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Scott Parker Retires - How Do You Rate His Career?

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Lol. Very average footballer. Got prem player of the year for being able to run a lot in a shit team that got relegated, got England caps for the same reason and ran a lot for England, who also sucked when he was a midfield regular.


10/10 funrunner. 4/10 footballer.

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Great at Charlton, moved to a very crowded and quality team in Chelsea too early, represented both Newcastle and West Ham well, and quite rightly got his move to a top four contender. His call ups for England between 2011 and 2012 were fair, and given injuries at the time he was the most suited candidate to captain England against Holland. You could see after Euro 2012 that he had burned out. I expected him to make more of an impact at Fulham but I'm glad that the fans still appreciated his effort until he retired.

Overall I rate him at his very best a top four player. The Scott Parker from 2007 to 2013 would have got a lot more caps for England now due to the lack of competition and quality in his role.

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Decent player, probably one of the worst to win Player of the Year in the Premier League but I don't have a list to hand so goodness knows what other dross may or may not be on that list too.

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I rated Parker to be fair. Don't think he was average at all. He was much better than the likes of Eric Dier and Jake Livermore in the heart of the England midfield recently.

The only thing I'd say is, Scott Parker is very much a player of what could have been. Injuries absolutely destroyed him and the way he was hung out to dry by England because of how poor Steve McClaren's reign was extremely harsh. He was unlucky to miss out in 2006 to injury and 2010 under Capello.

His career was littered with setbacks and disappointments, which only serve as testament to the player that he was, that his reputation not only remained intact, but grew within the game despite his teams’ struggles. I think he always was held in high regard amongst fellow professionals hence his personal awards.

That he remains respected despite a fairly bare trophy cabinet and two Premier League relegations is testament to how English football loves a leader, even if he maybe isn’t a winner. 

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6 minutes ago, HoneyNUFC said:

Ambassador is just another way of saying show your face at these gala events and we'll give you thousands of pounds.

I'd happily do that job though as well if it brings the money in. 

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