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Stan's World Prediction League - Week 4 Table

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Division 1 Round-Up

I think even @Pyfish is surprising himself at how well he's doing! With 2 perfect scores, a total 17 points extended his lead to 11 points over the challengers, the first being @Bluewolf who scored a commendable 16 as well. 
On the flipside, @Spike dropped from 9th to 13th. There's now only 4 points between he and @RandoEFC in 6th though so plenty could still change again next weekend.

As an aside, well done to @Teso dos Bichos & @binder for being the only two members out of both divisions to predict a Vasco De Gama win over Sao Paulo.

Div 1 - 4.PNG

Division 2 Round-Up

New leader klaxon is ringing! @Harry surpasses @SirBalon with ease as he scored 13 points. @Stan got 17 points and correctly predicted 2 perfect scores, as did @nudge and @Raja1991. The latter expertly predicting a 1-1 draw between Real Madrid & Real Valladolid. No-one else even predicted a draw between the 2 so to get it exact is respectable! Only 6 points separating the top 4; just like Division 1, it could be all change again next week.

Div 2 - 4.PNG

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17 minutes ago, Eco said:

never a good thing when you release these and don't tag me. 

A bunch of 'meh' from me it appears. 

Your time will come my dear friend.

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