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Best Fans on TF365 (Group Stage)

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Who Are The Best Fans On TF365  

16 members have voted

  1. 1. Group A

    • Liverpool Fans (LFCMadLad, Harry, Dr Gonzo, Inverted, Mel81x, LFC Mike, FOYM, Burning Gold, IgnisExcubitor, tarzanontoast, UNORTHODOX)
    • Barcelona Fans (The Rebel CRS, FCBNick, 11Neymar Ousmane Dembélé11)
    • Hull City Fans (The Artful Dodger, Takyon)
    • Bayern Munich Fans (Viva la FCB, TrstnFCB)
  2. 2. Group B

    • Arsenal Fans (SirBalon, VanPaddy, 6666, Asura, …Dan, Gunnersauraus, Chaaay AFC, shut up)
    • Newcastle Fans (Kitchen Sales, Toony, Any O'Brien)
    • Blackburn Rovers Fans (JoshBRFC, Roversgirl)
    • Marseille Fans (Batard, El Loco)
  3. 3. Group C

    • Chelsea Fans (Cicero, Spike, True Blue, Bluewolf, The Liquidator, carefreeluke)
    • Everton Fans (Cannabis, RandoEFC, HK85)
    • Werder Bremen Fans (Nudge, Tanksie)
    • Manchester City Fans (Happy Blue, Pep Talk)
  4. 4. Group D

    • Manchester United Fans (Teso dos Bichos, Deadlinesman, Salford Kel, robosys, redcanuck)
    • Borussia Dortmund Fans (Tsubasa, BartraPique1932)
    • Leicester City Fans (Stan, Dan)
    • Real Madrid Fans (Panflute, bozziovai)

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It's ok to vote for yourself since you need to vote in each group to complete the poll. I will just discount those votes in the end, but I won't discount them if you voted for someone else, I will treat that as if you think your own fellow fans are scum and the other club's fans are better :ph34r:

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