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Liverpool 1-1p Man City - Community Shield - Sunday 4th August, 2019

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People hate on the Community Shield every year so I await the annual clamouring of insightful "glorified friendly" quips, however, at least it's an opportunity for the actual fans to see their team play during pre-season without flying out to America or Thailand or getting up at 3am to find a stream.

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It's the big one  ..it's fuckin HUGE!!  ..the Champions of League football vs the Champions of cup football, the two best teams in the world right now go head to head for the super cup shield, even if Liverpool win, we are still better :P

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11 hours ago, Stick With Azeem said:

Community Shield > Carling Cup or whatever it's called now

The League Cup's an actual trophy. The Community Shield is quite literally a charity match - the proceeds are distributed to various charities and initiatives; much like a testimonial match. They've just given it a trophy, but it's a glorified friendly that goes to a good cause.

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  • 1     Alisson
  • 66    Alexander-Arnold
  • 12     Gomez
  • 4     V an Dijk
  • 26    Robertson
  • 14    Henderson
  • 3     Fabinho
  • 5     Wijnaldum
  • 11   Salah
  • 9     Firmino
  • 27   Origi

Happy to see Gomez starting above Matip in this. Matip has been great for us last season, but Gomez has so much potential and its up to him now to make that spot alongside Virgil his own.

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2 minutes ago, LFCMike said:

Apparently Milner has a knock so that's why he's not on the bench. Surprised no Brewster on the bench as Firmino or Salah won't play 90 I don't think but there is options on the bench anyway.

Yeah, I'm disappointed with that. He should be in there over one of the centre backs. Worst comes to worse, Fabinho can slot in the back four. Brewster should have been there, would have given the lad a confidence boost.

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Why since the start of pre season have we started playing such a high line with our FB's playing basically as wingers?

We keep getting exposed time and time again. I hope this isn't a tactic we carry on with because we will lose more times than we win. 

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