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Middlesbrough Appoint Monk

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3 minutes ago, Cannabis said:

Not really, he's been a success at a club that is impossible to manage and did well with Swansea before being given an unjustified boot.

It's great that he's been offered it over Nigel Pearson too, hopefully this knocks the arrogant wankstain into an early retirement.

Success for short bursts at two clubs and he's being linked with top Championship jobs and a job in the Premier League? I'm not convinced. If he'd have got Leeds over the line then I'd be pushed to agree but during Leeds' most stable period in years, his team fell apart at the back end of the season and failed to get in the play-off's despite being in a commanding position. 


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45 minutes ago, Stan said:

Pearson > Monk.

Pearson would get Middlesbrough back up straight away. Doubt Monk would immediately. 

You would have said he'd have done a better job with Derby too.

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5 minutes ago, Cannabis said:

I'm sure you'd lob Pearson's cock in your mouth if you could. Let it go Stanley :ph34r:

yep, forgive me for liking a manager that has done well for our club xD 

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  • The title was changed to Middlesbrough Appoint Monk
25 minutes ago, Smiley Culture said:

Monk needs to actually do something in a job,  because the jury is still out right now. Leeds' collapse was pathetic so a top (by Championship standards) job is a weird one for me. 

Agree that the collapse was poor from us and Gary had to take some of the blame in that. But it's not all him. The players equally caved under the pressure and ran out of gas because of how limited and small our squad were, he can't do much about that.

You need to look at the bigger picture. He got more out of us than anyone has for a bloody long time and with reasonably limited resources, relying instead on youngsters and players with a point to prove. He deserves to be a contender for jobs like this.

There will be no excuses for him mind. Unlike with us, he's walking into a place that has a squad which are more than competitive for automatic promotion back to the Premier League. And he will have funds to strengthen too. I've no doubt's he will try and sign Bartley from Swansea as he was so instrumental for us and I wouldn't be surprised if he tries to sign one of our players.

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Thought Monk done a fairly good job at Leeds. I wasn't a big fan of him and and didn't rate him at Swansea mind. He got the best out of Chris Wood last season and Pontus Jansson was a good signing. Think it was poor that after being up there all season and at one point being ours and Brighton's biggest threat for a bit they never even made the play offs though.

Agree with SC tbh, there is a lot of hype around him and he hasn't really done anything great. Whenever I seen them last season they didn't impress me loads, we played them off the park home and away and they were lucky to get a point at SJP. Can't recall leaving a match as angry as that for some time.

Think Boro will be up there though, they are more likely than Hull and Boro unless something big happens at those clubs.

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