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    Will they even make it through customs with all those cocaine filled condoms up their arse? Will they win every game 10-0 and win the competition as the best team ever?
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    Russia: Brazil: Iran: Japan: South Korea: Mexico: Belgium: Germany: England: Poland: Costa Rica: Egypt: Iceland: Spain: France: Portugal : Argentina: Uraguay: Columbia: Switzerland (@Tommy in the background): Croatia: Sweden: Peru:
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    Yep, booked three nights in a bungalow resort in Kep, probably my most favourite place in Cambodia... Lovely little seaside town, used to be called the Saint Tropez of Indochina in the late 60s before all hell broke loose... Great scenery and amazing fresh seafood.
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    Yeah, a girl... Sure. A.k.a berserker shat his pants in class and missed out on years of education after being banned from all schools
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    Single for less than a week and he's already thinking about dicking average white girls. WE NEED AN INTERVENTION
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    Con cantera y afición, no hace falta importación My Football Manager diaries are back, this time with Athletic Bilbao. A club famous throughout the world for their policy of only playing men native to the ‘Basque Country’. I thought this would make an interesting save and hopefully an enjoyable read for the rest of the forum. I'm going to be doing this a little bit differently in the sense that I've already completed my first season with the club and will be updating this thread in retrospect (that way, you can read what's happening without fear that I'm going to stop posting). Bilbao are nicknamed Los Leones as their stadium is built near a church named San Mammes (Mammes was the Christian who was thrown to the lions before pacifying one of them and becoming made a Saint). They are also one of only three teams to have never been relegated from the top flight along with Real Madrid and FC Barcelona (although they did nearly drop in 2006, saving themselves on the final day by a mere point). Below is a picture of the Basque region split into its seven provinces and this is the place where most of my scouting will take place. As I am only allowed to sign from within the area below it's so important that we identify the right players at the right time in order to compete with our rivals. Of course my ambition with Bilbao is to take them to the top of La Liga and knock the two Madrid clubs and Barcelona off their perch however this is going to take some time. At the moment we are already playing in the Europa League so my objective in season one is to simply repeat what was achieved by the great Ernesto Valverde and slowly progress from there. The Team: The four best players at the club (all tied with a four star rating) are Aymeric Laporte (Defender), Inaki Williams (Winger), Mikel San Jose (Defender) and Aritz Aduriz (Striker) so needless to say these four will be important cogs to my machine if I am to be successful. The full squad for 2017/18 is below; Kepa Arrizabalaga - Goalkeeper - 22 Iago Herrerin - Goalkeeper - 29 Analysis - Kepa is the better of the two and is tipped to become something special (four star potential) so I'll be using him for the main bulk of my games. Iago Herrerin is a capable back-up too and will more than likely play in both the Europa League and Copa del Rey campaigns. Eneko Boveda - Right-Back - 28 Oscar De Marcos - Right-Back - 28 Inigo Lekue - Right-Back - 24 Xabi Etxeita - Centre Back - 29 Mikel San Jose - Centre Back - 28 Yeray - Centre Back - 22 Unai Nunez - Centre Back - 20 Aymeric Laporte - Centre Back - 23 Mikel Balenziaga - Left-Back - 29 Enric Saborit - Left Back - 25 Analysis - Aymeric Laporte obviously stands out as our key man in defence. He's also backed up by capable defenders in Balenziaga, San Jose and Etxeita. There's plenty to look forward to in the future too with young Unai Nunez & Yeray waiting in the wings. Ander Iturraspe - Defensive Midfield - 28 Mikel Vesga - Defensive Midfield - 24 Mikel Rico - Centre Midfield - 32 Benat - Advanced Playmaker - 30 Markel Susaeta - Winger - 29 Inaki Williams - Winger - 23 Raul Garcia - Attacking Midfield - 31 Ager Aketxe - Attacking Midfield - 21 Iker Munuain - Inside Forward - 24 Sabin Merino - Inside Forward 24 Analysis - Inaki Williams stands out on the right-wing and will be my ''go-to'' guy for when we need some magic up top. In the middle of the park will more than likely be Iturraspe and Benat who are more than capable of working together. Overall, I think we've got a good mix of talent to cover whatever tactic we decide to play with. Aritz Aduriz - Forward - 36 Kike Sola - Forward - 31 Analysis - This is where we start to look a bit thin. I'm not too happy with having to rely on a 36 year old throughout the season but if he can stay fit Aritz should be a fantastic option. Outside of him there is only Kike Sola who doesn't look as convincing an option. If I am able to spend some money (or promote from within) I may look to do so in the attacking department. My preferred XI and their formation is as follows; Philosophies: Only play 'Basque' players (unable to change this even if I wanted as FM recognises this law) Promote from within using the ''B'', ''C'' and Youth teams rather than signing elsewhere Play beautiful football that the supporters will enjoy @Blue @Smiley Culture @Stan @Dan @The Palace Fan @Bluebird Hewitt @...Dan @Tommy @RandoEFC @R-D @Danny @Kitchen Sales @Chaaay AFC @Eco @Storts @SirBalon
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    nudge - The Man, The Myth, The Legend
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    I've been very busy the whole weekend working on my analysis of the current bundesliga matchday and here it finally is.
