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PFA Team of the Year Announced

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Alderweireld and Azpi should be there instead of Cahill and Luiz.

Rose is the best left back in the league but has missed a lot of games, so would have Alonso.

Heaton should be in ahead of De Gea, Sanchez for Mane too.

















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2 hours ago, LFCMadLad said:

Sanchez has played CF all season so would need to replace Lukaku or Kane to be included. 

He hasn't played CF all season. He started playing there but then moved back on to the wing some time ago. He's probably played more on the wing if anything.

I think Mane's been very good but it's surprising to see him in this.

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Alexis Sánchez should be in there but apart from that I don't see too much wrong with the list.  Just to say that Hazard has faded off somewhat in the past month and a half or so (still very good but not at the level he was before).

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Alonso should be in there. Not that he is a better LB than Rose, just that Rose has missed a vast majority of games whereas Alonso has been consistent throughout and bagged a few goals too. 

One of Azpilicueta or Alderweireld should be replacing Cahill. Luiz is nailed on for me. 

Heaton being the obvious right choice for GK. 

Sanchez for Mane as well. 

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To be honest Cahill does not have any right to be in that and I'm only assuming its down to him being English and bagging a few goals as well (something he is incredibly good at for a CB). 

I stand by my statement that either Azpilicueta or Alderweireld should be alongside Luiz. 

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