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Avengers: Infinity War

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How this doesn't have its own topic I don't know (or I've missed).

If you've read the comics USE SPOILERS.

If you watch the film, USE SPOILERS.

Comes out on Wednesday in New Zealand, feel like I've left it too late to get a ticket 😂

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Just seen the film, will spoiler it below.

I think I forgot how big this film was as the end of the film became a bit draining, but overall it was pretty good.

Honestly after Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther is probably the best film/group. Love a bit of Wakanda.

The scene where Thor comes flying down with his axe, PEOPLE IN MY CINEMA FUCKING CLAPPED. I'm sure they clap the fucking pilot once a plane has landed too.

Overall a good film, quality in places, exciting in places and funny in places but definitely took a bit out of me. A good film but not as good as the hype for me.

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So many questions - this is Thanos' film well and truly. What a villain, it's what the MCU needed.

I have a few theories for part two but one thing is for certain

Stark is going to play a massive role - only reason Dr Strange gave up the time stone surely, must have seen the 1 victory and Stark being crucial. Can't wait for captain marvel too think that's the best post credits scene they've done. There has to be some sort of resurrection because Black Panther and Spiderman have individual films to come. Was strange that they killed off Dr Strange too - I hope Wong has a big role in Part two!

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Well, that was fucking fantastic. One of the best Marvel films, easily. Loved Thanks, what a compelling no cap performance from Brolin. 

Really like the chemistry between the characters new and old. It was epic, it was exciting, it was hilarious at times...it just had everything you want from a blockbuster action film. 

Can't wait for part 2.

9/10 (on repeat viewings I expect it to only increase)

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This is one of the few movies lately that lived up to its huge hype. You know it did when you walk out of the theater frustrated because you just want more. So, so good.

Agree with Storts that Thanos is a brilliant villain, Marvel's best IMO. Who knew a CGI character could be so captivating.

The Russo brothers could direct all MCU movies from now on as far as I''m concerned.

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1 hour ago, Faithcore said:

I just saw it and I cannot believe it has such good ratings. Awful story. 

Huge disappointment for me. 

My eldest son is trying to come down this weekend and we might go and see it... no negativity please

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