement will be to get into that space which has been vacated by the centre-back.

"It's full credit to Jamie Vardy and to Claude Puel, who has noticed that he's not just a player who can run in behind, he's also an intelligent centre-forward.

"It's something that could be very interesting and very important in the World Cup, especially when England play Tunisia and Panama. I imagine those two nations will sit deep, but the movement of Jamie Vardy will cause them problems."

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5 hours ago, Stan said:

Other than @Storts thread the other week about Vardy, he doesn't get nowhere near as much credit as he deserves considering what he's achieved in his career so far.

I think he may be immature. Which might be why he do didn't fulfil his potential earlier

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Playing Jamie Vardy and Harry Kane together could be a "good choice" for England, believes Leicester City boss Claude Puel.

Vardy scored in England's 1-1 draw against Italy on Tuesday in an international friendly at Wembley.

Kane has racked up 12 goals for England since making his senior debut in 2015 but missed the international games against Italy and the Netherlands due to an ankle injury. Mauricio Pochettino says Kane will be assessed ahead of Tottenham's match against Chelsea in the Premier League on Sunday, live on Sky Sports.

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10 minutes ago, Cannabis said:

Imaging going to the World Cup and your strike force includes Jamie Vardy. Jesus wept.

it's happening. Deal with it. 

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2 minutes ago, Cannabis said:

Doesn't bother me don't give a shit about England just saying it shows how far the srandards have dropped. 

you clearly do if you're moaning about who's going in the squad xD 

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Even if Kane didn't make it, Vardy would still be better than what most nations have got.

I think England's problem will be the lack of an experienced, thinking midfielder.

I suppose in a 4-3-3 their midfield will look something like:  Alli - Dier - Ox

There is definitely something missing, specially when you compare it to the sides that are favourite to win the competition.

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