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What Was The Last Album You Listened To?

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I liked this thread a lot at TFF so I thought I'd kick it off here. 


Frank Ocean - Blonde (2016) - 8/10 


It took a little while for this to click with me but once it did it became a really enjoyable listening experience. Definitely one of my favourite albums to be released last year. 

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DMA's - Hills End; 7/10

Aussie band, but with a bit of Brit Pop feel. I liked 'um, 4 or 5 decent tracks, couple fillers.



Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels 3; 8.5/10

An album I could listen to from start to finish. Superb flows, production and repeat listening value. Solid workout album as well!



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Old-man Spike burnt this album to a CD just today. Very fun album, the high point of Beck's cut/paste low-fi dioramas. Worth a listen to but I can tell the non-sequitur lyrics and low-fi production will turn some off. But as far as alternative rock/hip hop/spoken word albums go, this is one of the best.

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