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17 hours ago, Dr. Gonzo said:

They were originally gonna use this flag:


I bet he doesn't even know what some of those symbols are... 

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20 hours ago, The Palace Fan said:

Hopefully tonight puts to bed the theory that Lewis Dunk is even close to being good enough to play for England ever again.

Absolutely terrible.

Solid for a side like Brighton but at the top level his skills are limited and it's shown. Basically been at fault in two games.

Bit of a mockery putting Branthwaite in and not playing him. We had the chance to view him against good opposition and Southgate chose not to so answers on a postcard with that one.

Kobee Mainoo excelled for me last night. Took his chance and some.

Can't remember the last time a youngster like him came out of nowhere and was fast tracked so quickly, possibly Walcott maybe when he appeared on the plane to Germany '06 out of nowhere, but it's great to see Henderson and Gallagher fall down the pecking order as a result.

Someone like Bowen is going to be very unlucky. We're just stacked in those wide areas and I don't think there's space for him. Same for Gordon I think.

Toney is just ahead of Watkins in the order for me as he can fit into the system easier if Kane's not available. Both will probably go. 

Got to sort out the full back situation though, especially the left. Can't be having centre backs playing as a full back at that level, it holds you back, but I'd genuinely go Tripper as LB if Shaw can't make it. Chilwell is miles away from it at the moment and is only in because options are minimal. Think I'd rather have Alfie bloody Doughty there than Chilwell from what I saw...

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Was Dunk that bad outside of the mistake? I agree he's probably above average and just good on the ball at Brighton, plus he's a one club player so that helps him there. But he's played for England before and performed fairly well so I don't think he was undeserving of more game-time.

Bowen is interesting, I wouldn't be surprised if we did bring him as he's just so chaotic. You need that raw pace and power sometimes at International level, both in his pressing and in his ball carrying. I was sceptical after the first cameo he made against Brazil but he sold himself to me against Belgium, very useful.

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Dunk has played well in previous games. But his defending & passing were so awful in the 1st half Vs Belgium it felt very odd to me that Branthwaite did not get on.

The wide players, will surely be Saka or Foden off the right, likely Rashford, Grealish or Foden off the left. I do think Bowen & the unused Palmer are unlucky barring any injuries. But Gordon could just sneak in, with his high tracking back energy. Could depend on how many multi position defenders are included.

Midfield 3 could well be Bellingham, Rice & Mainoo, with Maddison, Henderson, Phillips & Gallagher being 4 after 3 possible spots.

I do think Toney with his penalty taking could get in ahead of Watkins, after a few months of everyone deciding it would definitely be Watkins. Only way both fit into 23 is probably if all 3 of Palmer, Gordon & Bowen miss out & only 7 defenders are chosen. Or maybe only 2 from Maddison, Henderson, Phillips & Gallagher. With TAA & Stones as emergency DM options.

It's at the back it all gets a bit more a case of who is good enough, more than who is unlucky. I think we can expect Walker, TAA, Stones, Maguire, Dunk, Konsa, Trippier, if fit Shaw

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On 26/03/2024 at 15:20, Stan said:

I bet he doesn't even know what some of those symbols are... 

Of course i do silly. Jihadist flag, CCCP, LGBT, Tudor Rose,  European Union flag, and a defaced Palestine flag


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