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Stan's PL Prediction League - Week 3 Table

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Think we have a new prediction specialist in the form of one of our newest members! @Pyfish now tops both this league and Division 1 of the World Prediction League - must be something in the water up in Grimsby! 16 points saw him rise to the top to overtake @RandoEFC while others flagged with 11 points in what was a very tricky weekend to predict - several away wins in the Premier League and a few surprise results. 

A few predicted Villa wins and a Wolves & Burnley draw. However only @Pyfish and @Batard could get perfect scores in those respective games. @Dan, @Rajabhat Rovers & @Fairy In Boots all got 14 points which is a decent total in a low-scoring week. Several members are tied on 42 points and only 3 points separate 12th & 18th place.

19-20 3.PNG


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10 minutes ago, Bluewolf said:

After this weekends disasters I should consider myself lucky I got 9

9 really is such a good score that one can get after this weekend :ph34r:

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3 minutes ago, Bluewolf said:

Why is @JOSHBRFC not playing this season??? not interested in defending his title then?? 

Just a flash in the pan.. 

Taking a break away from the site. Personal reasons.

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