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The Spring Invitational 2017; Cannabis Wins!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has finally come. After the success of a few pool leagues on the old forum and seeing as it's already been mentioned by Josh I thought we'd get a sign up thread going for the inaugural TF365 Pool League. For those that don't know the popular games website Miniclip has a real time multiplayer 8-Ball Pool game which can be used to challenge people around the world and most importantly your friends. 

Rather than kick off with a knock-out competition I think it's best that we have a league so that everyone gets a few games under their belt. Through past experience of running these things I don't want to impose too much of a restriction to get games played although everyone that signs up needs to do their best to get their fixtures out of the way. If you are interested in signing up read through the rules and stick your name down by replying to this thread, clicking this link will send you to the Miniclip game where you can have a few frames to practice.


  • Fixtures will be announced on a fortnightly basis and will consist of one game of pool per week, although your second game can be played if both people agree to do so. By releasing fixtures every two weeks it stops people from getting ahead of the game in terms of games played and keeps the league table neat and tidy.
  • Each game will won or lost using a ''First to 3'' format. In other words, the maximum amount of frames that are played in any one game is five and anyone that is suffering a drubbing will have their blushes spared by a respectable 3-0 defeat. We'll keep it fairly relaxed in terms of confirming the match scores, everyone on here gets along so we shouldn't need to start posting screenshots. Keep it honest and fair. 
  • Fixtures that have been ''announced'' for seven days or more without being played will be forfeited and the player that was most at fault for the game not going ahead will concede the game 5-0. In order to assist with this all game requests should be done by posting in this thread as opposed to through PM's, this means that I can see who has tried the most to arrange the fixture. In extreme circumstances (i.e. - holidays, illness etc...) then we'll sort something out but for the good of the league let's keep the ball rolling. 
  • In the event of a tie at the end of the season between two players at the top of the league a play-off will take place to determine the winner. Whoever wins this match takes the crown and becomes our inaugural ''Pool Jedi''. 

I think that's everything covered, I'll amend the rules if someone comes up with any good suggestions. I'll be away on holiday this Saturday (the 25th) for a week but if there's enough demand to get the competition going immediately then I'll play my first and second games now so that I'm not holding things up. 


If you are interested in joining in then please stick you name below (I will need a minimum of 8 people to begin the league but around 12 would be ideal) - confirmed players at the moment are;

  1. Cannabis 
  2. Rab
  3. DeadLinesman (providing we're compatible with iPhone)
  4. Berserker
  5. StanLCFC
  6. True Blue
  7. WhoNose (replaced with Bundesligafan93)
  8. JoshBRFC
  9. Storts
  10. Mazzari
  11. Toony
  12. LaSambade (replaced with Dan)


  • (30/3) Forfeited games will now result in a 3-0 win for the person that tried the most as opposed to 5-0, this way it doesn't ''reward'' people for not playing their matches. 
  • (30/3) Games that do not take place with both players remaining inactive will result in a ''loss'' for each player with a final result of 0-0. This way nobody gains a frame and a loss goes on your overall record. 





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