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    @Blue @SirBalon @Blue I'm sick of reading your half baked 'tactical analysis'. Now you fuckers listen to me, cause a real man is talking here. France are spinless turds, sorry Batard but you're boys outside of Lucas 'big spanish dick' Hernandez, N'golo 'steal yo ball and steal yo girlfriend' Kante, and Lebron Griezmann are bordeaux slurping, allah worshipping, pencil necked, babies. The skipper OOOHGO Lloris is a Monegasque-Catalan spastic that can't forget the twinkle of Gourcuff's green eyes when stopping balls coming at his face. BIG PAUL WARRIOR is going run wild on your defence like Hulkamania ran wild on another Frenchie Andre the Giant at Wrestlemania 3. FACE THE PICTURE, Mbappe is a goblin from middle-earth, and Pogba shows how worthless he is without me having to tell you; and don't get me started on Nabil Fekir, I don't even need to say it but I know you lot know his name sounds like 'Nobby Fucker'. That is all the tactical analysis you lot need and If this was a mathematical equation it would be D+I+S+A+S+T+E+R which spells DISASTER for you.
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    GROUP STAGE results/tables after Round 1 GROUP A @nudge 29-12 Stan @Rucksackfranzose 23-23 @Dan GROUP B @YNWA 27-10 @LFCMike @Devon Von Devon 16-9 @Blue GROUP C @Storts 16-24 @Tommy @Eco 21-22 @Chaaay AFC GROUP D @SirBalon 19-21 @Harvsky @Batard 19-24 @Bluewolf GROUP E @...Dan 12-36 @Panna King @Viva la FCB 17-22 @The Palace Fan GROUP F @Spike 26-24 @RandoEFC @Lucas 27-19 @Toinho GROUP G @bozziovai 15-25 @UNORTHODOX @Mel81x 17-14 @ASF GROUP H @Asura 11-13 @BartraPique1932 @Marc 23-28 @Machado
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    Tactically i'm not impressed with Croatia...... 3-0 win over Argie is just not good enough. tactics tactics tactics
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    Update - Day Seven Casualties (0) On a day where many of our remaining contenders had their survival on the line, the Last Man Standing contest fails to claim any further victims on this occasion. Survivors (21) An unprecedented 84% of those still standing progressed this afternoon. Today's appetiser saw @BounceAroundTheGround, @Tommy, @Bluewolf, @bozziovai and @Machado watch on nervously as Portugal held on to take victory against Morocco in a game that saw the TF365 community fall even more deeply in love with CR7. In the 4pm kick off and today's main event, it may have been closer than many would have expected, but Luis Suarez' strike was enough to keep those who backed Uruguay alive for another round, namely @Dan, @Stan, @nudge, @Devon Von Devon, @...Dan, @DeadLinesman, @The Artful Dodger, @Teso dos Bichos, @shut up, @Cannabis, @Berserker, @Toinho, @Mel81x, @Viva la FCB, @Lucas and @Marc. All 21 of you are now free to pick a fixture from the final round of group games whenever you are ready - these are listed below. Bear in mind that you cannot pick a team that you have picked in a previous round! I understand that many of you will want to see how the rest of the second fixtures pan out before making a final pick for the third round, so come Sunday night, I will tag anyone who hasn't made a pick as a reminder. If you don't necessarily pop on every day I might suggest that you make a pick before then as a placeholder so that you don't get eliminated by default! Not in play today (4) With so many people backing Uruguay or Portugal, the next few days will see something of a lull for the Last Man Standing competition, with the four remaining contenders waiting until Friday (Brazil) or Sunday (England) to find out whether they'll make it into the third stage which starts on Monday. Try to overcome the grief of missing out on daily updates on the competition, and enjoy the football regardless! Round 3 (Group Stage 3) Fixtures Uruguay v Russia Saudi Arabia v Egypt Spain v Morocco Iran v Portugal Australia v Peru Denmark v France Nigeria v Argentina Iceland v Croatia South Korea v Germany Mexico v Sweden Serbia v Brazil Switzerland v Costa Rica Japan v Poland Senegal v Colombia Panama v Tunisia England v Belgium
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    One day I dream of a thread where SirBalon doesn't make it gay
