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Group B Matchday 2 - 20 June - Portugal 1-0 Morocco, Iran 0-1 Spain

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On paper Spain should destroy Iran. And I think on the pitch... Spain will destroy Iran. Iran's best strategy is to park the bus and hope for the best - but this Spain kept it's cool and played it's way back into the game against Portugal. So it's very likely Iran'll get fucking raped.

Iran's best defensive midfielder will be available though, as he's served his suspension for getting sent off in qualification. So that might make Iran a bit better at parking the bus. But on paper Iran don't have what it takes to get 3 points here barring some kind of miracle.

I hope they get that kind of miracle. Or a draw, I'd pretty happily take a draw.

And if not, that's good for my adopted country, I suppose.

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We'll have some changes in our line-up, tomorrow.

Guedes will get benched in favor of André Silva. Both André and Ronaldo scored 24 goals in the qualifiers, so I hope we can see that attacking power in this game.

Talks are that João Mário will replace Bruno Fernandes. Personally, and because we are going to have more ball against Morocco, I think Bruno would be the best option from the two. He can open defenses more easily, with his passing ability. 

3 absolute vital points. Think about winning the game first and, if the occasion arises, then think about scoring the most possible goals. Goal difference will decide who wins the group, I think.

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Morocco looked awful and have to know that their world cup is pretty much all over already. I think an early portugal goal and they could score 4 or 5, Ronaldo will be out to get as many as he can so certainly cant see them dialing it in from 2-0 up.


Iran have something to play for, and i think Spain will find it tricky for a while before eventually breaking them down. Not a fan of Costa, and think hes awful for Spain so hes likely to score at least one.


Portugal 4-0 Morocco
Spain 2-0 Iran

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nah not seen anything to suggest he's anti-Morocco.

That Amrabat/Guerrero challenge was called correctly - they both had a handful of each other's shirts.

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