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Everton Facing Points Deduction?

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I thought Everton paid over the odds for Richarlison to keep this on the down low? I reckon Watford have taken the money then still grassed Everton up.

A points deduction seems unlikely. If it was one of the big clubs then it’d be zero chance, but a small chance with Everton. 


Probably just a fine, but money is no object to Everton anyway!

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Scandalous if we get a points deduction for this after Chelsea with Ashley Cole, Liverpool with Van Dijk and countless other less public incidents have gone unpunished.

It's also rumoured that Silva can provide evidence to Everton that Watford actually approached him illegally when they signed him from Hull.

I doubt it'll be a points deduction as that sets a very dangerous precedent. Tapping up happens all the time, not that it's okay because everyone else does it but it's not on if we get docked points not because we've committed a worse offence, but because Watford have cried about it louder than anyone else.

If it happens it'll be like last season when Niasse got a retrospective ban for simulation and I said at the time it won't happen to anyone else all season and was proven right on countless occasions where worse dives went unpunished.

However as that's an inconvenient truth for some people I fully expect to be told I have a victim complex or read irrelevant comments about how we haven't won anything since 1995.

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5 minutes ago, LFCMike said:

Chelsea and Cole both got punished for that didn't they? Sure Chelsea got a suspended points deduction too

We did. However Cole initially approached us, which is why I think there was no point deduction as Cole was found guilty on that matter. 

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never gonna happen. Unless they're made an example of in this scenario as it must have gone on for years and years, probably even before PL began. But even then that's a bold move to give them a points deduction. 

Could be one of those where this is the last time it could happen in this guise and a new rule is brought in so if it does happen in future, then points deductions are on the line.

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On 14/09/2018 at 19:00, LFCMike said:

Not a good day for them. Now under investigation for alleged tapping up of a youth player

Sounds like this one at least has some traction unfortunately. Possibly the club are just being extra cautious in their bid to show that they're going to go about things in the correct way, in light of certain other ongoing investigations. 

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