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As part of our Marketing Report we have to collate data from the general public and therefore we would appreciate it if you could take 2 minutes to complete the survey we have put together: 


Thank you in advance 263a.png



My girlfriend is currently studying Entrepreneurial Marketing at Staffordshire University. For obvious reasons I'm posting this to get as many responses to the above survey as possible. It'd be a great help if you could take two minutes and answer the coffee-related questions above (you'd be doing the nation of Portugal a favour :drunk:) Cheers lads and ladies!


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Just now, Cannabis said:

You've seen my penis already?

it's been too long.


































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For Question 9 where it says 'what would attract you away from your regular way of getting your coffee? 

I put:-

'If I won the lottery and money was no object then my butler could make it instead of me having to do it.' 


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