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April 2021 - Member of the Month

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With plenty going on in the footballing world, April seemed to come and go in a flash. Plenty of members made a valuable impression though and this month's Member of the Month award was much closer than expected.

This member is a very popular one around the forum and with that, comes a lot of respect both from him and for him. His contributions extend beyond the football sections, for example in the Film & TV section and also a regular participant for all the games and prediction leagues. Totally inoffensive and humorous, a very welcome presence around the site.

To my own personal surprise, this member has also never been in the top 3 so perhaps it's well overdue! Not only making that top 3, but winning it for the first time ever - better late than never ;) 

Congratulations to @Viva la FCB!!



In 2nd place was @El Profesor; 3rd place was @Rick!

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6 minutes ago, Happy Blue said:

Thank you, thank you it's been 10 long years to finally receive.. oh, wait :35_thinking::shutup:  ..i thought removing the Man City badge would of been enough :what: :4_joy:  :ph34r:

Congrats @Viva la FCB  :ay:

Stick your old mug shot back in, that might help. xD


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17 minutes ago, Happy Blue said:

You don't like my real face?? :35_thinking::4_joy:

That mug shot would get our daughters pet rats singing love songs. :4_joy:                                        

giphy.gif?cid=ecf05e47fc9239elu6cz4n2x4c  20210408_180732.thumb.jpg.bdc16777d5df423d0cd94e51ae7b289a.jpg.adb34a9f97171be4f2fb86d42fd31a49.jpg

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