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Other Matches - 24-25th August, 2019

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Saturday 24th August, 2019
Brighton vs Southampton
Man Utd vs Crystal Palace
Sheff Utd vs Leicester
Watford vs West Ham

Sunday 25th August, 2019
Wolves vs Burnley, 16.30

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I expect Wolves to get an easy win. They must be so confident right now during this great moment for the club.

Man united should win too. They seem to have improved considerably from last season in every aspect. Probably not enough to challenge for the title but should be enough to get more comfortable wins at home. Palace started poorly.


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It's gonna be a long hard season for us again, same old story as last season, we always get caught out at the death and why the fuck did Ole use Mata as a sub again, DeGea, either sign the bloody contract or fuck off with Pogba in tow.

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19 minutes ago, Inverted said:

I remember getting slated on here for suggesting that De Gea might not be world class. 

Those were simpler times. 

I've been saying this for years. He's acrobatic but when he makes a top save people act like they discovered a cure for AIDS.

His mistakes are totally ignored.

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For me it was neck and neck and more a matter of style between the complete elite goalies and De Gea - with De Gea being limited, but so outstanding in his shot-stopping that he forced his way into the conversation at that level. 

After a year of mistakes like he's had, there's nothing putting him anywhere near the likes of Ter Stegen, Oblak, Alisson or Ederson.

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Ha, this club is a joke from top to bottom. The most worrying thing about Ole is that he is a Yes Man with no spine who hasn't got a ruthless streak. He won't get rid of the pathetic unprofessional players at the club and can't even decide who takes penalties. For all his attempts to be a Fergie clone, not having  apair of balls will ensure he never achieves anything here. It's a shame as he's a nice lad but we all know where nice lads finish.

Yea, De Gea's been awful for a year now apart from 90 mins v Spurs. Should have been sold in the summer imo. 

Solskjaer is a smokescreen from the Glazers to appease the fans but the problem is that he has nothing to offer apart from telling fans what he thinks they want to hear.

Would love to see Gary Neville given a role at the club and I wouldn't mind seeing Rio given a role too. I think those two understand the club a lot better than Ole, especially Neville. I think Ole confuses the club's core support with the Jim Broadbent's on Twitter

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