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Stoke City FC

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Welcome to fight club. 

A few new luxury cars does not mean you've changed your identity. The heart of this team still has a playing style that was similar to Pulis. 

The sad thing is, this is also a small representation of the type of players we produce here in Britain and Ireland.

Yes I know Pieters and Cameron are from elsewhere but they are almost identical in playing style.

Image result for phil bardsley    Image result for ryan shawcross   Image result for erik pieters 

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4 minutes ago, The Artful Dodger said:

A Chelsea fan mocking another club for their 'identity', beggars belief. With all that money, all that plastic success and you still can't entertain anyone, dullest club going, no matter what manager it's always tedious stuff.

Did you watch the game today? There was some great attacking display, just without the cutting edge to finish the job.  Chelsea have played great football under Ancelotti, Conte and even flashes of it under Villas-Boas and Scolari. Yes, most of the success came from absolutely dire football that could euthanise a geriatric but I think someone is talking out their arse a little.

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they were disgusting yesterday. Shawcross on Gray and Crouch on Okazaki were very dirty challenges. 

I actually thought they'd moved on from their direct, overly physical game when they signed players like Bojan, Afellay, Shaqiri & Muniesa. But 3 of those 4 don't play any more (Bojan not even at the club, on loan at Mainz; Shaqiri injured).

They've reverted back to the aggressive team and I actually can't see Hughes taking them anywhere any more. Not if they play like they did yesterday.

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I certainly don't buy into this theory that their style of play has changed since Hughes took over from Pulis, they've always been a bunch of thugs.

They're a nothing club really, finish mid-table every season and it's difficult to see them breaking into those top teams.

Hughes is a cunt too.

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I remember the first time I went to Stoke. I was expecting it to be intimidating and that you have to watch your back. But when we got there bus loads of pensioners were being dropped off at the ground. Lots of old grannies.

Almost as bizarre as how everyone at Cardiff has an ice cream before the game.

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4 minutes ago, Aaroncpfc said:

I hope those Leicester fans criticising Stokes aggressive nature are being careful when they throw those stones in that glass house.

we have 2, maybe 3 aggressive or overly physical players in our side. 

Stoke nearly have a whole team's worth. 

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5 minutes ago, Aaroncpfc said:

I hope those Leicester fans criticising Stokes aggressive nature are being careful when they throw those stones in that glass house.

also, this season...





3 Palace players in top 20 for this season compared to just 1 Stoke player.

Huth on 41 fouls and Drinkwater on 39. 

Charlie Adam on 41 as well. Arnautovic on 36. 

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There's a difference between 'smart' tackles and being a physical brute, though. Huth, Morgan, Drinkwater, - it's in their game to put their bodies about. 

There's a difference between the likes of us and Palace compared to the likes of Stoke though. The latter just seem to be more reckless and forceful and at most times, unnecessarily so. Dirtier overall, as well.


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Just now, Teso Dos Bichos said:


i'd genuinely love to know how many Leicester or Stoke matches you've watched in your lifetime xD 

I can accept and respect @Aaroncpfc's opinion because I know he's watched plenty of games and generally knows his football. But you? I find it hard to believe you have any interest or good football knowledge in Leicester/Stoke/any other team if Man Utd aren't playing them xD 

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My problem with Stoke is not really their aggressive style, it's more the fact that at the same time the majority of their players can't play football either. They have an ageing squad as well and need new players in the summer,  depending on what they do in the transfer market over the summer it wouldn't surprise me to see Hughes depart or get sacked at some point next season. For me the midfielders that tend to play in the pivot for them are bleak and they still haven't replaced N'Zonzi there.

It also makes me laugh to hear the calls from Stoke fans over the years for Shawcross to get an England call up, (yes he has perhaps deserved more playing time for England in the past especially considering some of the players to be called up for England over the years) but there's a reason he's been overlooked, he simply isn't that good.

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4 hours ago, HoneyNUFC said:

Just seen this and thought wtf, how haven't stoke ever been in a relegation dog fight



On 11/04/2017 at 5:29 PM, Cannabis said:

One of our main sub-contractors is a Stoke City season ticket holder and I despair every time he posts on Facebook that he's going to the game. I really can't think of many worse things to do with my time, I'd honestly rather watch Port Vale.

Based on what Harvey has just posted I could very, very easily do that to avoid the horror of losing as many home games as we have in the last eighteen months.

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6 hours ago, Danny said:

Just going back to an old conversation in here, who is defending Robert Huth? He literally elbows people in the face on the pitch 😂

Gives as good as he gets. Not like he's the only one doing it on the pitch - most strikers get as rough as he does. 

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