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    Klopp has done the first half of his job better than anyone else could have in putting all the building blocks in place. Even if he can't turn it into a major trophy, that buys him time. If he wins nothing with this team he can still be criticised for that without it being unfair but his job shouldn't come under pressure because his overall job has still been a success. Only if Liverpool stagnate for multiple seasons and win nothing should his position be questioned. One thing to note though is that just because Liverpool were 6th best team or so when he took over doesn't mean he's massively punching above his weight. The size of that club, infrastructure, resources etc. are only bettered in this country by Man Utd (over time) and Man City (in recent years). Liverpool should be title contenders or at least constant top four finishers. What Klopp has done is not to take Liverpool above their actual level, but rather restore them to the position they should be in after years of poor management and underachieving. Not that that takes away from the job he's done but a lot of people perceive Liverpool as underdogs and overachievers under Klopp whereas I can't believe people actually think they should be competing with or below the likes of Arsenal and Tottenham.
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    Pep Guardiola is bald. Do you deny this?
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    Matchday 3 1) Tommy 13 points 2) Stan 10 points 2) Tzeentch 10 points 4) RandoEFC 9 points 4) Rucksackfranzose 9 points 6) Viva la FCB 8 points 7) 6666 6 points 7) nudge 6 points 9) binder 4 points 9) Bluewolf 4 points 4 players with 2 perfect scores each. @Tommy with this seasons high score, so far. Bremen only drawing with Nürnberg, was the only unpredictable result to us this turn. And we got us something at the table, a new leader @Stan. Table after 3 matchdays 1) Stan 23 points 2) 6666 22 points 3) nudge 19 points 3) Rucksackfranzose 19 points 3) Viva la FCB 19 points 6) Tzeentch 18 points 7) Bluewolf 17 points 8) RandoEFC 14 points 8) Tommy 14 points 10) Eco 11 points 11) binder 7 points
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    What is it with Barcelona and all of their good players having to have fancy names like this? The Invention of the Decade The Matador of Catalonia The Jewel of the Camp Nou Zzz still men at a football club like everyone else.
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    Not played FM in ageeees (well, June exactly) so booted it up again yesterday. Might make some notes with how I go along in this thread as it's turning into something of a vault for me - shame that my best diary, Internazionale was on the old forum. Anyway, started in Ligue 1 as I've never been there before and @Dan loves it and began with Marseille as I think they're a bit of a sleeping giant. I don't expect to challenge PSG and Monaco out of the traps but hope to at least play some good football and win a few games. Season opener is at home to PSG . What can go wrong .
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    As has been mentioned, among some he will be remembered for his shenanigans earlier in his career, specifically the moment against Inter in 2010. He brought it on himself, although it'd still be unfair to judge him on that as he has grown up a lot over the years and those days are long behind him. All I will personally remember him for now is his footballing ability and importance to both his club and national team over a decade. I can't think of anyone else who I've seen who is in the same mould of player as Busquets and he's very unique in this regard. It is always noticeable when he's not on the pitch and this was even evident yesterday against Real Sociedad when he started the game looking on from the bench. He's one of those players who you don't always notice, but believe me, he's there. As for who will be missed more than who, they will all be missed equally when it comes down to it. Messi is a genius and arguably the greatest allround attacking player to have played the game, although football is a team game and that Barcelona side really showed what a team is about. Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol, Busquets and Alves all had equal importance in their specific roles and will never be replaced for what they have done over a decade for the club. I would also mention Alba now as his importance has grown ten fold over the years and I would now regard him as being among the 4 most important players in the squad along with Busquets himself, Messi and Suarez. What I will say however is that without a man like Busquets, a team doesn't tick the same. You need a Busquets. As for his international career, I can't believe the lack of credit he gets for the World CUp final in 2010 as he was arguably man of the match and had Sniejder, who was a monster at the time, in his back pocket. I also thought he was the player of the tournament in the Euro 2012 and was yet again overlooked. To be honest, there isn't too much I can say about Busquets as you will hear me discussing him often. He's been one of my "favourite players" for years now.