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    Brian has got his English mixed up, he's not chairman, he's that weird thing on the left.
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    Even though I was part of TFF from 2011-12 times I dont have the complete idea about what happened with Chazz. But I agree with you on how Rab runs this place. Im happy to donate a tiny bit every year for all the good information I get here and also the discussions we have with all the fantastic members on board. Just one more suggestion, if you guys can limit @SirBalon posts to 140 characters (just like twitter) or a maybe little more than that, I think everyone would be more happier. Or just let him make only one long post per week and the rest of his replies should be simple just like how other normal members post.
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    Even Jemma has but she wouldn't allow Inga to go to the toilet.
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    Personally, I use upvote either when I think the post is informative, I agree with the opinion, I appreciate the effort put into it, or in those cases where the post was directed at me but I don't really need/want to reply to it, so I use upvote as an acknowledgement that I've read it. I use the heart one in similar situations but the main difference is that it's more emotionally loaded. So it's either something I feel strongly about, or I just think you're amazing
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    My reaction when someone says they haven't seen Back to the Future in years
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    The more people take the piss out of Peru, the more I think they will knock out England.
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    Maybe Walcott just hasn’t been coached right? Look at The Ox, you lot were saying the same things about him 6 months ago and now look, fantastic player. Just needed a proper coach to nurture the talent.
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    Can i propose we go by Faithcore and Friends?!!?!
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    Nothing better than a host's awkward reaction to a guest dropping an f-bomb in front of a midday audience in America.
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    As an emergency? It's quicker to go to the shop than wait for it to defrost
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    Matchday 18 1) Tommy 10 points 2) Stan 9 points 2) trago 9 points 4) Rucksackfranzose 6 points 5) nudge 4 points 5) RandoEFC 4 points 5) Viva la FCB 4 points 8) 6666 3 points 8) Bluewolf 3 points No points awarded for both the Sunday matches. Table after 18 matchdays 1) trago 132 points 2) Stan 119 points 3) RandoEFC 117 points 3) Tommy 117 points 5) 6666 115 points 6) Rucksackfranzose 114 points 7) nudge 98 points 8) Viva la FCB 96 points 9) Bluewolf 94 points 10) TrstnFCB 42 points 11) Bundesligafan93 30 points 12) londonerlilie 15 points 13) eco 3 points 14) binder 1 point
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    Where do I apply for the test? I could do with £15k
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    @SirBalons spanish gf. She gives great head and speaks in tounges when she orgasms.
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    One of the few times I’m glad to be old as fuck
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    I remember my dad chasing me down the street because the teacher had just called and told him that I had "skipped classes" for two weeks. Fun times. I'm just using all the talk about nudge to talk a bit about myself. Don't mind me.
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    Many humans have painful and deprived lives that would be improved if they had the luxury to afford animal products. What you're saying makes no sense. Are you saying that animals don't live in luxury or that ease of access to animal products isn't indicative of a luxurious and decadent society and/or culture? Humans come before animals, always (well of course there are exceptions), you cannot ethically tell a person with hunger pangs that they need to take better care of their animals when they themselves probably live an equally brutal life. When a culture or society has advanced to the point where animal welfare is a serious consideration then it's a culture that has advanced beyond the need for animal products; as it has become a luxury; not a necessity for survival. The squalid conditions of animal farming is due to the decadent nature of many nations. High animal yield is due to high crop yield, only societies with food to spare have high meat based diets, which is most western nations. Which leads to the self-actualisation of animal morality, only when the need for our own survival is removed do we care for the survival and treatment of animals.The ethics of treating animals correctly doesn't exist in a Moroccan goat-herding village. Choice is a luxury, we can choose to eat meat, or not to and live a healthy productive life. Most people don't have that choice.
