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(Group F) - Hungary 0-3 Portugal - Tuesday 15th June, 2021

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Two defensive midfielders with Bruno in front of them. I'd rather have Sanches or Moutinho instead of two DMs. This seems too defensive against the likes of Hungary.

Ronaldo as a striker with Jota and Bernardo on the wings. Could be Ronaldo on the left wing but it doesn't matter, they'll probably keep switching during the game. André Silva should come on in the second half as an impact sub but honestly he should be starting.

Cancelo tested positive for covid, hence Semedo starting.

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1 minute ago, montybhopa said:

What's the point of hosting the finals in England when they won't even allow 50% of the crowd? Hold it in Hungary. No one wants to see half-empty stadium.

I'm not sure Hungary meets the standards on mass level UEFA has for these things

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4 minutes ago, montybhopa said:

I went to Edgbaston last week where they had capacity crowd why not try it in Euros? 

It wasn't a capacity crowd there. 

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