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    Update - Day Three Casualties (3) Oh Leo, Leo, Leo. Three of the remaining thirty-four contenders will have their champagne left permanently on ice(land) as Messi, a man that many deem to be the best player of all time, can't even score a penalty against a team managed by a dentist. Today's losers are @RandoEFC, @tlr and @SirBalon, who as we speak is typing about his new Cristiano Ronaldo pyjamas in the Men's Fashion Trends thread. Survivors (6) @Cannabis will be dabbing long into the night, having been the only person to go with France this early in the competition. He is joined by five further contenders, who saw Croatia comfortably dispatch Nigeria to carry them into the second round without having to use up one of their big hitter picks - smart picking by @Devon Von Devon, @The Artful Dodger, @Teso dos Bichos, @Rucksackfranzose and @Tommy. The six of you can now make your pick for the second set of fixtures, again listed at the end of this post. Not in play today (25) We now have a total of 12 players into the second round, and a further 19 waiting to find out their fate over the next few days as to whether they will join them or suffer the embarrassment of not even being able to predict one team to win at the World Cup (). Tomorrow, three more contenders (one backing Germany, two backing Serbia) will be the next to find out. Enjoy Sunday's games everyone! Round 2 (Group Stage 2) Fixtures Russia v Egypt Portugal v Morocco Uruguay v Saudi Arabia Iran v Spain Denmark v Australia France v Peru Argentina v Croatia Brazil v Costa Rica Nigeria v Iceland Serbia v Switzerland Belgium v Tunisia South Korea v Mexico Germany v Sweden England v Panama Japan v Senegal Poland v Colombia
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    Very strange. Congrats after 2 straight losses and no goals, can't tell if it's sarcasm?
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    Update - Day Six Casualties (5) An absolute massacre this afternoon saw five casualties in the final pair of fixtures for Round 1. @StefBWFC, @Inverted and @Panna King are all victims, having backed Colombia to beat Japan, while @Eco and @Harvsky see their hopes Pole-axed by Senegal. Survivors (0) On a day with no survivors, and with Japan playing their part in that, I thought it was appropriate to search for a Kamikaze .gif. However, I found this instead and thought it would be rude not to share it with @Toinho. Nobody makes it through today, and nobody bet either way on the Russia-Egypt game for Round 2, so that concludes the opening exchanges. Not in play today (25) We started with 35 contenders and have already lost 10 to the brutal unpredictability of the first 16 games of the 2018 World Cup. Of the 25 surviving candidates, I am only waiting for a second pick from @BounceAroundTheGround and @shut up - the Round Two fixtures (minus Russia - Egypt) have been posted below again for your convenience. Thanks to the rest of you for your prompt predictions. Tomorrow, a whopping 15 players have backed Uruguay to defeat Saudi Arabia, with another 3 backing Portugal against Morocco. By the time Iran and Spain kick off tomorrow evening, we could be left with anything between 7 and 25 contenders. Exciting times! Enjoy the excitement folks! Round 2 (Group Stage 2) Fixtures Russia v Egypt Portugal v Morocco Uruguay v Saudi Arabia Iran v Spain Denmark v Australia France v Peru Argentina v Croatia Brazil v Costa Rica Nigeria v Iceland Serbia v Switzerland Belgium v Tunisia South Korea v Mexico Germany v Sweden England v Panama Japan v Senegal Poland v Colombia
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    This is the flaw of this team. The midfield. Coutinho is a strange player to evaluate. He is so talented and a goal threat with his shot, he also has all the attributes to be a great attacking midfielder, but his playmaking leave a lot be desired. He alone is not enough. Paulinho and Renato Augusto were always poor choices for the midfield. Fred may be the only midfielder in the entire squad with a different dynamic of passing. Tite decided to take players he´s familiar with and forego other options. Allan, from Napoli, Arthur, Fabinho were never given chances. He didn´t even try to experiment other options. Upfront, Gabriel Jesus was terrible. He fought the ball. It was not pleasant to see. Firmino did much more than him in the time he played. To answer @Kowabunga ´s question, no, Neymar is not totally fit. Poor match by him. And his antics are irritating. Shoudn´t have played the 90 minutes, Douglas Costa should have entered this match. Can´t complain about the referee. Even if Miranda was pushed: 1) he is a defender, a defender can´t be that soft; 2) what the heck Thiago Silva and Danilo were doing watching other? Pathetic positioning; 3) Alisson: goalkeepers are allowed to claim that cross! As Mike Tyson says: "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth." The swiss goal was our KO. Brazil never recovered from it. As for Switzerland, Brahimi and Lichtsteiner were great. They won the battle against a strong brazilian left flank. Lots of tenacity and leadership. And Shaqiri, in my opinion, was the man of the match. Really liked his match today. Despite being always outnumbered by brazilian defenders, he held the ball and create trouble for our defence during all night.
