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    @...Dan - it's great to see him becoming more active as the years gone on. More of the same next year mate. @6666 - very good poster. His tendency to refuse to criticise his own club makes me laugh but the general quality of posting always seems to be very good. @AMG - A much better poster than what he was a couple of years ago. @ASFF - it's a shame he's not as active as he once was. @Asura - Happy to see Asura regularly post again as the years gone on. @Azeem - Good character. Funny fucker. Fits in very well. @BartraPique1932 - I like him. Just needs to not be as cold when winding up others again. @Batard - great guy. Needs to get back in to Wrestling. Berserker - a forum legend. I'll never forget the time he laid in to Toony in a mafia wars chat about how inconsistent his game was. @Blue - he's fine when he's focused on something he likes. Just needs to block Jose and Marc. @Bluebird Hewitt - Must have known him for well over ten years now. It's a shame he doesn't have the free time he once had. I don't know how anybody could say a bad word about him. @Bluewolf- very good poster which is shown by how often he's voted top three by staff. @BounceAroundTheGround - Hopefully as time goes on he will be more active elsewhere as he's a very good poster. @bozziovai - Haven't seen Bozz around as much as he was in the summer. Which is a shame as he fit in well. @Burning Gold - I hope he begins to post more again. I had s lot of fun with him the one Tim I got past round 2 in mafia wars last year. @CaaC - John - A good addition. We need to work on his copying and pasting skills though so the font isn't size 1000. @Cannabis - Him and Stan just need to fuck each other and get it over with. @Chaaay AFC - I've noticed him a lot more as the years gone on. It's more difficult to break out when a lot of others support the same time but he's done a good job of it. @Chadwell - Seems like a good addition to the German section. Hopefully he becomes more active next year. @carefreeluke- one of a number of very good Chelsea posters that make this place click. @Cicero- very good member. Possibly the front runner for MOTY. His rep speaks volumes really. @Cure- such a shame he's not around more. @Dalmore - fair play to him because supporting a team in a league that's not represented well must be shit and his input is appreciated. @Dan - in terms of consistent quality posting he's up there with everybody on this forum. I'm sure he's already recognised I think that just by how much rep I give him over the course of the year. @Danny - he provides a good (and much needed) balance to this forum. @DeadLinesman - made the greatest call in tf365 history by putting me forward for staff and I'll always be grateful. @Devil-Dick Willie - funny fucker who thankfully stops me from talking to a brick wall in the wrestling thread. @Dickie - some of his YouTube stuff is class. @Djalminha - I see him online quite a bit. Hopefully he will begin to post more soon. @DNA - Hopefully he will post more again as time goes on. @Dr. Gonzo - in terms of posting quality he's been an absolutely relentless animal this year. @Eco - God how this place benefited with his energy when he was around. @El Profesor - The stand out poster during the World Cup and really helped make the forum be a very enjoyable place to read and engage with. @Fairy In Boots- definitely a character. Some of his comments in the Championship section are pretty funny. @Faithcore - the only person who can get away with talking in third person. @Fusion - I miss the guy but in sure he will one day return. @Gunnersauraus - I like his enthusiasm around the place. @Happy Blue - first round of next mafia wars he's dead. @Harry - good poster. Definitely quality over quantity. Seems like a really nice guy too. @Harvsky - honestly if you guys saw what he said about some of you in the staff room. Even I feel awkward. @HK85 - I've never understood why somebody would log in to a forum to just rep anything negative but each to their own. @Hugh Jass - He'll be back. @IgnisExcubitor - I haven't noticed Ignis as much as previous years which is a shame as I've always enjoyed their posts. @Inverted - Very good member. Always posts to a high standard which makes him a real asset to this place. @José - I think we owe him one for how much content gets created in The Champions League section as about 60%+ of it is people responding to him. @JOSHBRFC - glad to see him and the Rovers contingent getting more involved as the years progressed. @Kowabunga - been impressed with the