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2017 Comedian of the year Poll (Final)

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Comedian of the year 2017  

26 members have voted

  1. 1. Who's your winner?

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27 minutes ago, Cicero said:

I'm assuming staff can't be in this? 

Only vote goes to Harvey


21 minutes ago, Cannabis said:

Yeah, I think we agreed to opt out of the awards apart from the staff award which obviously relates to us.

plus the fact the only 2 options are @Any O'Brien and @Happy Blue xD 

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Just now, Happy Blue said:

Is this not the final from the other pole? 

yeah but Cicero saying his vote goes to Harvey is redundant anyway because he's not the choice in this poll.

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2 hours ago, Cannabis said:

No idea. 

Ask @Batard

I believe it was a staff decision to exclude staff. Although to be fair I can’t even remember now. That said, wherever I’ve worked before on a forum it was standard that end of year awards were specifically targeted at members and not staff. I don’t think this was any different on TFF either. Of course. I could be wrong.

Lets not be too disparaging of who we have to vote on. They are who members voted for as finalists here. If we’d rather have it open to staff next time, fine. But stupid or not, these awards are targeted at our members (and not the staff. Fairly or otherwise).


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