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Sakho Speaks Out.

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Liverpools Sakho has finally spoke out about the reason Klopp totally banished him from the first team squad before loaning him out to Palace:


Sakho told ESPN: “I still have three years on my Liverpool contract. If I have to wear the Liverpool shirt again, I’ll do so with pleasure. If I have to wear another shirt … we’ll see.”

“There was incomprehension, anger, because I had worked a lot. Then I said to myself, ‘C’est la vie!’

“When I saw my wife crying for three or four days, I said to myself, ‘Mamad, it’s unfair. You’re going to work. You get up at seven every morning, you work hard.’ Yes, I was the person who was there to reassure her, I didn’t have a choice.

“My mum said to me, ‘Mamad, do you realise that you haven’t spent as much time here since you were 13?’ That made me realise it’s true. With this job, you don’t have much time for the ‘real things.’

“I was late, that happens in every squad, I paid a fine. I don’t know what more I can do. It’s the boss, he made his decision. You have to respect it.”


There has to be more to it than 'I was late', surely?

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1 minute ago, Stan said:

what's Klopp's version or view of what happened?

Two sides to every story and as above, surely more than just lateness to blame. 

Klopp hasn't said anything really. In fact he basically flat out refuses to go into details. 

I agree with you and Cannabis, there's more to this than meets the eye. 

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  • Administrator

Klopp strikes me as a person who gets really, really angry when shit hits the fan but then is overly joyful when things go well and on the up.

There seems to be little middle ground or happy medium, so to speak. So I wonder that when Sakho was late (perhaps it was more than once?), he absolutely lost it with him. And Sakho also doesn't strike me as one to take things lightly so you may have a personality clash. Just speculation but who knows. At least Sakho is willing to put it behind him and move on with life, saying he'll be happy to return to Liverpool and play for them if the time and opportunity comes. 

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27 minutes ago, Storts said:

Klopp strikes me as a massive prick. No idea how he has such a cult following because he's just a petulant child 

Anyone else screams in a refs face and they're a massive cunt. Klopp does it and it's 'passion'. Do me a favour and go fuck yourself.

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Its really odd how he went from being the top choice for the defensive line to being shipped out for being late. I think he'll be back at Liverpool once the loan-spell is over but with Klopp being silent about it all who knows. Never thought he was bad for us even though he did always worry me when he ran because you just never know where he was going to go or what he was going to do.

Glad hes doing well at Palace and I am also liking how Benteke has shaped up since going there. He was never meant to play in the system at Liverpool.

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If I remember correctly, then it wasn't one but three instances of indiscipline. 

Quoted in several newspapers, Klopp said: "He missed the departure of the plane, he missed a session and then was late for a meal. "I have to build a group here, I have to start anew, so I thought it maybe made sense that he flew home to Liverpool and after eight days, when we come back, we can talk about it."

This was on top of the daft drug issue, where again Sakho was at fault. And we also remember the Everton match (under Rodgers) where he stormed off.

The lad is talented, but his discipline record (even at PSG) isn't the greatest. It's important to maintain discipline in the group or others start to misbehave as well. Rafa would have tolerated less.



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Klopp's spot on, Sakho wasn't just late once but three times within a short space of time. It's disrespectful and arrogant, Sakho clearly thought he could take the piss, just look at him clowning around in that interview Klopp had. Maybe this what he needs, if Liverpool bring him back and he ends up being a top defender then it's worked, if they sell him for a decent price then the same again.

Sakho was never that good for Liverpool.

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