standard of posting when i have seen him in the La Liga section. @Large - Hopefully he returns at some point. Legend. @LFCMadLad - the quality of posting has got better as the years gone on. @LFCMike - funny bloke. Has Cannabis wrapped round his finger. @Lucas - very happy to see him win member of the year as over seven years it was deserved. @Machado - good member whose contributions in various places is appreciated. @Marc - when talking about football he is one of the best members out there. When he's making out this place to be worse than Auschwitz not so much. @Mazzari - one of the members I miss the most actually. His contributions were underrated. @Mel81x - one of the nicest and most humble posters we have ever had. @nudge - already worth her wait in gold to the staff team. @Panflute - would like to see him post more again. @Panna King - another one whose quality of posting has got better as the years progressed. @Paulh_85 - hewitt needs to get him back as he was literally an upgrade of him. @Paulo Dybala - seemed like a good poster but I never understood the various accounts. @Pep Talk - he could be a real asset to this place. Fingers crossed he posts more next year. @Perseus - I've been very impressed with all the posts and is another that will hopefully stick round. It's just a shame they support Brighton. @R-D - I miss his contributions in the FM section. @Rab - shithead. @Rafa Beneathus - funny bloke. I'm sure he will come back. @RandoEFC - The total package in terms of enthusiasm, professionalism, posting quality etc. @Relling - I like what I've seen in the German section. @Rick - I always get the impression he's one of those people that could get glassed one weekend, be really pissed off about it all the week, and then the following Friday resolve it with a pint as an apology. I think I respect him for it. @roversgirl - Really happy to see her posting again as she was one of the reasons I kept coming back in the first place. @Rucksackfranzose - I'm happy to see him getting nominated by people for MOTY as his contributions shouldn't go unnoticed. @Salford Kel - had absolutely no issues with any of her posts this year and long may it continue. @SchalkeUK - legend. @ScoRoss - I thought we were going to lose him as the year went on the to the lack of SPL posts but I'm glad we haven't because he's a very good asset. @shut up - always been a good poster. Hopefully they'll be more active over the next twelve months. @SirBalon- His passionate posts will always make him one of thebmost likeable people here. He runs the La Liga ship smoothly too. @Smiley Culture- Has really come to life during the international periods. His persona is great at times too. @Spike - very good member. I enjoy his responses to people trying to get under his skin more than I should really. @Stan - I still think he's absolutely mad for typing out all the fixtures. This place would really struggle without him. @StefBWFC - Happy to see Stef posting regularly again throughout the course of the year. Funny, intelligent members is what the EFL section thrives on. @Storts - The fact he runs another forum yet still donates and regularly contributes here with high quality posts really says a lot about him as a person. @Takyon - Hopefully we will see a return in 2019 due to previous impact. @The Artful Dodger - Another one whose character helps this place tick over and the general qualofybof his posts are of a high standard. I hope he doesn't feel undervalued. @The Käiser - from what I've seen in the German section has been good. @The Liquidator - I like him and i think his contributions have often been undervalued. I don't understand why he only posts in one thread from now on though. @The Rebel CRS- A very good poster. Always has been. Always will be. I imagine the plastic will start posting more in the EFL section when Blackburn Make a playoff push. @tlr - I was very happy to see the return earlier this year. Hopefully they'll stick around more next year. @Toinho - Funny bloke. The Blue is Lube comment will be around for years. @True Blue  - One of the many very good Chelsea fans that will keep this place ticking over for years to come. @Tommy - Like everybody else, I preferred Tsubusa. @UNORTHODOX - Another Liverpool fan who I hope to see become as active as they once were given how the side is improving. @Viva la FCB - Another member who I'm happy to see get MOTY shouts because there overall contribution is very good. @YNWA - I'm happy to see them get involved in patches over the course of the last year, and I hope to see more of them next year.