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    Just feeding Sabrina, told her that dabbing cunt signed for £89million and has a five year contract..........
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    Spain are lucky that Ronaldo is finished or they might have been in trouble here.
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    What a fucking cunt Neymar is. Genuinely furious that he was born.
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    Highlight of the thread is @Fairy In Boots failing with one Germany in Russia war gag but going back in for a second one anyway. Got to admire the persistence
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    @Blue find out who this is please and get her number for me. cheers
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    I hope Pogba dabs himself into a cocaine overdose and Teso dies from shock
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    Amazing game! One of the best World Cup games I've ever seen. An advert for the entertainment side of football which for me is what the sport should be all about. So many epic moments in the game and even though I obviously wanted Spain to win I couldn't begrudge the justice of it all finishing 3-3 and making it one of World Cup legend games ever. Great goals all round, amazing gaff by De Gea and the Nacho and Cristiano goals were just WOW! Especially that free-kick. Call me sentimental, but it's a beautiful way for the game to finish between two brothers that share the Iberian Peninsula.
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    God forbid a country where 1/4 of the population live in poverty with a small talent pool get to the world cup and actually play attacking, easy on the eye, football. Fucking Christ, as if they even have the same standards of coaching and training as England.
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    Fuck Rakitic! I will never forget the way he acted towards Pereira. Totally uncalled for but expected out of anyone playing with that jersey. What a fucking WC!!! FAKE MESSIAH!!! Ay nomas un CRISTIANO! Please forgive all the doubters Ronnie, they are just sheeps. After this performance, any reasonable doubt left has been shattered!! Viva el fultbol y Viva Cristiano Ronaldo!!
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    I thought the same about Morocco against Iran, tbh. They were the better side for much of that match and that own goal, while excellent in my books, was pretty harsh on them. Even though I think we (this we being Iran) had the better chances in that match. I think Portugal will still get a comfortable win (unfortunately) against Iran. Iran were the best Asian side in qualification. Topped both groups for the qualifying rounds - conceded only 5 goals in 18 matches and scored 36. No losses either. But despite being the best in qualification, and having players like Sardar Azmoun turn it on for the national team (when he's nowhere near as pivotal at the club level, at least looking at the stats)... they've always had a defensive setup. Carlos Queiroz has had the setup always be focused on being solid defensively first and foremost. And let's be real here, Spain are several levels up from the next best Asian teams in qualification in Japan and South Korea. The way they kept the ball against that Portuguese side, which is also several levels up from their Asian competitors, gave them good reason to be concerned. I think Iran should have taken more confidence from the difficulties Spain were having and played a bit more positively before the goal. But I don't blame Queiroz for looking at that Spain side and thinking "holy shit I need to drop the handbrake here and keep this bus from moving anywhere. It almost worked as well - it's not like Costa's goal was a moment of genius from Spain, that was unfortunate for Iran. And they did create some quality chances, but they couldn't finish. I think Spain deserved the win, but this performance is more worrying for Spain than Iran imo. If Spain play like that against a side like Belgium... or with the way Russia are playing in this tournament... they'll be punished badly. Although the counterpoint to that is better sides are less inclined to play as negatively as Iran did today... which lets Spain get back into the match, as they did against Portugal. This group ended up being more interesting than I thought it would be though - for Iran to still have a chance at this stage is not something I was really expecting. And while I think Portugal are significantly better than Iran, that showing against Morocco should give Team Mellli some hope they can get 3 points against them. I think if Iran are out after Portugal... which is likely as fuck imo. And if England don't win the world cup (lol so hard to say that seriously)... I hope Portugal win it and Ronaldo has a historic world cup. I've never really liked him because he acts like such a collosal twat, but he's an incredible player and the start he's had to this world cup is great. All time European international goalscorer... and if he plays for a few years maybe he will catch up with the current overall international goalscorer Ali Daei.
