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I'm happy with a NSFW thread as long as all the pictures are uploaded to imgur first before posted. The less links on the website linking out to dodgy sites the better as Google will pick up on it if any of those sites have any malware on them.

All the other threads are pretty standard that you could go and make yourself whenever.

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4 minutes ago, Cannabis said:

They took off on TFF and are only open to clubs who had a good portion of members on the old forum.

Big news can still have its own thread, but they act as a good way to chat about minor bits of information without having a million "one reply threads".


Agree with this. Nobody is necessarily arsed about new contracts and the smaller club level things going on, but if there are enough fans of certain clubs, it's definitely worth it. 

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My suggestions:

A goal of the week thread, Vinnie used to do it and it worked pretty well.

Post match voting, MOTM, best goal...

Just need to provide constant interaction at a very basic level, if there's no discussion people will be less likely to talk, however the more votes the better. Messi vs Ronaldo, Mourinho v Guardiola etc.

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