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    Its 5 AM here and I haven't got a second of sleep tonight. I may as well do this now as I'm on my 3D break for a few minutes. Since you lot seem to think I'm the guru on this, I may as well continue my tradition. I'm not going to tag anyone due to a glitch on Chrome that makes me have to refresh on every user, and I'm going to be brutally honest on every one. All due respect to the ones I don't necessarily agree with, so don't take it to heart. It's just my opinion. ...Dan: I don't run into him a whole lot, but when I do its for him to criticize me. Don't know why, maybe my TFF past has something to do with it. I appreciate his Ligue 1 knowledge though especially given how much I respect the league for being nowhere near as bad as some make it out. Keep up the great work. 6666: Don't run into him at all, seems your average biased Arsenal fan. Not that it's a bad thing mind, it's normal for a fan to defend their players. I can't say anymore as I don't know enough. That simple AMG: I don't run into him a lot. Seems to be a trend with the A's. On the contrary here though, I have seen a lot of his posts compared to the above 2 and they just seem pointless to me. Nothing that really warrants abuse though, at least not in my mind. Not one of the better members but far from the worst. ASF: He doesn't come on a whole lot, but whenever he does he is brilliant. Great to have members from outside English speaking countries, like myself giving this forum lots of diversity. An important asset especially to whenever the international break arrives. Asura: Not one of the forum's main brains but a really sound bloke and that doesn't mean he isn't knowledgable. We're kind of mixed with each others football views but not in a bad way, in fact just to spark more debate which is what this forum needs. I used to run into him a lot more though. Azeem: The international football guru. Follows the entire qualifiers and is a lover of the World Cup. Not really innovative with his knowledge like Sirbalon is but nevertheless one of my favourite members on here. Great lad, knows his stuff and keeps us up to date with parts of the qualifiers some of us others don't really follow. Babycakes - Female Liverpool fan I think? That's all I know about this one. Batrapique1993: Not a bad member, and he does well to contribute to the German forum. I have no opinion here other than a really strange sense of humour. He's just another one to me. Batard: Used to be the head honcho of the staff, doing really well to keep the place cleaned up. It's definitely not gone worse since he's had less time due to his children, but he was certainly the best at it if you ask me. And that's not even speaking of his general posting, which is also brilliant. I'm not sure if he's French born living in England or vice versa. I'd have to ask someday. Regardless, he follows France and Ligue 1 which is already different and that's enough for me. Berserker: Used to really disagree with each other, things have changed in the past 2 years though and I'm delighted he's another fellow South American I can chat to. His banter is amongst the best in the forum and while he doesn't always post about South American football, he's always here to have a chat which makes up for it. Blue - Fucking prick Blyebird Hewitt - Seems a fine poster to me, he's loved on this forum but unfortunately I don't really go into the Cardiff related topics too much so I can't comment on this one. Bluewolf: Another one I don't run into a whole lot. I can see why people like him a lot though. Bouncearoundtheground - Don't know him Bozzioval: Seems to be a mixed one on this forum, his spelling is definitely the worst on these message boards but he's nowhere near as bad as some make out. Sure his humour is odd but he does have respectable football opinions. I like him. Bundesliga93 - Don't know him Burning gold - Seen him around in recent times but he's a lot less active then he used to be. Another one I didn't particularly get along with until recent times. Caac-John - An excellent addition to the board and I hope he doesn't leave in the same way Hugh Jass did. Provides proof with his arguments, posts news items for us to comment on and overall I'm a fan. Cannabis - Always seems to be mixed with him. Don't get me wrong, he's one of the forums best. He can never decide if he likes or dislikes me! haha. When he's not picking on me, I like him and even then it doesn't change my view that he's a great poster. ChaaayAFC - Really dislikes me and I don't know why. I don't run into him a lot though so I have no opinion. Chadwell - Don't know him. Carefreeluke - Chelsea is one of the European teams I don't particularly follow a whole lot and that is his bread and butter, sometimes posting in the La Liga forum too but never in an ideal moment. Like Bluewolf, I can see why people like him but I don't know enough to comment. Cicero: Keeps serious debate going and needs to be around forever. Tries to keep it serious and you can tell when he's cracking a joke or a wind up. Very easy to read and follows football outside of just Chelsea which is great. His several MOTM awards speak for themselves really. Cure: Did someone just get lazy and include Cure? He hasn't been active consistently since the start of this forum. Anyways, I'm not a fan. Next. Dalmore: Another one who has fallen off the radar, but again is brilliant. Dan - We don't chat as much as we used to which is a shame. He's hot headed but not towards others and is extremely friendly. Can get along with just about anyone. Also a very impatient FM player, but hey aren't most of us that? Danny: I'm not a fan personally. I certainly don't dislike him though, him trying to push on the English mentality can put me off but he's middle of the road for me. Darthblaug - Don't know him. Deadlinesman - Next in line of transformed relationships comes Phil. I love his sense of humour and I'm (now) glad he has found more time to be on the forum as he is sound. Just don't push his buttons though! Devil Dick Willie - Not the only Australian with that cringe-culture mentality! His hatred towards Australian sports is hilarious. Good member, and one of the funniest on here. Dickie - A sound bloke who is nowhere near as active as he used to be. I enjoy his videos and I hope he comes on a bit more. Djalminha - I think he's a Spaniard? If so I'd welcome him back with open arms. He was never very active to begin with though, not even on TFF if I recall. DNA - Don't know him. Dr Gonzo - Americans must love his accent. In my opinion, the best Liverpool fan we have. Easy to get along with and knows his shit. Sound bloke and one of the forums gems. Eco - Excellent bloke on form, but seems a bit bipolar. One day he's slating me and a few hours later we're getting along. Hopefully he can be a bit more consistent on his return but he's certainly the best American we have. El Professor - My favourite member on the forum. I shouldn't complain about his inactivity as he's consistent in the UCL and International games, that's good enough for me. Even back on TFF he was my favourite. Easy to get along with, good sense of humour and another South American I can chat with. Not to mention, he's the absolute mother brain of the forum. I'd say he's the most knowledgable member on here. Fairy In Boots - Don't know him other than every post being bad political one liners. Faithcore - Same as Bluewolf. I can see why people like him but not one I run into a lot. FCNick - If I'm correct he's the Trinidad Barca fan no? If so I do like him but we haven't heard of him in a while. Fusion - Really disliked him on the old board for picking on me. It's a shame he has to rely on picking on others as his sense of humour but he executes it very well. I will give him that, he's hilarious. Gunnersaurus - Great bloke, but very bad at reading others. He's misinterpreted more of my posts than anyone else on here. Not much else to say, other than I appreciate his efforts on here. Happy Blue - This is how a proper WUM is made. Great banter with others and he's laughing with us, not at us. If we're going to have WUMS, let them be like him. Harry - Top bloke, don't think anyone dislikes him and vice versa. Harvsky - Along with Devil Dick Willie, our funniest member with a fantastic sense of humour. Hk85 - I miss him and his Teso slating. Think he got tired though. Hughjass - Again, seems necessary to have him here because he's long gone. I miss him though, could have become a real asset on the forum with how promising his first month was. Ignis - Don't know him. Inverted - Don't think I've seen a single post of his that wasn't truthful in some way. Very underrated and even though we don't chat a whole lot, I don't find myself disagreeing with him a whole lot. Jose: I've said enough about him. Not my type of WUM. I prefer those who laugh with me and not at me. Joshbrfc - Don't know him. Kowabunga - Another Spaniard I think. Aside from having a fucking shit accent, he's the type of member this forum needs to establish us as "the best". Adds a ton of diversity and he knows his stuff. Large - Don't know him. Lfcmadlad - Sound guy but I don't ever run into him as he never ventures outside the PL forum. Lfcmike - Same as above. Lucas - We disagree on a lot of things, but