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Dier or Henderson?

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Holding midfielder? Dier. He has better positing than Henderson and can hold shape better. Henderson is an aggressive tackler, not a player you want at 'holding midfield'. Think of it this way, in terms of style you have the 'Jon Obi Mikel or Matic' DM that plays deep and retains possession, and needs the midfield to press the ball carrier towards the DM. They are almost like the tip of the funnel. Then there are players like 'Kante and Vidal' that win the ball back at any costs and have constant pressing and aggression. In a perfect world Dier would be deepest, Hendo and a creative CM would be the other two players in a midfield three. But creative CMs don't exist in England.

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19 hours ago, RandoEFC said:

Henderson on current form. For all the stick he gets he can pick a pass sometimes.

Did you miss Dier's passing at the Euros? Dier is easily as good as or better a passer than Henderson.

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