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Todd Kane Joins Hull City on Loan

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Todd has always been a borderline youth player who some felt deserved a chance in the 1st team squad. He has an excellent loan to Blackburn when he first came through n built a reputation as a solid full back. This after spending most of his youth career as a right sided midfield player. Alas, like two or three other good Chelsea youth products at the time he got a bad injury that set him back some. He got a extended contract on his return to full fitness in the hope he would regain the excellent progress at Blackburn. I think they took him back on loan, but he didnt hit the same heights. Alas he has bumped around to different Championship clubs since. He is still a solid young player who may still reach the level needed to play for us. Until then, a nice little club like Hull who have the reputation of looking after our young players is good for Todd.

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Todd has been on to many loans in my opinion, this last one is his 8th. He is also 24 so hardly a youngster any more, think he should join a team on a permanent deal. No reason for his to waste more time on loans.

With Mason Mount leaving on loan we already have 16 players on loan. usually ends up around 30+

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20 hours ago, Stan said:

If I remember correctly, the Blackburn posse on here rated him during his loan spell there too, albeit a few years ago now.

@roversgirl @JOSHBRFC @The Rebel CRS

It was actually just before the last World cup if  I remember correctly off my head.

And yeah he did well in his first season during the loan spell in the Championship, but not so much in the second.

He since left to the Eredivisie and spent a few years there. @Panna King will probably have more information on how he did out there and whether he progressed or not as I haven't paid much attention for him for ages.


Tony Kane was also part of the clubs ranks once upon a time, the only one left now is to bring in Harry :hh:

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I'd completely forgotten about him and I can't believe he is still at Chelsea! He clearly isn't good enough to make their first team so they should just cut their loses and put in a sell on clause just in case he comes good...Championship/League One is probably his level. He has a good loan spell with us but that was a long time ago and last I heard he was playing in League One...

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