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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020

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10 minutes ago, nudge said:

Alan would like to start the festive season early and wish everyone happy holidays :)

The wife spent about 2 hours looking for addresses, cursing like a trooper as she lost some families addresses and had to ring her big sis to get the ones she lost, then writing out the cards then putting them in envelopes, licking the envelopes down (she asked me to give her a hand licking the envelopes and I politely said "BOLLOCKS...") and I left her to it, another year another day to me but now we have 3 grandsons Christmas is special to me and Liz, Merry Christmas (stuff this Happy Christmas shit, I will say it the old way) to everyone and a Merry Christmas to you @nudge :ay:








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1 minute ago, CaaC (John) said:


O.o  :dash3:



Yea, it's difficult to translate. Guten Rutsch ist more like something you say before new years eve. Literally translated it means "good slide" xD, something you say to wish someone a good transition from the old into the new year. 


Happy new Year is Frohes neues Jahr. 


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41 minutes ago, Faithcore said:

Da wollte ich einmal nett sein und hab es mir verkniffen

Google: Since I wanted to be nice once and I didn't have it  O.o

23 minutes ago, Tommy said:

Man muss den Inselbewohnern auch mal sowas wie Kultur nahe bringen.

Google: You have to bring something like culture to the islanders. :farmer:

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I have watched this with mixed interest.  The phrase was always something the young guys used to say to me - like the Asian boys in school calling me 'mate' rather than Sir.  I was told that they only used that to their friends they could trust so, despite the frowns from colleagues, I let them use it and was happy with it.  The German phrase seems to me to be a similar one - Happy New Year is politically correct and nice from younger ones to their seniors like the capital S in Sie rather than sie. If you get Rutsch it may not be a term of endearment, but it means a little more than just the usual wish!  Sorry this might appear to be a mini lecture, but the camerderie on here sometimes leaves facecrap and twatter way, way behind.

Sei nett!

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