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Marcus Rashford - Loan Move on the Cards?

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Everton, Newcastle United and Leicester City are reportedly interested in signing Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford on a loan deal.

Rashford is one of the best young forwards in Europe, and the 20-year-old would be a brilliant signing for Everton, Newcastle or Leicester in the summer transfer window.

The England international is an established player in the United first team, but the 20-year-old has not started as many matches as he would have liked under manager Jose Mourinho.

The youngster is a brilliant and proven goalscorer, and he would be an asset at Everton, Newcastle or Leicester.

Rashford, who earns £55,000 per week as salary according to The Sun, scored seven goals and provided five assists in 17 Premier League starts for United this past season.


@Teso dos Bichos 

What has Jose done to him? Stalled his growth and now potentially going on loan to mid-table clubs...

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I'd take him on loan for sure. I've had a few arguments about him with people regarding him in the past but I don't think he's a bad prospect at all and could benefit from a move away.

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On second thoughts I'm not quite sure where he fits. I think he'd be a good option for us to have but if we got him on loan it'd be on a deal that means he plays nearly every game and he won't start ahead of Vardy. Maybe one day but not yet. I wouldn't throw him on the wing either.

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If he was the exact same player but not a local lad and fan favourite I could easily see him being loaned out but even Jose probably wouldn't risk the ire of the fans with a move like this with no major trophies to protect him this season.

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How can a player that's been selected for a World Cup name on the international scene as big as England have a possible loan deal from one of the biggest clubs in the world over his head?

Honestly... Aren't Man Utd fans asking questions?

Infact... Why isn't the national sports media asking questions!

The man presently incharge of Manchester United once accused a colleague in the same sport of being beyond criticism when questioning the reality of the situation. He was correct to have put that forward and one of the few trolling moments he had I agreed with and thought it was a fair analysis (even though I thought it was unnecessary and unethical)... Does or would he entertain his integrity as a manager/coach being questioned in the same vein?

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