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Blackpool FC

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Blackpool have announced Karl Oyston is no longer chairman or director of the Sky Bet League One club.

Blackpool confirmed Oyston's departure in a statement on Friday, which read: "Natalie Christopher has been appointed the new Chairwoman of Blackpool Football Club.

"Mr Karl Oyston is no longer Chairman or Director of the club, or any other Oyston Group company.

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3 hours ago, Cannabis said:

Absolutely made up for them. Oyston is a cunt.

Sounds like the family feud rumours were true.

It's quite staggering how long he' lasted there. He pocketed so much of the promotion money, refused to replace assets, almost refused to sign enough squad players to start a season, and has left a lot of building work incomplete from about 7/8 years ago. The games a better place without characters like him.

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This is all stemming from the judicial finding that Valeri Belokon is due to receive £31m in owed money from the Robbing Oyston Cunts, isn't it? And convicted rapist Owen has fallen out with his toxic son Karl, bless.

Sadly, as Belokon is now away from the club (and actually failed the 'fit and proper person' test due to dodgy deals in central Asia), the club still loses out. As Belokon was only a 20 percent shareholder with an initial £4-5m investment, I'd love to know where the judge's massive award came from - that's almost as puzzling as how the Oystons have managed to swerve culpability until now. What is the recompense owed to the supporters of the club?

Great club, Blackpool. Just because that cretinous name isn't above the door anymore, don't think that anything has changed - not until all of the vermin has been expunged. 

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Valeri Belokon has begun legal enforcement against Owen Oyston by sending bailiffs to Blackpool’s Bloomfield Road stadium, according to Sky sources.

Sky Sports News understands the enforcement officers spent two hours at the business premises of the Blackpool owner Oyston.

They are understood to have left with a list of assets and deeds.

In November 2017 a judge ruled that Oyston had to pay former club shareholder Valeri Beloken £31.2m.

Accounts for the 2016/17 released last week show Blackpool lost £2.2m in the financial year ending 31 May 2017.

The club currently sit 17th in the League One table, five points away from the relegation zone.


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Always hate to see this sort of issue going on. Crazy to think they have been boycotting for 4 years though. 

I got the below email from the Pompey supporters trust, and while I applaud their efforts, again, it's absolutely miserable for them to be in this situation. 

Also, Pompey brought almost 2k fans, and the total attendance was just a hair over 4k. 



As you may be aware, Blackpool fans are still engaged in an ethical boycott against the club's owner Owen Oyston who hangs on despite a High Court declaring that he illegitimately stripped the club of assets. The fans' frustration is now not only with the Oyston family, whose treatment of supporters has arguably been as dreadful as their management of the club, but also with the EFL who appear to be doing nothing to resolve the debacle at Blackpool. The latest twist in the sorry saga is the resignation of manager Gary Bowyer just one game into the new season. Bowyer had been the one positive factor in the last two seasons but even he can't take any more.

This 'Not A Penny More' stance by Blackpool fans, which means they have chosen to not renew season tickets, not to purchase match day tickets for home games, not to buy any club merchandise et cetera is now in its 4th season. BST is also organising an ethical boycott of those businesses that sponsor the club as well as other local businesses run by the club's owners. Quite simply, many supporters will not give the club another penny of their money and have withdrawn their custom until such time as we get a change of ownership. We will be protesting outside Bloomfield Road on Saturday from 2pm and the majority of fans will not be going in to the game. 

Pompey fans with your own history of rogue owners have shown great solidarity with Blackpool fans in recent seasons. We ask you to do the same again this year.

If you do choose to attend the game at Bloomfield Road on Saturday, we request that you support our actions by doing the following:

  1. Not purchasing any match programmes or lottery tickets when at the ground
  2. Not purchasing any food or drinks from the kiosks on the concourse inside the ground
  3. Joining us in the spirit of fans united at the pre-match protest outside the West Stand from 2pm

We greatly appreciate your support.

Yours in sport,

Blackpool Supporters Trust.

Website: www.blackpoolsupporterstrust.com
Twitter: @BlackpoolST


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  • The title was changed to Blackpool FC
16 hours ago, Eco said:

Also, saw a few supporters posting this photo. 


Thoughts? @Smiley Culture, @The Artful Dodger @JOSHBRFC

The Allan's may have turned into dick heads but our plight pales in comparison to those also mentioned on the board. It's sad how Allam has ended up as he has genuine connection to the city and I think he really wanted the best but ego got the better of him and now his son is proving just as stubborn. 

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2 minutes ago, The Artful Dodger said:

The Allan's may have turned into dick heads but our plight pales in comparison to those also mentioned on the board. It's sad how Allam has ended up as he has genuine connection to the city and I think he really wanted the best but ego got the better of him and now his son is proving just as stubborn. 

