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Who Is The Best Of The Rest?

Who Is The Best Of The Rest  

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  1. 1. Who Is The Best Of The Rest

    • West Brom
    • Southampton
    • Leicester
    • Bournemouth
    • West Ham
    • Stoke

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West Ham. Of course not. I'd celebrate if they went down.

West Brom have been very mediocre as have Stoke yet again.

Bournemouth have been great and a joy to watch. Hopefully they're in the league for a long time.

Southampton have so much potential but I think they'll struggle a bit against United.

Above all I feel Leicester have been excellent this season despite slipping a bit in the middle. If anyone deserves that eighth place spot it's them.

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Leicester. This is largely a side that's won the league.

Bournemouth and West Brom aren't better than us.

Southampton have a good squad, I can see the debate there, but I'm not having the other two as better than us.

Stoke shouldn't be anywhere near that list.

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This season really put in perspective how far the top 7 are compared to everyone else. What the difference is like 61 for Everton and 45 for West Brom? That's an extremely large gap right here.

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Southampton should be battling with Everton and Utd for the Europa league with the squad they have. Puel needs chasing cause he doesn't get it. 

West Brom have reached their ceiling, is hate to be a fan of that club, where's the excitement??

Bournemouth are a good side on their day but they won't get any higher than they are now with that squad. 

Stoke really should be fighting for the Europa every season, they are well established in the league and their squad is littered with quality. Under a better manager they could thrive. 

Leicester are tricky. On One hand I can see them forever floating around 10-12, on the other they could surprise again and fight Everton for 7th. My intwnse hatred for them is slowly dying off and im glad they stayed up now cause they have potential. IF reports are to be believed they are gonna have significant investment in the summer, so that should be interesting. Only thing is be a bit weary of is giving Shakespeare the job full time, I'm not sure he's anything more than a good substitute manager but we'll see. If be going for Silva in the summer though.

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Having finished 8th, 7th, 7th and 6th in the past four seasons, I think Saints are definitely better than the rest. Been the most consistent especially when you consider how many players have left the club each season and how decent they have continued to be.

It was good to see them make a cup final this year as well. The club is making baby steps but doing it all the right way.


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