I do think I have been harsh to him before, wrongly. He is a great member who knows his shit, but we seem to think very differently. Machado - Same as ASF. Marc - The thing is he's actually a very good poster, but he chooses to WUM and wank over Teso constantly. It's tiring. If he would stop picking on others then he would be a good asset on here. Mazzarri - Don't know him. Mel81x - Same as LFCMadlad and LFCmike. Nudge - Just behind El Professor is Nudge. She is extremely friendly and is very knowledgable. While her bread and butter are things outside of football, even there she excels and that is the testament to one of the mother brains of the forum. Have a ton of fun to chat about travel particularly. Olieandblue - Not active but another one I really liked. Panflute - Don't know him. Panna King - Half WUM but it is so blatant that he's on par with HappyBlue, and he does offer a ton of good knowledge about Dutch football which is what this forum needs as I've mentioned. Paulh_85 - Don't know him. Paulo Dybala - Not very active but from the brief posts I've seen he does offer something. Pep Talk - I used to think similarly to AMG of him, but as time went on I really grew to appreciate him and think he's a valuable addition to the forum. Shame he's not active anymore but I can understand it due to family issues as he has stated. Peresus - Don't know him. R-D - Don't know him. Rab - The heart of the forum. Without him the IT bit of the forum goes to shit. Rafa Benethus - Not active a whole lot anymore but I don't mind him. Rando - Brilliant Evertonian who ranks up there with Gonzo. Actually I don't see many difference aside from being on the other side of Merseyside. Both have similar posting styles and offer a lot to this forum. Redcanuk - Don't know him. Relling - Don't know him. Rick - Used to really dislike him but I think we've both grown into each other during the World Cup. Robosys - Don't know him. Roversgirl - Don't know her. Rucksackfanzone - Very European centric. Not much else to say. Next. Salford Kel - Lots of talk about her on here but not run into her a whole lot to actually comment. SchalkeUK - Don't know him. ScoRoss - Football Italia on Twitter. Shut up - no u Sir Balon - I don't think he's biased to be honest and he's not arrogant like he used to. We get along very well and his long posts usually contain a pepper by the name of "knowledge". His age certainly helps although I know that's not something he's proud of! Like Kowabunga, he has a fucking shit accent but sometimes those are the best people and it definitely applies in Antonio's case. Smiley Culture - Negative and has a clear vendetta for me. Outside of that though he does know his stuff and is a welcome addition here. Spike - Seems a lot less active as of late, but we often have great banter and he certainly knows his shit. His debates with Balon are some of the best on here. Stan - I've criticized him before, I've slated him as a moderator but truth is he's good at both posting and as a staff member. More often than not friendly, although has his limits like anyone else and reasonable. His job as a moderator isn't made any easier when he's being given shit, and has to make a pressured decision so that would be my own fault. StefBWFC - Don't know him. Storts - A hidden gem. The reason I say this is because his knowledge streches far beyond just the Premier League but he doesn't like posting about them. You can always chat with me to keep debate going Takyon - Don't know him. Tarzanontoast - Great fun whenever he's around as he follows the Peruvian lower leagues like me The Artful Dodger - Similar to Inverted but I've disagreed with him a bit more then the former. The Kaiser - Don't know him. The liquidator - Don't know him. The Palace Fan - For me, the best staff member. Active, keeps activity going with new threads and has a good range of football knowledge. He's not the head honcho when it comes to moderating, but the staff all have their own roles. The rebel CRS - Another friendly one. Very reasonable and knows his stuff, particularly in la Liga. Tlr - Don't know him. Toinho - Great for a pint I would guess. Quite funny at times and an excellent in The Pub area of the forum. Also great to have an Aussie who actually follows the A-League, unlike a certain other... TrstnFCB - Don't know him. Trueblue - Don't run into him a lot. Tommy - Don't run into him a lot but he seems to be the head honcho of the Film and Bundesliga section. Unorthodox - Don't know him. Viva La FCB - Another one I've grown into. Used to really dislike each other but I think we both started appreciating our efforts as time went on. YNWA - Don't know him.
