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Thanks to Harvey for the idea... B|

What is your star sign and how well do the claimed Pros and Cons actually fit your personality in reality?? 

I am a Capricorn... and according to someone like Mystic Meg this is what my Traits are supposed to be... 

Positive Qualities : Faithful, Ambitious, Self-controlled, Determined, Responsible, Sincere

I would actually say that the Positives are a fairly good reflection of my traits overall... The only exception for me would be that I am not really an Ambitious person in the progress up the ladder sense , or at least I don't see myself as one... unless it comes to projects at work.. Sometimes we might take something on that's Ambitious but I do like to keep testing my limits to make sure I still have what it takes like... so for the first part I would have to give it a big thumbs up for getting it fairly spot on.. 

Negative Qualities : Shy, Pessimistic, Awkward, Detached, Self-centred, Gloomy, Stubborn.

This part is where I take a great steaming dump over most of what they have me down for.. 

Shy, hell no... always happy to give it out where needed... Never been Pessimistic as far as I am aware but I am sure there have been times where I must have been about something or other even if it was just thinking about a football result or a decent pay rise or bonus.. 

Awkward.. yea I must admit that if I see someone at work I am not fond of struggling to carry something and trying to open a door at the same time I sure wont jump in and get it for them, I will just wait behind them and watch them struggle while hassling them about how long they think they are going to be... :ph34r:

Cant really say I am Self Centered.. If anything its the bloody opposite... 

Gloomy, Not gloomy but can come across as a bit moody sometimes so I am told.. when I have a lot on I have this habit of coming across as a bit more serious than I actually am.. generally its a tough enough life without adding to it so for the most part I tend to have a good outlook on things and try and keep the lighthearted mood flowing where possible. I do however get some days where the limits of my patience are being pushed and prodded both at work and home and I tend not to be grinning like a Cheshire Cat on them days... 

Stubborn, I would say so yes in certain things.. like when I am forced into putting my foot down at home or work over something. I am more than happy to help someone who is prepared to at least try and help themselves and consider myself to be very helpful normally but if you think you are going to get one over on me by just being over emotional stamping your feet or just being stupid then I hold my ground like a trooper.. There have often been moments where I did not give an inch to someone that would have tried to lumber my department with something they are just to lazy to do themselves for example.. It can be most enjoyable to watch someone have to break out of their normal comfort zone sometimes... I suppose you could almost file this under Awkward.. 

Lets have it... 

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Capricorn as well (the best always are, aren't they?!).

Faithful - 100%. I can't imagine cheating on someone or being disloyal, unfaithful to someone. 
Ambitious - not so much. Not as much as I should be, anyway.
Self-controlled - I'd say so. I like to think rationally about most things either practically or mentally. I'm not one to rush to decisions. 
Determined - When I think about this I think about my work, in which case I'm very determined and target-driven to do well in my job. Also determined in the sense I want to enjoy life while I can.
Responsible - definitely. Always responsible for my own actions and will take responsibility for what I do either in work or outside of work. As a kid this was different, though!
Sincere - definitely, as well. People on here who have known me for a while will know that I'm quite caring and always look out for other people as well as wanting the best for them. I'm often too nice in most occasions, though.

Shy - used to be as a kid and had much less confidence than I do now. Not shy at all these days!
Pessimistic - sometimes. Similar to the positive self-control quality, I'll think about things on the whole and make decisions based on that. I may have pessimistic qualities but if I can justify why I think about it that way, I don't see the issue.
Awkward - similar to 'shy', I don't think I am awkward. 
Detached - again, maybe when I was younger but not so much now. I have various friends circles (revolving around football and work but I could talk to anyone to be honest)
Self-centred - disagree as I think this contradicts being sincere.
Gloomy - occassionally everyone can be! No-one is 100% constantly happy 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Everyone has their down-days even if they don't show it in public. 
Stubborn - can't think of times when I have been stubborn to be honest. Not in my character to be, anyway. 


When it comes to star signs as a whole, I think they're a bunch of crap xD

Used to read them when I was younger for a laugh as they were so broad and generic. And those that read them would do so and apply a recent situation to the star-sign to justify it being right. Some kind of confirmation bias that if a star-sign says something enough times they'll eventually nail one right.

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1 hour ago, Stan said:

When it comes to star signs as a whole, I think they're a bunch of crap xD

Used to read them when I was younger for a laugh as they were so broad and generic. And those that read them would do so and apply a recent situation to the star-sign to justify it being right. Some kind of confirmation bias that if a star-sign says something enough times they'll eventually nail one right.

I used to read them if I was bored and read everything in the paper but sometimes, just sometimes their broad random guesses were uncannily close to real stuff going on in your life... 

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Positive Qualities of Pisces :

Emotional: Nah, i'm very rational, i always prioritize that over emotions.

Sensitive: Not at all.

Delicate Structure and Behaviour: Nope

Compassion: Nope

Love and Care for the World: None

Submission: Not at all, quite the opposite.

Creativity: Yes.

Intuitiveness: Also yes.

Negative Qualities of Pisces :

Prone to gloom and melancholy: Melancholy yes.

Pessimism: No, more of a realistic.

Lack of initiative: Not at all.

Laziness. Big yes.


Overall i didn't like what it says because it doesn't describes me well at all, i think it's because my Ascendant Sign is Sagittarius which is totally the opposite of Pisces, so that's why some of the traits in there don't apply to me at all, in fact it's the complete opposite in most of them.

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Looking at the website above. 



Focused: not really, my interest jumps around a lot of different topics very easily. 

