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Discussion about FIFA in here.. as we really need 2 serparate topics. Especially if we have a lot of people who play both.

Anyone getting FIFA 18? Already got my copy, just having a test of it now. 

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Posted this in the other topic, but the ratings for the Peruvians are a complete joke.


Its understandable to not have Paolo Guerrero in the game due to the mess of the Brazilian licenses, but he should feel lucky he was left out as he would have had a joke rating under 80 simply for not being in Europe. You can see exactly that the ones playing there are the higher ratings. In a way, yes its accurate because its the better continent but you can't base it solely on club. Its all stock really, how well a club does and statistics. 

Here is how I would rerank these players.

Jefferson Farfan - 75

Andre Carrillo - 77

Raul Ruidiaz - 76

Paolo Hurtado - 76

Carlos Zambrano - 75

Luis Advincula - 77

Alexander Callens - 72

Renato Tapia - 72

Yoshimar Yotun - 80

Andy Polo - 64

Hansiell Riojas - 65

Cristian Benavente - 65

Ivan Bulos - 65

Yordy Reyna - 73

Pedro Aquino - 80

Edison Flores - 78

Frank Romero - 54


If Paolo Guerrero was in the game he should be at least an 85. As for Pedro Aquino, I can understand why he's a 65. He just joined the Mexican league and in development in this game it would have made most sense to put him at 65. That begs the question though, why is Hansiell Riojas a 69! He's only higher than Aquino because he was the one hit by that paper airplane at Wembley. Its time for Guerrero to get hit by one, he'd become a 95.

Aquino was by far and away the best player in the Peruvian league earlier this year, yet Hansiell Riojas got a better rating. Joke.

On the bright side, they got good photos of them. There have been some embarrassing snaps over the years. This is my favourite.


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The first time in forever I got a FIFA game at launch date. I've started a career mode with Real Madrid, which I hadn't done since FIFA 07. But with the current team I just can't resist the temptation to play all the top teams in the league and the CL.

I also made a back-up career mode to play with other teams. I started at Tottenham and got Bas Dost for way too much money (€50mln).

Overall I like the new gameplay as it's very pass-oriented, but it does once again seem slow. If you change direction with any player that isn't Ronaldo, you accelerate at a snail's pace.

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8 hours ago, JOSHBRFC said:

Discussion about FIFA in here.. as we really need 2 serparate topics. Especially if we have a lot of people who play both.

Anyone getting FIFA 18? Already got my copy, just having a test of it now. 

how have you got it already?

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Currently trying to set the commentary language to English, which is surprisingly convoluted.

It is truly amazing how it has been AT LEAST since FIFA 11 that you couldn't simply change the commentary language in-game, and that the Dutch commentary has been 80% the same since FIFA 13, in addition to being badly acted by the most annoying commentator who mispronounces every name that isn't Dutch.

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I've heard people say the defending is harder, but if anything I find it easier to do 1-on-1 marking, although the ball does get through in the chaos more often than I'd like.

Just had a terrific match in career mode. My first derbi and it lived up to the hype.


I was getting absolutely slaughtered in the first half, so in half-time I decided to go all or nothing (since I already had nothing). Took Benzema off, moved Ronaldo to the front, put Marcelo on the left flank as a full-blown attacker, swapped Modric for Isco, and put in Kroos for Asensio. Basically the most fast and attacking formation I could push together, and absolutely raped them on the counter. Feels good when your HT changes actually make a difference.

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On 01/10/2017 at 9:17 AM, Bluebird Hewitt said:

My mate got this with his PS4 and has already been laughing about how bad Ultimate Team is.


On 01/10/2017 at 11:16 AM, Cannabis said:

It's awful. Had two games online yesterday and won 2-1 an 5-4, I wasn't excited about either game I just sat there thinking about how much of a mess this game has become. 

Why is it so bad? 

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I have it on the playstation pro 4. Graphics are great but the game itself is covered in bugs like always at the start, this mostly gets sorted after a huge update. Defending, goal keeping are very odd, players stopping still when balls played over the top again is another glitch.   I am sure it will get better after the update.

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1 hour ago, Panflute said:

The release clauses are bullshit. Clubs can just pay the release clause and you can't do anything about it. Already half a season in Manchester City paid the release clause for Sergio Ramos.

The key is to sign all the players you want to keep to new contracts and don't add a clause in their new contract.

I did this straight away, but left clauses in some of the player's contracts, including Paco Alcacer's, who has had his bought out and will be joining Arsenal in January




Ter Stegen

Semedo -- Umtiti -- Pique -- Alba

Verratti - Busquets - Iniesta

Messi ----- Suarez ----- Dembele



Laporte, Sergi Roberto, Grimaldo, Denis, Rakitic, Deulofeu, Paco Alcacer, Mascherano, Cilessen, Rafinha, Andre Gomes, Paulinho.



A deal has been agreed to swap Andre Gomes(and money) for Saul with Atletico Madrid in January, so he will be gone in the next window. Also Paco Alcacer will be off to Arsenal, since they paid his clause and I was thinking of replacing him with Antonio Sanabria, who has a 30 million clause at Betis, although I should get him cheaper.

I'll also be shipping out Paulinho when it allows me to and it looks as though I will be losing Iniesta next summer as he won't sign a new contract with the role I'm offering him. I'll probably bring in Thiago Alcantara as a replacement. As for Paulinho's replacement, I'll bring in Carles Aleñá from Barça B and loan him out for a couple of seasons.

Carles Aleñá is a Barcelona youth product and both Sanabria and Thiago spent time in the youth teams originally so that is one of the reasons for buying them, or rather "bringing them back". Likewise, I got rid of Digne and signed Grimaldo.

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