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I don't think I've ever heard a Beatles cover I've liked. Even Coroner couldn't pull me in with a cover. The originals are always significantly better.

Bob Dylan's been covered really well though.

All 3 of those shit all over the Nobel Prize winning songwriter's versions imo. But I hate his voice - can't deny that he's a fantastic songwriter. Otherwise those covers would have been shite.

Bonus metal cover:

Death's cover of Painkiller is the best cover of a metal song I've ever heard - it sounds distinctly like Death, but retains so much of the original feeling from the Judas Priest song. It's a quality tribute.

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23 hours ago, nudge said:


That was the first thing that came to mind, GET OUTTA MY HEAD xD

Pretty powerful given how personal that song that was for Reznor and even hes admitted it belongs to Johnny now. I love the way the video is shot too.

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1 hour ago, Lucas said:


I think like Johnny Cash's cover of Hurt, this one is also pretty famously associated with Jeff Buckley (I'd also argue the same thing about All Along the Watchtower & Jimi Hendriix... but that's beside the point). Although, I don't think it's quite like Trent Reznor saying the song is now Cash's - because it's also probably the most iconic Leonard Cohen song.

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