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    I've finally decided to reveal myself That's from February of this year when we on a weekend trip to the Northern side of the country Yes i did looked a bit like a terrorist a year ago or so
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    let the newbie have a crack --- @Stan --- @Cannabis --- @SirBalon ---- @Batard @Cicero @Dr.Gonzo @Happy Blue
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    doctors say he wouldn't live past 23. Incredible mind and incredible feat to defy the doctors, let alone all the lessons and teachings he was able to give beyond that date. RIP to one of the greatest individuals ever to have lived.
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    Hi staff I'm having a bit of trouble in opening a thread. I've tried everything today but it hasn't panned out for me. I haven't been able to open one today. Can anyone help???
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    Final Destination: The Bluewolf Files
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    Mourinho is proper having them off. How much has he spent and how much is he paid to try and improve these poor European results he talks about? He's telling them that they were shit in Europe before he got there and it's not his fault that's still the case. The main thing he tries to deflect the attention away from too is the fact him and Guardiola both took over at the same time, their respective clubs only separated by goal difference the season before. Both have spent fortunes but one is pissing the league and progressed in Europe while the other is a mile behind in the league and serving up some of the most turgid shite their fans will have ever seen.
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    Hopefully the Red Bull teams are eliminated.
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    91 days to go!!!! Now what does '91 and the World Cup have in common?? Well, legend has it that in 1991 a man walked in to The Nazareth Baptist Church with a metal horn. He was annoyed and upset that this metal horn was not allowed to be taken in to a nearby sports ground. So with that, they remodelled this horn from metal to plastic, and what was created..... THE VUVUZELA!!! In 2010 The Vuvuzela took off as a fashion item quicker that a pair of @SirBalon's skinny jeans and everybody in South Africa couldn't wait to get there hands on one. Cristiano Ronaldo hated them, The Dutch coach banned them from training sessions, but Sepp Blatter loved them. It was estimated that they sold in the region of £20,000,000 world wide.
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    Messi doesn't need anything saying about him. He ghosted past Azpilicueta with ease for the 2nd(which he set Dembele up for) and the 3rd. Iniesta should never go to China, he should retire at Barcelona. Umtiti is a beast and his partnership with Pique is arguably the strongest around right now. Busquets is too much, great to see him back at his ultimate best this season. Indispensable. Dembele is only going to get better. Good to see him get his first goal and he worked very hard tracking back. Suarez was very involved despite not scoring and played a part in 2 of the goals. Alba's having the best season of his career. He's become a left sided version of Alves. Chelsea played better over the two legs than the scoreline suggested. I never thought I'd read about the Peruvian national team in a Champions League 1/4 final thread.
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    I tried to save you from Blake, Spike. I really did. haha Your only hope os he's too distracted by the Superclásico today. 😁
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    Along with being one of the greatest minds in modern science, he also had an incredible talent of explaining highly complicated concepts in clear terms for general population; a true sign of extraordinary intelligence. "A Brief History of Time" was one of the books that sparked my interest in science as a child, Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan are legends for making science interesting and fun, both sadly gone now. RIP.
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    Yeah, nice one mate. I just don’t really get you digging out clubs for offering little to the Premier League when Everton are also one of those sides. In Europe three times in the last ten years, and what, one cup final? But yeah, you can add an extra year to the fascia at Goodison that you’ve been in the top division for years.
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    waiting for the other nations at war to wear themselves out in order to join the fun at the late stages of the conflict and then claim the victory as their own
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    A Finn receiving the best news of his life:
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    Matchday 27 1) Rucksackfranzose 10 points 2) RandoEFC 6 points 2) Stan 6 points 2) Viva la FCB 6 points 5) Bluewolf 5 points 5) nudge 5 points 7) 6666 4 points 7) Tommy 4 points 7) trago 4 points Köln - Leverkusen was the only unforeseen result in a matchday with only two predicted perfect scores. Table after 27 matchdays 1) trago 194 points 2) Rucksackfranzose 178 points 3) Stan 171 points 4) Tommy 165 points 5) RandoEFC 163 points 6) 6666 160 points 6) nudge 160 points 8) Viva la FCB 149 points 9) Bluewolf 141 points 10) TrstnFCB 42 points 11) Bundesligafan 93 30 points 12) londonerlilie 15 points 13) Eco 3 points 14) binder 1 point
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    Superior side in league terms, but over a two leg affair, it's anyones game in my opinion. League form goes out the window.
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    He lived a life longer and richer than anyone predicted.
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    Only for Higuain to choke it away. Messi would have a Copa and WC under his belt if not for Piguian's pizza and pasta diet.
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    Do you only appoint overweight people now, then?
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    Proof that the mind is the most powerful, amazing and most valuable thing a human being possesses. The body was a shambles of afflictions and disabilities... But this was overpowered and overdriven by a wonderful mind that taught the more physically able of his kind that superiority and understanding comes from intelligence and a driven obsession to teach.. RIP TEACHER!