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    how about don't bait anyone and then get pissy when they give you a reply you dont like?
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    Good afternoon everyone @Rucksackfranzose, @nudge, @Dan @Devon Von Devon, @LFCMike @YNWA, @Blue @Tommy, @Eco, @Chaaay AFC, @Storts @SirBalon @Bluewolf, @Kitchen Sales, @Batard @The Palace Fan, @Viva la FCB, @Panna King, @...Dan @Spike, @Toinho @Lucas, @RandoEFC @ASF, @UNORTHODOX, @bozziovai, @Mel81x @BartraPique1932, @Asura, @Marc, @Machado REGULAR STANDINGS have been updated after Round 1 - Please click HERE to have a look at the table. Safe to say @Panna King has absolutely blown every one out of the water after the first round of fixtures, with a massive 36 points Also, I think it's only fair to give some kudos to @Eco for one of the best predictions in the history of mankind - Portugal 3-3 Spain. Further shoutouts to @Panna King (again), @nudge, @Machado, @Dan and @Rucksackfranzose for also predicting unexpected results. Group stage tables to follow soon...
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    Loftus-Cheek needs to start, Alli and Lingard are too similar. Only player who can really beat a man and create from midfield. Second half was dull, Southgate needs to address that drop in quality. But overall, we should have had two penalties and could have scored a couple in the first half so it was a deserved win and on another day could have been a 2-3 goal win.
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    Mad how all the World Cup favourites are dropping points in the first game. and England.
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    Allardyce would be fuming about all the chances England have created, far too many.
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    Kane pinned down to the ground twice in this game, no penalty Walker carelessly swings his arm and hits the face, penalty I get that Tunisia's penalty was the correct call, but you seriously shouldn't miss the other 2 blatant calls. The ref has been shit, and Tunisia are just shithousing it now with provocative actions. They are taking advantage.
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    Ashley Young 😂 Imagine starting that garbage in a world cup match.
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    Well seeing as I'm #TeamKorea, I'd thought I'd catch the game earlier. Sweden deservedly won. We were poor. It felt like we were happy to draw until we went behind and then tried like fuck to get forward. Not good enough. I am going to enjoy the next two games because that's all we're going to have left before we fly back to Seoul. Football isn't for us. We need to stick to humour. That's why we are loved. Going to hope they bring in Foo King-Shit for the next game. He deserves a chance.
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    This argument has been used for a long time, since Mascherano was at Barça. As much as Argentina played bad, credit must be given to Iceland. Their football is based on what is the basic principle of the game: that football is a team sport. You don't play and, even less, win in football alone. I'm looking forward to see if they can surprise the world, again, and get to the round of 16.
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    Messi misses penalties consistently, too consistently. He needs to have the humility to give them up.
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    I'm so mad. We can be proud of our performance. No one thought we would get that close. 2 BS lucky goals. So proud to be Aussie. France are cunts, diving and falling very easily, shows they're uncofindent and a bunch of fucking frog leg eating spastic wankers.