Brave: nope, I worry a lot over things.

Balanced: probably, different friends from different groups have joked for years that I'm too mature for my age.

Faithful: I'd say so, I've barely drifted from a friend in my life. 

Intuitive: I learn quite quickly I'd say, but I'm not at all intuitive in the sense of reading people. I once spilled a drink on my leg at a party and the girl next to me who I was chatting to put her hand on my thigh, looked me in the eye, and said "do you want a hand with that?". I refused because I wanted to save her the bother and went to the kitchen to get a towel. I regret it to this day. 


Jealous: I'd say I can get jealous but I don't think I'm abnormally so.

Secretive: Accurate, I find it hard to be straight-up or share.

Resentful: Quite true, I judge people pretty severely, and then hold onto that.

Manipulative: If I wanted to, I'd say I lack the social nous to be manipulative.


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3 minutes ago, Bluewolf said:

What!!!! :cardY:

Its only a bit of fun mate... no need to be so negative... I bet your star sign says you are negative as well... 

It says I'm courageous, action driven, spontaneous, and frank, which is all a bunch of bullshit. Well, frank maybe. 

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Famous Aries Personalities: Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw, Pandit Ravi Shankar, Ramanathan Krishan, Bismillah Khan, Ali Akbar Khan, Adolf Hitler, Charlie Chaplin, Jackie Chan, Al Gore, Robert Downey Jr., Mariah Carey, Ashley Judd, Carmen Electra, Celine Dion, David Frost.


Well, there you go. 

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  • Emotional - I don't know where they got this from but okay i'll say there's a hint of truth in it
  • Sensitive - I think I am sensitive to people around me whether they be friends of work colleagues. I do, however, draw a very clean balance at work and never let that get the better of me ... anymore
  • Delicate Structure and Behaviour - I'm not even sure what this actually means. I don't think I am winning anything for artistic articulation anytime soon.
  • Compassion - I have a compassionate side but I wouldn't say its always the top-most thing that comes to mind when the occasion calls for it. Been called choice words over my lifetime for lack of it infact.
  • Love and Care for the World - Its starting to get serious now and I don't know where they got this from but once again I'll say yes.
  • Submission - Wish they'd explain this one but I do cave in quite often when it comes to people I like or am friends with. If its something I stand firmly on I won't but in most cases I'll say it doesn't really matter so you can have it.
  • Creativity - Wouldn't be doing what I am doing without it honestly
  • Intuitiveness - Same as above


  • Prone to gloom and melancholy - Melancholy yes, gloom is stretching it a bit
  • Pessimism - When I was younger I'd say this was true now I just like calling a Spade a Spade
  • Lack of initiative - Totally wrong here.
  • Laziness - I think the previous one speaks for itself.

Oddly enough a few years ago I went to an astrologist and got a reading done because I was curious what they'd tell me that an online site wouldn't. What astounded me wasn't what I was told about my sun sign or its related zones of influence but how close and accurate the person was about specific events and people in my life. he didn't name names but the events were so clearly laid out I was taken aback by what was said. Having said all that its all in a good laugh these horoscopes and it does offer the odd leg-pulling with friends based on what their horoscope says. Its quite big over here and I will say there's a lot more than just a star sign reading which is like only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

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Positive traits: 
Kind and big-hearted - would say so, yes. Less than I used to be though.
Energetic - used to be. Quite lazy nowadays.
Optimistic - as in not getting disheartened easily, then yes, absolutely. General worldview? Not so much haha.
Straightforward - oh yes.
Loyal - and proud of it.

Negative traits:
Headstrong - can be quite stubborn at times haha, so yes.
Egoistic - it's a bit weird and contradicting to have kindness and big-heartedness listed as positive traits with egoism as a negative trait, no? Judging by the description that follows on the website it seems that they meant egotism instead, which makes a bit more sense. 
Possessive - absolutely not.
Dominating - depends on a context :ph34r: I like to be in control in most situations though, so this is pretty accurate I guess.
Impatient - I think I am actually more patient than your average person, though I am getting more impatient as years go by.
Arrogant - don't think so, no.

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2 hours ago, Bluewolf said:

I think with Mel's Submission & Nudges Domination Traits they would make a compatible couple... B|


I just got started at work then looked at the thread and hadn't scrolled past her post then i saw yours now my coffee and nose have been informally introduced and neither are happy about it

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We should post our Ascendant Signs now. Let me start:




Positive Qualities of Sagittarius:

Large-hearted: Not so much, when i was a kid i'd say i was though.

Frank: Extremely.

Fearlessness: Yep

Self-dependent: It depends, i like other people to do things i don't like doing for me, like cleaning, cooking, etc. :D

Love for nature and travel. Also depends, love rain, water and green but i hate insects.

Negative Qualities of Sagittarius:

Over-confident: Guilty.

Brash: Also Guilty.

Inconsistent: That's me.

Lack of focus: One of my worst traits, there's a lot of things i can't concentrate on, like watching tv for example.


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1 hour ago, The Rebel CRS said:

Mine says submission with being pisces as well.


Come on nudge, get the whips and chains out :ph34r:

Don't get over excited just yet mate, knowing your luck it wont be the 50 shades type Domination she is into.. could just be the "have you put the bins out" "don't want you back later than 10" "Don't interrupt me when I am talking" type... :ph34r:

I was thinking it was probably a mix of the two... xD

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22 minutes ago, The Rebel CRS said:

Mine says submission with being pisces as well.


Come on nudge, get the whips and chains out :ph34r:

Kinky! Didn't know you're into it, Chris smilie_x_035.gif


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