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    So glad nobody fucking listened to me all the way through this. Suspected Cicero, Bluewolf and Machado but fuck no, let’s all vote Storts as Santa and lynch townies. Fucking knobheads.
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    A-C (I) @...Dan One of our underrated members, a great knowledge of Ligue 1 (and Serie A if I remember rightly). Back in the TFF and early TF36 days there were some great Football Manager diaries from ...Dan so hopefully these make a return in 2019! @6666 I honestly thought he might have been born with some sort of problems because of his posting habits on TFF although on here he's like a different person. Great Arsenal poster (despite not visiting the Emirates ) and a great member to have around - easily the 'Most Improved Since Moving' winner. @AMG Absolute flannel on TFF with the whole balanced love for both Chelsea and Norwich. Seems to have matured a lot since the death of TFF and the birth of TF365 which has made him a great member (as the votes in the 'Newcomer' Award has proven). Hopefully he continues this good form into 2019. @ASF Gutted that he doesn't post more. Still a movie buff, swear there could be a film made about bowel movements and he'd still go and see it. A very, very knowledgeable poster and someone who I have a soft spot for considering he supports the mighty FC Porto. I just wish he would post more as since the birth of TF365 he seems to have dissapeared slightly. @Asura Yep, good lad. Don't see him too much so can't really go into too much detail. Needs to post more ! @Azeem As with Asura. Seems to post about things that I'm not really into such as the Hockey Thread. Was a bit unlucky in the Mafia thread but played a good game, similar to Asura in the sense that I like him but don't bump into him enough. @YNWA (isn't this Babycakes?) She was a great addition but just vanished after a few months, probably because of Deadlinesman and the whole controversy about nude PM's. @BartraPique1932 Romped his way to the crown of the F1 Prediction League (which is going to be reborn and actually competitive next year!). A solid poster when he's not in his whopper moods and posting absolute drivel. Depends what mood this bi-polar chap is in it seems. @Batard Legend - need I say more? Was one of my favourite posters on TFF and has become a fantastic addition to TF365. Does tons of stuff behind the scenes and without him, we'd be one of the shite forums you see on the web with about five or six members. Runs Mafia Wars too like a boss - merci <3. @Berserker Good poster is Nick but his love for all things English sometimes lets him down. Bias posting is not something I'm too fond about so I'd like to see him snap out of this heading into 2019. @Blue Top man is Brian. Goes through phases of being a melt but 90% of the time is a great poster. Deep down he's a good lad, wears his heart on his sleeve which sometimes becomes his downfall with reactions to obvious bites. Much improved since the early days on TFF when he was younger, someone who will no doubt continue to mature and impress in 2019, perhaps adding another MOTM crown to his collection. @Bluebird Hewitt As with Berserker, great poster but just loves all things English too much. One of my favourite avatars (Father Ted is classic TV) and a legend for being part of the staff team when we first launched the site. @Bluewolf Grandpa TF365. We really missed him in the six months that we launched and he wasn't here. One of the best Chelsea posters we have and to be fair, all of them are sound. Looking forward to another garden update in 2019! @BounceAroundTheGround A great addition to the Football League section and will be a great addition to the Premier League board if Bristol come up. Hoping that his posting increases in 2019 and he's usually posting good stuff. @bozziovai Don't bump into him enough to comment but a solid set of hands. @Bundesligafan93 Joined the 8-Ball Pool League back in 2017 and then vanished, not been seen since. Think @JOSHBRFC scared him after going a frame down and then sending abuse to his Facebook account. @Burning Gold Nice lad, even if he does support the Redshite. Don't have too many interactions with him though, probably because he thinks I'm a bellend. @CaaC - John Superb new poster, finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest news and makes a mockery out of @The Palace Fan's reporting . Looking forward to seeing his views on football as we head into the new year, a great addition to our site! @Chaaay AFC Another great Arsenal lad, the polar opposite of the melts on AFTV. @Chadwell Have a soft spot for him since Football Manager 2019 launched and I started managing Hamburger SV. A well-liked poster in the German section ! @carefreeluke Another top Chelsea fan, always posts with a level head and with depth. Great when he comes out with his long posts as they're always spot on. Someone that I had a lot of time for on TFF and who I can say the same about now that we've made the new site. Needs to teach me Spanish though... @Cicero As above, has a handful MOTM crowns to his name and it's easy to see why. A dodgy fucker when it comes to Mafia Wars but when it comes to football, a boss. Whenever I see Jon Snow on TV I think about him too, not sure if that's homo or not ? @Cure Always remember him for dying in Mafia Wars and then revealing who everyone was . Hearts in the right place but a proper whopper, doesn't post much now sadly after moving to University, pursuing a career in the Music industry.
