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Franck Ribery Leaves Bayern

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5 hours ago, ...Dan said:

Would you take him back at OM @Batard ?

36 years old and would command a huge salary. I’d rather not. But, no doubting he’d be great around the first team

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Trouble is he is both a brilliant footy player and the ideal man to hate!  That means the Munchkins will miss him and we will have to focus on someone else.  Looking around at present that should not really be difficult.  What's the anti award of the 'Golden Boot' or maybe it's just getting it:90_wave:

Anyone else fancying splitting an infinitive with me?

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I think it's kind of went unnoticed that, despite a pretty disrupted late-career, he has stamped himself down as one of the great European wingers in history.  Unbelievably creative out wide and cutting inside, insane pace and acceleration, extremely unselfish, a goal threat, and also tenacious and hard-working off the ball.

Doesn't change him being a vile cunt though.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Arguably one of the best wingers of all time being bad mouthed on his leaving Bayern thread.. What's with all the hate? 


Not sure how anyone can hate this guy. 


Sad times for me.. Ribery and Robben are my two favourite players for the past 10 years or more. 

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Just now, Satan said:

Not or sure how anyone can hate this guy. 

Are you serious? He's an arrogant prick, who slaps people who disagree with him. He cheated on his wife with an underaged prostitute. Just to name two things. Yea, lovely chap. 

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  • The title was changed to Franck Ribery Leaves Bayern

We all have our faults, but Frank tended to air his in public and whilst no one can argue against his footy ability he was no role model for the next generation in how to live ones life and respect others. History tends to omit the indiscretions and remember the good stuff so in a few years maybe they will talk about him the way we are today remembering Tommy's striker and - sadly - Nikki Lauder.  Me! I'm still trying to come to terms with losing my Cincinnatti Fireball!

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