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Bundesliga Prediction league 18/19 - 3. Spieltag

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Dortmund 3-1 Frankfurt 

Bayern 2-0 Leverkusen 

Leipzig 3-1 Hannover 

Mainz 2-1 Augsburg 

Wolfsburg 1-1 Hertha Berlin 

Dusseldorf 1-2 Hoffenheim

Gladbach 2-2 Schalke 

Bremen 2-0 Nurnberg 

Freiburg 1-2 Stuttgart 

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Dortmund - Frankfurt

Dortmund did not look good vs Hannover, which may have more to do with how Hannover play, but they have to win this


Bayern - Leverkusen

I would so like to pick a Bayern loss or even  draw, but the Pretenders are the worst team in the league.


Leipzig - Hannover

I am one of the few people who actually would like the Plastics to do well, but Hannover look a good team defensively.


Mainz - Augsburg

Why did I pick Rene Adler as my keeper in the kicker fantasy thing???


Wolfsburg - Hertha BSC

Wolfsburg bubble to burst...not yet


Düsseldorf - Hoffenheim

I like the way Hoff play


Gladbach - Schalke

Looks the most interesting game of the weekend


Bremen - Nürnberg

The undefeated streak continues


Freiburg - Stuttgart

I get Freiburg as a relegation candidate, but not VfB


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Dortmund 2-0 Frankfurt

Bayern 3-1 Leverkusen

Leipzig 2-1 Hannover

Mainz 1-0 Augsburg

Wolfsburg 1-0 Hertha BSC

Düsseldorf 2-1 Hoffenheim

Gladbach 3-0 Schalke

Bremen 2-0 Nürnberg

Freiburg 1-0 Stuttgart

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