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    Makes me feel sick to see someone have such an enormous moment ruined because of some ratty little wanker thinking he's funny. She could easily batter him, too. I'd love to see it.
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    This iteration generated nearly 200 more replies than the Roman version. Also, in 7 years of doing this across multiple forums, this was easily the most enjoyable one I've hosted yet. Some of the fuck up's were hilarious, such as the town systematically cleansing Vomero of their own colleagues, Harvey notably. The conversations in the Chatzy's were great as well. I'll try and share what I can of those
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    @Cicero Lol turns out I was correct, but we were on the same team!!! After I died and you fucking mongs failed to lynch cicero (which cost you the game) a player sent me a PM that basically said "Man, we fucked that up" Being sure Cicero was mafia this was my word for word response. So pretty strong feelings there you could say. @Storts @Tommy @DeadLinesman @Viva la FCB @IgnisExcubitor @Harvsky
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    A quarter moon and Venus in the sky this morning. Amazing.
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    Where were we? Cliff Richard is still in Italy. His doppelganger, Riccardo Scogliera is still alive. The Scogliera's are regrouping and are now seemingly not the least bit happy of their former leaders indiscretions. The banking industry lost a good money launderer so Vomero investments has a debt to collect and the ballistic baliffs always do ... Oh and very likely much much more ... So if you want to be part of it ... Sign-up here. Game starts week one of 2019. So shake off the seasonal gut and new year hangovers and get your Mafia freak on. And just remember, my games are bastard modded which means not everything is deliberately as it seems or should be. If you died of AIDS in the previous game you'll have to make a convincing pitch as to why you should be included. Roles will be assigned by numerical draft. If you don't like what you get, tough shit. You picked it!
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    I'm already working on a proposal to ban several others. Here's the draft; feel free to add more. White Christmas - obviously promotes racism and white supremacy. The Little Drummer Boy - endorses child labour. O Christmas Tree - calls for deforestation. It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas - promotes gender stereotypes. Feliz Navidad - cultural appropriation. Jingle Bells - racist due to blackface origins. I'll be Home for Christmas - might be offensive to the homeless. Santa Claus is Coming to Town - voyeurism. Santa Baby - very sexist and reinforces gender stereotypes. Sleigh Ride - promotes animal cruelty. Fairytale of Newyork - promotes homophobia.
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    @Stan, @Bluewolf, @nudge, @Tzeentch, @6666, @Viva la FCB, @Tommy, @Faithcore
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    Allison had a great game too, as did Milner. Agree though that MOTM goes to either Kieta or VVD who were both outstanding. VVD has to be our best signing in decades and is probably the best CB in the world right now. Absolute monster. Anyway, last night's win means that this is our best start to a season in our 126 year history. Well done lads and well done Klopp.
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    Gerrard slipping on his arse to give away the title. Yes it received national news and exploded to catastrophic levels but not nearly as funny as it should have been, a national holiday should have been declared for how funny it was. Couldn't have happened to a nicer chap .
