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Everton's New Stadium

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after years of discussions, Everton finally have a site for their new stadium.

Bramley Moore Docks


Seems like their new chairman is really investing in the club and finally getting the go-ahead on things like this could be huge for them. 



Everton have agreed a deal to acquire land on which to build a new £300m stadium in Liverpool.

The Premier League club and landowners Peel Holdings have reached agreement on the Bramley Moore Dock site near the River Mersey.

It was announced as the preferred site for the club's proposed new stadium in January.

Liverpool City Council said it would act as a guarantor to help Everton secure funding for the project.

Planning permission would still have to be given for any development.

The club have been working with the council to find a replacement for Goodison Park.

Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson said the purchase agreement was a "significant step".

The local authority said it would "securitize" any loans taken out by the club - in other words act as guarantor - as it looks to find funding, expected to be in excess of £300m, for the new stadium.

Mr Anderson said: "We will provide security using our status as an organisation, enabling them to go the market to secure a loan.

"It won't cost Liverpool City Council taxpayers any funding... Indeed, the reverse is true. Out of the deal for that security [Liverpool City Council] would receive a substantial amount of money, in excess of £4.4m every year."

Legal and financial advice had been sought and the financial model will be taken to the council's cabinet for approval, Mr Anderson said.

"For us it is a great deal - we're spending no money.

"It is also a fantastic deal for the city because it helps us revitalise north Liverpool," he said, adding: "It will be a catalyst for that particular area."

No timeframe has been set for building a new stadium.

Everton's chief executive Robert Elstone said: "Clearly, it is vital we have clarity on cost and we have to recognise that the stadium will be significantly more expensive at Bramley Moore Dock.

"To get that certainty, and ensure the stadium is affordable, we need to confirm stadium design, capacity and configuration."

He said the club was committed to a full consultation process and keeping fans informed.

Iranian businessman Farhad Moshiri bought a 49.9% stake in Everton in February 2016 and quickly outlined plans for a move from Goodison Park, which has a capacity of 39,572.

An initial plan was to build a stadium at Walton Hall Park, a short distance north-east of the club's home since 1892, but it was strongly opposed by local residents.

Those plans were abandoned in May, with the club moving its attention to the site at Bramley Moore Dock.

Everton also abandoned plans to move to King's Dock in 2003, and Kirkby in 2009.

Liverpool increased Anfield's capacity to just over 54,000 with the opening of the stadium's Main Stand in September.



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It's not really Moshiri, it's a brokered deal with the council. It's great news for the city generally, that whole area is part of the Liverpool Waters plans which will hopefully see the city continue it's rebuilding and harness so much of Liverpool's potential.

Exciting times, capacity hasn't been sorted but I'd hope they start at least 55k.

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Fingers crossed.

Seems like, in comparison to the previous attempts, we are actually going about things the right way this time. Sorting the financing before throwing our drawings and renderings...

It'll be awful to leave Goodison but being realistic, the only way we will grow as a club is to move on. Exciting times ahead.

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3 minutes ago, Smiley Culture said:

Another fantastic ground on it's way out, very sad. I'd like to go to Goodison again, I might have to try now this news has been released.

i'm so glad I've had the chance to go there. One of my favourite aways last season. 

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2 hours ago, Smiley Culture said:

Another fantastic ground on it's way out, very sad. I'd like to go to Goodison again, I might have to try now this news has been released.

Few years left in the old dog yet. Early timescale of 3 years but I can't see the change coming that soon. 

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I think Goodison has the worst view out of any ground I've been to, like watching a game through a letterbox.

But saying that it's yet another traditional ground going under. I really do hope they look at what's happened at West Ham, and to an extent Arsenal, and knock up something really worth going to. These ambitious ideas always sound all well and good, but West Ham is a horrible place to go and watch football. It's totally soulless. These ideas will never come good playing somewhere soulless.

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football forum
9 hours ago, DeadLinesman said:

Peel Holdings are literally one of the worst companies ever. Good luck on getting anything moving forward with those cunts on board.

Never heard of them, why are they so bad?

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Don't have a problem with clubs leaving run down grounds like Goodison. My issue however is with architects. They're all echo chamber modern art losers. Even when they try to be a bit different the fundamentals are still the same. I've not been to a single new build that has any personality. It's not like they can't conjure up something good. They design a ground that has a wow factor when displayed in a mini 3d plastic model, once built you realise they've totally missed the spot. That pretty much sums up 99% of modern architecture not just football stadiums.

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1 hour ago, Cannabis said:

Never heard of them, why are they so bad?


35 minutes ago, LFCMadLad said:

Cheap n nasty 😷 

Pretty much that. They own and operate all the swing bridges between Liverpool and Manchester down the ship canal. They are just about functioning (although stick every year causing traffic chaos) and are basically in a state of disrepair. Never painted, pot holes on the roads (which are on their bridges so they're obliged to repair them). Awful cost cutting cheap arse company from the top down. 



This is how they operate.

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  • The title was changed to Everton's New Stadium Will Be Under Water By 2100


Everton may have scored a spectacular own goal by planning to build their new stadium on the banks of the River Mersey, an academic has warned.

The Toffeemen last week agreed a deal to buy land on which to build a £300m arena at Bramley Dock in Liverpool.

Manchester Metropolitan University researcher Graeme Heyes said forecasts suggest the site could be under water by 2100 due to rising sea levels.

Liverpool City Council declined to comment. Everton could not be reached.

In an article for The Conversation, Mr Heyes wrote: "As a researcher in sustainable business models, surely spending £300m on a waterfront stadium is a significant risk in terms of sea level rise?

"Recent research has shown that by the year 2100 sea levels could rise by two metres.

"That is only 83 years into the proposed stadium's 200-year lease."

"One can only hope the developers of this new stadium have undertaken a full climate change risk assessment - or have stocked up on sandbags!"







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football forum

Hardly worth worrying about, either put obstacles' in place to keep the stadium from sinking or simply move again. In 90 odd years we may need to anyway to keep up with how football is run at that time.

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32 minutes ago, HoneyNUFC said:

Manc academic quick to do down anything to do with Liverpool, quelle surprise.

Liverpool isn't in any dramatic risk at the moment, other parts of the country have more pressing concerns. It is something that needs to be considered though, with Trump and the imbeciles running America at the moment the Environment is something which will probably take a downturn.

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  • The title was changed to Everton's New Stadium

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