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    To say Klopp is a failure if he doesnt win the league this year is ridiculous. I know you bum off the bald brat at man city but they are huge favourites, 100 points last year and the best squad by a country mile.
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    What absolute planks. The FA that is. That rule was to protect football clubs in England from their fans staying away and damaging the sport as a whole. Note, England. As if the majority of footballing fans were to turn around and say “bollocks to my season ticket. Real Sociedad are streaming on an internet service!”
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    Everton . Most famous for being that team that Liverpool plays in the derby of course.
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    Not posted any yet since she was born on July 11th. But my god... i thought i knew what Love was until she was born. Angles.............. We named her Violet Elizabeth Sharples.
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    Knowing how much this loss has hurt @Cannabis, this is a great day for TF366
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    Yeah @The Rebel CRS has tried to get in the pants of each one of them. Several times.
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    I want someone younger and progressive with an attacking ethos. This squad could walk this division, behind the scenes there’s serious money now they won’t tolerate this much longer. Rodgers 👍🏻 Henry with Wenger Dof yep 👍🏻 Sanchez Flores 👍🏻 I’d take dean smith but I believe we should put in place a style and ethos so would be happy to go for Marco Rose or Ralph Hassenhutl We were after Wagner post RDM but Wyness veto’d it and went for Bruce. Villa in a nutshell old buys making poor decisions because they value “experience”. Whatever happens Bruce has to go, he’s so poor
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    And that's exactly why talk of Klopp being under pressure to deliver the title is ludicrous at this stage. Even pushing City until the end would be an achievement. As for the Champions League that Ballon referred to... Again to win it we would still have to overcome City (again) and that's before coming up against clubs such as PSG, Barcelona, Real Madrid & Bayern Munich, who all have more resources than us. That's why I mentioned already that just getting to the final last season, whilst managing to qualify for it again this season was a remarkable achievement in itself. That's why Klopp is under no pressure whatsoever! Only if we fall off a cliff and find ourselves clambering around in 5/6 place whilst playing horrid, turgid football will he start to be questioned.
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    I get to watch people deteriorate physically and mentally over a period of time before they die. Yeah for me. In all seriousness though, I get a lot of job satisfaction. It’s just that I feel we see a lot and don’t get the mental support we sometimes need.
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    Yeah, thought it was to historically protect the ‘live game’. Clubs have more fans than season tickets holders or match day goers. It’s a dinosaur rule, not exactly shocking that FA is still run by dinosaurs.
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    Well said. @SirBalon stating his opinion but writing as if it is a fact is a common trait in his posts and most lap it up. Pep was employed to win everything and Man City have a squad to compete on all fronts. I think Man City will win the league by around 10 points. The starting 11s are close, but Man City's squad is far superior. If Robertson gets injured or needs resting, who is back up? Moreno Van Dijk gets injured? Matip or Gomez Firminho injured? Sturridge or Solanke
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    Yea, 40.000 but sorry that we don't have as many glory hunters, such as yourself. What a great performance from the team today. First home match I could attend this season, and I never saw a team fight this brilliantly. Team spirit is surely high, and we defended so well. Props to 20 year old Lukebakio for taking and converting the game winning penalty in the final minutes.
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    Hazard 5 goals in 5 games Safe to say hes going to enjoy playing under Sarri. Giroud is a gem. Truly a team player. Can understand @6666 fascination with him and the pivotal role he plays for the France national side.
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    @nudge @Bluewolf I guess that was the finale? interesting. Anyways Yellowstone was renewed for a 10 episode season 2 coming out next year. There is already a teaser trailer that was released a bit ago. https://popculture.com/tv-shows/2018/08/05/yellowstone-season-2-teaser-released/
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    We are 2 matchdays in and it ends in December. Keep up M8
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    Whenever I hear those sounds it reminds me of night fishing. You always hear them calling at night. Especially on my recent trip down south, where I even got to see one, which is rare. You usually always hear them but rarely actually see them.
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    sensational silhoutte photos here. even if the animals weren't there, with the sunsets and scenery/backdrops, they'd still be fantastic. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/in-pictures-45420425 (this one below is my fave)