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World Cup Qualification (Europe) - Group G

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3 minutes ago, Toony said:

This group was always going to be dominated by the current top two, any of the other countries qualifying would have been a monumental shock.

Of course, however, winning this group would be great for Italy.

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Saturday 2nd September, 2017:
Albania vs Liechtenstein, 19.45
Israel vs Macedonia, 19.45
Spain vs Italy, 19.45

Tuesday 5th September
Italy vs Israel, 19.45
Liechtenstein vs Spain, 19.45
Macedonia vs Albania, 19.45


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10 minutes ago, Teso dos Bichos said:

Spain 2-0 Italy HT isco with both goals

there must be some kind of mistake, i keep checking the lineup and subs for italy and i cant find Chelsea's marquee signing. 

Can't seem to find Alonso either. 


Oh, Here he is 


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Russia ISCOming


That would be an English tabloid reading of today's top of the range game which saw Spain play Italy in a qualifying match for the World Cup in Russia next summer.

Spain won 3-0 at home in the Santiago Bernabéu and it was a literal walkover to be honest.  The funny thing is that the quality of Spain's football wasn't as good as it was in Turin some months back in the 1-1 draw which saw Italy equalise in the dying moments.  On that occasion Spain failed to translate chances into goals and although today Spain only took 10% of their chances which tells you about their superiority, it was still not as good as the first time around.

Isco was the man of the match by a long shot...  Not only did he score two of the three goals, but his performance was magisterial and exactly what's has been expected from his for a long while.  He's matured and now he's playing without any ghosts in his wardrobe.

It was also great to see a mature performance from Asensio who is destined for great things and Iniesta returned to something resembling what his legend is made up from.  He pulled the strings and the rest made the sound of the symphony.

Special mention to David Villa who came on after a three year absence...  He's a Spain legend and the Santiago Bernabéu rose up to greet him.  Also have to add that far from whistles, Gerard Piqué had his name chanted in the Bernabéu.  That's more of the stuff the Madrid faithful are known for and not the rubbish they've been giving for a number of years.

This ghouls see Spain comfortably qualify for Russia unless something untoward happens.

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3 minutes ago, Teso dos Bichos said:

isco was the main reason why Spain won. morata scores once the game was done and dusted and it was all because of Ramos's assist.

good to see darmian play the whole game. 

Morata had been on 7 minutes when he scored...  What exactly did you expect of him?

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I didn't see that coming. Before the game, I thought that no result would surprise me. I didn't see a 3-0 though for either side. 

Italy have historically been the kryptonite of the stronger teams like Germany and France. No matter how weak they are, they always find a way. Spain is the one exception, at least in recent times and it would be fair to say its the other way around for them. Based on the traditional styles of the 2 teams, I'd say Spain's is the weakness to Italy's.

If I had to compare it to us, kind of like how Paraguay traditionally fucks over the bigger teams in South America by doing nothing but Peru's style doesn't get affected by it because they don't clash. Hence why we have such a good record against them whenever we play to that. I see it like that.

Spain are one of the favourites for next year, but I'd still rank Germany, Brazil and France over them.

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Apart from England versus Scotland, Spain v Italy is the most played game in the continent of Europe.  The history of both sides playing against each other goes back the the early 20s where they used to hold their own European Latin Cup.  The rivalry is massive, but it's very friendly.

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