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Question a Member: Teso dos Bichos

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46 minutes ago, Toinho said:

Why do you think no one is asking questions?

That's odd isn't it cos he's certainly an interesting individual that I don't know a lot about.... IIsee a lot of teso the argumentor, but don't know much at all about teso the person.

What is your name and age?

Have you ever posted a photo of yourself in the member pictures thread?

Do you play football?

What's your favourite food?

Where have you traveled and where do you want to travel?

What do you do for work and/or study?

Other than football what are your interests?

To what extent is it a driver to you in your posts on Barcelona, Liverpool, Peru to wind people up rather than just expressing your own opinion?

How seriously do you take the arguments you have on this site? 

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@Teso dos Bichos

  • Whats the best video game you've played in the last five months?
  • What are some of the best live music acts you've seen this year? Top three.
  • Do you play any music instruments?
  • Whats the biggest issue you see with Mexican football and why they can't seem to get further than they do at the World Cup level?
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  • Administrator

What do you do for work? 

Got any brothers or sisters? 

If you recognised someone on here in the streets would you speak to them or ignore them? 

Favourite TV programme? 

Best football match you've been to? 

Best stadium you've visited to watch a game? 

Have you ever been to the UK? 

Snog, Marry, Avoid the following members - @SirBalon @The Rebel CRS @Danny

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6 hours ago, Teso dos Bichos said:


I didn't realise you lived in the states. Thought you were in Mexico.

Where is the US do you live? Why have you only traveled to Southern states?

Do you follow politics, and what is your view on the current immigration stance of trump?

Do you vote?

What teams do you follow in NFL, NBA and MLB?

What car do you want to buy?

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Best fiction and non-fiction book you've ever read? 

If you discovered a time machine, where and when would you go?

How do you imagine the world in 100 years from now? 

What are the biggest problems that humanity is facing now or will be facing in the near future? 

What is your least popular/most controversial opinion?

Have you ever been arrested? What is the most illegal/criminal thing you've done?

What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

If you could live in any fictional world, where would it be and why?

Most favourite Mexican dish? 

What do you normally order at the bar? 

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1 hour ago, Teso dos Bichos said:


Wow. Most conservative state in America. I presume from the posts you've made in the trump thread that you're not a strict conservative so that could be difficult in a place like Alabama.

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  • Administrator
6 hours ago, Toinho said:

Hopefully he’s had his lunch break. I don’t have power to close a thread, so keep it open today please @Stan but can you close the other completed ones? Thanks 


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