Yeah - I feel like I have a good idea about the troubles of Blackpool, Coventry, Leyton, Blackburn, but I wasn't sure of your (Hull) issues. 

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Blackpool have been put into receivership by the High Court, forcing owner Owen Oyston to pay ex-director Valeri Belokon the £25m he is owed.

The ruling could pave the way for a takeover, but the English Football League must now decide whether to dock the League One club 12 points.

Oyston was ordered to buy Belokon out for £31.27m in November 2017.

The EFL said in a statement that they will "consider the matter" at their next meeting on 6 March.

Chief executive Shaun Harvey said: "We will be seeking an early meeting with the receiver, so as to ensure that the best interests of the club can be jointly considered, against the context of our regulatory framework."

According to EFL regulations, any club that becomes subject to an insolvency event, including the appointment of a receiver, could be deducted 12 points.

Oyston claimed last year that Belokon had refused the opportunity to take over Blackpool for £5m.

The Latvian businessman, who bought a 20% stake in the Tangerines in 2006, is disqualified from club ownership after being given a 20-year jail term in Kyrgyzstan for "money laundering, tax evasion and dishonesty" in his absence in May 2017.

He subsequently failed the English Football League's Owners' and Directors' Test in September 2017.

Despite this, Belokon said in April he was working with the EFL to reverse the decision to disqualify him because it ignored "basic principles of natural justice".

Blackpool are eighth in the third tier but a 12-point deduction would leave them just two points above the relegation zone.




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Whilst I'm normally a stickler for the rules, I think the EFL have to handle this with special dispensation. And by that, I mean it will be incredibly poor taste to deduct them 12 points.

Blackpool fans have campaigned a long time to get shot of the owners, who've grinded the club into the ground. The damage has been done. There is no 'lesson' for the club to be learnt here. They haven't gained any advantage.

Compassion for the situation needs to be shown, and common sense prevailed. My only worry is the EFL are an absolute shit show of an organisation so that isn't a given by any means.



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Ex-Blackpool chairman Karl Oyston sues father Owen's club

Former Blackpool FC chairman Karl Oyston is suing the club - owned by his father Owen - in a dispute over wages.

Mr Oyston's case is due for a two-day hearing at an Employment Tribunal in Manchester.

Karl Oyston was replaced by his sister Natalie Christopher as chairman and director of the club in February 2018.

Last week the club was put into receivership by the High Court, in a dispute between Owen Oyston and ex-director Valeri Belokon.

Karl Oyston, who celebrates his 51st birthday on Wednesday, had been chairman of the League One club since 1999.

The Employment Tribunal would not give detailed information about the case but confirmed it related to wages.

Karl Oyston has previously sued Blackpool fans for libel, but also had to apologise to one supporter over an abusive text.

A large section of the club's fans have boycotted games for five years over the way Mr Oyston and his father have run the club.

The club was put into receivership on 13 February, forcing Owen Oyston to pay former director Belokon £25m.

David Rubin & Partners are due to be confirmed as receivers of Blackpool this week in a move which could see Owen Oyston lose control of it.

The English Football League said on Monday it would work with the newly-appointed receivers of Blackpool to ensure the club fulfils its fixtures this season.

The EFL must also decide whether to dock the Tangerines 12 points - the league's penalty for going into administration - at a meeting on 6 March.




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Simon Grayson: Blackpool re-appoint former Leeds, Huddersfield and Preston boss

Blackpool have re-appointed Simon Grayson as boss, a day after Terry McPhillips resigned.

The 49-year-old, who has signed a two-year contract with the League One club, started his managerial career with the Seasiders in 2005.

He led the club to promotion to the Championship in 2007 before leaving to take over at Leeds in December 2008.

Grayson replaces McPhillips who left on Friday saying he "never really had any intention of becoming a manager".

He led the club to a 10th place finish in the third tier after being appointed on a permanent basis in September 2018, having been in caretaker charge for nine matches following Gary Bowyer's resignation.

"It was important to act swiftly and appoint a new manager who can hit the ground running," owner Simon Sadlier told the club website.

"Simon's achievements at this level and above speak for themselves. He has a proven track record of getting teams promoted from this division and had great success at this club previously, building a team full of winners and leaders who set the platform for the years that followed."

Grayson has been out of football since a short stint with Bradford City came to an end in May 2018.

As well as taking the Tangerines to the second tier he has also guided Leeds, Huddersfield and Preston to promotion to the Championship.

"When Terry made the decision on Tuesday that he wanted to leave, the club contacted me to see whether I would be interested in coming back," Grayson said.

"It's now a new era and it's important that we get this football club, with its fantastic history and tradition, back to some good, positive days again."


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