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    I thought Happy Blue played well. Kept out of the suspicions well.
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    @Storts you have been killed by the Mafia, but as the Townie Bomb Maker you had woven Semtex into the Santa costume. You see In something of a twist, you were elected Santa meaning you were wearing your own booby trapped outfit. The Santa outfit served as a vehicle for two outcomes Had a Mafia member been elected he'd have been killed instantly as it was rigged to kill all non-townies Upon a night death, the outfit kills whatever faction has targeted him in the blast radius. Which leads me too ... @Bluewolf @Machado @Happy Blue you have been killed by Semtex Santa. These were the remaining members of the De Crescenzo Mafia
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    I took this one during the last "blood moon" eclipse and was very surprised with the double Moon until I realised it's actually due to the long exposure... haha. Maybe my best astro related one (Milky Way): And my two favourite moon ones... the second one is taken with a 600mm lens and is obviously cropped...
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    Take my responses from the last one.
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    Points taken... and I won't disagree entirely with a lot you have said when it comes to Sarri and his tactics or lack thereof.. Sarri relies on possession football that's his style, and with it can come some very entertaining football when it comes off, What we don't have is the end product to go with it... Great we have a lot of the ball but not so great that after a lot of passing around we hit a defensive brick wall because we lack either the cutting edge striker to finish it off or the calm and creativity to unpick the defensive lock.. With the exception of Man City I doubt there is a side in the top 6 that has strung together more successful passes than us this season which has allowed us so much of the ball.. Looking at the goals for difference between us and City though shows where it's all going tits up... I won't just lay the blame there either because our defense is just as bad... If you look at what we have tucked away so far this season we have outscored both Liverpool and Spurs for example but we just can't defend for shit.. It's almost a guarantee that we are likely to concede at some point in the game and why failing to take our chances in the final third can prove to be so frustrating... I will admit that with Sarri you get a decent coach with a good footballing philosophy ( and no baggage ) but as you pointed out tactically does this make him a one trick pony?? Any really good coach not only works on the players he has to improve but casts a keen eye on the opposition weakness, It's great that we can swap someone like Willian and bring on Pedro for example but what use is that if tactically he brings nothing to change the game..If you swap one player who hoofs the ball and can't get a cross into the box with another then nothing is going to change the approach we are taking or indeed have an influence on the outcome of the game.. To be fair to Sarri it's his first season, he is trying to get the players to adapt to a new way of thinking and will no doubt have in his mind players he believes will keep improving us and that's not going to happen in one season... It may take one or two transfer windows to get to that stage which then boils down to what are we most happy with as fans??? Do we like what we are seeing on the pitch and the style and direction we are heading in?? Do we accept that we may have a season or two where a trophy may not be forthcoming while all this change is taking place or do we want instant success like we have had in the past?? nothing less than a trophy will do attitude??? I could go on but just covering the aspect about players vs manager which I touched on, There is only so much a coach can do once he gets those players out on the pitch, these are not 14 year old's kicking a ball about on a Sunday afternoon over the local field, These players have won things, important things and it shouldn't take a manager/coach to inspire someone to do well on a pitch with the ball at their feet, sure the half time team talk is needed when things are not going that well and the odd kick up the arse may be required when they are playing crap but on the pitch where does the leadership come from??? We have no natural leader out there that can take the game by the scruff of the neck and dig deep, no-one that seems able to rally the troops into getting into second or third gear when our play is lethargic.. Sure we have the likes of Hazard who can sometimes raise that level within himself and it's clear he has intent to want to influence the game but it always seems with the exception of the odd game that the 'team effort' is not there.. we are too reliant on one or two players upping their game to make a difference and that's partly our problem...
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    The Scogliera Mafia Win! Congratulations to @Harry and @Toinho ... and your Mafia Boss in hiding who's identity was concealed from you ... @Cicero
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    Love the one below "Space, the Final Frontier"
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