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De Laurentiis Wants UEFA to Investigate Liverpool

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33 minutes ago, The Palace Fan said:

Sarri has said he found out about his sacking when he heard it on the TV. It says a lot about the presidents character that.

They never sacked him I thought? He remained on the payroll until we had to buy off his contract. 

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Yeah, as far as I know, Maurizio Sarri remained registered as an SSC Napoli employee until Chelsea paid the pay-out clause on his contract.  I think what Sarri means by that statement is finding out Carlo Ancelotti had been signed as the head coach of Napoli which meant Sarri had in effect been demoted seeing as he was still employed by the club.

It's been said many times for those that read the comments on the Italian football sub-forum, Aurelio de Laurentiis is a man you don't cross!  Infact, you may not even cross him and also have to be careful to make it seem you haven't done anything.

I remember reading a story once (can't remember all the details so I won't quote it) where one of the technical team was questioned in the halls of the club by De Laurentiis and because the president didn't like the way he was looking at him as he was explaining whatever it was, he sacked him because he said he didn't trust the guy.  There's also another story in his eternal feud with the city council on Naples where he says that he can't speak to one of the councillors because he looks insincere and is probably a thief and a liar... That's usually enough to make a liable case for defamation but in Italy you can only use those that haven't got practically everyone on some sort of payroll. 

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