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Someone sent me this video, with the some of the biggest names in Rap/Hip Hop talking about Eminem's impact. 

Eminem will always have a special place in my heart. He totally changed the game and somehow brought upon himself this guy who is respected by everyone, and got people to look past his look and recognize the absolute insane talent that he has. 

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Also, the rap/hip hop scene has really taken off in Russia, and there have been some good songs coming out here recently. 

This is Egor Kreed; one of the best in Russiq: 

Hands down though, the best concert I have been to was Beyonce and J's latest tour.My wife was love Beyonce, but it amazed me to see the swag, and sound of J  

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40 minutes ago, Carnivore Chris said:

Got to be one of them. But I always liked that Easy E album dedicated to Dre aswell.



Reminds me of being at secondary school that 😂. Classic though.


Yeah, classics.

Did you know that Eazy had 11 kids? He died at 30 ffs! :o

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My boy Loyle Carner


No luck like three-leaf clover
What you're gonna do when it's all over?
What you're gonna do when I don't phone ya?
What you're gonna do when I don't hold ya?
What you're gonna do when you can't sleep
And your eyes go weak and you can't stay sober?
Ayy, your bed's my sofa, your son's my soldier

Just like I told ya, keep composure


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On 27/12/2020 at 14:26, Carnivore Chris said:

 Es que cerca de mi casa, vive una piba  // que por cinco mangos, te chupa la pinga // Yo la conozco desde muy pendeja // por eso no me cobra si quiero tocar sus tetas.


😂 @Berserker 



Jajaja esa cancion era muy escuchada hara 15 años, pero era de Los Gedes me parece jaja.

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On 20/01/2021 at 20:03, Carnivore Chris said:

I didn't notice you'd responded to this. Good to see you back mate.

Argentina has some great hip hop mate, well music in general.




Neither did i. No worries Chris.

I agree, we mainly excell at Rock Nacional, pop, cumbia, tango and local folklore but it's truth there's been a huge rise in music like "trap" by the likes of Paulo Londra and other, which i guess you could call that hip hop?

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