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Is the Premier League stronger than last year?

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Nope. Top teams were shit last year they are shit this year with the added disgrace that 8th place is 14 points off 4th. 

I just hope it's short term and is not what i fear that this tv money is too much money at the bottom, messing up the ordinary structure of a league table, leading to a big group of inconsistent teams with no one capable of emerging out of that with consistency.

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I'd probably say the top six is slightly stronger, but not significantly. The rest aren't.

Are Man Utd, Man City, Spurs and Arsenal any better than last year? Chelsea & Liverpool are, are the others?

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Probably not. Like said above, there aren't many teams you would say have improved on last season. Chelsea, Liverpool, Everton, West Brom are the evident ones, I'd possibly say Spurs have slightly improved as a team and Bournemouth are only in a better position because there's been so many declines. 

Only the top 7 have a positive goal difference. There's a lot of shite in the league. 

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Not at all, it's got worse quite significantly I'd say. 

Based on the 17 teams in the Premier League last season who're still there, how many have improved? Chelsea, Liverpool, Everton,  Spurs, Stoke and West Brom I'd say have improved on their performance last season so that's about 35% of the league. 


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1 minute ago, Smiley Culture said:

Good shout. I had it in my head they were 8th/9th but they're 12th so maybe not then. 

I don't think Stoke are very good. I'd argue their consistent comfortable survival doesn't paint a very good picture for the league.

I'm definitely convinced it's gotten weaker in the last few years. There aren't many teams who are really tough to beat.

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29 minutes ago, SirBalon said:

It hasn't shown in Europe... Although Leicester are still in there fighting. 

This was exactly what I was going to say. How can we be a stronger league when our top clubs can't even make it in the UCL? The only team that is represented well from England is Leicester who isn't even remotely top to a top six in the league.

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Leicester have rediscovered what made us a good side. Just a case of how long we can keep that going for. Wouldn't be one bit surprised if we went and damaged it again in the summer.

We've been every bit as good as we were last season in our last five.

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