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Group B Matchday 3 - 25 June - Iran 1-1 Portugal, Spain 2-2 Morocco

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Monday 25th June
Iran vs Portugal
Spain vs Morocco

Both kick-off at 7pm

Spain just need to match Portugal's result to finish top.

Iran can only qualify if they beat Portugal. If they draw and Spain lose, they haven't scored enough and would lose out on head-to-head.

Morocco are eliminated.

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  • The title was changed to Group B Matchday 3 - 25 June - Iran vs Portugal, Spain vs Morocco
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I expect Iran to remain compact, but not hold as deep of a block as they did against Spain. The issue with that was that they sat so deep in their defensive third, they had to beat the Spanish midfield twice to even get to their half. What will most likely happen is a performance similar to what we saw against Morocco, with careful pressing on the second balls and hard, fast counter attacking play.

Portugal will care not to concede so it will be to Iran to play offensive.


Also there are chances they might do what they did 4 years ago in a similar poisition when they had to win against Bosnia but their defense collapsed unlike in their first two games.

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Moutinho didn't trained in the last couple of days (he returned today), so for me it would be a good chance to put Adrien.

My starting XI would be:

GK - Gordon Banks...I'm sorry, Rui Patrício

RB - Cédric

CB - Pepe

CB - Rúben Dias

LB - Raphael

DM - William

CM - Adrien

AM - Bernardo

LW - Guedes

RW - Quaresma

FW - Cristiano

We need width to open up Iran, who will try to keep a 0-0 in the first-half, just like they did with Spain. Then try to nick it in the second-half.

Hopefully, we can unlock the door and start scoring for fun, to finish the group with a better goal difference than Spain.

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make or break game for both portugal and iran.    a draw - bye bye iran.   a win for iran - bye bye portugal.


does being euro champions give portugal a little edge in terms of handling this tremendous amount of pressure ??



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We are playing with a pure striker for the first time in the competition (André Silva for Guedes). I guess Santos expects Iran to be very defensive and wants to take control of the game more than we usually do. Guedes is better of we have less of the ball.

The other three changes:

Quaresma for Bernardo: Quaresma is a great crosser and while not as good as holding the ball, he'll try to beat his man and make a cross more often than Bernardo. Quaresma is still one of the best crossers around so if he's starting, the kind of game we'll try to impose is obvious.

Adrien Silva for Moutinho: Moutinho didn't train because of the flu.

João Mario for Bruno Fernandes: probably because the second was proper shit and lacked intensity in the first two matches.

Why Ricardo isn't starting again I don't know. He's way more offensive than Cedric which is more of what we need for this match.

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4 minutes ago, Machado said:

Personally I think this system is a disgrace and doesn't take the best out of our most talented players. We can be better than what we currently are.

That's good to hear. I personally don't think Iran has a hope in hell unless Portugal underestimates them (which they're unlikely to after the performance against Morocco & the desire to top the group), or somehow manages to really fuck their tactics up. And even then, I'd say the odds are still good for a Portugal victory.

I think this will be a 2-0 win for Portugal, unfortunately. I'd obviously like a different result.

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1 minute ago, Eco said:

Against Moroco, i.e. another team better than Peru. 

Why do you keep bringing us up? Get a grip.

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