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I'm going to try getting into it.  I'm not a fan of watching series to be honest as I get bored with the same characters all the time.  This one, however, comes highly recommended.  I haven't actually met anyone who gave it a chance and didn't like it.

Is it on Amazon Prime or Netflix?

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2nd best series after Vikings, in my opinion. I did struggle with it in places, especially series 2 when the plot was more and more about personal mental struggles rather then the apocalypse survival thing. Thought the last series (7) was one of the best. Negan is a real 'character'! Interested to see where the writers take him...

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I am missed the last episode as it was game day, overall i didn't enjoy season 7 at all. Hope when it all comes together it will be fireworks but apart from episode one this season they have all been poor. Lot of introductions but nothing really exciting.

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17 hours ago, 6666 said:

The CGI being displayed recently is at a pretty terrible level for how big a show The Walking Dead is.


16 hours ago, Fairy In Boots said:

That deer was fucking awful 

It really was!!! I'm so glad it wasn't just me xD It was fucking pathetic hahaha

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42 minutes ago, True Blue said:

The current season is so poor in my opinion, had a few decent episodes but apart from the debut season i found it very bad. Probably the worst season of the series.

I completely agree, worst season by far. First and second were the best for me if i remember correctly.

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Huge fan of the show, however, this seasons introduction of Negan has spoilt most of my enjoyment.

Too think 2 major very likeable people in the show were killed off as an introduction for the mini Everyone loves Raymond brother lookalike.

One hope the closing episodes to this season recover some of the millions of viewers lost because of the laughable casting of Negan.


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On 03/04/2017 at 8:18 PM, JOSHBRFC said:

Just watched the last episode... 


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We now have to wait possibly 6 months for the war..........

 fuck sake. :cardY:

I've just began waiting for a whatsapp group to go mad about an episode before watching it. It's 2 or 3 episode so of madness and the rest are dross every season.

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Just now, JOSHBRFC said:

Never watched it. Any of the originals in it? And what's the story behind it?

Totally different cast and it's pretty much during the time period when people starting turning. The pace of the show is a lot quicker.

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