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Watford Sign Will Hughes for £8m

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Overrated in my opinion. I'm not sure hell do that well in this league although Watford haven't really paid that much considering how much other English midfielders or just midfielders in general go for. 

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1 hour ago, Cannabis said:

After an initial burst onto the scene he's fallen into the footballing abyss, I don't think that this signing will pull up any trees but then again he's at a club where not pulling up trees is encouraged. 

He's become quite injury prone which is why we don't hear as much about him any more. From what I've seen last season he's still versatile, can travel with the ball, and can create chances in an instance. It could be a good investment if he can find his best position in that Watford side.

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The deal could be £8 million but it is currently half that with the rest in add ons. 

He has been loyal to Derby and deserves his chance at a higher level. Only time will tell if he is a success but he has the technical ability to succeed, it is just whether he can keep fit and adapt to the physical side.

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Very comfortable on the ball and works hard without it.

It's about time he escaped from Derby who have failed to live up too expectations of finding the top division over the past few seasons.

Not sure Watford are an ideal club for him, although their change of manager may give them a better style of football on the pitch.

Cheap good signing.

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In seriousness that's an interesting one. I never thought he was really worth the hype in the first place although saying that, he wasn't bad either. He probably needs a move to get the best from him.

It seems a relatively low fee in this market for a young English player but I heard a rumour that it's because Derby still owe Watford money for the Vydra deal.

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I've seen him a fair whack on tele for Derby and the u21s, but I watched him live against us at Griffin Park a few years ago and he looked a different class, it's surprising it's taken this long for him to reach the Prem.

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