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    You know what is fucking hilarious? An arsenal/Barcelona fan has no room to talk about a genuine fan!! And second, at least have the goddamn decency to tag someone or call them out by their name.... Leave the fucking indirects for the pussies like FOYM Matter of fact, you and the rest have fun will this brown-nosing infested place. Nicholas ill catch you on the flip side and marc, ill be waiting for the day you come back home ! Peace, TdB
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    When I was a baby I gave my mum and dad a bit of a fright as I turned blue/purple from head to toe. They rang an ambulance and it arrived. Got taken in to the ambulance and I was fine . Absolutely no idea what it could have been and doctors were somewhat perplexed as well after I went for check ups apparently. Might have just been a bit of poor blood circulation but still a bit bizarre. I feel a bit lucky in stuff I've achieved but it's not for lack of effort or hard work or determination (so totally different to the stories above). I feel quite fortunate to have been on TV as well as having worked on the front line, so to speak, at the Olympics as a medal-bearer. I think my relatives have been a bit 'luckier' than me. In 2005 my dad was working in London. On the day of the 7/7 bombings he decided to go in late, for reasons I can't remember. But if he'd gone in normal time as was his routine, he'd most likely have been on that tube that got bombed. A longer-distant relative, literally, was in Sumatra (Calang, couple hours from Banda Aceh) in 2004 when the earthquake struck and there were tsunamis and the whole aftermath of that natural disaster. Each evening he'd go out to the beach walking with his dog, around 6-7pm, without fail. The dog would happily go play in the water and run around in the sand, as many dogs would. In the few days leading up to Christmas and on Christmas Day, he went for the walk and the dog almost seemed to refuse to go in to the water on each night. At first he thought something might just be wrong with the dog and maybe it was ill or not feeling right. By the time it happened again on Christmas Day, he decided something definitely wasn't right. So he decided to go up to a friends house up in the hills and took his family with him. Lo and behold about 6 hours later the earthquake hit and then the tsunami followed. He's adamant that if it wasn't for his dog 'playing up' on these beach walks, he wouldn't have chosen to leave and would have been left on lower ground.
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    Have another drink then you will probably find it amusing.... without one the whole thing will seem a bit disturbing and possibly invade your dreams at some point..
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    Yeah mate, that's what I was trying to express earlier but you did it better. We allow the other team to take initiative and control the game. This is not the fact that we sit back and play negatively, it's not necessarily a style issue, it's the fact we don't play with any authority, we lose the intensity and control. It's dreadful to watch, you can control the game with less possession and sitting deep for example. We've been awful at controlling games this season, one of the worst I can remember. Momentum is with us, then the other team, we never take the full control or the majority of it anymore in a game. Hopefully Pedro can bring some intensity back to our pressing.
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    Absolute tripe. Rodgers had much better teeth than Jurgz.
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    My partner and I bought our first house together in December and have pretty much demolished it internally to start again from scratch (it's older than the independent state of Australia). For context, the chances of me watching the World Cup' in this house are very, very slim. I have an English degree and I actually use it every day in my job (an employed Literature/Language student, crazy huh?)... in the construction industry. Go figure. The first football team I ever 'supported' was Leicester City. I was 7, my dad wasn't massively into tribalist football and I hadn't yet been taken to see my local side. I have no relations in Leicester - I simply liked their badge, shirt and the fun-sounding midfield triumvirate of Muzzy Izzet, Robbie Savage and Steve Guppy. My birthday cake that year was a Leicester City shirt made by my (undoubtedly confused) auntie. I sing as a first tenor in a male voice choir (that's 'squeaky bollocks' to the uninitiated) but have to duck under most doorframes as I'm a man-giraffe. Yep, genetic freak.
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    the new cars are ugly for my eyes ..... they look like a sailfish ....
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    Teams shouldn't be allowed to use Wembley, it's supposed to be a special venue not some building that teams can rent as and when they please.
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    SirBalon touched by the criticism towards Barcelona's scummy ways. What a shock. It wasn't even a case of them picking their moments to cheat, they just do it non-stop. It had nothing to do with why Barcelona won though and it was just an obvious observation to make everytime they play anyone even when they're winning easily... In reality, everyone knows that overall Barcelona are the saviours of football that exist to battle the evil Real Madrid. #MoreThanAnIllegalReferendum
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    I'd like Chelsea a lot more if they didn't have a murderer in their team. I'M KIDDING - LET'S NOT HAVE THAT DEBATE AGAIN.
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    we have a friend way back college who was truly addicted to drugs, ANY drugs. One day, me and my friends stumbled upon some dried horse shit so we decided to roll it up like a facking marijane and gave it to our stoned friend, we said it's the best weed in town and it cost a fortune. the facker smoked it like it's nothing and he was like praising the shit he just smoked saying the effects are too much for him. It was funny as shit. as for me, i never did drugs, i can't find the need for it, i'm not being self righteous. I had a metal band during my younger years, and before any gig my bandmates usually do meth ( yes, im filipino, meth is very popular in my country ), they said it keeps them up in their toes. But me, i have no use for it coz all i do was to look out at the crowd and snipe some nice babes, that's enough of a stimulant for me
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    First my therapist and now you! ...Sanity is highly overrated
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    After seeing how many people in this thread just could not wait to shove it down @Teso dos Bichos throat that United lost shows what a great wum he is without really having to try.
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    Nzonzi looked absolute class tonight. I think he’s the player that Pogba wants to be.