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    Robben never gets credit for how good he's been in his career.
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    Update - Day Two Casualties (1): The first casualty of our competition is @Batard, who scores an own goal by calling Morocco to beat Iran in their opening game. One down, thirty-four to go. Better luck next time mate. Survivors (1): On the right end of a late winning goal this time is @LFCMike, who sneaks through the first round thanks to Uruguay's success against Egypt. Mike becomes the sixth person to progress to the second round of fixtures and whenever he's ready, can now choose any team other than Uruguay to win in the second round of fixtures available below. Not in play today (33): Tomorrow will make up for today's relative lack of action in the Last Man Standing competition, with a total of 9 entrants relying on either France (against Australia), Argentina (against Iceland) or Croatia (against Nigeria) to carry them into the next round. Enjoy the football, folks. Round 2 (Group Stage 2) Fixtures Russia v Egypt Portugal v Morocco Uruguay v Saudi Arabia Iran v Spain Denmark v Australia France v Peru Argentina v Croatia Brazil v Costa Rica Nigeria v Iceland Serbia v Switzerland Belgium v Tunisia South Korea v Mexico Germany v Sweden England v Panama Japan v Senegal Poland v Colombia
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    Bo... Mooms doing her 60 second birthday football display...
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    No goalkeeper would’ve stopped that.
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    All of them!!! Watching it at my dad's, bought a few crates of beer yesterday, it's been our tradition for the last 16 years, love it we have our own prediction game running too, the one who loses buys whisky for the final
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    I felt a lot of sympathy for @Toinho @Devil-Dick Willie @Spike and @Blue after the first group games. If England had lost in that manner to a more established nation I would have been annoyed. However the hope those performances must have given you all going in to the second round of fixtures would have been some form of reassurance. France did not impress me at all against Australia until Olivier Giroud came on. He has been Neil Shipperley-esque in the way he's been able to link all these individuals together. Whilst they've not been as convincing as you'd expect from a power nation, I think they deserve a lot of credit for the way they kept chances limited when a goal up in both games. As for Denmark, Kasper was the Goalkeeper of the first round of fixtures. Really unfortunate for Peru that they went up against a Goalkeeper who looks desperate to get a move away from the King Power Stadium @Dan @Stan. Against Australia I thought we saw the same outfield frailties as we did in the first game. Like so many of the middle-to-lower tier nations however, Australia are missing a clinical striker that could take them to the quarter finals given the team unity and performances they've displayed. So Denmark remain undefeated. It goes without saying I would like Australia to advance through given the way they have played. Mile Jedinak has been every bit as beautiful as he was for us. However; the way this forum is set I can see Peru drawing with them through a VAR decision. Really gutted for Peru that they have nothing to play for. With the support they've shown in Russia, the excitement that has gripped the whole nation, and all this palava around panini stickers, the World Cup would have been even more special if they had a great tournament. But with Tapia emerging as a leader for a future generation, providing they don't roll over against Australia this tournament can still class this tournamebt as a progressive step.
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    Four goals in a match!? Have you watched this tournamet. We'll be lucky for two goals over both matches.
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    Paulinho is a "homem de confiança" for Tite. This is a very strong concept in brazilian football. They won Copa Libertadores and beat Chelsea together and Paulinho generally does well in the national team. While I think Paulinho is a good and very useful player, especially against big sides, he is gifted physically and has a knock for scoring goals, he wouldn´t be part of my ideal midfield. There are, in my opinion, better options. We have better and more creative passers than Paulinho. Brazil has struggled against sides that defend deep against us. The England friendly last November was a good example of it, and this to me is due to the lack of creativity in our midfielder. Arthur. As @SirBalon knows, he is my boy. I love seeing that kid play, Brazil generally don´t develop midfielders like him. Neymar, despite scoring two beautiful goals in the last two friendlies, didn´t appear a 100% fit to me. I´m curious to see how he does today.