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    Chelsea are seriously in for Andy Carroll?
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    you can bet all the cocaine in the world that a member on here will think every single Peru player should play in the top leagues before, during & after the World Cup has been played.
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    I'll record us next time mate. Talking about @Cannabis right?
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    Absolutely. We don't want the hype to go over the top. I already heard of people thinking TFF would stand for Total Faithcore Forum.
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    were you in the delivery room? Were you the midwife?!
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    Congratulations. I'm glad I was there for it.
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    Before he even scored, I pictured that Eto'o goal in my head for a second, then he actually went and did it.
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    That's the closest I have heard for that erotic writing @SirBalon was on about a while back... I can almost imagine you licking your lips as you typed it..
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    Anyway, we were dreadful today, outplayed for a good majority of the game. Credit to Leicester, tactically very good. We're very samey in attack, watching the same pictures again and again.
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    England could use this to win the world cup "The competion was to difficult for members of a group, here the English team.So in compensation they should be handed over the trophy" -Court of Arbitration for Sports
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    He just sent it to me via PM
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    Tommy Lawrence has died, their goalkeeper when they first started to become a great side under Shankly. Still a great moment:
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    That Sheffield derby should be an absolute belter. Friday night, under the lights, at an old ground like Bramall Lane, cold snap in the air, two teams going hammer and tong at one another, all the makings of a proper Sheffield derby. I'm having some of that. The game at Hillsborough was terrific. I also think it's a brilliant exclusive for Premier League fans to sit and watch as a reminder to what proper atmosphere's should be like. It's sad in some ways that this game is not at PL level but Brighton v Bournemouth is. C'est la vie.
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    It's the random references from my childhood and beyond edition @Anton - Leo Sayer @Stan - Rico Tubbs (Miami Vice) @Cannabis - Ziggy (Grange Hill) @Teso dos Bichos - Hoyt Fortenberry (True Blood) @Dan - Man At Arms (He-Man, Masters of the universe) @SirBalon - Bilbo Baggins @The Artful Dodger - Jimmy Dimmick (Pulp Fiction) @JOSHBRFC - Marty McFly @Berserker - Beetlejuice @Rab - Mr Miyagi (Karate Kid) @The Palace Fan - MacReady (The Thing) @Smiley Culture - Bill Compton (True Blood) @LFCMadLad - Moff (Human Traffic) @Cicero - The Fonz @LFCMike - Jip (Human Traffic) @The Rebel CRS - Sgt Mahoney (Police Academy) @Kitchen Sales - Peter Venkman (Ghostbusters) @Storts - Dusty Bottoms (The Three Amigos) @Tsubasa - Ren (Ren & Stimpy) @Machado - Commander Buck Murdock (Airplane II) @Batard - Victor Meldrew (One foot in the grave) @Chaaay AFC - Goose (Top Gun) @Lucas - Commander Will Riker (Star Trek) @Dr. Gonzo - Iceman (Top Gun) @Dickie - Stanley Ipkiss (The Mask) @Asura - Chekov (Star Trek) @ASF - Lucky Day (The Three Amigos) @shut up - Tiamat the Dragon (Dungeons & Dragons) @Inverted - Chief Quimby (Inspector Gadget) @Toony - Pee-Wee Herman @El_Loco - Egon Spengler (Ghostbusters) @VanPaddy - Basil Fawlty (Fawlty Towers) @Danny - Airman 2nd Class Adrian Cronauer (Good morning Vietnam) @6666 - Jason Vorhees @Viva la FCB - Ray Stantz (Ghostbusters) @Harry - Lionel Richie @Happy Blue - Ned Nederlander (The Three Amigos) @True Blue - Brain (Inspector Gadget) @Blue - Dark Helmet (Space Balls) @Bluebird Hewitt - Ferris Bueller @Any O'Brien - Colossus (X-Men) @nudge - Penny (Inspector Gadget) @DeadLinesman - Panthro (Thundercats) @FOYM - Frank Drebin @ScoRoss - Mr Spock @Tanksie - Mr T @Fairy In Boots - Gordon Gekko @Kowabunga - Pinhead (Hellraiser) @Panflute - Winston Wolf (Pulp Fiction) @Dalmore - Mr Freeze (Batman Forever) @Spike - Yautja/Predator (Predator) @carefreeluke - Lieutenant Commander Data (Star Trek) @BartraPique1932 - Stimpy (Ren & Stimpy) @...Dan - Johnny Five (Short Circuit)